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Help that grounds you in your identity and values.

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I needed that help this year. During a nine-month cycle of challenges that weakened the core of my resolve, I needed answers that broke through to my heart, not my career that part was going great. A healthy group of women helps with career roadblocks and matters of your heart. If you let them.

Some groups play it safe and wear masks over their hearts pretending that life is easy. A healthy network busts through the surface-level and gets to what makes the heart tick. Attend local networking events: Attend every networking event in your area at least once.

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If you qualify for an executive network, even better. Your goal here is to meet people you like. Instead, identify those who naturally open with internal beauty and wisdom. Show up as one who has a lot of value to give, not as someone who came to get. You may start with five friends you adore. I have a concentric circle of girlfriends. With some, I bond like sisters—we tell each other the unabashed truth.

I have another circle I can meet with on short-notice to snot-laugh, help each other get unstuck or knock sense into each other. Another circle is crazy-awesome-smart, and we have a two-way street of pinging quick, pithy, honest advice. All these relationships give first and take second. Invite women into your home : Hosting a group in your home sets the stage for vulnerability and authenticity. Sheryl Sandberg modeled this for us in the Valley for many years. In my home, I facilitate topical discussions, moderate panels or even host winsome and heart-exploring storytelling.

Instead of having the organization host it at a restaurant, I choose to host it in my home. Master the ability to facilitate: Have you ever tried to catch a hen? Yeah, it takes agility to outmaneuver them.

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The most value comes from a facilitated discussion. There are a few formats that work well. After they cackle for a while to catch up, ask them to participate in one conversation and not split into smaller riffs because someone might miss valuable insights. One format is to go around the room and ask for personal and professional updates, another is to have them cover a high and low since the last time you gathered. The lysozyme isolated using ammonium sulfate was stable in acidic conditions, but only partly soluble in alkaline ones because of crystals formation [6].

In the ion exchange chromatography with carboxymethyl cellulose as a carrier was used for enzyme isolation; that was not effective in batch processes due to the small particle size and thus due to slow the flow velocity in column [7, 8]. In a group of Czech scientists offered to use the magnetic macroporous cation-exchange cellulose in isolation procedure [8]. Non-chromatographic methods were also used for lysozyme obtaining. Chang et al.

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However, this method is not widely used because of protein denaturation and P-mercaptoethanol toxicity, which limits. In Lu et al. Since numerous methods for lysozyme isolation from hen egg proteins lysozyme c , in particular chromatography, ultrafiltration, separation with reversed micelles, in two-phase systems, magnetic separation, metal-affinity precipitation, adsorption on plant waste etc. Lysozyme activity was determined by bacteriolytic method [11].

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The amount of enzyme which reduces the optical density of Micrococcus lysodeikticus cell suspension by 0. Protein content was monitored by Hartree-Lowry method [12]. The enzyme was isolated according to Mickelson method in our modification [13]: thoroughly washed eggs were wiped with alcohol; protein was separated from the yolk extracting chalazae.

The resulting protein was diluted five times in 0. Then the mixture was neutralized to pH 7. At each stage, the protein content and the hydrolytic enzyme activity were controlled. The resulting solution was concentrated by reverse dialysis with dry starch and subjected to gel chromatography on fine-grained Sephadex G eluting with Tris-NaCl buffer 0. Protein and hydrolytic activity were determined in eluates.

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The results of mass spectrometric analysis were obtained at the Center for collective use at Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Markers: 1 — myosin kDa ; 2 — phosphorylase b 97 kDa ; 3 — BsA 66 kDa ; 4 — ovalbumin 45 kDa ; 5 — carbonic anhydrase 30 kDa ; 6 — trypsin inhibitor 20, 1 kDa ; 7 — lysozyme The main physico-chemical and biochemical properties of the isolated enzyme compared with Sigma-Aldrich lysozyme, namely activity, protein content, pH optimum, thermal optimum, thermal stability, storage conditions were determined in accordance with [17].

Experimental data were subjected to statistical analysis in accordance with [18]. Most of the major pharmaceutical companies Sigma-Aldrich Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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This raw material is available and contains about 3. The main advantages of the proposed method are ease of highly purified enzyme obtaining in the laboratory, economy, getting the product in crystalline form, high activity, and periods of storage comparable to commercial lysozyme of AppliChem firm.

The main results of the enzyme isolation are shown in Table 1. In the process of lysozyme isolation the volume and total protein content in egg, in the supernatant, after dialysis, and also the activity and yield of obtained lysozyme per 1 cm3 of protein solution were determined. It should be noted that after step of threefold dialysis against distilled water, partially purified enzyme containing, beside lysozyme, contaminants of other proteins is selected.

Thus, in the mass spectrum Fig. The gel chromatography using Sephadex G Fig. It should be noted that in the aqueous solution of a commercial enzyme, the associates formation is observed because it was lyophilized resulting in the formation of stable aggregates that are not fully degradable in solution. As a result of isolating and purifying the colorless transparent plate crystals of the enzyme were obtained Fig.

Chromatography of partially purified lysozyme on a column with Sephadex G 0. Isolated lysozyme shelf life increasing is possible using freeze-drying of the product.

The Hen House

The proposed method is economical and is available for implementation in the laboratory conditions; it allows obtaining a stable crystalline form of the active enzyme from hen egg proteins with a high degree of purity; and it is promising for the usage in biotechnology. M — markers 15 pl ; 1 — whole egg protein 5 pl in a slot ; 2 — purified lysozyme 15 pl in a slot. Kose K. Poly hydroxyethyl methacrylate based magnetic nanoparticles for lysozyme purification from chicken egg white.

Cell Blood Substit. Lesnierowski G. Potential possibilities of production, modification and practical application of lysozyme. Acta Sci. Callewaert L. Lysozymes in the animal kingdom. Alderton G. Isolation of lysozyme from egg white. Abeyrathne N. Sequential separation of lysozyme and ovalbumin from chicken egg white. Korean J.