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They don't really quote William Shakespeare or John Milton to proclaim their love for each other. Their notion of love has led to the inception of a new genre altogether known as the 'chicklet romance'. As a publishing house, we are aware of this change and are constantly realigning ourselves to keep pace with the changing times. We are bringing in new authors, who are relatively young and dynamic, who can feel the readers' pulse better.

The novels penned by them are designed appropriately so that the younger generation can relate to them. The female characters that you come across in these new novels are not only well-groomed and self-motivated; they also have an undercurrent of feminism sprinkled over them. The male characters smiles , like before, are tall, dark and handsome on most occasions. Though our readers are predominantly women, it would be wrong to say that men don't read these books at all. As one of the audience in the open session asked, do you plan to bring out romance in future that would have middle-aged protagonists?

Published in 31 languages, it is sold in countries. Has re-writing Harlequins with Indian heroes worked or do readers still prefer fair-skinned heroes? But now that we have introduced desi protagonists, they are being accepted pretty well by the readers. The book, it is heard, accounted for almost 1 in 10 of the million books Random House sold globally in print or online across the year. India is still considered quite protective as far its notions on sex and love are concerned. Do you, therefore, have to edit the content of modern novels often? Be it India or abroad, our editorial board screens each and every book that we publish so as to retain our position in the global market.

For the distribution of regional books, we have tied up with local partners for wider reach and viable business. My experience in Harlequin India taught me to mould my strategies regularly according to situation. I have been travelling through a series of experiments -- some have clicked, some haven't -- but each one has left me more enriched Smiles.

ZaraBol - Trending Topics. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on. Excerpts: You took a very long route to enter the publishing industry -- you used to head the education portfolio at Harvard Business School. Smiles It has been a scintillating transit for me. I was a strategy consultant with a keen penchant for publishing. To run the show at Harlequin India, I learnt to blend my skill with my passion. And the experience has been overwhelming so far.

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Mills & Boon: These days, girls want a wizard lover...

Youth these days are very tech-savvy and suave. They would rather tweet, send a text message or leave a note on Facebook.

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What exactly do you mean by realignment? We are religiously making efforts to make our titles indispensable for the young minds. Yes, exactly. However, the love that ensues has both the protagonists on an equal footing. It's a perfect match of two well-tuned souls. W hat is your target group in India? Kat Martin. The Humbug Man. Diana Palmer. Desire and Destiny. CHF 8. Big Sky Wedding.

CHF 6. Desert Rogues: The Kidnapped Bride. Susan Mallery. CHF 3.

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