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In Israel Hayom, Dan Margalit writes that the biggest takeaway is that erring on the side of caution and alerting someone else in these cases should always be done.

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This is a feeling bordering on anger. And routine is the largest foe of the watchman. Haaretz gives wider play to the funeral than the tape, noting that unlike other funerals of terror victims in the past, what occurred yesterday was cleansed of any talk of politics or wider comment on the Israeli-Palestinian situation, by mutual agreement of the families. Yedioth and Israel Hayom run separate dispatches from each of the funerals, with snippets of eulogies from each and news about the funeral services.

Coming Out of the Shadows

Afterward came his father Uri. The eulogies began softly but the voices grew as it went along.

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Seeking to rid the world of this horror, Momik cages a raven and a porcupine in his basement to train them to be good. In a phantasmagoric scene, Momik frees the animals, experiences a surging hate for the defenseless Jews and lets out a terrible howl.

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He then frees everyone from the basement. His parents consult with his teacher, and they decide that he should be sent away to school. To kill potential bacteria, she places him in vats of Mercurochrome; imagining cancerous growths everywhere, she treats him with chemotherapy.

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Castel-bloom has created a new language. In it, Lizi loses her virginity to a judge whose wife is killed less than an hour later. The investigation of her death leads Lizi to a money-laundering network involving a kibbutz.

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Young people want protagonists like themselves. At the same time, new figures are constantly emerging. The author does not romanticize war; tanks go up in flames, friends are killed and the crew must contend with old machinery.

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But Haim falls back on his belief system: He recites psalms and muses on Talmudic passages. In many ways, israeli literature has come full circle, integrating the heroic with the everyday. Even when it reveals madness and gives vent to self-criticism, there is a great life force, a creative impulse that drives Israeli writing.

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