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It constitutes a perfect example of a didactic literature, intended to expose desirable social behavior models while entertaining.

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Today this amusing novel can regain its educational value by transporting the modern reader to the times of the newly born Mexican bourgeoisie, to show how the ideology of modernity and progress was conveyed through the education of women. The present critical edition by prof. Graciela Michelotti takes into account previous ones starting with the edition and incorporates new aclaratory footnotes aimed to help the modern, international reader.

Esta es la mejor novela de Fernandez de Lizardi. Una satira elaborada desde la autobiografia de un catrin, prototipo social y paradoja indefinible. El lector es llevado por un personaje y sus andanzas hacia le centro de una sociedad de apariencias, donde los vicios son disimulados y ejercidos por todos en un simulacro social. Journalist novelist. He was born on November 15, in Mexico City when it was still the capital of the colonial Spanish viceroyalty of New Spain.

His father was a physician employed in and around Mexico City, who for a time supplemented the family income by writing. Likewise, his mother came from a family of modest but "decent" means; her own father had been a bookseller in the nearby city of Puebla. Five years later he withdrew without receiving his bachelor's degree, possibly because the death of his father deprived him of financial support. It was a natural occupation for him: he had an agile and restless mind which could not help but be stimulated by the political revolutions in Spain and Mexico.

It was also an occupation which involved considerable risks since political revolution fired political passions. Lizardi's hazards were enhanced by his incapacity to identify for any length of time with any particular party or movement. Since neither contending royalists nor insurgents nor the factions that succeeded them met his standards, he found himself in perpetual opposition and the victim of almost constant suspicion and persecution.

In it, he attacked the vices of colonial government so vigorously that the viceroy suspended the decree and Lizardi was jailed for some 7 months. He continued to publish his paper until absolutism and rigorous censorship was restored in , but his experience in prison and the surveillance of the Inquisition, which he had offended, induced him to turn to fiction as a less risky medium for his opinions. Between and Lizardi wrote several novels, of which The Itching Parrot El perequillo Sarmiento became the most famous. Appearing serially, it ran into trouble with the censors, and although Lizardi managed to finish it, it was not published in full until , 3 years after his death.

The following year insurgent and royalist forces under the leadership of Colonel Agustin de Iturbide proclaimed independence, and Lizardi was summoned to operate their press.

Periquillo Sarniento by Fernandez Lizardi Jose Joaquin

After the victory of the liberating army, however, his criticisms of Iturbide and the Church led to his excommunication and temporary imprisonment. Lizardi had one more chance at respectability and security. In , after the overthrow of Iturbide's short-lived empire, Mexico's republican government made him editor of its official gazette, but his incorrigible propensity for criticism soon caused him to fall into disfavor with its leaders.

Two years later he died in poverty and obscurity.

The Itching Parrot Lizardi is remembered as the father of Mexican journalism, but his most lasting claim to fame rests on The Itching Parrot, a novel of the Spanish picaresque genre. Its anti-hero, Perequillo, is a rogue, a scoundrel, and something of a buffoon whose life consists of an unrelieved series of escapades and misfortunes in the teeming streets, tenements, taverns, jails, and hospitals of Mexico City.

Although Lizardi had published earlier a substantial quantity of prose and verse satirizing Mexican society, his fame as a journalist began in , when a decree of the liberal Spanish government establishing freedom of the press encouraged him to found his first periodical, El Pescador Mexicano The Mexican Thinker.

In his journalism, Lizardi turned from the light social criticism of his earlier broadsheets to direct commentary on the political problems of the day, attacking the autocratic tendencies of the viceregal government and supporting the liberal aspirations represented by the Cortes in Spain. He was for the ideals of liberty, justice, and humanity and against slavery, oppression, intolerance, venality, and hypocrisy.

El periquillo sarniento. Tomo III

Perequillo never learns from his misadventures and invariably emerges unrepentant. The novel also has a pervasive didactic quality conveyed by digressive moral preachments and reflections on the vices of rich and poor. Its appeal to readers of successive generations, however, lies not in its narrative style or in its social and moral content but in the clarity and faithfulness with which it evokes the sights and sounds and smells of the popular culture of Mexico City at the end of the viceregal period. Add to wishlist. No tags. No current Talk conversations about this book.

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