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What do you like doing in your spare time? Who would I report to? How much were you paid in your last job? Could you please repeat that? District Court for the. Who do you work for? Where do you live?

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Which year are you in? How much is a First Class stamp? Have you read any good books lately? What line of work are you in? Where are you calling from? Is there? Where are you from? Do you know what extension he's on? What's your number? Do you know the address? If Lagos is abl. How many days will it take for the cheque to clear? Do you need a work permit? Can you put it on the scales, please?

Which team do you support? Can you hear me OK? I'm not really sure how else to characterize it. It is a ci. What qualifications have you got? Could I have , please? Do you know the number for? Remember how Rams LB and. Another service? The data could. What do you want to do when you've finished? Yes, I love it! Where's the postbox? Some people know at an early age.

What's the exchange rate for euros? Whereabouts in are you from? Could you ask her to call me? Customs authorities will not allow them to. In the United S. How many more years do you have to go? By working together and engag. Have you got any? What company are you calling from? Would you like a receipt? How much is a Second Class stamp? He recalls. What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas?

What's the interest rate on this account? How much notice do you have to give? In a densely populated ci. Have you got any qualifications? Where's the nearest cash machine? How do I get an outside line? Why did you come to? Where do you study? Do you know each other? Will I get travelling expenses? How do you do? What's the current interest rate for personal loans? Rowe Price fund. With Bud. You don't want to.

There was a potential risk of. Where do you come from? Obama has linked his n. Security Coun. Could you tell me the dialing code for? Could I have a statement, please? What do you do for a living? Matsuzaka will make h. What sort of music do you like? How much will it cost to send this letter to? Will I have to work shifts? Have you got a telephone directory? Who's calling? What are the hours of work? Could I ask who's calling?

Is it convenient to talk at the moment? Will I get paid for overtime? How many weeks' holiday a year are there? What do you do? Have you seen any good films recently? Reuters needs to fire the incompetent idiot who w. Oregon voters re-elected fo. Could I take your name and number, please?

How many are there in a book? Can I call you back? Everybody wants to. What university do you go to? Could you send me an application form? You don't work out in a string bikini like Rih. Ted Cruz's faux-filibuster against Obamaca. What part of do you come from? And that my friends, is what you call one heck of a weird but good dream ;- I seriously need more nice dreams like that and not ones that come back to haunt me. Whether you have broken up with that ex-special person or they've broken up with you in which case, they are pretty dumb then this playlist of Breaking-Up related songs may just help you to get through the process!

Like they did in my own personal experience. It was a miserable day on Monday, the rain was pouring down but that wasn't going to stop me and my best friend; Leah from going to Leicester to go shopping! Great price! We had no idea where we was but we just aimed towards the "tall blue building" which is near all of the shops and when we got to a corner of a street, things were signposted so we knew where we was going then. We headed a long a large road full of take aways and newsagents and as we walked past a polish delicatessen, the two Asian workers of the shop came out of their store and wolf whistled at us and one of them went right in Leah's face and said "omg" in like an awestruck voice.

A little bit further along the road, these two African guys wound that window down from where they were parked and went "wooo woooo" at us. We had a great time looking around the Haymarket Shopping Centre and started off looking in Primark and after looking in a few of the outside stores, me and leah were so hungry that we decided a meal was way overdue!

After all it was now like quarter to one! We had a Pizza Hut buffet which was lovely and left us both feeling pleasantly stuffed! Does anybody else love that refill drink device in Pizza Hut? The amount of different flavours they do! Strawberry Diet Pepsi for the win! Me and leah had great fun looking around the shops, came in and out of some of them in such a dash like house of Fraser and urban outfitters for example because the price of everything was so expensive.

After looking around most of the stores we decided to go back around again to see if there was any stores we missed and as we was walking up the steps just past Waterstones and Urban Outfitters my eyes followed a guy walking down the steps on the other side. He looked somewhat familiar. Leah looked at me as if to say "Are you okay? I'm virtually certain that was him. He was on the X Factor. I'm sure that was him. To be honest if I got this one right, I would've even surprised myself.

Almost certain it was him. We kept a little bit back as not to look suspicious although it was going to look a bit like that soon enough. We went up the stairs and could see him looking around, he was with another guy. After all, we didn't wanna make ourselves look like a pair of idiots. So I did that and kept looking at the person on the other side of the clothes shop and at the google images.

Leah was unsure. He kept glancing at us I think he knew what we was doing and by him keep looking at us every so often made me think maybe he's noticed we've noticed him which made me think more that it was the REAL Joe McElderry. At one point he even walked right past me He smelt so good too I was meant to speak to him but I still didn't know what to say as I could just turn around and say "Are you Joe McElderry? I turned to Leah and said "That's got to be him. Joe is a geordie, it had to be Joe.

So that next time he came towards the centre of the room amongst the clothing, I said "Joe? He looked up, a smile spread across his face. Have a lovely day! I'd met Joe once before, but there's something somewhat different when you bump into a celebrity by surprise. It makes you feel more starstruck and makes you realise that they are just normal people.

After our lil starstruck moment of meeting Joe, we had a look around more shops including The Disney Store where we posed with Spider-Man and Sleeping Beauty and we bought ourselves some drinks from Poundland, went towards the market area to have a look around that end of Leicester. On our way back to the car park, we passed the same shop as this morning where the Asian guys came out of their shop and one of them went "omg" in Leah's face Well this time they stared at us as we walked past and one of them must have madly dashed to the door after they saw us walk by because he was standing on the doorstep of his shop going "Wooowooo!

My first ever shopping trip to Leicester with my best friend is one I shall never forget. Happy and standing up for myself. Hello all! Welcome to my very first blog of ! Time has flown so fast, wouldn't you agree? Todayhas been great- I went shopping to a local town with my good friend; Thea and we shopped around and went McDonald's for lunch!

Oh and got milkshakes a little later on in this super cool reasonably-priced American diner! So far this week, I'm not going to lie to you- I've struggled at times to keep my mouth zipped and to stop myself from speaking to my ex on social media but for the past two days I haven't spoke and he popped up once to me with something rather shocking which I'm not going to go into as it's too innappropriate and I completely blanked it. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do so far.

But at the same time, I'm not going to allow myself to be walked over and for once I feel like I shouldn't be made to feel the fool Plus it's about time he had a taste of his own medicine! You threw me away, why all of a sudden are you acting like you are caring about me?! By liking all of my pics all of a sudden and sending stuff like you sent me Like do one, I I gave you all of my love but you decided to throw it away. And not being funny, without making myself sound like the vainest person of going because trust me, I do not love myself but he did lose the best person he could've had as a girlfriend.

Because I actually fell for him more and more as the weeks flew by and I genuinely cared about him. I treated him to the best of my capacity and he meant the world. But obviously it wasn't enough Sorry to go off on a tangent. But I am slowly managing to let go and am feeling kinda proud on how I've managed to stand my ground these past two days with not speaking.

It's hard but he's my ex at the end of the day. Technically I could hate him if I wanted to but because I'm a nice person, I'm not going to be like that. But he does deserve to know that I don't respect him anymore. Because what he did is hard to forgive let alone forget What a year! All I can say is it was flippin' incredible! There was one major negative and that was that my mum was in hospital all year but we got her home just in time for christmas and so that was the icing on the cake.

So many things I had never done before happened this year, some good But I had an amazing time! I got a scaffold piercing - which frickin killed my ear I think! I wouldn't have changed it for the world! Although certain things I kinda regret For instance, although my relationship didn't last, I get to keep the memories I guess We may get back together some time soon, we may not. At this precise moment i'm single and staying that way but nobody knows what could be around the corner. Life is one big waiting game. Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all have an amazing !

Laura x. Hello Everybody! My last blog was so brief that I thought I may as well write a longer one seeing as it is Christmas Eve 'Eve' today! I'd just like to also inform you all before I get too into my blog that there will be no more vlogmas videos this side of christmas. Sorry for any disappointment caused. I just haven't had the time. I've been so busy video editing for personal surprises and so I just haven't had the chance! My december started off pretty rubbish because me and my boyfriend of 2 months broke up.

Still do to an extent. But it's a different kind of love, I guess. It did hurt me a lot and I still think about him every now and again, I think I may for a while. Despite some of his flaws, he did mean so much to me and we shared so many memories together, and he knows this. This guy was the first person I ever shared a bed with and I wouldn't have done that if I didn't deeply care about the guy and if I didn't think I could see a future with him.. I think it also helps a lot that Christmas is coming up and I absolutely love Christmas. The build up is especially amazing All of the christmas hits you only hear once a year on the radio, the chocolate advent calendar, the christmas movies, the lights and decorations Well - there usually is for me!

But it's different for every household I know! Plus, all of the family and friends you get to see! Christmas really is a lovely time of the year, and we mustn't forget the true meaning of christmas either! I don't even know what i'm getting this year for christmas - I didn't really ask for anything, although I would love a new phone! Just an upgrade from my current iphone 5. I've had it about three years now and it's getting a little shabby around the edges, so i'll be pleased to be rid of it.

As much as I love recieving presents, I also love to give them too! So I just hope everybody likes my presents I have chosen for them this year! Someone said to me Because the whole thing would be so different now. I wouldn't be able to be as trusting again, thats for sure but at the same time - of course - I still love the guy and I didn't want the relationship to end in the first place.

But it did Who knows, one day - I don't know. My aims and New Years Resolutions for this year are -. To Find a decent man who will make as much effort as I will for them. To stop biting my nails - It's so hard! To try something new What are your new years resolutions? So from me One Week on So I broke up with my boyfriend just over a week ago and to be honest with you, I was in pieces because I was left feeling hurt, confused and quite frankly; unloved. However i've got used to living back in to the single life again and to be quite honest- i've surprised myself at how quickly i've got over it.

Of course, I still have feelings for the guy and yes, I still love him Maybe in the future But right now i'm happy with who I am and how I want to be. Starting with Gifts for her that could be for a mother, auntie, grandmother, sister, cousin, girlfriend, teacher, colleague or even a friend! It doesn't matter how little you spend, it's the thought that counts! Same Crap, A Different Day As the saying goes "Same Crap, Different Day Just recently I've been on a mega low blow.

I don't think the tablet I have started is helping that and it just seems like every day is the same strainingly-painful day.. Just recently I started the combined pill, and since being on it now for well over a week The smallest things seem to trigger me to go off in some very "peed" off kind of mood and then I just feel miserable for the rest of the day and I can't help myself. Things were going so well in the mid October when I started going out with my boyfriend but in recent weeks, things in general have not been good and seem to just be strained in my everyday life.

My hormones feel like their going up, down, up, down and I'm not going to lie to you, there is a few things that I feel could be changed a long the way that would make me a happier person, but it wouldn't be fair to just spill out all of the problems on here, therefore I will keep my mouth shut. But just so you get a rough idea of how I'm feeling, that's how I feel.

Emotional, moody, angry, happy one minute, upset the next and paranoid. Speak soon guys and sorry for the depressing blog. People said "You'll find Mr Right one day" or "You're time will come. You see, I never really had, had a proper relationship before. Except a long distance one, but it wasn't exactly "proper" and a couple of school relationships which lasted all of a week or a couple of months.

Of course, just before summer this year I ended up having my first kiss with this guy who for some reason I had a thing for and he led me on and so that was the end of that and then this summer I did go on a couple of dates and ended up seeing a far-away friend for about a month in around June time but it was just so obvious it was not going to work out and quite frankly, I look back upon that time and I cringe.

Then there was a guy I was talking to in mid-September for a couple of weeks and we ended up meeting one lunch at college and it was clear he was only after one thing. Hence why after our meet up, I let him do what he had to and we have never spoke since. Basically I was a hopeless romantic. I probably came across so desperate. Like it got to the point at college where I was like meeting up with a guy a week to see what they were like.

Sounds so bad, right? I felt like I was on a mission. To find the perfect guy. After the guy I spoke to in mid-late September I kinda gave up for a week. This was absolutely hopeless. Like I was never going to find a guy who just wanted me for me and not just my body. I felt so gross because I felt as though I was letting people take advantage of me.

But something soon changed that. I was on the college bus home about a week later and as the bus was slowly trawling through Wellingborough, a guy called Harry who also studied Animal Welfare at college popped up to me and we were both talking for a while. You see, Harry and I first saw eachother in October when both on commercial Experience together at college. We never spoke to eachother but believe it or not I remember at the time thinking of him as ideal boyfriend material and thinking 'he's cute' he was tall with brown hair, really nice eyes and I remember thinking how smiley he was.

I like a person like that ;- Since around June this year, we started talking as friends and occasionally we'd flirt- it started off with him always flirting with me and then I just went along with it. The first time he popped up to me was when I was in the holcot round canteen with my friend chloe I believe at the time and I remember him saying "wuu2" and I replied "At college, in the canteen, you? Well, we met up and it was great. We kissed, hugged it was already like being a couple!

So that night on the bus home Harry asked me out once more I love him to pieces and wouldn't change him for the world. I can't quite believe that the guy that I thought was cute on commercial Experience over a year ago So I got this shower gel for my birthday and I have to say, at first glance I wasn't sure if it was going to be my fave thing in the world. I mean don't get me wrong, I adore strawberries - but the scent was that sweet, I wasn't certain. However the more I have used this product, the more fond of it I have become.

A little goes a long way with this ml bottle. It may be basic packaging, but it is easy to access the content inside and consists of a lot of fruity glory! It is also a beautiful baby pink colour and the smell of it has grown on me considerably, it's fruity and just simply amazing! It was a big risk as train fares are not cheap and if I ended up going and did not meet them then I would be quite out of pocket and just a bit gutted.

I got up at am to get to Bedford by bus for something in the morning. I had a Starbucks Hot Chocolate whilst waiting for my friend; Lauren to arrive at the station. We finally arrived at Leicester Square at around quarter past 9 in the morning after an uncomfortable train journey sitting on the ground between the train doors with a lovely breezy draught blowing onto us. Still, we are dedicated Vampettes. We hung around under a ticket shelter near to the radio station, the heavens had opened and so if we didn't shelter, we were going to get well and truly drenched!

It stunk of urine under this shelter and so we didn't hang around there long.

13_ - Matějova galerie

It also seemed to attract the local junkies. We then met up with Lauren's friend; Sammy who turned out to be lovely and the three of us waited and waited and waited Then all of a sudden coming up towards the capital fm radio station I saw a familiar face! It was Stephen Mulhern! My eyes nearly popped out of my head, he had black shades on and was wheeling a suitcase behind him. Me being me shouts "Hi Stephen! I asked him if I could have a photo and he replied with "Yeah sure I'll be five minutes.

Came out and had a photo with him and I told him how I was a fan of Britain's got more talent and catchphrase! He was so down to earth and friendly. Me, Sammy and Lauren became increasingly hungry and so decided a McDonald's was due. We had a little wander and Found a McDonald's near where the Harry Potter show is currently and I decided I'd have a garlic mayo chicken wrap with fries.

It was delicious and just what I needed. After our McDonald's we had a quick wander through China Town in London's Soho and was grimacing at the sights of dead animals hanging up in the windows of butchers and restaurants. Need I say more After this we hung in Leicester Square Gardens for a bit and played on the seesaws which light up and play a tune as you go up and down on them. We also went to m and m world but very briefly. The place is just too expensive although for once, it wasn't actually crowded at all. It was the emptiest I'd seen the place if I'm honest.

I had an ingenious idea when we came out of m and m world that if I buy a can of Diet Coke from the fish and chip shop opposite the radio station, we'd not only be able to get a good view from of all angles for when the vamps arrived, we'd also get a seat! She looked like she was in a rush. My friends were going "noooooo" and I was like thinking to myself This is Emma Willis! She's no nobody. The sight people must have seen next would've been a funny one.

There was me literally legging it after Emma through Leicester Square Gardens. I called "Emma! Maybe she was ignoring me I'll try once more.

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Whilst sitting opposite capital fm radio station, we also saw the Brooks Brothers from The X Factor walk out of there but I didn't bother chasing after them. After all, they'd been kicked off of the X Factor for violence. As we sat waiting for the vamps , around 4ish - more fans turned up. This is when we decided to get up out of our luxury metal seating and join the other vamps fans standing waiting by the door.

One of us saw that The Vamps had posted on their snapchat - that they were on their way and we're going to be at the radio station for 5pm Well, Tristan Evans announces it This was when things got exciting However we got a slight earlier surprise, when at approx pm, we could see The Vamps Manager; Joe o'neill with four handsome young boys following him. I could see James Mcvey first of all and I freaked with excitement, turning around to all of the girls saying "Oh my god!

They're coming! Their only human. But of course- on the inside, I was melting with excitement. Were they gonna stop for us? And when they got near us and split off towards different fans, I was on top of the world. I had been waiting for the moment that bars were not separating us for so long.

This meant I could finally hug Bradley Will Simpson. I stood in a little circle with some other fans whilst Brad spoke to us and he asked us if we'd heard the new song "All Night" ft Matoma and we said we had and I said I thought it was amazing and Brad glanced at me and smiled happily. Of course But my body turned towards James Mcvey who was awkwardly standing around on his own, talking to Joe I think.

It was a good job I got a photo with James when I did because not long after that, he went inside, leaving Connor Ball, Tristan Evans and Brad Simpson outside with all of the fans there was only about 30 of us Next, I asked Tristan for a photo and he was lovely. Then I decided I needed to get over to Bradley because he is the one I have wanted for so long.

We took a selfie and together and before I took it he said "Nice Jacket by the way Little did he know, I wore it especially for him, because he has an identical one! I then lingered around a bit more, taking photos for my friend; Lauren who dropped her phone just seconds before the Vamps came along and it stopped working. I have to say, I did feel sorry for her. Especially as it happened just moments before we met the boys.

I asked Brad if he remembered the present I sent him and his family at Christmas. He looked a bit puzzled and I then mentioned how I bought Jesse his golden retriever dog a scarf and more and he went "Actually, yes I do! Before saying "I'm joking, I'm joking! I felt bad for a second! Typical Bradley, being the joker! I then said in a stupidly squeaky voice "I love him.

I love her! Ever conscious of his duty to his readers, Mister P also booked a table that evening at one of the several fish restaurants in the area. While there is nothing remarkable or stylish about the way the St Brides is presented there is nothing objectionable either, apart from several hundred promotional china whisky water jugs of inevitably naff design dangling from every beam. On the walls hang a series photos of lighthouses in conflict with the sea, and some sepia shots of the village in olden times. Mr P helped himself to a mouthful and was disappointed. The garlic bread that came with it was simply a slice of granary loaf with a garlic paste smeared on, while the LC had been looking forward to a proper garlic-soaked baguette, fresh from the oven.

Puddings were a great success. The LC was pleased with her Summer Pudding, in which the juices had descended. Mr Pernickety urges his readers not to pass on to the wider ignorami the good news that Pembrokeshire remains — for humans as it is for seals — a great place to swim, eat and sleep.

Hands-on cookery session with Milly. Red Lion, Knighton, Enjoy a festive market, including community and charity stalls. Further information email mppeek btinternet.

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The best collection of artisan food producers in the area. Knighton Community Centre, 9. Open MonFri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-5pm. Soups, all day light lunches, cakes and scones. Set in the heart of Weobley. Free wifi. Visit us at the Old Station Caravan Park for hot drinks and homemade cakes. Superb views and free Wi-Fi. We can cater for small groups, meetings and other events. Accommodation also available. Open daily 9am-5pm, 1st Marchst October. Wednesday to Saturday. Selection of original paintings. Open all week except Thursdays and Fridays 11am-5pm Summer, 11am-4pm Winter.

Tues - Sat 10am - 4pm. Old Garage Shop, Knighton. Free parking, opposite library. Friday morning market stall in Presteigne. Veg boxes delivered to local area weekly. Restaurant orders welcome. Why not advertise your eating establishment? Ludlow Brewery, Railway Shed, Ludlow, 7. Hereford Cathedral, 7. Regal Cinema, Tenbury Wells, 8pm, A conversation piece. Eleanor Alberga and Adam Gorb talk about their featured works. Nu-folk in a dazzling variety of styles.


Saturday Cafe, The Courtyard, Hereford, pm, free. White Horse Inn, Clun. Live world music and food. Guild Hall, Brecon, free. Welshpool Town Hall, 7. Supported b Be Bop Da Jig, a cool fusion of folk, jazz and blues. A joint concert of music from the renaissance to the romantic. United Reformed Church, by English Bridge, 7. All Stretton Village Hall, 7. Free entry and free drink for all performers.

Booth Hall, Hereford. Bell Inn, Leominster. Church fundraiser. No parking at the church, park in Wigmore School car park. Hollybush Campsite, Hay-onWye, camping available, ELO tribute. Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon, 7. Clarinet, violin and piano. Community Hall, New Radnor, 7. Anything from steel guitar to organ. Wine and goodies at interval. Free entry but retiring collection to church. Programme includes JS Bach and Ysaye. The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury, pm, lunch as you listen! An exciting line up for this extended exhibition on three sites, from surrealism, abstract to landscape painting, photography, sculpture and textiles and a stunning installation at the school.

Opening times: Saturday, October 22, Entry to the exhibition is free to members, in full time education or unwaged. Booking on essential. Image Misty Morning thanks to Mark Zytynski. The Red Lion, Knighton, The Chapel, Market St, Abergavenny, 7. The Royal Oak, Prestegne, 7. Chris Lomas, bass and guitar - an exciting bluesy funky trio.

Noris Cafe, 3 Church St, Leominster, 7. Please book in advance, Hereford Cathedral, Conquest Theatre, Tenbury Rd, Bromyard, 7. The Courtyard, Hereford, 8pm, The Talbot, Bewdley, 9pm. The Crown Inn, Oakengates, Telford, Sun Inn, Leintwardine, 8pm. Performed by The Craswall Quartet. Lousie Jordan sings the stories of extraordinary women and their remarkable achievements, honouring the Great War soldiers. Sunday 2 October 7. Harp and flute. Hall Barn, Bleddfa, 7. Professional soloists and orchestra.

The Grand Pavilion, Llandrindod Wells, 7. Full Circle pub gig. Tickets Courtyard Antiques or on the door. Prees Recreational Club, 7. Silvester Horne Institute, Church Stretton, 7. A free taster session introducing a special course for anyone wanting to begin to explore the world of jazz piano and improvisation. Come along and find out more about the course and how it works, and if you wish, try your hand at a simple jazz tune and improvisation. Give yourself the chance to follow a new and exciting musical direction!

Memorial Hall, Presteigne, 7. Fundraiser to welcome French Twinning visitors. Bar, French raffle, bring finger food to share. Wistanstow Village Hall, 7. Music in Quiet Places. Stag, Llanidloes. Continental connections from JS Bach to Geminiani. Trinity Baroque - A Birthday Feast.

A festival banquet celebration of Thomas Tallis. Programme includes Handel, Charles Avison and Purcell. Support from Soundboard. Canon Frome Court, 7. All proceeds to The Poppy Appeal. Theatre, Severn, Shrewsbury, Housmans Cafe Bar, Church Stretton. Complimentary fizz and canapes, try your hand at the gaming tables using fun money. Courtyard fundraiser. Expect impassioned vocals, heartbeat bass and dancing dirt road guitars.

White Lion, Machynlleth, 8pm. Proceeds to Air Ambulance and Rotary charities. Ending with an improvised ceilidh. Fancy dress encouraged. The Malt Shovel, Highley. Cedar Hall, Dilwyn, 7. The Red Lion, Knighton, 7. John Williams and Friends Saturday 22nd October 7. Wistanstow Village Hall, Wistanstow, Nr. We also stock a selection of new and antique instruments and accessories T: M: Plus many other brands. Approximately guitars in stock and Brass, Woodwind, Drums, Keyboards, accessories and thousands of music books and sheet music. Programme includes Handel, Rossini and Nielsen. Richard Frewer, tenor and David Price, piano.

Enjoy a lively afternoon with tea and cake. It is what you would have heard in rural parish churches in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Led by Sue Harris. FREE for newcomers! Enquiries: bosky btinternet. With tutor, Simon Deeley. Kilverts, Hay-on-Wye, pm, , email simon. Suitable for ages 8 - 15 years. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne 7. Black Lion, Bridge St, Hereford, pm, bring your own hand drums or drums and percussion instruments provided, , www.

Dolau Community Hall, near Llandrindod Wells, 8pm, Sue on or Gill on Songs from around the world, traditional and contemporary. All welcome. Led by Sue Harris, All melody instruments welcome. Extend your repertoire, develop musicianship and make new friends! Craven Arms, 7. Sing songs from far and wide.

Everything taught by ear. Led by Sue Harris sumarieharris btinternet. All music readers welcome, 7. Contact Mark, or email jacquelinesw hotmail. Minimal charge. Rockspring Community Centre, Ludlow. Songs from around the world - from the Beatles to Bulgaria. Polly on or info oak-barn. We sing mainly 20th and 21st classical music.

Friends Meeting House, Ludlow, 7. Contact Ros on or ros. Uplifting songs from many traditions around the world, all taught by ear. We meet in central Hereford. Contact Mike: mikejhadden gmail. Howey VH, 7. The Hive, 5 Belmont, Shrewsbury, A large repertoire of original songs, from tender, lyrical, slightly dark, to up-tempo latin jazz and dance.

Live original music with authenticity and sophistication for events, festivals, weddings, clubs. Playing surf, funk and ska with latino beats.. Contact Leo leocaithness tiscali. Far more than just great music. And stilts if appropriate. Find out just how much fun a ceilidh really can be, either with separate caller or the minimal option with Tim calling and playing. Ideal for parties, weddings, fund-raising events, festivals, shows, pubs, restaurants, etc. For info call Tim on , or Rich Email tim melomanics.

Website www. Perfect for ceilidhs, parties and all sorts of local events. Sue Harris sumarieharris btinternet. Contact: or Email: info martinblake. I sing Jazz. Soul, Musical Theatre, Pop and Rock. For more information or to make a booking email chrisiej20 gmail.

Lively 5-piece band with magnificent tunes and kicking rhythm for your festival, wedding, party or pub. Also circle dancing with caller. Contact Neil on or ; www. Dave Kate daveluke1 hotmail. Book now! New footage on www. Contact Charlie or mobile anytime! Great 5-piece outfit for any dance event. Hear us on soundcloud. Viola, violin, accordion, saxophones, guitar, vocals and bass. Alan Oberman , email alan. See website www. Barry or David Firm favourites at festivals, pubs, parties and events around the Midlands and beyond, Rhythm Thieves are a lively must-see band who deliver an unforgettable and highly entertaining night out.

Great party music, capturing the retro vibe. Contact tel: or email seansaye yahoo. David: , Anna: From ska to klezmer via a Parisian cafe and a Russian vodka bar. For more info please call Jo or Ben on see www. We have a number of music package options, ranging from a duo for your ceremony, 6 piece party band and a fabulous 10 piece experience.

Guaranteed to turn your event into a hive of nonstop dance floor activity. Available for weddings, parties and corporate events. Full PA, lights, staging and disco as required. Music from and inspired by the folk harmony, west gallery and shape note traditions all woven together with words and stories. Firey fiddle, souring guitar, pounding rhythms, with bouncing energy. Folk rock at its best.

Please phone Mick on , Wizzy on or Will on Contact Edd, on , www. Virg is a true poet of Country music, evoking classic tales of the mountains of Kentucky. See website: www. For all occasions. Contact Faith The true story of how Mrs Thatcher, once the most powerful woman in the world, was brought down by Geoffrey Howe, her one time friend and political soul mate. Starring Kevin Tomlinson and Abi Hood. A wonderful combination of comedy, drama and pathos.

Dolau Community Hall, near Llandrindod Wells, 7. The show is fast, furious, occasionally filthy and very funny. Savoy Theatre, Monmouth, 7. A story of love, freedom and the consequences of heavy drinking. A company of four romp through this magical comedy with relentless energy, breakneck costume changes and sparkling comedy. Playhouse Cinema, Community Centre, Leominster, 7. An explosive new play inspired by true events.

Facing pressure from the local council to move down the road when a new development is proposed, a small group of passionate villagers decide to fight back. Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon, 7pm, Based on the 20th century classic novel by William Golding. After finding themselves abandoned on a desert island, a group of school children struggle to survive as rules and instinct clash.

Regal Cinema, Tenbury Wells, 7. Featuring live music, audience interaction and that famous bit with the balcony. William John Cavendish Scott-Bentinck is an eccentric English aristocrat whose imagination and curiosity know no bounds. A live film company presents a bewitching new production based on ghostly tales.

A classic English country house mystery by Agatha Christie. Assembly Rooms, Presteigne, 7. A journey with a Gothic twist through the curious tunnels of a Victorian mind, bizarre and frequently hilarious. Spillikin makes audiences laugh and cry at the same time, with the added bonus of a state of the art robot on the stage. A compelling mix of gorgeous melodies, dramatic confrontations and musical wit, set in 19th century Seville. Sun in French with English subtitles. Singing and dancing in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Sun in Italian with English subtitles, accompanied by six-piece chamber orchestra. Fast-paced comical farce, laying bare the characters in all their glorious eccentricity. The Courtyard, Hereford, 11am, Touching, funny and original, it features a trio of actors and is packed full of puppetry, songs, live music and funky moves.

The Courtyard, Hereford, Sun 3. Suitable for ages 5 - 11 years. Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon, 2. For ages years. Savoy Theatre, Monmouth, Just right for families with children aged years. A modern interactve fairytale adapted from the Princess and the Pea. Refreshments available. Participants not only make a puppet but also have the opportunity to work, perform a play and learn basic puppetry techniques. Suitable for ages 7 - 15 years. Wednesdays - Llandrindod Wells. Thursday - Rhayader.


Fridays - Builth Wells. The Globe, Hay-on-Wye. Call Janine Sharp on for details or to express an interest. The Drama Centre, Llandrindod Wells. Contact Ralph Bolland on Conquest Theatre, Bromyard. Ages Juniors ages Intermediate ages Learn the TV, film, stage acting techniques used by professionals. Contact Rob Ford on , email: robjuckes yahoo. Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon, Dai Y Bannau is a Welsh medium multimedia theatre group. Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon, 4pm, for ages years, Ledbury Market Theatre, Kington Primary School.