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Created by the US Senate as one of the ways to honor those who lost their lives on Sept. The 11th being the date of the World Trade Center attacks and the 17th being the anniversary of the signing of the American Constitution in We see the 11th as a very solemn day of remembrance and self reflection.

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The 12th is the day to hop out of bed and react positively because of it. Honored guests will include: Rep. There will also be blank panels in the quilt to give visitors a chance to add their own sentiments.

Mittleman sees this free-speech opportunity as a great way to get people involved immediately and be active participants rather than observers. Mittleman envisions civic-minded Fortune companies with large numbers of employees mobilizing their workforces and touching a substantial chunk of the population, spreading the message of the importance of conscience citizenship in a democratic society.

The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom by Bettye Stroud

For more information about the quilt or to volunteer at the fair, E-mail ourflag gwu. Free delivery worldwide.

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  • Explain the differences between centralization and decentralization and between standardization and mutual adjustment. What factors determine the ability to strike a balance between these mechanisms??

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A Patchwork of Freedom : True Stories. Secret Quilt Code. Hope for Today. Description Using a bit of poetic license and an alleged "Underground Railroad Quilt Code, "A Patchwork of Freedom" pieces together scraps of testimonies, fascinating bits of history, heirloom quilt patterns and Lori Wagner's insightful vignettes in tales of emancipation sure to inspire as you work through your own patches of life.

This unique and creative work offers hope and encouragement through the true life experiences of Christian men and women from around the world. Contemporary stories of spiritual and emotional freedom connect with tales of escaping slaves in the pre-Civil War era through a mysterious "Underground Railroad Quilt Code.