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The Tigers: the Cup Final. The Tigers: the Terrible Trainer. The Tigers: Tigers on Television. Rocket Ride. Deadly Storm and Fatal Voyage. Gargoylz Take a Trip. Seguir comprando. Por favor revisa tu carrito. Since Tiger Claw Sin is a strictly melee build, it is necessary to dedicate as many points as possible into Vitality. This build will use double Claws at all times, meaning block rate will be determined solely by Weapon Block and not Dexterity.

Her lack of shields also means a disadvantage in armor rating compared to shield wielders like the paladins and as a result, the Tiger Claw Sin will be taking hits quite often when she's attacked which won't be all that often really. Therefore, Strength and Dexterity will only be getting as many points as they really need to use the best Claws available Scissors Suwayyah requires Strength and Dextereity.

Ideally, you should increase your Strength, Dexterity and Vitality at the same rate 5 each per 3 levels since that will be keeping your Attack Rating, Strength Requirement for armors, Strength and Dexterity Requirement for Claws and health amount constantly on par with the increasing difficulty and better item drops.

Once your Strength and Dexterity reach , that's it for them.

You can focus the rest of your points into Vitality. By that time, your stats should look as displayed on the picture my strength ended up being 5 points higher because I found solid War Boots which require Strength - don't be afraid to build up a little bit if you find some good items.

Cormoran Lure Deep Striker DR Ghost Tiger 10cm - purchase by Koeder Laden online

If you feel you are not doing well with your health, you can of course break the routine, dedicate more points into Vitality and bring up the other stats later, but with just a little bit of luck on gear, that shouldn't be necessary. As far as skills go, again, this build is quite straightforward. The character is aiming for high speed and high damage. Attacking fast however doesn't mean hitting fast. The basic thing is to actually hit the enemy so max Claw Mastery.

Tiger Claw Sin by lMarcusl

That should probably be the first skill you will be maxing out as it will pretty much take care of attack rating problems for the rest of the game when combined with Dragon Claw. It also as of 1. A definite first pick. Second of course would be Dragon Claw.

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While it doesn't really do amazing damage, and the level progression isn't really that terrific either, we really want to squeeze out every point of damage we can out of those Claws. Don't forget, every single little point of damage you can get into your attacks will then be counted into those devastating Tiger Strikes. That can make A LOT of difference. We're talking about extra hundreds of damage here! Though Tiger Strike is in the name of the build, surprisingly that should probably be the last skill we want to max out.

If you get good Claw weapons or make some, see Gear section for more you might actually not be needing Tiger Strike to do some serious damage, but it is always faster than simple Clawing. Just remember, you don't really have to charge it up all the way. Against vanilla enemies, one or two charges might be enough as the Strike is chanelled into both hits with the Dragon Claw Edit: I later found this info to be false, even though it's stated on the skill.

You won't decrease your DPS so much this way. It is sufficient to start pumping up the skill by the end of Nightmare as you'll slowly start to feel the need for more damage than what a lvl 1 Tiger Strike can offer. Another vital skill is the Shadow Master.

Not only is it fun to look at I mean it's another Assassin using ALL the skills an Assassin can have, how much fun is that? Her tendency to throw Mind Blasts everywhere can get annoying sometimes, but more often than not you'd just love to give her a high five, a hug, a kiss or anything else your perverted heart desires. There is noting better than watching a big fat group of Doom Knights slugging it out among themselves while you quietly run around killing them one by one, giggling like a little kid. She is pretty tough too, as her resists are not capped at Add into that the random gear benefits she gets and the fact that she uses Fade, and you get one elementally tough companion.

She has good life too, a nice tendency to use Cobra Strike when down on health and Death Sentry is always a nice skill to have. Simply said, she is priceless, and as mentioned before, you'll get hit a lot when attacked so it's better if enemies are attaking her or each other rather than you. Put points into her as you see fit. After maxing Mastery and putting sufficient points see below into Burst of Speed, you should ideally divide points between Dragon Claw and the Master. This skill alone can get you past the Hell Ancients quite easily. Now as most experienced players will know, damage means nothing if you deliver it once in a lifetime.

If you don't attack fast, you might as well not bother. I have personally been forced to scrap countless in my mind good characters because they didn't have the attack speed to counter the sheer number of enemies.

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That is not a problem for the Assassin. Put 5 points into Burst of Speed and you are well-off for the rest of the game. It's not like those 2 or 3 extra points would be better spent elsewhere. Of course, you might be asking what the hell are you supposed to do with Physical Immunes. Tiger Strike, Dragon Claw and all that is nice but where's the elemental damage? The thing is, with all the abovementioned skills maxed except BoS , there isn't really that many points left to use 5 to be exact, if we aim for clvl With so few points left, there is pretty much only two viable options: Dragon Tail and Fists of Fire.

Fire Bomb would be way too weak to use and any higher elemental charge-up skills would require too many points for prerequisites and wouldn't be strong enough. From this pair, Dragon Tail might look like the obvious choice, but it is not so. The skill doesn't work as you might expect. Instead of taking the damage of your boots, adding in the bonus from the Tail and dealing that in fire damage, the skill takes damage of your boots, adds half the bonus from Tail and deals this damage in physical form to the targeted monster. Then, after the physical damage is dealt, it deals the SAME amount of damage you just dealt in the form of AoE fire damage.

If you use this skill on a Ghost or another Immune to Physical, the physical portion of the damage is reduced to zero. Then, the skill will deal the same amount of damage you dealt in AoE Fire damage.