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Everything dies, in tempore belli. Ask your bodies for help. Shout out. They will be the ones to tellyou when to shout. Consult the knowledge of the fingernails you bite, the bow of your lips that remember kisses never given; read the soles of your feet; stretch on the floor, like a sheet, all of your skin, then lean over to inspect the marks, the patterns of hair, the moles that capture and sometimes release your malignant nights.

Study them. Then descend into the deeper flesh. Ask the sweat. Without odor, without pain, they scattered, the second before, the whirlwind exploding in their ears, the daytime sky returning the last heat, the last glimmer, the long shadows of creatures making their escape. Sette poesie. As it is impossible to single out a rule that categorically says when you should use one or the other, the best thing to do is provide some examples of usage, which will show that smettere tends to be used in a more generic and abstract manner than fermare : Smettere Devi smettere di fumare You must stop smoking Mi stai dando fastidio, smettila!

On Friday 20th May at 6. The cast is led by Tilda Swinton as Emma Recchi. Co-producers Swinton and Guadagnino developed the film together over an year period. The title is taken from a line from the aria 'La Mamma Morta', which is explored in the film Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington , a scene which Emma is watching while in bed with her husband, during the film. The film's soundtrack uses pre-existing compositions by John Adams. Thursday, 5 May Two greedy Italians. Ci si saluta, ci si riconosce, tra quelli che campano di notte.

Le persone si perdonano i vizi. Nessuno chiede conto di notte. Escono gli storpi, i ciechi, gli zoppi, che di giorno vengono respinti. Escono pure i cani, quelli senza casa. Aspettano la notte per cercare gli avanzi, quanti cani riescono a campare senza nessuno. Sunday, 17 April Food Programme 2.

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Some students of mine, when talking about their nationality, tell me that they are "half and half", for instance half English and half French. Here are some sentences that show you various uses of both words. Vuoi tutta la mela? Do you want the whole apple? Sunday, 10 April Proiezione di due film stranieri. On Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th May at 6. Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Suspense Laura purchases her beloved childhood orphanage with dreams of restoring and reopening the long abandoned facility as a place for disabled children.

Once there, Laura discovers that the new environment awakens her son's imagination, but the ongoing fantasy games he plays with an invisible friend quickly turn into something more disturbing. Frustrated and unloved, he falls madly in love with an actress in a local theatre production - who just happens to be the English teacher he fired a few days earlier. Tuesday, 5 April Food Programme. Monday, 4 April Festival del Cinema Italiano. Ringrazio Roger per avermi segnalato il festival del Cinema in corso in questo momento a Londra, fino al 10 aprile, presso i Riverside Studios di Hammersmith.

Saturday, 12 March Proiezione di Bellissima. On Friday 25th March at 6. Dreaming of a better life for her family — as a means of escape from the struggles of everyday existence in working-class Rome — she invests everything, including her last penny, into the dream that her daughter will be discovered at an open casting. Tuesday, 8 March Una citazione di Luigi Barzini. In the heart of every man, wherever he is born, whatever his education and tastes, there is one small corner which is Italian, that part which finds regimentation irksome, the dangers of war frightening, strict morality stifling, that part which loves frivolous and entertaining art, admires larger-than-life-size solitary heroes, and dreams of an impossible liberation from the strictures of a tidy existence.

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Friday, 4 March Livemocha. One of my best students, Douglas Corr, has recently sent me this email about Livemocha.

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His email was so thorough and the information so well explained that I thought it deserved to be reproduced "verbatim": Dear Valeria, I read about Livemocha in the buisiness pages of the Independent about 10 days ago, it was in an article about a business venture with Harper Collins. It's roughly a sort of Facebook for language learning I think there are 35 languages! I have been investigating the free functions for Italian and German.

It seems to me to be suitable for beginers up to around the level of our class, but I think there is possibly unlimited potential for conversation. You improve your status on the site by doing exercises and by marking exercises - you get a score and various awards. To make progress you need to find others learning English so that they can help you and you can help them in return - these people become your friends.

This helps you to get your things marked. I marked so much stuff last week I became English Tutor of the Week! This will help to ensure that my requests to be a friend don't get rejected. I have had some very kind encouraging comments from people I haven't tried the Chat yet with microphone ; this seems to me to be potentially the most useful -although a bit daunting to start My objective is to try this out before the end of March.

There seems to be a vast number of people from all countries learning English, especially from China, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Roumania and Russia. There is a much smaller number learning German and less still learning Italian. I'm sure you will find this an exciting learning tool for students. Sunday, 20 February Is the subjunctive on its way to extinction?

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My answer to this question is a resounding no. Leaving aside socio-linguistic considerations, one of the main reasons why the subjective is sometime perceived as awkward is that the first three persons of the singular form are identical, which can lead to ambiguity. Tuesday, 25 January Carpets and walls. Many houses in the UK have carpets, but this is very rare in Italy. That's probably why we had to borrow the French word la moquette to indicate the carpet. But tappeto means rug not carpet!

And did you know that the walls in a house are called pareti? Il muro is a much more generic expression which refers to any wall, in or out of a building. Saturday, 22 January Proiezione di Mar Adentro. On Tuesday 8th February at 6. Tuesday, 18 January Un'altra comunicazione di servizio! The screening of the film Io non ho paura has been rescheduled for Friday 4th February at 6.

Saturday, 15 January Comunicazione di servizio! Unfortunately the DVD player in the Management lecture theatre isn't working at the moment so I'll have to cancel my film screening scheduled for the 19th of January. There will be a new post once the film has been rescheduled.

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Tuesday, 11 January Falsi amici. Should subject be translated as soggetto? It really all depends what you are trying to say. If the subject you are referring to is a grammar concept, than by all means. But if what you are referring to is "topic", than the answer is no , in that case the translation is argomento : Let's change the subject Cambiamo argomento If the subject you have in mind indicates what you study at school or university, for instance mathematics, history etc.

What subjects are you studying at University? Classe , in a school context, indicates a classroom or a grouping of students by age, level or subject. And sadly this is wrong most of the time.. Saturday, 8 January Un commento di Aidan Marks. Pubblico un commento inviatomi da Aidan Marks, che mi ha contattato dopo aver letto il mio libro in Australia.

Lo ringrazio caldamente per le sue parole di apprezzamento. It is a constant game to find answers. Tuesday, 4 January Proiezione di Io non ho paura. On Wednesday 19 January at 6. Putting together what he learns from television, he begins to connect the boy, his own impoverished parents, and a series of unexplained visiting strangers, with a high-profile kidnapping that has the entire nation on edge. Seats allocated on a first come, first served basis. Fammi gli auguri per tutto l'anno: voglio un gennaio col sole d'aprile, un luglio fresco, un marzo gentile, voglio un giorno senza sera, voglio un mare senza bufera, voglio un pane sempre fresco, sul cipresso il fiore del pesco, che siano amici il gatto e il cane, che diano latte le fontane.

Se voglio troppo non darmi niente, dammi una faccia allegra solamente. Rick Stein's Taste of Italian Opera. Tuesday, 28 December Italian noir. Monday, 20 December The good, the bad and the ugly. Have you noticed that buono good is often translated as "bravo" in Italian? Bravo is a multi-faceted word with a variety of meanings, for instance: skilled, clever or well-behaved : It is of course also used to show our delight at a show or performance and should always agree in gender and number : Bravo!

Sunday, 19 December Il panettone.

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Thursday, 16 December Vita e morte a Pompei. Cliccate sul link sottostante per vedere la trasmissione su Pompei andata in onda pochi giorni fa sulla BBC4 disponibile per un tempo limitato! Tuesday, 14 December Natale italiano. Friday, 26 November Titles in politics. If a politician is a minister, you may notice the word Ministro, in front of a surname, or the word Onorevole for a member of the Camera the chamber of deputees. Napolitano ha poi incontrato i familiari delle vittime.

President Napolitano visited the earthwake site. Thursday, 11 November IN. In particular when students put this preposition in front of towns and cities and say for instance in Roma instead of a Roma, in Parigi, instead of a Parigi.

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Thursday, 4 November On the subject of subjects. Based on 1 reviews. Home Not House. Based on 47 reviews. Based on 4 reviews. Le Fate Apartments. Green Line. Based on 89 reviews. Stefi's House. Based on 10 reviews. Sweet And Easy. Bedrooms In Rome Guesthouse. Based on 49 reviews. La Terrazza Di Monteverde. Based on 16 reviews. A Casa di Pe' Casa Vacanze.

Romae Gianicolo.

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