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The book itself suggests that the crisis was ruthless persecution of the early church by the Roman authorities; the harlot Babylon symbolizes pagan Rome, the city on seven hills Rev The triumph of God in the world of men and women remains a mystery, to be accepted in faith and longed for in hope. Though the perspective is eschatological—ultimate salvation and victory are said to take place at the end of the present age when Christ will come in glory at the parousia—the book presents the decisive struggle of Christ and his followers against Satan and his cohorts as already over.

Even the forces of evil unwittingly carry out the divine plan Rev , for God is the sovereign Lord of history.

The Bible Is Our ONLY Guide

The Book of Revelation had its origin in a time of crisis, but it remains valid and meaningful for Christians of all time. Those who remain steadfast in their faith and confidence in the risen Lord need have no fear.

How can I understand the Book of Revelation?

Suffering, persecution, even death by martyrdom, though remaining impenetrable mysteries of evil, do not comprise an absurd dead end. No matter what adversity or sacrifice Christians may endure, they will in the end triumph over Satan and his forces because of their fidelity to Christ the victor. This is the enduring message of the book; it is a message of hope and consolation and challenge for all who dare to believe. The author of the book calls himself John Rev , 4 , 9 ; , who because of his Christian faith has been exiled to the rocky island of Patmos, a Roman penal colony.

Although he never claims to be John the apostle, whose name is attached to the fourth gospel, he was so identified by several of the early church Fathers, including Justin, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Cyprian, and Hippolytus.

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Indeed, vocabulary, grammar, and style make it doubtful that the book could have been put into its present form by the same person s responsible for the fourth gospel. He practiced what the early disciples preached. This reminds us of the Apostle Paul's letter to the Thessalonians. Some believe that this indicates a Sunday "LORD's day" Rapture; however, it could also mean that the Rapture will only occur for those who are walking "in the Spirit" , in readiness for the event-- or both.

The serial nature of the list of Seven Churches gives rise to comparing them to a serial or chronological list of periods representing the totality of Church History, as well as a chronological list of Tribulation Week Progress.

Who wrote the book?

Our LORD is able to lay much truth in store for those who are willing to "search out a matter" Proverbs The "seven golden candlesticks" allude to the candlesticks of the Sanctuary for the nation of Israel. This seven branched candlestick, known as the menorah, may be seen represented on the Arch of Titus at Rome, taken as the spoils of war 70 AD. Though Israel ultimately failed to hold the "Law [that] is Light" Proverbs up to the world, the Church has received a similar commission to bear the Light-- as "seven golden candlesticks" -- to the world.

A candlestick is not the light; however, it does lift up the flame, which gives off the light. Fastening the garment higher on the body-- "about the paps" , i. The "brasen altar" Exodus and other articles associated with the sacrifice for sin were made of brass.

Jesus, the Eternal Word, Who "was made flesh" John , here represents His Words like unto a "sharp twoedged sword" -- an offensive weapon for slaying the enemy. And when it does make sense, Revelation explains a lot. There are a whole lot of loose pieces of the Bible puzzle that come together when you get this one placed properly.

Book of Revelation

So if this book is revealing something, what exactly is being revealed? This book is an unveiling of who Jesus is. Now wait a second. I still thought Revelation was about the end of the world, right?

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Back in verse Now Revelation was written by John the apostle. He introduces himself in verse 4. And there in verse 4, John wishes them:. Jesus is introduced as the ruler of Kings. Ultimately, Revelation is the return of the King to establish His Kingdom. In Revelation, Jesus Christ returns as King.

The End Time in the Book of Revelation

In the process, the world is judged. Mercy is delivered too, and the gospel of salvation will be proclaimed to every creature. Now I should point out that good, godly Bible scholars do not all agree on how to read Revelation, and I am not the final authority. But to be clear, I fully respect those who disagree with me, and I respect your right to disagree too.

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The end of the world as we know it is a heavy thing to contemplate. Life is beautiful. Who would want to end this?