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You may think monarchical naming practices have nothing to do with your question. But they do.

The Woman Who Named Herself

Naming a child is above all a practical matter. That done, you needed a name to distinguish you from your relatives. To avoid duplication, a common practice has been to pile on additional names or suffixes. Some of these were less imaginative than others. When the early Romans needed to keep their kids straight, they evidently numbered them. The Roman emperor we know as Augustus was in his youth called Octavian, from the Latin for eighth.

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But perhaps one of his ancestors had been. For girls in classical Rome, though, sequential naming remained literally descriptive, since all girls in a family bore the same name, the feminine form of the family name, often without any distinguishing given names. Their mom was Aemilia Tertia, Aemilia the third. But these were birth-order names. Matters get more interesting when we turn to generational names—naming a kid after a parent or other ancestor. Giving children patronymics—names derived from those of their fathers—is standard practice in some cultures.

Yes, that’s right. Her name is “Beautiful Existence”.

Russian women have patronymics as well: e. Use of matronymics, on the other hand, is rare. Her parents decided to let Picabo choose her own name when she was old enough, so for the first two years of her life she was called "baby girl" or "little girl". At age 3 she was required to have a name in order to get a passport.

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She was named after the nearby village of Picabo. She attended Rowland Hall-St.

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Before joining the academy, she was a member of the local Hailey Ski Team. Street joined the U. Ski Team in at the age of She primarily competed in the speed events of downhill and super G , with her World Cup debut at age 21 in a slalom on December 6, Two months later at the World Championships in Japan she won the silver medal in the combined event.

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After her silver medal performance in the downhill at the Winter Olympics , a run was named after her at Sun Valley , on the Warm Springs side of Bald Mountain; the expert run formerly known as "Plaza" became "Picabo's Street. By winning the downhill title, she became the first American to win a World Cup season title in a speed event.

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  7. She repeated as downhill champion the following season, adding the title of world champion with her gold medal at the World Championships in Sierra Nevada , Spain. In early December , she suffered a knee injury training in Colorado after competing in just two races, and sat out the remainder of the season.

    A woman named "Beautiful Existence" challenged herself to only eat at Starbucks for a year

    A month after her gold medal win in the super G at the Winter Olympics , Street careened off course while racing at the final downhill of the season at Crans-Montana , Switzerland. She crashed, snapping her left femur and tearing a ligament in her right knee. Street returned to ski racing in late , and retired from international competition after the Winter Olympics in Utah , where she finished 16th in the downhill.

    Street is retired and splits her time between homes in Alabama and Winter Park, Colorado. She named her skis for people who were strong and meaningful to her.

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    She performed well on the show American Gladiators , where Street used her strength to defeat the gladiator character "Ice" in a couple of events. In the late s, after her success at the Winter Olympics , Street became a spokeswoman for a variety of products, including the soft drink Mountain Dew and ChapStick -brand lip balm. In she signed with Giro Sport Design which was then developing its first winter sports helmet. She spoke with the senior manufacturing engineer, a long-time skier himself, about the progression of equipment, signing a prototype helmet for him as she left. In it, Street revealed the pressure placed on her by her sponsors to succeed and win, which she maintains contributed to her devastating crash.

    She also described how she was able to transform from a rebellious tomboy into a world-class athlete. A feature film based on Street's life story was in development as of late , written by Eric Preston with director Charles Winkler slated to direct, and produced by Jeff Luini and Richard Weiner. Filming was slated begin in in Argentina. She appeared on two skits on Sesame Street with the character Elmo.