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How To: Tame Gerbils - QUICK & EASY

Color Entertainment. Trending Winona Ryder. Red Magazine. The Orchard. Wochit Entertainment. Lifting the tail of a young gerbil reveals a small patch with no fur; this patch is farther away from the tail on males than on females.

Gerbil Care Guide | Erin's Ark

The easiest way to sex a gerbil under 7 weeks old is to compare it with another young gerbil whose sex is known. However, these methods are not always accurate. Gerbils are generally monogamous, and paired gerbils will usually begin to mate at about 3 months of age. Mating can be identified by a ritual of chasing and mounting, with both gerbils checking their undersides after each round.

Pregnancy lasts about 24 days, and a litter consists of 1 to 8 gerbil pups. Gerbils will begin mating again almost immediately after the female gives birth. There are several causes of infertility in gerbils, including ovarian cysts, old age, sexual immaturity, exposure to pesticides or other toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and disease.

Basic Care

Environmental causes of infertility in gerbils include overcrowding, incompatibility with a potential mate, environmental disturbances, and low temperatures. They belong to the family of the Cricetidae burrowing rodents and are naturally adapted to desert environments in Africa, India and Asia. Share this Health and welfare. Did you find this useful? Gerbil behaviour Find out how to make sure your gerbil is able to behave normally. Appropriate company for gerbils Find out how to make sure your gerbils have appropriate company.

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