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Yet the choice of words is telling. Sarrasani is out to point to the inherent Americanness of Buffalo Bill and other features of American life coming to Europe, only, as Sarrasani says, to be rejected after a while. The Americans may have bluffed their way across Europe, but they certainly satisfied a German, and more generally European, need for authenticity. The Wild West show was fast, exciting entertainment that competed with the big circuses that emerged at about the same time in the United States and a little later in Europe as well, but offered something the circuses did not: authenticity.

Here was an experience of the real thing, of living history that had just passed. These are critical words when it comes to exploring the appeal of forms of American mass culture. No sales pitch has more powerfully drawn publics around the world toward forms of American mass culture than the claim of authenticity. It was a lesson that others would learn and apply in the not so distant future. This is exactly what Buffalo Bill had promised as well by bringing real Indians, real buffaloes, real cowboys, and the West as it really was or had been, to Europe.

Like their American counterparts, Europeans, for the most part, fell for this ploy. Today, a wild west theme park outside of Munich attracts over one million visitors a year, and a dozen other wild west attractions stretch from Spain to Scandinavia. This unassuming woman, who would perform before royalty and presidents, came from humble beginnings. When Annie was 6, her father, Jacob Moses, died of pneumonia - leaving her mother, Susan Wise Moses, with six children and little else.

Annie's mother remarried but her second husband, Dan Brumbaugh, died soon after, again leaving her with a new baby.

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At the age of eight or nine, Annie went to live with Superintendent Edington's family at the Darke County Infirmary - which housed the elderly, the orphaned and the mentally ill. In exchange for helping with the children, Annie received an education and learned the skill of sewing from Mrs. Edington, which she would later use to make her own costumes. Perhaps this early experience of working in such a sobering place aroused Annie's lifelong compassion for children. She remained with the Edington's until she was 13 or When she returned to her family, Annie's mother had married a third time to Joseph Shaw.

Even with this remarriage, the family finances were marginal. Annie used her father's old Kentucky rifle to hunt small game for the Katzenberger brother's grocery store in Greenville, Ohio where it was resold to hotels and restaurants in Cincinnati - 80 miles away. She was 15 years old. Her noted shooting ability brought an invitation from Jack Frost, a hotel owner in Cincinnati who had purchased her game, to participate in a shooting contest against a well-known marksman, Frank E. Butler was on tour with several other marksmen.

While on the road, Butler typically offered challenges to local shooters. Annie won the match with twenty-five shots out of twenty-five attempts. Butler missed one of his shots. This amazing girl entranced Butler, and the two shooters began a courtship that resulted in marriage on August 23, Annie and Frank Butler first appeared in a show together on May 1, Butler's usual partner was taken ill and Annie filled in by holding objects for Frank to shoot at and also doing some of her own shooting.

It was at this time that Annie adopted the stage name of Oakley. Off stage, she was always Mrs. Frank Butler. For the next few years, the Butlers travelled across the country giving shooting exhibitions with their dog, George, as an integral part of the act. At a March performance in St.

The victor over George Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull was impressed with Oakley's shooting, her modest appearance and her self-assured manner. Although Sitting Bull was still a political prisoner at Fort Yates, he was in town for an appearance, and had arranged to meet Oakley. They became fast friends. In , the Butlers joined the Sells Brothers Circus as "champion rifle shots," but only stayed with the circus for one season. This was a significant turning point in Annie Oakley's life and in her relationship with Butler.

Until this time either Butler had received top billing or they had shared the limelight. However, with the Wild West Oakley was the star. It was her name that was on the advertising posters as "Champion Markswoman. Oakley and Butler prospered with the Wild West and remained with the show for sixteen years. When the show opened that May, Oakley was the subject of considerable press due to her shooting skills and presence. This tour also helped Oakley increase her growing collection of shooting medals, awards, and trophies.

When the Wild West returned to Europe in , Oakley had become a seasoned performer and earned star billing. The troupe stayed in Paris for a six-month exhibition, and then travelled to other regions of France, Italy, and Spain. Oakley proved to be especially popular with women, and Buffalo Bill made the most of her fame to demonstrate that shooting was neither detrimental nor too intense for women and children. Oakley and Butler's desire for less extensive travelling, as well as a serious train accident that injured her back, caused them to leave the show in However, she continued to perform and eventually joined another wild west show, "The Young Buffalo Show" in During this period, Butler signed a contract as a representative for the Union Metallic Cartridge Company in Connecticut.

This was a position that allowed both Butler and Oakley to make endorsements for the company and to continue their shooting exhibitions. Finally, in , the couple retired from the arena and settled down in Cambridge, Maryland. While in Cambridge, the Butlers welcomed a new member into their family, their dog Dave. Named for a friend Dave Montgomery, of the comedy team of Montgomery and Stone, Dave was to be a constant companion to the Butlers.

When they returned to the arena, Dave was to become an important part of the act - one trick was Annie shooting an apple from the top of Dave's head. In , they moved to Pinehurst, North Carolina. That same year, Buffalo Bill Cody died. Annie Oakley wrote a touching eulogy for Cody, and the passing of a golden era. The United States was pulled into World War I in , and Oakley offered to raise a regiment of woman volunteers to fight in the war.

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She had made the same offer during the Spanish-American War - neither time was it accepted. She also volunteered to teach marksmanship to the troops. The Butlers' dog, Dave, became the "Red Cross Dog" by sniffing out donations of cash hidden in handkerchiefs. Oakley began making plans for a comeback in Attracting large crowds in Massachusetts, New York and major cities; she had plans to star in a motion picture.

Unfortunately, at the end of the year, she and Butler were severely injured in an automobile accident. It took Oakley more than a year to recover from her injuries. By , she was performing again, but her recovery did not last long. By , she was frail and in poor health. She and Butler moved to her hometown in Ohio to be near her family. They attended shooting matches in the local area, and Oakley began to write her memoirs, which were published in newspapers across the country.

In , after 50 happy years of marriage, the Butlers died. Annie Oakley died on November 3 and Frank Butler died November 21 - within three weeks of each other - both died of natural causes after a long and adventuresome life. From her humble roots as Phoebe Ann Moses to taking center stage as a Annie Oakley - champion shooter and star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West - this remarkable woman is remembered as a Western folk hero, American legend and icon.

Throughout her career, Oakley maintained her dignity and propriety while quietly proving that she was superior to most men on the shooting range. Thanks to Hollywood and history, the legend of Annie Oakley endures into the 21st century through motion pictures, television, on the stage, in history books and museums. Annie Oakley Bibliography. Portrait of Annie Oakley, ca. Photographer — White, NewYork.

Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection. Annie Oakley "Little Sure Shot", c. Wood, photographer. Sepia toned photograph.

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Oakley is loading rifle next to table full of her shooting medals. Portrait of Annie Oakley wearing shooting medals, ca. From black and white print. Vincent Mercaldo Collection. Annie Oakley with case of medals. Holding unidentified shot gun. At left of frame leaning against painted backdrop is a Marlin Deluxe Sporting rifle, c. Annie Oakley holding Marlin over right shoulder and mirror in left hand, ca. Her face is visible in mirror.

Has painted retouching. Portrait of Frank Butler. Annie Oakley and Dave. Original postcard. Annie Oakley with 11 year old pupil, c. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. ALDO A. She works at Hollister Co. He plays baseball, bowling, ultimate Frisbee, and football, and was named the football team captain in Michael volunteers at St. He works for the Polar Corporation as a merchandiser. A member of the National Honor Society and Peer Helpers, she is among the top ten students in her class. She volunteers for her youth ministry church group and the Relay for Life, and is the recipient of the Wells Leadership Scholarship.

Katie plays varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse and is the captain of all three teams. She works as an ice cream artist at an ice cream shop. She considers her special talents to be art, photography, and skating.

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He has been a chorus member for four years, and participated in the school newspaper for one year. James plays baseball, runs Track and Field varsity for three years, Captain in , plays varsity hockey captain for two years , and plays soccer varsity for two years. He is a tri-sport captain soccer, basketball, and baseball and plays AAU basketball and baseball. He volunteers for the Walk for Hunger, MDA Muscle Walk, and participates in various local road races raising money for charity and scholarships.

Thomas plays football and has worked as a busboy and at the Riverbay Club. She is the Boston Brain Bee Winner,. She studied neurobiology and music at Harvard as a junior, and is the principal flutist in many school and regional ensembles. She works as a host and cashier, private tutor, and secretary. He is the School President and was a previous class president from to He lists a cappella and reading braille as his special talents. He is the recipient of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. Schreiber Weitz Upstander Award.

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He works at DeMoulas and Subway, and considers communications and public speaking among his strengths. She works as a soprano saxophonist at Easter and for weddings at St. She has skated for the U. Figure Skating Association since , and plays volleyball. She works for the Gingerbread Construction Company.

Sports Commission Chairman Steven Cedrone welcomed everyone and explained the rules for the day. Coffee and doughnuts were served. Before the games began, teams were allowed time to warm up. Roncalli Lodge He also thanked everyone for their Chairman Steven Cedrone. Everyone agreed it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning. The dinner was held at St. Wallace, Samuel Beninato, and Madison Berube. Forum: Careers in Medicine.

She is a member of Model UN and a writing center tutor at her school. She is the senior dance team captain at Revive Dance Exchange, and plays junior varsity soccer and gymnastics, in addition to figure skating. Cori volunteers at the Beverly Bootstraps thrift store and works as a hostess at Periwinkles restaurant. Stephanie swims on the varsity swimming and diving team, and has served as the captain for two years. Carlene volunteers as an assistant teacher for Saint. Komen Foundation Walk for Hope.

She runs track and field in addition to working for the City of Augusta Recreation Program. In addition to participating in wrestling and spring track, Nicolas plays the saxophone and works as a lifeguard at the YMCA and Silver Lake. He volunteers at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish. She plays varsity soccer and varsity winter and spring track, dances, and played freshman basketball.

She works part-time at Cold Stone Creamery. MARY J. A member. Joseph works as a cashier and delivery driver at Pizza Guys. She is the recipient of the Young Choreography Award, and volunteers as an assistant dance teacher. Celina works as an IHOP hostess, and counts among her special talents dance, piano, and flute. Kyle volunteers as the high school representative at school committee meetings, and as an alter server at North American Martyrs Church.

He has run cross country, indoor track, and played baseball for four years, and was a tri-sport captain his senior year. Approximately 70 golfers participated in this event.

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With the overcast skies and the 65 degree temperature, it was a perfect day for golf. There were many raffles and great prizes, including two pairs of Red Sox tickets and other Red Sox paraphernalia. The profits from the tournament are split between the Scholarship Program and the Key Program.

The Key program continuously helps troubled youth and their families and has been quite successful throughout the area. A dinner meeting was the setting for both. Lodge President Michael Sacco welcomed all in attendance, challenged new members to be active in lodge events, and encouraged scholarship recipients to not forget their Italian heritage and customs and to become members of the Order during or after graduation from college. Dinner was catered by lodge member Stella Maria Fiore, and included sausage and peppers, chicken, pasta, meatballs, salad, and a variety of desserts made by lodge members.

It was a delicious meal. He is the son of Lodge President and Mrs. Michael Sacco of Worcester. Michael is a senior at St. He will be attending Bentley University and plans to major in Accounting and Finance. In February, Michael signed his national letter of intent to play football for the Bentley University Falcons. She is a member of the Biology and Latin Clubs, a peer tutor, and volunteers at an earlychildhood afterschool program.

She is the daughter of Mr. Robert Dalbec of Shrewsbury. Tori is a senior at St. Tori has been a class representative and has participated in the March for Life.

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She will be attending Wheelock College, majoring in Elementary Education with a second field of interest in Psychology. Stephen Quitadamo of Auburn. He plans to major in Secondary Education with a concentration in History. Welcome to all the new members of Worcester Lodge , congratulations to all the scholarship recipients, and may you all have success in your future endeavors!

New members of Worcester Lodge taking the oath of membership. Members of the cooking and wait staff help Chairman Stella Fiore. Over people enjoyed a great meal created by Stella Fiore and served by members of her family. Members of the parish CYC also helped with the event. Attendees danced up a storm, participated in the raffle, and delighted in the parade of costumes.

Music was provided by the band Ambrosiani and guests danced to the music throughout the evening. A delicious dinner, which included antipasto, pasta with meat sauce, and a buffet including roast beef, potatoes, tripe, and green beans, was enjoyed by everyone. Raffle donations came from many sources, including Worcester businesses and lodge members.

The Parade of costumes was one of the highlights of the evening, featuring many unique and colorful costumes. The only drawback of the evening was that everyone hoped all the entries could win a prize! First place was won by Caterina Valentine and her husband Robert, who donned costumes of a female matador and bull.

Lucky guy! Prizes were awarded to all the winners. See you then! The menu consisted of eggs, sausages, biscuits, bananas, coffee, and juice. Call Ted Myers at or Gerry Sheehan at Call Norm Bagen at or On Sunday, April 27, the Wilmington Junior Lodge gathered prior to the start of their monthly meeting to support their latest charitable endeavor, Birthday in a Box.

Birthday in a Box is an organization that supplies needy children with all the party items they need to celebrate their birthday.

Since their inception in , the Wilmington Junior Lodge has had a history of giving back to the community. Army Platoon Program. Rizzo Scholarships. Head Cook Peg Daley. Marconi Lodge charity and scholarship funds was held at St. Lodge member Lynda Newton. The menu for the affair consisted of spaghetti, homemade meatballs, Italian bread, salad, coffee, tea, and dessert. Water, soda, wine, and beer were on sale, and take-out meals were also available.

For those who might not know, the Casa Monte Cassino House of Monte Cassino is named after the huge monastery in Italy that was bombed. This house is located in Boston, a short distance from Hanover Street. It was once a convent that was converted into a home for those from out of the country, who at no cost, are allowed to stay there when their family members are at Boston hospitals. Many have worked to make this a success.

An exhibit created by Stephen Cozzaglio featured Sons of Italy information and culture, the US and Italian flags, and a gondolier in his gondola. Our charter and pictures taken over the years were on display. Donations were received from many local businesses and organizations. We thank all who helped through your donations, assistance at the event, selling tickets, buying tickets, and supporting this event.

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Maraia to two deserving students who will be attending college in the fall. Members of the Braintree Ladies Lodge showed up in pajamas, nightgowns, and bathrobes for their Annual Pajama Party at the February meeting. In addition to enjoying pizza and salad, the members also brought in their slightly used handbags, jewelry, and other accessories to swap with each other so. All the accessories that were left were donated to Dress for Success, a local non-profit program that pre-pares disadvantaged women for entry into the job market. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts extends sincere condolences to the members of their families.

Guido Petrilli G. Madonia Theresa A. Murchie Louise Sylvester Angelo J. Umbrianna Dr. Santolin Michael C. Panell Joseph F. Criel Frances M. Giordano Constance Poretta Rose M. Gallazzi Angelina B. Higgins Peter M. Vadala Joseph J. Scapin Sr. John W. Auriemma Bernard R. Horn Teresa M. Leahy Mary I. Carrozza Vita O.