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The wild ocean roars The waves romp from the horizon The green-blue of the great Caribbean shines With the same majesty as the sun The warrior fish walks by Travelling around the kingdom he dominates I pity whoever is taken as a prisoner His life will not be spared today.

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It's the shark who's going looking It's the shark who never sleeps It's the shark who keeps hunting It's the shark who brings bad luck. And the sun swallows the horizon And the nervous ocean becomes tranquil And the mermaids haunt the sky With their lullabies. The stars shine in the night The sailing moon floats by The moon sleeps when the great Caribbean Rests and becomes silent.

Only the shark remains awake Only the shark keeps looking Only the shark remains restless Only the shark keeps hunting.

Shark, what are you looking for in the shore? Shark, what are you looking for in the sand? Shark, you should be in the high sea Shark, what are you looking for in the shore? Hey shark, the mermaid's song Shark, what are you looking for in the shore? Shark, sea serpent Shark, what are you looking for in the shore? Shark, you are never satisfied Shark, what are you looking for in the shore? Shark, beware of the whale Shark, what are you looking for in the shore? Shark, respect my flag. Fight the shark, so he can learn that there's honour in this land So he can see that in the Caribbean the shrimp doesn't sleep If you see the shark coming, fight him Let's hit him hard without hesitation If you see the shark coming, fight him Our union will be our strength and our only salvation If you see the shark coming, fight him What a lovely flag, what a lovely flag If you see the shark coming, fight him You belong in the high sea, what are you doing here, thief?

If you see the shark coming, fight him We have to face him, and face him bravely If you see the shark coming, fight him So our sister El Salvador doesn't get eaten. Contra artritis y lumbago: ajo. Come ajo, muerde un ajo, un diente, una cabeza de ajo. Si te lleva a lo oscurito: ajo.

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Si te baja los calzones: ajo. Si no trajo los condones: ajo. Si te echaron el mal de ojo: ajo. Si te pescan en el ajo: ojo. Si te mueres del antojo: hijo. Si te rompe las pelotas: Llhu. Porque hay dedos que lastiman y hay pecados que nos miman, porque hay hijos que no llegan y hay ideas que se pegan sin mirar como envejecen nuestras manos No me gusta enamorarme porque enamorarse es exagerar enormemente la diferencia entre una persona y otra. Dios le da cuerda a nuestros relojes de sol. Existir quiere decir estar fuera, sistere ex. Lo que no existe insiste.

Insiste para existir Michel Tournier. Poco a poco la soledad me ha ido simplificando Michel Tournier. Cuando miramos el universo lo vemos tal cual: como fue en el pasado. No me amas.

De tu boca salen cosas hermosas. Tus manos tocan la tierra y las algas. Pero no me amas. Cuando comes no me comes, cuando bebes no me lames, cuando piensas no me buscas.

Choral Tapas: Scores by 21st Century Spanish Composers, Part 1 (International Choral Bulletin)

Por eso. Nacemos entre las 12 y la 1, no amanece sino hasta las 8, oscurece antes de las 4 y morimos a las 12 Lichtenberg. Y como dijo Villaurrutia Yo estuve. Poco, pero estuve. Luego de lo que voy a platicarles vino Eva y la costilla y todo ese dengue. Lo bueno de la soledad es que no usa perfume.

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Al comienzo le hice caso. Me aburro mucho. Creo que si lo hubiera amado hasta me hubieran gustado sus cartas de amor. Para conocerlas hay que recorrerlas. Es indispensable no sentir temor. Es recomendable no guardar rencor. Larrea tridentata o gobernadora, que de los peyotes es la protectora, la rotundifollia y las mammyllarias, pseudo coriphantas los echinocactus y jacamatracas. Vieja la almeja en bandeja, la ceja en la reja, la arveja, el arroz, la lenteja.

Si no se deja no hay moraleja. Ya no aconseja la vieja coneja, ya no se queja, ya no se deja. Tengo un tener que ya no me maneja se despelleja ya la candileja. Vieja la almeja en bandeja, la ceja en la reja, la arveja, el arroz, la lenteja, la oveja en madeja, la deja la queja, si no hay moraleja, la abeja en la oreja, la oreja en la abeja ya no me maneja, me deja perpleja.

Vieja la duda que siempre me espeja. Lo que se deja nunca se aleja. Veja me deja si aleja y festeja. Vieja la almeja en la bandeja, la ceja en la reja, la arveja, el arroz, la lenteja, la oveja en madeja, la deja la queja, si no hay moraleja, la abeja en la oreja, la oreja en la abeja, ya no me maneja, me deja perpleja, por vieja me deja, me deja y se aleja. Que ya no se meta. Callen, culebras, callen, no soy como imaginan, callen, soy peor de lo que opinan, hablen..

Peor que el infierno, peor que el gobierno, yo soy la peor de todas, la ternura se me atora en la impresora. Por pecadora, violenta y vengadora, no tengo ni un amigo y tampoco tengo ombligo, soy mi enemigo. Callen, culebras, callen No, no, no y me fui. Esa es tu ley. Frente a la de tus amigos: los puros. Pura mierda. Me eres indiferente. No me voy a arrodillar, porque pensar es dejar de arrollidarse. Entiendo que a la moral cristiana no le interese como a los asirios y a los babilonios una Diosa que ayude a tener erecciones y eyaculaciones, es decir, que ayude a liberar el cuerpo y el alma de tantas idioteces.

Tantas mujeres quemadas con todo y canciones. Creo en Lilith porque soy mala, pero bonita. A pecar Phobophilia poses the question: What is the role of the poet in an age characterized by fear? The performance is inspired by the life and art of Jean Cocteau. Biography 2boys. They have created a wide repertoire of epic multimedia cabaret works, performances, videos, and installations. This collision of Broadway, Hollywood, and Catholicism reveals both the funny and frightening correlations between the church and show business.

Biography 2Boys. A bull was drawn on the sand, and then set on fire after nightfall; the silhouette was then erased, but as more attempts were made to erase it, the more visible it became. See more: Urban Interventions. In this performance, Smith draws from her well-known works, such as Fires in the Mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn and Other Identities, while also conjuring other personalities both known and unknown. Beginning the performence in the role of the author Studs Terkel, Smith goes on to explain that it was a quote from Walt Whitman, about wanting to be absorbed….

Biography Anna Jacobs is an activist, teacher and performer.

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Her work at Gallatin is focused on developing tools for combining anti-oppression work with the creative arts in education. The Anti-Empire, Anti-War Cabaret, part of the Hemispheric Institute's Spectacles of Religiosities Encuentro was envisioned as a unified hemispheric scream, bringing together activists, artists and academics against the Bush Administration's war plans and empire building.

The result was a nearly four-hour event with more than 20 artists performing. See more: Additional Performances. He was a member of Bill T. From the critical poetics of body art to the occupation of public space by social movements, the event invited participants to explore the borders, identities and practices through which subjectivities, hegemonies and counter-hegemonies are constructed in the spaces of the city and beyond.

It is…. Ex-international playboy. Airport lounge singer. Vodka drinker. We seek to provoke memories in a country that has few memories. He is a Artist in…. The alternate title for this performance, '12 Physical-Rhythmical Exercises of the Americas, without Weapons,' proposes compelling questions about the construction of the physical and the political body, always fluctuating between the individualistic and the social, and resisting or assimilating institutional conventions.

Biography David…. His work is driven by the wealth of African retention in the mentioned region, as well as the synthesis of that material into a peculiar resource for American culture. As a Fulbright Senior Specialist, he presents international programs on the subject. His work has been featured in theatre, dance and television. Most recently, he was featured in the award…. Blind seeks to politically intervene in the city and provoke different readings. In the latter part of this video Diamela Eltit's voice accompanies her…. They got together to expand alliances with groups that work on similar topics: the disappeared people during dictatorships, and the necessity to denounce impunity.

EDEMA unveils the traumaof disappeared bodies through the striking the materiality of a body on stage. Sensorial stimuli accompany the bodily presence: sound, noise, percussion,fire, dance are mingled with pictures, videos, and pictures of the disappeared. An awakening call to the body led by, and oppressed by, globalization. I am permanently experiencing a tension provoked by the expansion of my body through all communication and transportation systems, and the dispersion of my self while perceiving the vast-virtual world's web.

In dialogue with the Shakespearian notion that 'all the world is a stage,' the play states that human beings have to play a role and make decisions with virtue and wisdom, because rewards or punishment will come in the after life. Luis Peirano rescued the powerful spectacularity of this play to offer an eclectic reading of it according with the complex Peruvian context at the beginning of the 21st century.

The display of…. In contemporary society, we succumb to the seduction of borrowed attitudes, in a kind of non-authenticity, in fragments of attitudes chosen, almost unconsciously, from a range of dominant stereotypes. Biography Erro Grupo is well-known in Brazil for the multidisciplinary urban interventionism that they have developed since The group develops street theater and urban interventions that deal with risk, violence, and peripheral performance, inserting….

He served as head counselor for Project 's Summer Retreats. He has been working with youth for over ten years and practicing his art as an MC and poet with The Peace Poets. He aspires to create proper opportunities for youth in the arts while practicing his arts as a skilled wordsmith.

Tommy Shepherd a. Emcee Soulati is a veteran of the Bay Area creative scene and…. She deploys spoken word to both explore and push the blurred border zones between ethnography and performance. Ulysse weaves…. The performance aims to illustrate the contradictory aspects of mestizaje in which the genocide and rape of one race led to the creation of a new race.

Furthermore, it looks to redefine mestizaje to incorporate mixed race and queer identities, portraying subversive yet fluid identities to dismantle the binaries….

Abraham Mateo, 50 Cent, Austin Mahone - Háblame Bajito (Video Oficial)

This performance explored a transvestite body that performs in order to persist in the face of a denied discourse: ritual turned into spectacle, a queer body whose performance deconstructs and assembles its topics and differences as strategy. The 'Transvestite Museum' appeared at the National University within a geneology of Peruvian ritual dance, always from the body: the bodies of the Chicas…. The story tells of his desire to understand the spoken word. The process of creating a play demands hard work on researching. Some of its performances, such as Romeu e Julieta staged in "The Globe", in London and in several countries have made the group internationally known.

The event comprises a silent funeral procession in the street. She is…. The piece is an energized trip of the imaginary about the poetry and the people of the borderlands. Performance artist, Jim Calder, has toured both solo and company productions throughout the United States and Europe. In New York City his work…. Border Sound Files v. The piece focuses on the border between Southern California and Northern Mexico and explores it as a transnational field of sound, "an aural border. See more: Short Performances.