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In addition, consider flavors you love, budget and your dietary needs. We hope this list will guide you to the best crockpot cookbook for your kitchen. Each of these 10 cookbooks will help get you started slow cooking. However, finding the best one is a matter of thinking about your favorite flavors, diet, how detailed a recipe book you prefer and what you want to spend.

Slow cooking can be a great way to support a healthy lifestyle. For instance, several cookbooks on this list will help you eat clean and healthy. There are also slow cooker books on our list that support the Paleo diet lifestyle. In short, each book on this list will give you new and exciting recipes to try.

We hope one of these cookbook choices will help you experiment with crockpot cooking. There are some homey recipes like beef stew but there are also surprising recipes included like wheat berry salad. Most importantly, they showcase how versatile a slow cooker can be. If you love to try new recipes, this will be a great book for you. But this book combines many of the recipes from the other books all into one cookbook. Check Price on Amazon. The Paleo diet and slow cooking go hand in hand. Slow cooking is ideal for creating delicious, tender meat-centric recipes.

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You can make bone broth in a slow cooker, which is a Paleo diet staple. There are recipes with a lot of variety that will help you try new things in your crockpot. This cookbook tries to ensure its recipes use simple, easy to find ingredients as much as possible. Many people find that the Paleo diet helps with weight loss. Some also find that it supports a healthy lifestyle for those living with chronic illness.

6 Slow Cooker Meals

It can be a great way to add highly nutritious foods to your diet. Those on the Paleo diet typically give up dairy, gluten, sugar, and grains. Some also give up legumes and limit their fruit and starch intake. This cookbook will follow the Paleo rules, providing you with delicious, healthy meals your whole family will love. This cookbook is organized first by type of meat: beef, pork, and poultry.

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Then it breaks down into other sub-categories like entrees, soups, sweets, and lighter fare. If you love meaty, traditional recipes, this may be a perfect book to add to your collection. The author gives you tips and tricks to get you started. The recipes are not only delicious but easy to make.

Additionally, the breakfast options are limited. With over recipes to choose from, this cookbook is sure to give you a ton of slow cooking variety. People love the recipes they find in this giant collection. This book includes everything from tasty soups and stews to delicious sweets and desserts. You can use it to prep for parties or serve up delicious, warm dinners. A particularly tasty sounding recipe is the one for Maple Dry-Rubbed Ribs. These delicious ribs are covered in a sweet and spicy rub before being cooked low and slow for hours.

You can serve these up for a delicious weekend dinner. This book is designed to provide you the ultimate slow cooker recipe book. The authors tried to provide enough content and variety to keep you from having to look for another crockpot cookbook. This is not the ideal book for those interested in simple, fast crockpot cooking. It aims to provide tasty recipes over fast recipes.

Other books on this list are written to be the only slow cooker cookbook you need, but this one steals the show. Not only is it full of variety, but the recipes are easy. Due to the large number of recipes, this cookbook does not have a picture for every recipe. Instead there are 8 small picture galleries that collect a bunch of pictures in one spot.

However, if you want a cookbook with a picture for every recipe then you should choose a different cookbook on this list. For those interested in slow cooking on weeknights or easy breakfast recipes, this is a great choice. This cookbook specializes in easy, tasty recipes your whole family will love.

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This book is full of classic recipes. You may have to occasionally look up a substitute ingredient as you work your way through this cookbook. Additionally, this book has a lot of classic, tasty flavors that rely on canned goods or processed foods. This makes many of the recipes simple to whip up. Our top pick includes some recipes from this slimmer volume. This book will take up a bit less shelf space and is a budget choice. It includes all kinds of simple tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your cooking.

Instead of browning your meat before you put it in the slow cooker, this book suggests you combine soy sauce and tomato paste and add it to your meat. This will enhance the flavor of your meat as it cooks. Try the Irish Oatmeal as a great breakfast or breakfast-for-dinner. It requires a bit of prep work, but it is a delicious, hearty meal. For a new version of classic chicken soup, try the Thai Chicken Soup. This book is not a great option if you prefer easy, simple to prep recipes.

It requires a bit more prep work. But you get a tremendous amount of flavor and quality back for the extra work. It provides all kinds of recipes that avoid gluten. It finds alternative ways to thicken soups and stews and relies on different flours to make bread recipes. It shows you how to set up your first gluten-free pantry. It also gives you advice on how to avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen. Often, gluten-free ingredients can be expensive. However, this book works hard to keep an eye on price.

The recipes in this book take no more than 15 minutes to prep. It will be easy to throw these meals together in the few minutes before you leave for work in the morning. You can also quickly prep breakfast after the kids go to bed and still get plenty of sleep. Try the French Toast Casserole for a fun breakfast treat. This book tags its recipes by category. You can also quickly see recipes labeled gluten-free, allergy-friendly, vegetarian, low-sodium and more.

While this book advertises 5 ingredient recipes, it assumes you already have pantry staples like chicken broth or spices on hand. You may find that some recipes require more than five ingredients. Some may find that the variety in this cookbook is a bit limited. If you are looking for a slow cooker cookbook that has a lot of recipes in it, try another cookbook on this list.

This cookbook also has only a few pictures. If you need step by step photos or like to flip through cookbooks by pictures, this may not be the right choice for you. Vegetarians and vegans looking for a crockpot cookbook may find that this one meets many of their needs. It has diverse recipes for all kinds of preferences. The author of this book emphasizes that the recipes require only two steps. These are easy recipes designed to be prepped in only a few minutes.

Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook, 2nd Edition

Some are made for prepping on your way out the door so you can come home to a delicious dinner. Others are made for weekend cooking that can be ready in under three hours. Some of these recipes are even ideal freezer meals for those who like to plan ahead. If you love meat substitutes, this book will be especially good for you. It relies a lot on prepared substitutes for cheese and meat.

For instance, try swapping out the suggested fake meat for tofu, tempeh or seitan, or just leave it out entirely. In addition, you can always add your favorite bean or extra veggies if you feel you need more food in the recipe.

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Tricks for cheesy recipes are a bit different. You can also leave these flavors out. This cookbook is a great option for those who love the flavors of southern cooking. It teaches you how to cook even the toughest cuts of meat. There are lots of grits recipes too, for those who love grits.

47 Quick and Healthy 3-Ingredient Recipes

Many of the recipes in this book can be done in either an Instapot or a crockpot. If you have an Instapot on hand, you can experiment with faster versions of these simple, quick prep meals. This cookbook relies a bit heavily on canned goods. If you prefer to have pictures alongside your recipes, you may prefer a different cookbook on this list. Choosing the best recipe guide for your kitchen can be tricky.

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