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Surely no nation makes a more jubilant noise in celebration of its athletes. The orange-clad Dutch are famed worldwide for bringing their bicycles, party buses and brass bands to speedskating ovals, velodromes, rowing courses and, this past month, to soccer pitches throughout France.

The favored U. The latter, in the World Cup context, is an honorific, not a fault. That American "ruthlessness," in fact, was the quality England coach Phil Neville singled out as the trait that he most wanted his team to acquire in advance of its semifinal against the Americans.

And the U. There was plenty of contact Sunday, including two ugly head-to-head collisions. One left defender Becky Sauerbrunn with a gash over her right eye and rivulet of blood streaming down her face. Another sent Kelley O'Hara to the sideline for the rest of the match. For the first time all tournament, the Americans failed to score in the first half despite creating several terrific chances and gut-check moments for Dutch goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal. So when Rapinoe finally scored to break the standout, with signature steely nerves on a penalty kick, she raced to a corner of the pitch and was smothered in hugs.

The celebration after Lavelle's goal was even more emotion-packed. And when time finally expired, the full bench emptied and raced on the pitch for the party that went on and on. There was so much to celebrate. The World Cup trophy they'd trained, sacrificed and long for, for so many years.

The right to compete against their world's best. The right to fight for their beliefs, to take unpopular stances and, as professional athletes, to be fairly compensated. Friends Member Of Vincent Davis - Updated status. Click on to any of my "Inkwell" strips below, then go to the Schlock! Webzine link on the right to view the latest. Over 30 days ago - Like. Mikki Major - Gave 4 kudos. Kudo'd 4 items in the portfolio of Vincent Davis. Vincent Davis - Added portfolio item. Published in Schlock! John Mahomet likes this. John Mahomet - Over 30 days ago.

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