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Maps are also available on the website. It is your responsibility to know your course. Follow the white arrows on the roads, look for signs and volunteers. Any bikes that need to be removed after the start of the Pioneer Sprint pm will be allowed at the discretion of the Transition Captain. All racers are required to read and understand the USAT and equipment waivers. While we have driven the bike course several times with several team members in the weeks and days before the event, hazards may still exist on the course. In order to provide a safe and enjoyable bike ride we have swept roads, mitigated or removed obstacles, installed directional signs and color-coded course tape arrows, briefed volunteers, posted maps, explained courses, provided safety personnel; in short, done our best to provide you a safe ride.

Existing hazards that were out of our control have been marked with temporary pink paint. Be aware of the PINK paint and avoid the hazard. However, there still may be hazards on the course due to the dynamic nature of triathlons and ever changing road conditions. Your safety and success depends on knowing the course and your riding abilities. Ride fit, smart and be aware of the terrain, other racers and traffic. It is highly suggested that you drive the bike course before the event. Although all attempts have been made to make your event safe and successful, giving your attention to this issue will ensure that you are prepared for conditions.

As you know, all Tri Harder and Tri Smarter events are fund raisers for local groups, teams, clubs, sites and authorities. The Stovepipe Sprint will include a yard private lake swim, mile rural bike and 3.

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Come see two unique state sites like never before. Come see these central Illinois treasures with a new perspective. No refunds will be provided. At the discretion of the Race Director a timely Transfer arrangement may be possible. No last minute requests will be considered. Get Registration Protector from Active. This charge is in addition to the cost of your registration and will be billed separately by Allianz Global Assistance. You may cancel Registration Protector within 10 days of the purchase date and receive a full refund of insurance fees paid.

Limitations apply. This information will answer many questions you may have and even generate questions you had not considered. A Message from the Head Referee to all age-group competitors…. Welcome to this USA Triathlon sanctioned event. In order to minimize misunderstandings on race day, I hope you will take the time to read the following summary of the Position Violations, which you know as the drafting rules.

Ride on the right side of your lane. Keep three bike lengths between yourself and the cyclist in front of you. Pass on the left of the cyclist in front, never on the right.

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Complete your pass within 15 seconds. If passed, you must drop completely out of the zone, to the rear, before attempting to re-pass.

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Triathlon is an individual event and you must take personal responsibility to understand the rules and avoid penalties. At the end of the race all citations by the marshals are reviewed by the Head Referee who then decides if a penalty should be assessed.

Marshals commonly cite the following violations:. Position— riding on the left side of the lane without passing. Blocking — left side riding and impeding the forward progress of another competitor Illegal Pass — passing on the right. Overtaken — failing to drop back three bike lengths before re-passing Drafting — following a leading cyclist closer than three bike lengths and failing to pass within 15 seconds.

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Though Position Violations carry a time penalty for first offense, two citations will result in an additional penalty and if you are cited for three violations, you will be disqualified. Be sure to check the penalty sheet before you leave the race site and have a chat with the Head Referee if you have any questions. Make sure your helmet is a CPSC approved model. All helmets legally sold in the US are CPSC approved but if you purchased your helmet in a different country it might be illegal for use in sanctioned events.

While on your bike, always have your chinstrap securely fastened — before, during and after the event! Remember to treat other athletes, volunteers, and officials with courtesy and consideration. Failure to do so is called Unsportsmanlike Conduct and you will be disqualified. Donate today and help ZERO save men's lives and offer hope to those fighting prostate cancer. Please Click On Zero. See you soon. Pioneer Sprint The Pioneer Sprint Triathlon will begin May 4, at for paratriathletes and pm for age groupers and offers a yard swim in the heated indoor PORTA pool, a beautiful 13 mile bike ride on a rolling and flat prairie road and the chance to run 3.

Post race lunch of drinks, pizza, and fruit will be provided to all racers. Wednesday — 15 to 30 minute swim Thursday — 15 — 30 minute run Friday — rest Saturday — 30 to 90 minute bike Sunday — 20 to 60 minute run Check out the latest triathlon commercial for the April and June events. Park in the main lot, west of the school — follow the triathlon parking signs Exit behind the school. The sticker number is to be attached to the bike frame.

This number will be utilized for race identification and to allow the removal of your bike from the transition area The bib number can be attached to your shirt with the enclosed pins or may be worn on a number belt during the bike and run portion. FYI, if you are injured during the event, a listening device cancels any insurance claim.

Timing Chips Timing Chips will be distributed poolside beginning Saturday at am Volunteers will remove Timing Chips immediately after you cross the finish line. Run Courses Please review the run course routes on the website map. A Hammer Gel is available at the 1st water stop. Volunteers are on the course for guidance. Pink paint on street means rough spot.

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Pay attention for the Pink paint. We suggest removing your bike and gear and then coming in for the dinner. Security will be provided from am until pm. Road Hazards on the Bike Course While we have driven the bike course several times with several team members in the weeks and days before the event, hazards may still exist on the course. Thank you! Your concern and generosity is appreciated. On that day we are hosting the next step up in personal challenges and triathlon distances. Help support the Tri-Hards by buying a playmat!

Playmat Here Who are the Tri-Hards? Meet TriHard Sean! Born in the swirling primordial mists not seen since ancient days , Sean quickly grew into the barely functional adult that you know today. Having been involved with broadcasting for 3 decades, Sean is now embarking on what may turnout to be a career change — though he still does voice-over and production work. While his passion for St.

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Turns out Sean really enjoys two things he's not so good at: Magic and disc golf! Preferring Legacy above all other formats, Sean's hope for Magic is to have fun while winning. Favorite Legacy deck: Pox! Matt Hurley has been involved in Magic for more than 20 years. Always looking to make Magic a little cheaper, Matt became and still is a backpack grinder, jump-starting his career in Sales.

He eventually met Brian through Sean and the Tri-Hards were formed. His all-time favorite Legacy deck is a tie between Mono Green 12 Post thanks theboozecube! Meet TriHard Brian!

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Brian rediscovered his love for the game with original play partner Sean and the degenerate, amazing group in West Central Illinois. He longs for a day when he can play Legacy Miracles on a daily basis. He shares the TriHard love of good beer, good food, and having a ball winning or not. A big Thank You!