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Nameless Star on IMDb. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Encyclopedia of Russian Cinema. Categories : Russian-language films Soviet films s comedy-drama films s romantic comedy films Soviet romantic comedy films Soviet television films Soviet film stubs. Hidden categories: Articles containing Russian-language text All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I'll be there, although I may be late.

This is altogether different. I don't understand it altogether, but I'll try to do what I can. Are you always busy? She's always smiling. Must I always go through this? He has no ambition. He's hurt! Call an ambulance! He was an ambulance driver in the war. I am an American citizen. He is an American. Is your wife American or Russian? You're among friends. They quarreled among themselves. Just among ourselves, I don't think he's going to succeed. We need a large amount of coal.

What does the bill amount to? Why do you keep saying there's ample time? That amuses me very much. I saw an amusing comedy last night.

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Are there any amusements here? I've become very interested in ancient art. Oh, that's ancient history! The room had only a bed, a table, and a chair. Measure each angle of the triangle. Let's not discuss that angle of the problem. What are you angry about? Don't feed the animals. Do you have any farm animals? They just announced that on the radio. Shall I announce you?

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They just announced their engagement. What's your annual income? His annual visit is always looked forward to. I don't like this room; may I have another? Please give me another cup of coffee. They hated one another. What is your answer? Please answer by return mail. There was a larger crowd at the concert than we had anticipated. I couldn't anticipate that that would happen. The attendants anticipated all our needs. I've been anxious about you. I'll take any job you can offer me. Any policeman can direct you.

He may come at any time. Do you have any more questions? Will anybody be at the station to meet me? It might rain but I'm going anyhow. If anyone calls, take the message. Is there anything for me? Take anything you like. It's raining, but we'll go anyway. I didn't want to go anyway. I don't want to go anywhere tonight. The house stands apart from the others. I keep this bottle apart from all the others. Take it apart if necessary.

Set this apart for me. How do you tell them apart? We want to rent an apartment in the city. What kind of apparatus do you have in your gymnasium? Where do you keep your gardening apparatus? The physics laboratory has the best apparatus I've ever seen. It's quite apparent that you don't want to do this for me. The chairman made an appeal for contributions. That kind of story appeals to me.

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  • The lawyer decided to appeal the case. The defendant was granted an appeal. The novel has general appeal. The paper appears every day. He appears to be very sick. He appeared suddenly. Try to improve your appearance. At least make an appearance for a few minutes. After all that candy, I have no appetite left.

    I have no appetite for detective stories. Your application has been received. If you have a headache, cold applications will help you. He's working in the field of applied chemistry. Apply a hot compress every two hours. This order applies to all citizens. I have an appointment to meet him at six o'clock. She's been very happy since she got her appointment as a teacher. I appreciate what you've done for me. Everyone expressed appreciation for what he had done.

    She has a deep appreciation of art. The approaches to the bridge are under repair. We are approaching the end. Is it all right to approach him about this matter? I wouldn't like to do anything without my parents' approval. I don't approve of his conduct. Has this plan been approved? The bridge has a tremendous arch.

    A very beautiful arch was erected at the entrance to the fair. How did you get into the army with fallen arches? What's the area of the park? What area is he working in? I argued that taking the train would save us a lot of time. No matter what we say he finds some cause to argue. You can't argue me into going there again. That's a strong argument in his favor.

    I don't follow your argument. The problem of how to reach land arose. He broke his arm yesterday. This chair has only one arm. This is an arm of the White Sea. Were they armed? Do you have any arms in the house? The tanks are heavily armored. Our arms are far superior to the enemy's. All men able to bear arms were mobilized for defense. The students were up in arms at the new restrictions.

    In this city you need a license to carry arms. All the able-bodied men were under arms. How many kilometers is it around the lake? I have around twenty rubles. Are there any soldiers around here? It's somewhere around the house. The store is around the corner. I was aroused during the night by the fire engines passing our house. His strange actions aroused my suspicion. Who arranged the books on the shelves? Everything has been arranged. Have you completed all arrangements for the trip? How do you like the latest arrangement of that song?

    The arrangement of the furniture was very inconvenient. They made arrangements for his lecture at our college. The police made two arrests. Why have you been arrested? He's been under arrest for three days. The arrival of the ambassador was considered a hopeful sign. There isn't enough room for the new arrivals. When will we arrive in Moscow? Don't wait until we arrive. Did they arrive at a decision? This building contains many works of art. There's an art to it. I have no articles of value to declare.

    Article 3 is not clear to me. You could tell that the flowers she was wearing were artificial. Her smile is so artificial that I don't trust her. He is late as usual. Leave it as it stands. I must go, as it is late. Did you see anyone as you came in? My younger brother is as tall as I am. She knows English as well as you. I'll go with you as far as the door. As far as I know, they haven't decided yet. As for that, I have nothing to add.

    Act as if nothing happened. I'll tell you as soon as I know it. As to that, I don't know. Nothing has happened as yet. We must start early so as to be on time. Will you help me carry the ashes out of the cellar?

    Колыма - родина нашего страха / Kolyma - Birthplace of Our Fear

    Don't drop ashes all over the rug. Is that an ash tree? I was ashamed to ask for a second helping. All joking aside, I intend to go. Aside from the long hours, this is a pleasant job. Let's put our work aside for a while and go and get a drink. I think we have enough money set aside for the trip. Did you ask him his name? Your friend is asking about trains. He asked for permission. May I ask you a question? I must have been asleep.

    He has fallen asleep. Have you considered every aspect of the problem? The house has a gloomy aspect. The boy scouts assembled around the flagpole. He's an expert at assembling airplane motors. He spoke before an assembly of lawyers. We have assembly at ten o'clock in our school. He's the delegate to the assembly from our district.

    I worked on the assembly line in an automobile factory. I'll assign your lessons for tomorrow. Who was assigned to the job? The editor gave me an interesting assignment to cover. Our teacher gave us a big assignment for Monday. I was surprised at his assignment to such an important position. Without your assistance I could never have gotten the job done on time. He's been an associate of mine for many years. His name has been associated with a recent scandal.

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    Our two firms have always been associated. She never did associate very closely with us. My association with this group didn't last long. I don't think I'll join the association. This picture doesn't bring up any associations for me. I've always had to assume the family's responsibilities. She assumed an air of innocence. I assume that dinner will be on time. Let's assume it's true. He works with complete assurance that he will succeed. He gave us his assurance that he would pay on time.

    I wouldn't want to start this business without the assurance that it'll be a success.

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    That's not so, I assure you. He is at the office. We were at the Brown's yesterday. Aim at that tree over there. We haven't yet arrived at a decision. They were laughing at him. The gloves sell at five rubles a pair. I haven't got any money at all. We must do it, at all costs. It will take three days at best. At first we didn't like the town. I will be at home. At last the train has arrived. There were at least a hundred people present. Give me a dozen, or at most At most, it will take only three hours. I'll leave at once for Moscow. You know, it's been a very pleasant day at that.

    I can't work in such an unpleasant atmosphere. If you'd attached your belt securely to your dress you wouldn't have lost it. He's been attached to the embassy for many years. When I was unable to pay up, my creditors attached my salary. I've only known him a month, but have become very much attached to him.

    Our troops attacked the enemy. He was attacked by two robbers. I've had an attack of appendicitis. There was a violent attack on him in the newspapers. He made a desperate attempt to save her. An attempt was made on his life. He didn't attend yesterday's meeting. What doctor attended you? We've had very poor attendance at these meetings. My attendance will hardly be necessary. I can't get anyone's attention. The men stood at attention. His attitude toward the work has changed lately. What's his attitude on politics?

    The attorney prepared the case thoroughly. When he joined the army he gave his mother power of attorney. This offer doesn't attract me at all. She attracts a lot of attention by the way she dresses. Swimming in such cold weather has no attraction for me. Her dancing is the big attraction in the show.

    We got to the movies just in time for the main attraction. What an attractive smile she has! The moment the curtain fell, the audience broke into applause. If you go early enough he may grant you an audience. I'd like you to meet my aunt and uncle. He's the author of our new plan for increased production. What authority have you to do this? He is an authority in that field. I'll speak to the authorities. Who authorized you to spend that money?

    The dictionary authorizes both spellings. This was an authorized leave. Can one go there by automobile? My automobile broke down. She had an automobile accident on the way over here. I hope to stay through the autumn. The autumn leaves are falling. All the doctor's efforts to save him were of no avail. Avail yourself of every opportunity while you're at school.

    Every available car was being used. My address in New York is Third Avenue. The average of the class is lower than usual. What is the average temperature here?

    SPACE Way to the Stars by Tsiolkovsky in Russian Циолковский Путь к звездам | eBay

    It averages out in the end. Average this column of figures for me. On the average I go to the movies once a week. Avoid that at all costs. I'm not wide awake yet. I was awakened at five o'clock. When is he going to awaken to his responsibilities? He's well aware of what is going on at the office. He's aware of his shortcomings. It is thirty kilometers away. How long have you been away? Have you been away? We are giving this away free.

    Please take this away. Don't throw anything away. An awful accident happened yesterday. We have been having awful weather. He behaved so awfully that I was ashamed. Whose baby is this? She is sewing baby clothes. We must baby her until she gets well again. He lay on his back. This chair has a high back. We will back him in his request. Move back a little. They got back from their journey. Tell everything; don't hold anything back.

    The police held the crowd back. Step backward a bit so I can get you in the picture. You've got that sweater on backward. She runs a school for backward children. He's very backward about asking for anything. It was a bad idea to wait so long. His affairs went from bad to worse. The butter went bad. This bag is not big enough. Bring my bags up to my room.

    Pack your barracks bag. I want to send my baggage on ahead. The baggage car is at the head of the train. This bread was baked this morning. Do you bake every day? Baked potato. Does this account balance? He balanced his bank account. What is my balance? I lost my balance and fell down the stairs. Where is my ball? They are giving a big ball at the American Embassy tonight.

    He got all balled up. The little girl was crying when her balloon flew away. Has this bicycle got balloon tires? Were you ever up in a balloon? The band played a march. I need a new hat band. They banded together to hire a guide. The women spent the morning rolling bandages. You'd better bandage the wound at once. She was startled by a loud bang. Stop banging on the piano!

    The river overflowed its banks. We should deposit this money in a bank. Please remove this bank of sand. He banked the airplane when he turned. Please bank the fire at night. I wouldn't bank on it if I were you. That was some banquet she served! They gave a banquet in his honor. More versions can be found here. Be sure to check what's been translated already before posting your own. And if you like this kind of thing, check out my website for more! A General Note about verbs. Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

    I've incorporated them into my list. The only thing I didn't do was add the extra verb forms. This is partly because I don't speak Russian, and I don't actually have all the verb forms handy, but mostly it's that this is intended to be more of a vocabulary list for comparing languages than a study guide per se. It's a little like a snapshot you can look over and get a feel for a language quickly. For example, If you want to compare Russian to Ukrainian, I have parallel lists.

    Actually, speaking of that, I have the genders listed for nouns in Ukrainian but not in Russian. That would be a nice detail to add. Bobrinskoy and Otto F. The list is given in an appendix, and the 5 stories gradually introduce all the words. It's old my copy is from the s and out of print, however. Right, this is not a list of words per se. That's why many entries have more than one word. Of course, a word is a useful handle for a concept.

    This list will become very helpful.