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While I was there it continued to face constant smaller earthquakes. The legend is that the native people of New Zealand, The Maori, first arrived by sea over years ago. Looking out over the Northern point of New Zealand. I can never recommend this land enough to people. On top of that, the education system is perfect for students who are self-learners, like me. With lectures always posted online and little homework, you just need to be on top of it enough to pass finals. Granddaughter Heather that is a beautiful description, I am so proud of you for capturing the true ambiance of the country.

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The beginning of marked my second trip to the farm to table experience, Flora Farms. Between the free roaming farm dogs, to-die-for-food, and the you-might-actually-die-before-you-get-there road— everything about the location feels unique and hidden away. Check out my advice for top things to do when visiting Las Vegas, and the story of how my friends and I barely survived 48 hours. The Famous Rosemere Hostel of Wellington. Categories: Travel Stories from Abroad. Tags: abroad new zealand.

The trip also included back-to-back cruises around the Mediterranean. This was our first holiday in more than 20 years so we were very excited.


On day one of the bus trip, a Canadian lady boarded the bus with a nasty cough, which she seemed quite happy to share with us all. She hacked, sniffed and sneezed all day every day, and she made no attempt to stifle her expulsion of germs into the bus atmosphere, and there was no intervention by the tour guide or bus driver. If only they had asked her to wear a Tecmask!

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Each day more of the 46 fellow passengers would go down with a cold or chest infection, resulting in many visits to local pharmacies for medications, including the tour guide, plus one poor chap who ended up in a Glasgow hospital emergency department as he couldn't breathe. By the time the trip was completed, 43 out of 46 passengers were unwell to varying degrees and feeling miserable.

A long hike to the lair of an elusive bird

I lasted until day 16 and then it hit me hard, as by this time I was surrounded by coughs and colds on all sides. My husband suggested we should start up a coughing choir as we trundled along in the British countryside. But it became quite serious for me after making it to Genoa to embark on the first of our cruises. We were staying overnight in a hotel and by the following morning, I was rushed off to hospital by ambulance where it was discovered I had viral bronchitis and my blood oxygen levels were seriously low and my temperature seriously high.

I was pumped full of antibiotics so that it didn't turn to pneumonia and had to receive oxygen.

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This went on for three days, and if anyone complains to me about our public health system here in New Zealand I will gladly compare the questionable patient care received in the Italian hospital I was in. It would make your hair curl! But wait, it gets worse! I was told by the hospital doctor that I must not go on the cruises and should go home as soon as I got clearance to do so.

The travel insurance company grounded me and insisted I stay in a Genoa hotel for two weeks until I was finally cleared to fly home. I wasn't up to going far so I stared at Italian TV, not understanding a word, trying not to develop cabin fever while my poor husband walked the streets alone and reported back to me what he had seen.

Genoa is not very flash from all accounts. After endless visits to the hospital for more tests, some of which had us leaving the hospital very late at night, and even gone midnight on one occasion, the travel insurance company arranged our flight home.

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New Zealand never looked so good! But to add to our "experience" the insurance company then tried to get out of paying for the enforced stay in the hotel. We had to take our claim to dispute where sense prevailed and we were eventually paid out. It was a trip from hell, something which could probably have been avoided if the Canadian lady had worn a mask, or better still not been allowed on the trip in the first place.

It was the first time I had been ill in 30 years and something I never want to repeat. So the next time on my travels I encounter a cougher, sniffer, or sneezer I will slap on my own mask — hopefully, a Tecmask! In , I was travelling overland to the UK with my boyfriend. In Nepal, we arranged to catch a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. It was a local service and the old bus was quite charming with its open windows and overcrowding. The roof was piled high with luggage and chicken cages.

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Print this article. Reduce font size. Increase font size. By Vidya Unnithan Storyteller Dharitri Krishnamurthy will narrate stories from New Zealand at a story session for children Dharitri Krishnamurthy, a professional storyteller and head of the citybased Kathalaya Learning Centre, believes that everybody is a natural at storytelling. However, she was fortunate to have been introduced to the art by her father at a very young age.

He would narrate folk stories, such as Punyakuti to Krishnamurthy, who subsequently became a narrator after meeting Geeta Ramanujam. Ramanujam is the widely renowned storyteller and the founder of Kathalaya, an academy devoted to storytelling in Bangalore. Since its inception in , Kathalaya has been successful in reviving the art of storytelling in the country. Jun 13, View all Comments Add Comment. Recent Messages. Please rate before posting your Review 1 Trash 1.

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