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More Information at :. Future Soldier Chat Room will available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from hrs to hrs and hrs to hrs. This website contains information to help prepare you and your Family with your transition into the Army lifestyle. As you look through the different areas of this site, it will familiarize you with Army training, education and benefits, healthcare and life insurance as well as available Family services.

Additionally, as a Future Soldier, Future Soldier Spouse, or Parent, you will have access to additional areas within this site not available to the general public.

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If you have additional questions on areas not covered by this site, the local Army recruiting center will be there to provide you assistance. Again, Congratulations and Welcome! Chat Schedule. Future Soldier Training. No directly related civilian jobs. Related civilian occupations Play Pause.

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Infantry Soldiers are capable of operating anywhere in the world in any environment — Arctic tundra, mountains, jungle or desert — and in any combination of arms, including airmobile and amphibious operations. The primary duties of an Infantry Soldiers are to:. Infantry Soldiers normally work outdoors. Both in training and on operations they live and work in conditions that would resemble those in the field.

Infantry Soldiers will be posted to a battalion in Canada, but there are employment opportunities across Canada and on deployed operations around the world.


DOERR : By textbook, an Infantry Soldier is anybody who closes with and destroys the enemy, by day or by night, regardless of weather, season or terrain. Our Privates have to be experts in technical systems and GPSs and satellites and the array of communications equipment that we all carry, but also they have to be their own thinking person, they have to have their own initiative. You have to kind of play multiple roles, being somewhat of a policeman at some times and then other times, a soldier in the classic sense. We still do the hard-core grunt stuff, but along all that, we still have to be able to be free thinkers and work with some very technical aspects.

It can also be equipped with a laser-enhanced scope and a grenade launcher. That is pretty cool. No matter what the mission, we have the equipment and the training to get the job done.

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  • All the video games, now, what people play for video games is what I get to do for a living. The Army just affords an opportunity to go all over the world, go all over Canada and just meeting different people. Getting in, I was hoping for deployments, I was hoping for some travel and stuff like that. This training provides the basic core skills and knowledge common to all trades.

    Artist Soldiers

    A goal of this course is to ensure that all recruits maintain the Canadian Armed Forces CAF physical fitness standard; as a result, the training is physically demanding. Learn more about Basic Training here. The training takes 17 weeks and includes the following topics:. Infantry Soldiers may be offered the opportunity to develop specialized skills through formal courses and on-the-job training, including:.

    As they progress in their career, Infantry Soldiers who demonstrate the required ability and potential will be offered advanced training.

    Soldiers' Angels - Deployed Support

    Available courses include:. The minimum required education to apply for this position is the completion of the provincial requirements for Grade 10 or Secondaire IV in Quebec. Foreign education may be accepted.

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