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The self-understanding that is nurtured by philosophy Elly Pirocacos 24 February So what is this rational self-reflective understanding that philosophical counseling nurtures? An answer, indeed the question itself, imposes a certain presumption about the goals Philo-Sophia - The love of wisdom 2. Practicing philosophy: Making love with wisdom Michael N. Weiss 02 February In my last reflection I concluded that if love is something we can feel, then also the love of wisdom, as a literal translation of the term philosophy, must be something we can fee Poetic Reasoning 3.

Philosophy and poetry have a common origin: the wonder at the presence of things.

The Philosophical Practitioner

Philosophy distinguishes itself from poetry in the moment at which the philosopher breaks his ecst The issue of methods in PP 7. I think that for the still young philosophical counselling it is important not only to define its nature and bring into focus its purposes, but also to clarify its methods and shar The issue of methods in PP 3. Using methods without justifying ourselves Detlef Staude 09 February The main method of philosophy aims to conceptualize the world so that we are able to grasp it. And we have quite a lot techniques to do so and follow different schools and paths in What is "Philosophical" in PP?

The issue of methods in PP 1. No Method Leon de Haas 12 January I am a friend. Thinking and acting in context Carmen Zavala 23 March One of the particularities of philosophical practice is that we, as philosophers, do not apply linear thinking, but rather matrix thinking. This means that depending on which step PP and story-telling 4. The ancient Greeks believed that the death of a person had a great deal to say about his life.

Henri Bergson died on January 3rd of pneumonia after having waited hours in the The Meaning of Life 2. I sit down and read the article "What makes life significant" by the American thinker William James — What am I looking for? A final answer to question of the meaning of PP and Canonical Texts 4. Reading as antidote, counterpoint or enrichment Kate Mehuron 15 February As a philosophical counselor, I am only as good as my "canon.

The Vision of PP What is the purpose of philosophical counseling? Federica Beneventi 26 March When I became interested in philosophical practice and started my journey into this field, the question of the purpose of PP appeared soon as very relevant to me: understanding thi PP and Contemplation 4. The fathomless in philosophical practice Gerald Hofer 21 February The difference between philosophical practice and classical therapy methods e. Philosophical Companionships 4.

Philosophizing in companionship Carmen Zavala 18 August Reflecting about relevant issues from a philosophical perspective is something that most of us love to do alone in the peace and silence of our own company.

Ran Lahav - What is "Philosophical" in philosophical counseling?

At the same time it is PP and Canonical Texts 2. In one of his essays, Gerd B. Achenbach makes an astonishing remark. The Vision of PP 4. Seduced by undressing Albert Hoffmann 20 February Philosophical practice for me is not a therapy, even though people who ask for this service, have, for sure, felt some sort of lack. They have been, in one way or another, uncomfor The non-social facet of philosophy Arto Tukiainen 29 March Modern philosophical practice has usually been understood as interpersonal discursive activity. But philosophy also has a non-social, or even private, aspect.

Just as religion is n Philosophical Companionships 7. The basic vision of philosophical practice is inspiring: that philosophy can make our life better. The question is how to translate this grand vision into actual practice.

The Philosophical Practice and Counseling Website

Two para Ways of practicing PP 2. What philosophical practice and counseling are not Riella Morhayim 23 May How often are you asked to explain what philosophical practice is? Generally, just after I've introduced myself, people wonder what the practical usage of philosophy might be. PP and story-telling 1. Contemplating or conversing Zoran Kojcic 19 February Is philosophy a contemplative or conversational discipline?

Can we philosophize on our own, or are we bound to others? When does philosophizing actually occur? PP and Canonical Texts 6. I would like to add some reflections to the string Philosophical Practice and Canonical Texts initiated by Manos Perrakis. Perrakis maintains that literature may be a source of ins The motivation behind arguments Carmen Zavala 15 April One participant stated with great passion that many of the things Heidegger said were pure Dialogical search for wisdom Zoran Kojcic 02 March At first, I thought that problem solving was the main goal of philosophical counselling.

A shared search for the meaning of life Laura Capogna 09 March What is philosophical in Philosophical Practice? My answer is: the philosopher. The way I understand it, more than to philosophical ideas, the adjective "philosophical" is related The Meaning of Life 3. His ideas do not develop systematically. They flow l Philosophical Companionships 2. What's new in philosophical companionships?

Maria Joao Neves 11 August Did you ever dream of traveling to the fourth century B. Did you ever, after your workout, with all that PP and Contemplation 2. Why do philosophical practitioners contemplate? Gerald Hofer 11 February To my surprise, many philosophical practitioners I met in the past revealed themselves as practioners of a contemplative system with exercises from ancient Eastern or Western tradi The Vision of PP 2. Great and small visions of philosophical practice Ran Lahav 14 February But relevant how? How can we, philosophical The issue of methods in PP 2.

Leon de Haas 28 January Or to reach the top of a mountain, The issue of methods in PP 6. Not without a method Silvia Schwarz 23 March The problem of the "methods in philosophical practice", raised by Leon De Haas is certainly a crucial issue. De Haas, in agreement with Achenbach, states that philosophical practic Philosophical Companionships 1. Why philosophical companionships? Ran Lahav 08 August PP and story-telling 5. Combining stories and dialogues Zoran Kojcic 05 March After Plato, almost every philosopher wrote only in myths.


They wrote a story about what they believed the world or the universe were composed of, up until today, when academic phi What is love? The complex dynamics of a relationship in a couple is probably one of the most recurring issues brought up by a guest in a philosophical counselling. So, it is quite frequent to de PP and story-telling 2. Chasing Henry Manos Perrakis 23 February It is not hard to imagine what we expect to find in a philosophical practitioner's library: Hardcover classics like Aristotle's Nichomahean Ethics, less known writings, and, of cou The Vision of PP 6.

Two visions of philosophical practice Ran Lahav 10 March I can find in our field two main visions of philosophical practice, and they seem to me radically different from each other. According to one vision, philosophical practice helps c Ways of practicing PP 1. The practice of a practice Peter Harteloh 06 April In the discussion on philosophical practice, the emphasis is often on "philosophical".

American Philosophical Practitioners Association

However, I would like to start a discussion on "practice". What is a practice? The Meaning of Life 1. Verticality Arto Tukiainen 11 February The horizontal plane of life is one of desires and aversions, aims and actions. It is thirst and fever in growth, maturation and decay. A central prerequisite for finding one's way PP and story-telling 3.

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Mythos and Logos Zoran Kojcic 27 February Plato was the first to say that philosophy begins with wonder, and I can connect my own first personal experience with philosophy when I wondered about many things. But I can't des Philosophical Companionships 3. Togetherness in the philosophical companionship Laura Capogna 15 August What is a philosophical companionship? For now, it is a small group of philosophical practitioners meeting on a regular basis, with a common goal: to create a new format of philos Philo-Sophia - The love of wisdom 1.

Philo-sophia: Feel the love of wisdom Michael N. Weiss 11 January What is philosophical practice? To agree on an answer between us practitioners isanother story. To use a metaphor Or ask the public what they would like to discuss. Each form c The issue of methods in PP 5. Questions about method invite us to justify our practice Leon de Haas 16 February How do you do it?

The issue of methods in PP 8. Methods, but not shared ones Arto Tukiainen 09 April Philosophical counselors have methods such as questioning background assumptions, examining concepts, clarifying the counselee's thoughts, trying to see familiar situations in a ne The Vision of PP 1. The transformative impact of our art Elly Pirocacos 13 February Philosophical practice is neither diagnostic nor prognostic. Unlike counselors of the psychological variety, we, as philosophers are firmly affixed to the transformative impact of Being is the practice of philosophical practice Peter Harteloh 03 April Often clients say that my approach differs from the approaches of others which they have experienced, and they call it philosophical.

In evaluation they bring in three things:. One of the most challenging topics in philosophical counseling is love. Love is more an emotion than a philosophical term. To speak about love is difficult — partly because of the The Vision of PP 3. Towards a greater life Ran Lahav 18 February Plato tells us that we live in a narrow, dark cave, and that philosophy can lead us out to the open world of truth and light. Participating as an involved party Carmen Zavala 20 September During my absence last weekend, the participants voted for a text against non-religious public education by a Peruvian Socialist, as the issue to be dealt with at the philosophical Loving and liking Michele Zese 10 February The Power of Ideas in PP 4.

The format of companionship groups Ran Lahav 18 April Philosophical ideas have a tremendous power to inspire us and awaken us, but they need a space in our hearts and minds. This is a space of listening and reflecting, where ideas wou PP and Canonical Texts 3.

Looking back at the roots Manos Perrakis 08 February The great significance of canons is that they initiate discussions about crucial issues concerning a discipline, issues of identity, of genealogies, and future perspectives. The Meaning of Life 6. Disharmony of the soul Arto Tukiainen 05 April Many philosophers have said that a meaningful life requires goals and an effort to reach them. But what if our aims are disharmonious, contradictory, conflicting? What if we don't Is this thing really philosophical? Ran Lahav 20 February Somebody tells you about a session of philosophical counseling.

Is it philosophical at all? The Vision of PP 9. For example, those who have cognitive disorders psychoses or mood disorders e. While people with such disorders can possibly benefit from philosophical counseling after or concomitant with psychological counseling, it cannot serve as an alternative or substitute for psychological counseling in such cases. It is therefore important that philosophical counselors develop support and referral networks with psychological counselors as a part of their practices. For example, the philosophical counseling approach of Logic-Based Therapy LBT helps counselees find fallacious premises in the practical reasoning from which they deduce self-defeating conclusions.

Thus, instead of looking for the causal etiology of dysfunctional behavioral and emotional consequences, it focuses on the epistemic justification of beliefs. As such, it takes a humanities perspective, not a social science one. The same may also be said of other philosophical counseling approaches. These approaches characteristically look at the epistemic justification or lack thereof of beliefs, not their underlying causal relationships. They are therefore akin to a Socratic dialogic investigation as distinct from a scientific investigation into the causes and effects of mental processes.

Moreover, since philosophers are trained expressly in the analysis and dissection of logical arguments, they are appropriately trained to engage in such epistemic aspects of philosophical counseling. Indeed, the NPCA strongly encourages and invites such participation by psychological counselors as part of its mission of working cooperatively with psychological counselors. To pay or renew your NPCA membership dues, please click the button below. To donate to the NPCA, please click the button below.

Please note that a PayPal processing fee of up to 4. Philosophical Practice What are philosophical practitioners?

Philosophical Practice

What is the difference between philosophical counseling and psychological counseling? Do philosophical and psychological counseling have their own distinct techniques for helping? Can philosophical counseling serve as a substitute for psychological counseling? Since some psychological counseling approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT address irrational thinking errors, does that mean there is no difference between these approaches and those of philosophical counseling?

Do psychological counselors also engage in Socratic dialogic investigations with their clients or look into the epistemic justification of their beliefs? Learn more here! October 4th - 6th. Certification opportunities will be available for both consultants and counselors.

Elliot D. The workshop promises to be the first in a series of collaboration between the University and the National Philosophical Counseling Association. Cohen releases new book on making peace with imperfection. An informative and practical resource, the book reveals different types of perfectionism and provides the tools and skills needed to move past this unhealthy mindset. Read more here! Connect With Us on Facebook. Practioner Directory To contact a philosophical practitioner in your area visit our philosophical practitioner directory.