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Manage series By Stin Hansen. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. A makeover for your mind. With over million downloads, Stin is a great one to follow. Play Later. You and you alone are responsible for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Toxic shame crushes self-confidence. It makes you feel small, not good enough and not worthy of love. If feelings of shame and self loathing seem to be your constant companions, this exercise could change the trajectory of your life.

It uses tapping, or EFT. For more info check out mythoughtcoach. Personal guidance to the other side of a panic episode. I got you. Urges and cravings are like waves. They rise, build to a peak, and then fall. Learn how to surf the harmful urges that come instead of giving in and acting on them. This one exercise you could breath new life into your relationships.

More focus and feelings of fulfillment will also be likely side effects. Some extra help getting through a difficult period in your life. Forgiveness is the most rapid road to peace and creativity that I know of. Come to this recording with even just a willingness to forgive, and I will help you the rest of the way.

Your kids will love listening to this; it may become a part of the holiday traditions. From my home to yours. Improve that inner chatter in regards to your body and potential food or binge triggers. When you get where you want to be mentally, the rest is easy. Perfect for party days.

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Regardless of what is going on outside of you, you can still experience joy. It's your very own Minute Christmas Miracle. Bad memories of either previous get togethers, or family drama and pain growing up, can make us feel like we're going crazy. Often they send us right back emotionally to about the age we were when difficult stuff went down. Meditate, release the past, be present, let go and be happy! Pop the fear bubble! What is Reiki? Reiki is soul energy. Reiki is healing.

Reiki is Self-empowerment. Articles published on SelfGrowth. The Blame Game. You Flirt, He Clicks. Contacting Dina Colada If you would like Dina to speak at an event, are interested in private coaching, want to connect for JV partnership, or if you would like any of the other services she offers, please contact Dina Colada at dinacolada gmail. Free Self Improvement Newsletters.

Take This Quiz. Your painkillers could be killing you. Magnetic Acupuncture. Magnetic Fields and Cancer Treatment. It's about what the very term "Virgin Mary" may mean to you. This is my way of raising the level of awareness in the world. Let's mix it all up. Here are just a couple of links if you are interested in more information. I appreciate you for tuning in and trusting me with your precious time. Keep coming back and if you enjoy the content please consider sharing, reviewing and connecting through whatever platform you may be listening from. Religion, sex and Politics My latest article on Medium about the Anchor App may give you some ideas.

Watch out!!! Thoughts on the Full Moon. Moon and water energy Politics, racial discrimination and a little bit of laughter in the mix.

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With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to re-share this emotionally charged conversation. This is not an invitation for political debate but merely a discussion in the hopes of giving the listeners a fresh perspective on the state of our world. Truth never expires, it's ok if we had this conservation awhile ago. Our insights may resonate with you anyway. Thank you Lewis for spending some time with me in this talk. Thank you listeners for trusting me with your time and pushing that PLAY button. Time is the biggest gift we can give each other.

Lewis is currently on a hiatus from social media. We'd like to encourage you to participate in the listener support program that is available and to share with friends any of the content on this show should you feel others may benefit in some way. Live from the March. What are Angel Cards? Why doesn't Doreen Virtue create cards anymore? What do angel cards mean anyway? Join the show for a discussion based on compassion, tolerance and the knowledge that the only thing certain in life is change.

If you are on the Anchor platform please feel free to leave messages any time. If you are tuning in from outside of Anchor please get in touch through your favorite social media platform. Contact me if you would like to collaborate in some way. I am happy to share your voice on this show if there is a topic you are passionate about that aligns with the intent of this show.

I am happy to support other creators if I can. I would so appreciate if you take a moment to review the show and remember you can become a listener supporter if you wish. Have a blessed day. May the angels continue to shine upon you if that's what you believe! There is no grace or beauty in tearing down another's belief system. We are all stronger when we focus on what we DO believe.

I love the support. Stronger With The Truth.

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In this episode we are discussing a heavy subject: removing the stigma associated with depression is one of the goals of this show. If you are in the mood for lighter fare please check a different episode or make sure to come back another day. As always, please pay attention to the episode titles. Please consider leaving a review, subscribing and sharing with friends. You are encouraged to become a listener supporter if you like.

Strong Body Strong Soul on most social media platforms and articles can be found on Medium as well. This is not a political show but awareness and hope are key. No need to message in for a political discussion but calls of support and encouragement are always welcome. I love you!!! Let's make the world a better place! Compassion, forgiveness and respect. Intentional housekeeping. I appreciate your time and support - keep coming back. Today I'm sharing some of my experiences from my years in the concert industry, we are talking about the connection we have to memories through music and we may be inviting some devilish guests onto the show.

Feel free to share my voice with whoever you feel may benefit. I hope I inspire, educate, entertain or in some way help you shift your thinking with my content. Please keep coming back make sure to subscribe so you don't forget about the show. Full Range Maria! I'll talk to you soon. Maria www. What motivates me? Wacky Wednesday —-Bikini Season?? If you like the content I share please consider sharing with others.

Happy Yew Year-Mobile casting, Pink and mottos. Showing some appreciation to my listeners, charts are irrelevant. We are all connected. Keep using YOUR voice to make the world a better place. All Things Must Die. Thursday Card Reading. Get up off that toilet? Tuesday mini ramble. The power of martial arts! Power, focus, strength - all needed but also TRUST - trust that your friends can handle the force you generate. Go all IN don't hold back!!! Persevere - maybe those boards don't break today but with hard work they will!

Selective memory can be a funny thing. Keep breaking those boards - whatever that means in your life. Lose the vocabulary and just move - find what resonates with you. Feel free to stop for a visit if you'd like more information or to read the blog. New articles will be coming soon! Interview about Mindfulness. Samantha Wasserman, Mindfulness Meditation and Executive Coach joins the show for an enlightening conversation. GoLdeb Rule while podcasting. Come check out www. Greatest Showman - awesome!!!!!

Interview With Barbara Faison. Sadly, since the recording of this episode Lacey Barbara's dog has passed away :. Mac Maria's dog is doing great although he's trying to eat Christmas ornaments right now. Thank you for sharing, subscribing and reviewing this show if you enjoy the content. You can also become a proud supporter of this show if you would like to help encourage the production of more great content.

Blessings to you Always! Push play at your own risk Taking the audio technology into a concert in this episode. Happy Holidays! Check out Creators Council show soon for technicall insights. A hot mess today but Reshad Joins the show anyway. I hope my perspective resonates with YOU. Find more content on Instagram, Facebook or check out the www. I appreciate you for tuning in. Please take the time to review this show on whatever platform you may be on.

Let's make OUR world a better place Bless you always! Highs and Lows. Are you hungry for some conversation with me and Awesome Sauce Radio? We are are all about not being perfect and perhaps a little nudity in the mix. Shhhhh don't tell our husbands. Part Three thoughts on using Instagram wisely, science fiction and staying authentic will be released soon.

As always, thanks for tuning in. Thank you for sharing, reviewing and considering being a show supporter. Go to Anchor. If you are an Anchor user please always feel free to message in to the show. Thank you Guru Lupus Warrior for the great interaction and Dewuan too. No matter your religious preference or choice NOT to have any religion -we are all connected.

Supportive Saturday. Welcome Psychic Medium Gail Serna. Join me for a Grace Card Reading today. Faith through the challenges. One of our dear friends lost their home in the recent wildfires. See my episode "Insights on Fire" if you'd like to hear how you can help others in the aftermath of tragedy. I hope you will come back for that enlightening conversation. Tomorrow I will be releasing an interview with psychic medium Gail Serna. We will be talking about some serious topics with a mind to hope, faith and connection. Thank you for tuning in and please remember to submit a review of this show if you can and consider being a sponsor of this show as well.

I appreciate your time so very much. Wacky Wednesday at the Movies. Movie reviews, Girl Scout cookies, inappropriate humor and banned from Instagram. Sharing Other Voices. Some of the voices you will hear are from across the globe and some from just across the U. I appreciate the listeners so very much. If you are on Anchor please feel free to call in any time and if outside the app you can get in touch through a variety of other platforms. Instagram YouTube Facebook website www. Today the show is a full range conversation with Trudy Newell of Confession and Denial.

She is a fellow podcaster and musician. She joins me from Australia for a conversation about technical issues, energy healing, Meditation and a variety of topics. Feedback is always welcome. The Yellow Seahorse. Angel Card Reading: Assertiveness. Thank you for stopping by the show. For more about Maria check www. Is nothing Sacred??? Happy thanksgiving. Focus on our similarities-diversity, change and evolution. I appreciate you for listening. Fire Insights. Welcome Monday! Thank you so much for listening!!!

Sharing Chakra Meditation. The more I give the more I receive! Sharing one of my workshops with you! Join me for an explanation and chanting meditation. Bless you all! Looking for Peace and Strength. We are safe! The heart chakra. Angels, Joe Dispenza and Laughter. The Heroes Project. The Heroes Project is an amazing organization that has programs to help support severely injured military soldiers. In this episode I am describing the organization and why it is so important to our family. This is our 4th Cycling event in a row for them!

My son Reilly was able to get out of his wheelchair in 6th grade but many of these brave souls will never be the same. Will you help us raise funds for them? How is it that the kids change so much but the grownups always looks the same? I truly appreciate your time. You can find out more about what I do or reach me through www. High and lows packed into a ramble of thanks for listeners such as Jason, Trudy and ok, even Dewuan.

Energy is all around us despite the air conditions units and other distractions in life. Center yourself and tune in.

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Have a beautiful day! November 1 Card Reading. Welcome to an angel Card Reading. Thank you Doreen Virtue for creating these beautiful cards. Many episodes are available on this show.

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Halloween Wacky Wednesday. Happy Halloween! Be safe, be happy, be healthy. Please choose another episode if you are in a serious mood. Spooky stories can be found on the show in the last few episodes or if you want more silly feel free to shop around for anything marked "Wacky Wednesday". New Meditations are often shared on Sunday evenings. Yes, that's right - full range Maria here at the show. Feel free to get in touch if you ever have any comments or requests that you would like to share.

Awareness of the truth, poverty knows no color. Awareness of our own shortcomings and generalizations. Let's use our voices and the power of love, peace and humanity to connect and raise the world. Despite our differences we are all so connected. Thank you to the Daughters of Divine Love for your beautiful work in this world. Sister Victoria - the vibration of you love and energy is rippling across the planet. Thank you for sharing God's great love with so many.

You help give us hope in a troubled world! You can find me at www. Saturday night Ramble. Friday Ramble!!! Friday ramble and some calls. Listen to the people around you Say something nice to someone today. Please take time to review, share or send in messages if you can strongbodystrongsoul gmail. Singing from across the globe, a little Anchor techie challenge talk and a little HP Lovecraft It's a wild ride today nudity may be involved. I appreciate you for stopping by the show Thank you to all the amazing people who contributed their beautiful voices to this compilation today.

I hope you have fun listening. Reviews, shares and comments are so appreciated too. Watch out, just a little encouragement can inspire me even more!!! If you enjoy the ride please considering donating to that virtual tip jar. Blessings to you always!! Tuesday affirmations and Bone Density Interview. Affirmations, eating disorders and a hopeful interview about bone density. Thank you Holly Butler for being on the show today.

How does your body know what to do? You can undermine its natural function. Country, hip hop, european dance music, heavy metal? What's your preference? Hear from some of my favorite content creators and what about that guy in the pink princess dress? Yes, it's kind of a crazy show today. Happy Supportive Saturday! Just a little over a week away from Halloween This platform is an amazing place to mix it up with other creators out here. Hey YOU!! I hope you are having fun tuning in.

Thanks for your patience with the ranges. If you like what I'm putting out here please give me some encouragement by sending me messages through whatever platform you are most comfortable with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Medium yes I have articles there ranging from spirituality, Anchor technology glitches, personal training pointers and currently SPOOKY is in the mix. Please subscribe over there if inclined and I would love it if you took a moment to share a review of this show on whatever platform you are tuning in from.

What is a Tulpa? Ashley from the Anonymity Project joins me for an enlightening conversation. Compassion for all belief systems. I'm so proud of Ashley for speaking her truth! Please feel free to get in touch through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or the website at www. I'd love to hear from you! Stay healthy, happy and strong!

Please take a moment to share a review of this show on whatever platform you may be tuning in from. Feel free to share the show across other social medial platforms too! It's easy - just click and past the link. Thursday ramble. Psychic Abilities. Psychic thoughts by Ashley at the Anonymity Project. It's a wild ride today -- covering a full range of music from Metallica, to Wynona Judd, Billy Squire and more. Compassion for all musical choices.

We are starting by talking about the link between Clive Barker and HP Lovecraft and we are ending with musical reflections from the Sacred Elements album reminding us to be kind to the earth. Let's be kind and support one another! Let's be kind and forgive each other even when some of us sing and really shouldn't :. Please feel free to find more content on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook or send a message through www. So many different ways of thinking, of operating in the world. Tulpas, psychics, vegans - diversity makes the world go round!!

Ashley from the Anonymity Project is a part of today's episode-our full interview will be released later in the week. She will be explaining what a Tulpa is and what it means in her life. Compassion, tolerance, respect for others Spirituality For All on Facebook is a closed group Please feel free to review, share and comment on any of my content.

Thank you, thank you! Daily Affirmation-Needs. In this episode Im sharing an affirmation. Come back later if you'd like spooky story fun. Hello Monday! This meditation is designed to gain awareness of your posture. Please breathe at your own pace, no pressure, no rules. We will open our energy channels and ground them gently at the end. Of course, feel free to listen to this one as often as you like and share it with others. Please consider writing a review for this show so that more listeners know that peace is here for them as well.

Peace to you always! Ileane Smith. She has been helping creators grow their podcasts for many years. Livestreaming, where to go for guidance and no, she doesn't work FOR Anchor. Ileane The Anchor Show. Her favorite platform? This is the full length song 4. This was the background song to my Authenticity Can Cause Pain episode.

Saturday Ramble. Angels, Devils and the Rosary-mixing it all up today. There is no beauty or grace in tearing down anyone else's belief system. I'm sharing my perspective in the hopes of inspiring the listeners to evaluate what THEY believe in. Pay attention to the titles so you know what you are getting into. Please share and subscribe if you enjoy the kind of content I offer.

Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep, Create Your Destiny Hypnosis for Law of Attraction

If you'd like to read some of the content you can visit Medium, Essentials for Healthy Living Magazine or my blog at www. I invite you to listen to a Native American poem about nature. I feel such a connection to nature that I express through photography, feel free to browse my Instagram page at mariahumphreys The devil has inspired this episode. Since it's October we are going with spooky silliness. I hope you have fun listening today. If you would prefer more serious content there are many choices available on this show. Please pay attention to the episode titles. Friday we will be welcoming Ms.

She has been generous with her time and social media expertise as always. Come back and tune in to that interview - enlightening content will be offered. Thank you so very much for stopping by. Feel free to get in touch through www. Meditations are also available on YouTube. Please comment share and subscribe if you enjoy the content. I appreciate your support and encouragement. We are discussing teen depression and ideas of how we can help. Please visit www. I'm sure they would love it if you looked them up. Thank you so much for tuning in.

Your time is so appreciated!! Maria is a wife, mother of teens, teacher and content creator passionate about helping others consider new ways of thinking. She is NOT a therapist and encourages anyone with serious issues to seek professional help. Please feel free to message the show through Anchor or reach out through other platforms including email strongbodystrongsoul gmail. Reviews of the show are greatly appreciated. Episode - Welcome Back Bobby. Welcome Bobby from Lighthouse Reflections. Ideas about God and being a BadAss. Use your voice, trust your wings, perfection isn't the goal - you already ARE.

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Thursday Ramble. Thoughts on despair and hope. Ripples across the globe. Register for Sounds True Event this week. Joanna Macy today!! Active HOPE. Wacky Wednesday. This is a silly episode full of wacky content ranging from "what NOT to say If you are in a more introspective mood please tune in to a different episode. If you are new to the show - Uh Oh - this is not the usual fare.

Guided meditations, spiritual card readings, sometimes health and fitness, inspiring stories and interesting interviews are usually on the menu. Feel free to peruse the offerings. If you've been here for awhile and enjoy the content I provide, please consider writing a review of the show on whatever platform you are on. Aspire magazine has been known to publish my writing as well. In this episode you are invited to an interview with Grateful and Company. We are discussing HOPE even in in the face of depression. Caroline, the founder of Grateful and Company is passionate about raising awareness of mental health challenges on college campuses.

Releasing regret, blame and moral indignation in exchange for solution based thinking. I appreciate YOU for being here. Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or comments about the content on this show. Reviews and shares are awesome-YOU are awesome!! In this episode you are invited to a discussion with Priestess Vanessa from Australia. She is a Tantrica, she has helped many people process their sexual energy in a respectful, intuitive way. She is amazing!

Listener discretion is advised. Terminology not used in the regular course of conversation is included. Vanessa can be found on Instagram at be. Gender differences, sexual body parts and determining healthy boundaries will be discussed. Vanessa Passov. Traditional Chinese medicine is a big part of her practice. Some of the topics we discuss are our toxic environment, inflammation, the energy of food, resistance to change and how meditation can help.

Compassion for our behavior and willingness to grow and accept help when we figure out we need it, all part of the human experience. I appreciate Dr. Passov for taking the time for this discussion and I hope to have more with her in the future.