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Great tutorial, thank you so much for taking the time to put it together! These are adorable, Anna! Thanks for sharing your tutorial! Ah, this is perfect! Also love your nail polish! Anna, I love the new Hello Kitty Pouch. I think these will be my Christmas gifts to sisters and co-workers. Thanks so much for sharing! Perfect timing—this is just what I need!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous tutorial! Love the way the zip goes in!!!! Anna this is awesome! You just seriously made my day. I have been sewing since I was a little girl and still am so clueless, but your tutorials are so easy to follow and helpful! I am going to be making some for sure. Thanks for another awesome tutorial, Anna! I hope the ones that follow your free tutes also buy your wonderful patterns. Thanks for being so wonderful! I have made several pouches but had not thought of leaving the zipper tail long with the tab.

Really like this style. These are so cute. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Ohhhh I could put handles on either side and it could be a small purse for a little girl. Ohhh I like that idea. I have a birthday coming up for my great neice. Thanks again. Thank you for a most excellent tutorial — I made a bag tonight and it is darn near perfect!

Hey, I made two of the pouches today, it took me about 40 min each. Super tutorial, very helpful and easy to follow — thanks a lot! LOVE this tutorial! Thanks for the great pattern! Thank you for this tutorial!! I found this while looking for a completely different bag, but decided to make this style anyway. Super easy. Love your blog and your fantastic bag and pouch tutorials! This is the greatest tutorial! Thank you for this tutorial!

I want to make one to use as a project bag for my sock knitting. I also bought some Hello! Kitty fabric at Fabric. Just discovered Pinterest….. Best of all I found your great tutorial. Made a small one for a present for a work collegaues daughter but I love it too much to give away!! I am a beginner and I made 5 of these small and medium bags in the last week as gifts. Your instructions and pictures are excellent.

Thank you for taking the time to share this. Now I just need to make one for myself! Such a great idea, I am always looking for ways to use up some of my precious scraps. Thank you. I think I am addicted!! I have already given one to almost everyone I know LOL. Thanks for the great tutorial.

With a 2 year old, I am all about fast projects! I will be making these for Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I was trying to work through a similar project in my mind before I came across it and your tutorial helped me to figure out the step I was missing. I love your finished product. I just made one of these the medium size last night!!! One of these will make an awesome snack bag must be separate from lunch for my daughter to take to kindergarten. Thanks for sharing everything that you do.

You blog is always really inspirational, your projects are useful and your instructions and tutorials are easy to follow and accurate! I think this tutorial is going to be my savior this year for xmas gifts. Loved making this! I could see myself coming up with a million uses for these, thanks so much for the easy to follow tutorial!

Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial! You made it so easy for me. I gave you total credit and blogged about it, something this good just has to be shared! This is awesome. I just tried it today and learned how to do the zipper and it was so great!!! Hi, Anna! Thank you very much for your tutorial! Hi Anna. I have made several of these bags for Christmas presents. The tutorial is really clear to follow and I am delighted with te end result. Many thanks. Thank you so much for this clear tutorial. Lovely fabric by the way! X Jenn. This was a great tutorial — thanks so much for posting it!

I have no idea what this part means, and the pictures are not speaking to me lol. Thank you so much for your wonderfull tutorial. Have to say thank you for this tutorial. I have made 4 of these now and keep thinking up new reasons to make more. Just found this tutorial — really great instructions and such a useful bag!

I am on pouch the third — the first two were gifts to two delighted friends. This one is off to a 7-year-old birthday girl filled with markers, scissors, and candy. What a great design and a super-clear tutorial! Oh this is a great bag and tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

Hi Courtney, a few factors come into play, but basically, the width of the pouch changes with the seam allowances, etc. Just made my first OWP! This was also my very first zipper note to self: must buy zipper foot! It was confusing not the instructions, they were very clear! My lack of zipper foresight…. BAM, it all sunk in! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing.

I plan to try some of your other tutes as well! My zipper end is morphing. First I left off the tab, then put one on, today I will make the end shorter and put another one on. Thank you very much for this tutorial, I made the small pouch this week-end and it went very well with the instructions. I love the result Thanks for the great instruction on sewing zippers this way!

I left the excess really long to act as a sort of a handle. I made a small one,added a few pockets on the inside for credit card and chapstick and cash and left my zipper very long, looped back in itself as a wristlet handle. Nit too bad for my second shot! Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I made a waterproof one. Thanks again!

I have made hundreds of zippered pouches and always struggle with the ends of the zipper being enclosed in the side seam creating a big lump. This was a great tutorial and I will use your technique in the future. Thanks so much. Thanks, I just made the large size. Your tutorial was great and I love the design of the bag.

I just love the way the bag turned out and it was just so easy! I am not a seamstress, but I used to your tutorial to make a gorgeous zippered pouch from a thrifted skirt.

Not Your Mama's Knitting: The Cool and Creative Way to Pick Up Sticks

Thanks for the great tutorial! This is so awesome, thank you for sharing, and extra thank you for sharing your resources. Those zippers are fantastic. Thank you Anna for this great tutorial I made heaps of them! So easy with your step by step instructions! I have posted photos on my blog with link to your blog.

Thanks a lot for this great tuto! So clear! And no mistakes for mi first sewing! Cheers Florence, from south-west of France.

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HI, I have made already made 3 sets of these pouches for 3 diff ladies in my life,including my mom. I need ure help now, my mom has requested me to make a pouch of a certain size. Pls help asap. I made a couple of these pouches and love them! I did it slightly different as I used laminated material for the inside lining so they are a wet bag. This way when I travel this coming July, I can use these with my lotions, etc and if they happen to leak, the bag will easily wipe clean.

I made one into a diaper changing tote with a small changing pad as well. I posted my bags in my blog giving full credit for the tutorial to this site and adding a link to the tutorial as well. I hope you do not mind my doing this. All I posted were my pictures. I plan to make more bags in the future as I just love them!

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Sew opening in lining closed using a small seam allowance. Thanks for any help you can provide! Sorry Grace! Just updated the directions now. Then press around the whole opening plus the whole pouch might be kind of wrinkled from pulling it inside out. Tuck in the raw edges of the opening. If the stitching bothers you then do and invisible hand stitch to close it up.

Very clear and easy to follow. I love the shape of the pouch. Thank you so much for such a clear and easy to follow tutorial. I made 2 this afternoon with waterproof linings to use as makeup bags — great for presents. Also tried a quilted exterior — the possibilities are endless! Fantastic tutorial and photos Anna! I love your bags too with the wider zipper openings. I have to try them too.

Thanks so much! A fantastic tutorial — very clear and brilliant photos, thanks! So freaking cute! Thanks for a great tutorial. Thank you for this awesome tutorial! Did bookmark this a long time ago, today my first is sewn — very pleased with the result and your tutorial!! Why ever sew any other pouch than this one? Perfect with three sizes too! I did the smallest one this time, but there will be more of them in all sizes!

Any chance you can make the instructions printer-friendly? Anna, I am SO excited to make like a million of these! Ok, maybe not a million. But close. Toy cars. Thanks for the tutorial!!! So Thank You! And next time I promise to read better. Anna, I am still having problems:.

scrap map + tutorial

When layering the exterior, zipper and lining I cannot even baste them together straight! The machine just sticks at the zipper pull cannot sew past it. What am I doing wrong? Try closing the zipper until you get to a certain point, then lift your presser foot and wiggle the zipper open, then continue sewing. Hope that helps! Zipper — not sure why but it worked! Hi Anna, I just finished making a ton of zip pouches, and I thought of the open wide pouch!

I love it, and it uses so very little fabric for such a fabulous result! Love your tutorial! Easy to follow and fast project to do. All the ladies I know friends and daughters-in-law will be getting a set of these for Christmas. Your technique for making the zipper extend beyond the outside of the pouch was easy to follow, and makes it so easy to see inside the pouch when open. Thank you so very much for posting this tutorial! I used your tutorial last week and was delighted with the result.

Your instructions are clean and straightforward and my bag is gorgeous. I am sure this is the beginning or yet another obsession. My daughter needed a fabric pouch for kindergarten tomorrow sniff sniff! She picked out the fabric, I learned how to sew my first zipper and do my first box pleats, and we are both thrilled that 1 all her supplies fit inside made the medium and 2 how adorable it is.

I just sewed this up and it looks great! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I kept my ipad next to my sewing machine for quick reference. I cannot wait to make this bag following your clear pictured instructions! Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I need to get a few more zippers, but this is on my high priority list! Your instructions are so clear, that really helps! Just have to post a quick comment to say how much I love your tutorials Anna. I was able to whip up an open wide pouch today for a quick gift- thanks for sharing your free tutorials!

I am so glad I discovered your blog! This tutorial is perfect for a sewing noob such as myself. Thank you for this great pattern and tutorial. I made it!!! I left out the pellon and regret it now. I just found this tutorial today! I wanted to thankyou for posting this! I still really like making little things for my grown girls and I know they will love them! Thank you for such clear, easy to follow directions. Thank you very much for your easy, step-by-step tutorial with photos. I have made my first ever zip pouch and it turned out nicely. I actually found this blog and that is amazing thing I enjoy reading this easy to understand stuff.

Keep it up. Pretty remarkable post. I simply came across your blog and desired to say that I have really enjoyed searching your blog posts. I have lost count how many I have made: I love them so much I have a hard time giving them away. Would it be possible for me to sell these, only small scale, just to help pay for more fabric? I totally understand if not, I just wondered……..

Anna I liked your bag it is beautiful and your content is well written in a nut-shell manner. Thanks for sharing such fabulous tutorial guidance. I will try to make it. I love love love this tutorial! The picture tutorial is just perfect for a novice to follow. I am so very happy to have come across your blog. My eight year old son is happy to have his own personalised pencil pouch. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the tutorial. Just found this tutorial a couple days ago, have always avoided zips but this tutorial made it easy.

I have already made two with a few more to come. Thank you for the detailed tutorial. I saw your pouches on Instagram, and had to try one. Even with your excellent tutorial, I managed to goof it up a bit, but still like it a lot and plan to make more. I tried reading it from my phone, and always seem to mess up, since the instructions are so small.

Dear Anna, after finishing your Snappy Manicure Wallet earlier this week great! I just finished my first Open Wide Zippered Pouch! I am so proud, another success. It came out truly beautiful. I feel really comfortable with your instructions, everything is clear and easy to follow. Thank you so much. I just love the way you insert the zipper here — no bulky end or edges. Do you think I advenved beginner now… am ready for you Super Tote now? Best regards, Claudia.

I use this tutorial all the time! Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, Anna! I just made four for gifts and two for myself. They are perfect for small knitting projects and so adorable! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tutorial which I found via Pintrest. It has helped me complete a little bag I was working on.

Thanks again :. Thanks so much for this amazing tutorial! Thanks again!! Thank You for tutorial. I made the large. I missed something. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial, I used this to make a Christmas gift.

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I was surprised to see this was a free pattern, especially with the wonderful instructions given. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I made a bunch of bags for gifts, then got your book and read it while driving to and from Christmas. I love what the interfacing does for the bag. I am now making two tone zippered pouches and on my next break from school, I want to attempt one of your totes. When all said and done, what are the approximate dimensions of the small bag? A tad bigger will do. Hi Keri, Thanks for your comment. Thanks, Anna! I did find this after the fact.

I made a medium bag but shortened the height of the bag to about 6 inches. I cut 3 inch corners instead of 4 inch ones. I just want to thank you for the tutorial. This tutorial was awesome! I needed a new bag, and this one suited. I followed your instructions for the large bag, and it came out exactly as it should have. Good explanations, very clear pics.

Thank you very much for sharing. Just what I am looking for as I am wanting to make a large bag out of old band uniforms! Would making a larger size than in this tutorial be much different? Would love a response by email and would definitely give you the credit!! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial……. Totally awesome tutorial. Fun tutorial! Hej there, with your tutorial by my side I just sewed my first zipper ever! I took some time but your instructions are perfect together with the pictures! Also, my first paper pieced item. Super proud! Thank you so much for sharing!

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