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Chill Your Cockles jumps a storyline from John's first novel, Tales from the moe. It's Halloween at the moe. Republic Hotel and 'brother' John is up to his old shenanigans again.

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The Pumpkin Ale is flowing fast and furious from the infinite fount of the moe. It can only mean one thing - time for the annual storytellers contest. The contest has brought in the 'bestest and boldest' from all walks of life throughout the Lost Kingdom of Moose Harbor. Chill Your Cockles features four harrowing and haunting tales that will shiver your timbers and make your cockles tingle with fright. Order Now!

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Will the seder be ruined when Lily discovers Hametz and the afikomen missing from her room? Lily solves the mystery and the seder comes to an uplifting end. She draws readers in on the scenes that evoke a nostalgic feel of urban Jewish life in the early to midth century. This joyful collection of colorful photographs conveys the rich diversity of Jews today, with the faces of Jewish children and teens with their grandparents, friends, brothers and sisters.

While the recommended age range is , the lively but simple photographs will appeal to even younger ones, who will be fascinated by the smiling, cheerful faces of other kids. The settings traverse the globe and the Jewish life cycle and calendar, from blowing the shofar, eating matzah and lighting a Hanukkah menorah to graduations, bar mitzvah celebrations and other milestones.

Kids are dressed in contemporary clothes and traditional elaborately decorated Yemenite clothing. Nothing says spring like baseball. This new book introduces kids to the unusual story of Moe Berg, a Princeton-educated, multi-lingual major leaguer from the s who was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

The Adventures of Moe the Moose

Search for the Shamir Eric A. Kimmel; illustrations by Ivica Stevanovic Kar-Ben; ages Eric Kimmel, a popular and award-winning author, delivers a fun adventure story with returning fictional twins Scarlett and Sam, who travel back in time to ancient Jerusalem, where they face the challenge of finding a mythical insect called the shamir that the ruler needs to build the First Temple. Ruth Dr. Ruth K.

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In this graphic novel, kids follow the remarkable life journey of Ruth Westheimer, the popular sex-therapist media star known as Dr. Salmon run in the summer and early fall.

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More info. Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada covers an area of 21, square kilometres. It is a land of precipitous, high mountains, immense icefields and lush valleys that yield a diverse array of plant and wildlife species and provides for a host of outdoor activities.

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