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Sir Winston S. Added to basket. View basket Checkout. Painting as a Pastime Hardback. Never Give In! Marlborough: Bk. My African Journey Paperback. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Not you? Forgotten password? Forgotten password Use the form below to recover your username and password.

New details will be emailed to you. Simply reserve online and pay at the counter when you collect. I am also looking for what was written on their hat ribbons, and what if any kind of rifles the men were issued. Any information or suggestions would be a great help. From: Ms Vicky House e-mail: eotoolevc gmail. Date posted: 3 September Further to my enquiries on this iste in and for information on Edmund O'Toole VC, I have been researching him for 10 years, with regards to working out if he was a relation of mine or not, as a family tale goes.

So far I have not found the right answers to this question, but in the mean time I have found out a lot of personal information about him, which I have now put onto a website. All enquiries I will do my best to answer. The website is still work in progress, but for now I hope other interested people will contact me if they require any further information or would like to update their own websites - that list him.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in updating their information on him. I hope my research will now answer so many questions we have had about him for the last odd years since the Zulu War in Amature Genealogist - Vicky House. From: Vincent Phipson e-mail: vince. My question is; were the Maxims used in the Matabele wars or calibre? I have posed this one to various people and got differing answers. From: Tomas Gustafsson e-mail: tomasgusta gmail. My latest project concerns the Scandinavian ambulance in the second boer war. Would anybody with information kindly contact me?

From: Maria Pace Lucioli Ottieri e-mail: mpottieri gmail. Many of those brave soldiers were killed, many others wounded. I would like to find some memories of the survivors and a description of the battle from someone who was there. From: Caroline Barnard e-mail: caroline novanilla. Rodgers, W. Lees, W. Navigator slightly wounded in leg. Alan needs to establish what Hugh's status is i. Alan's email is aghogden aol. From: Frank Estment e-mail: estment telkomsa. He lived all his adult life in the Plumtree district and served with the Rhodesian forces in the "Boer" War during which he and others were sent to guard the railway line from Mafeking to Bulawayo.

He was wounded in the calf of one leg by an "accidental discharge" during this period and either then or later was awarded the "Efficiency Decoration" details of this would be welcome. I would be glad to have any information about him, such as rank, Platoon details, comrades, photos, etc. He died when I was 22 and did not talk much about his time in what was then Bechuanaland.

He looked after a nephew Douglas Randal in the early 's, put him through Plumtree School and was immensely proud of his protege who was one of the early Rhodes Scholars graduating from Oxford. I will respond to all persons providing any information. From: Jason Renshaw e-mail: jrenshaw colesrefrigeration. He told the Doctor no way in hell would he surrender and procured some rations and made good his escape. I would be eternally grateful for any information or photos or memories of his army service or the Durham Light Infantry service on Kos during World War Two.

He has written in his diaries that he was given a boat by a Greek fisherman who used to serve in the British Merchant Navy before the War. Whilst they were readying the boat for the dash to Turkey approx 7 fully armed and kitted out South African air men including a Colonel and a Sergeant emerged from hiding and endeavoured to confiscate the boat.

After a tense stand-off they all set off. I would also like to know the names if possible or if any of those South African Air Force personnel would have any documentation or diaries of their escape with Harrison. On arrival in Turkey a Turkish soldier led them all into the mountains through to the port of Boderum. From there on in I do not know where they ended up, but Grandfather boarded a small boat and was sent to Egypt to meet up with a British Garrison. Sometimes, the letters are written in advance and posted home with instructions only to be opened in the event of my death.

Others are written as a soldier lies wounded on a battlefield or hospital. Does anyone know of any letters that could fit this remit, relating to the Boer War? Or does anyone have contacts where I could search for such letters? Any help or advice would be gratefully received. From: Linky Smith e-mail: linky yebo. I was hoping somebody can help me with photographs of the beautiful victorian wooden houses with corrugated iron on the outside that used to line Lyttleton Road.

We first lived in number 1 and later in number 7. But any photographs of these particular houses in "Roberts Heights" will be welcome. Cell: Fax: From: Peter Kassak e-mail: peterkassak2gmail. Can anyone share memories, photos and data about crews, planes that joined these dangerous night operations? Any help would be much appreciated. In replying please replace 2 with From: Nicky e-mail: nflint geoscience.

My grandfather, Malcolm Rex Flint joined the Guard around where he moved through the ranks, including Company Sergeant Major. He was then seconded to the British Forces during WW2. He was involved in the armoured car division. Due to the circumstances surrounding Malcolm's death, I have never really heard anything about my grandfather, nor are there any photographs. Apologies for the long story below but it may make the task easier or prompt a memory Major Edwin Swales VC DFC and the Rangitata pilot contingent My interest in my late father's wartime involvement was sparked by a Dutch military historian who had gone to considerable lengths to corroborate his information with an entry in my fathers flying logbook and, while looking for information, I found the attached photograph mounted in an album with a number of signatures including Edwin Swales, on the page.

The lack of detail relating to the picture was intriguing and created a challenging project which, although incomplete, suggests that the group in the picture, many of whom were seconded to the RAF, made an illustrious if not major contribution to South African military history during WW2. One desperately sea sick pilot apparently remained in Montevideo. Edwin Swales is one of 29 signatures and, whilst it may be impossible to identify all of the individuals in the photograph 66 years later, the signatures provided a base to work off and, one of the signatories, Capt AM Cooke DFC, provided useful but incomplete information regarding names.

Reduced Photograph The 30 names highlighted on the list below include my late father and pilots who signed the picture. Full detail for eight pilots is missing although all are confirmed as being in photograph. But there are hopefully others, including relatives or historians able to add pieces to this incomplete puzzle and, corrections or additions to the list of names, as amongst others, if there are any other signed photograph album pages in existence; they are likely to have a unique set of signatures. I hope that someone has additional information in one form or another to enable an illustrious page of SAAF wartime history to be preserved with accuracy.

From: Chris e-mail: zanitazoe yahoo. His obituary states that he was in the volunteer corps in the Kaffir War. As this war finished in he must have been in it for this year. From: Matt Davie e-mail: matt. Can anyone provide any maps, narratives especially from the Boer perspective , pictures or generally any further information on this confrontation. Thank you all for any help that can be provided. From: John MacMahon e-mail: ronjonma optusnet. I rather imagine that a fair few of the survivors or their relatives ended up in South Africa. The site is well regarded and is even recommended by the NIH regimental history site.

It contains unit dairies, war stories, casualties and roll call including photos of then-serving personnel and scenes from their time in France which my nephew, Philip Tardif, has been able to gather from the relatives of those who served. I would be most appreciative if there is anyone who has any detail of the NIH in WWI, who would be willing to make this available. We are especially interested in photos to supplement those already on the site.

Anyone who is able to assist could get in touch with me or directly with Philip at philliptardif taniaparkes. M HAMM. Are there any records of prisoners anywhere? From: Dan Lyon e-mail: danlyon globalnet. Another website has the same information but shows him as a Private, which I very much doubt could have been the case. I would like to know a little more about a the Native Barotse Regiment : was it the same as the Rhodesia Native Regiment? What was it involved in up to December in general, and in early December in particular?

I would be very grateful for whatever help you can give, either about his military career or indeed about his civilian life - residence, occupation, marriage, children. Of course, if anyone has a studio portrait photograph of him! Latter Grothaus Heinrich Christiaan W. It is my understanding he retired from the SA military as a Colonel.

From: Stephen Bowker e-mail: stephenbowker telkomsa. Their aircraft, a Boston of 24 Squadron was damaged when another aircraft collided with them. Their plane had to peel off and leave the formation. Unfortunately a German fighter was lurking around and shot them down. My Dad and this gentleman were fortunate enough to bail out but the pilot and observer died in the impending crash.

From: Derek Turner e-mail: hardeepturner googlemail. Unfortunately all I have left of him are his medals MC and various campaign medals. I would love to know more about his history. I know that he was taken by Rommel after Tobruk, but have no idea to which camp he was sent, or indeed of much else.

Any help would be appreciated, including any reference pointers or former comrades reminiscences. From: Iain Wilkinson e-mail: iain wilkinsonclan. I am writing the history of the Oldham Volunteers and also their role in the Anglo-Boer war. They were attached to the 1st Manchester Regiment and took part in the Battle of Bergendal. From: Mark Scott e-mail: mark tags. This person is my great grandfather and Lyn Wood would be able to help me with certain genealogy issues I have.

I am trying to track down the location of the transit camp the men were held in on the Peloponnese following this tragedy. From: Bruce de Saxe e-mail: fairland mweb. If anyone has any info, pics, stories etc pertaining to this squadron or any of its crew members I would really appreciate hearing from you.

I know alot of the basic info that is out there now but if anyone knows anything new I would be glad to hear from them. It's been 10 years since my last message on this notice board see below and due to email change I may not of heard from you before. I would welcome any details or contact from anyone who feels they may have a connection to him.

Regards Vicky House, England. Date: Tue, 7 Dec Deed on 3rd July at Ulundi, Zululand along with Capt. Beresford saved a NCO's life. In thebook by Ian S. Uys it says that in Edmund is recorded at being a Trooper under Capt. Heany at a Pioneer Coloumn in Mashonaland, Rhodesia. All six men died and their bodies were laid to rest in the local cemetery. At that time, only five crew member was positively identified by the German authorities. The local Belgian people paid tribute to the airmen's sacrifices, flowers were laid on their graves and crosses erected.

After the war all six of the bodies were identified, and they are now at the Commonwealth War Cemetery of Heverlee, Belgium. A thin ground fog hampered the accurate aiming for the bombing load. Beside that, they were attacked by several German night fighters. It is highly probable that the plane broke apart. I do not need specifics on personnel, but a clear indication of the fact and numbers involved will assist me a great deal. More detail will be welcome as well. I have compiled a nominal roll and have various bits of information from War Diaries etc. Officers Commanding e. Cols Harvey, Bouwer, Brink, Armstrong , names, dates, photos etc.

His name was Ashley Murgatroyd. I'm not sure if he was in the South African army or perhaps from the UK. From: Bruce Cherry e-mail: d. If any one has either information or suggestions of where I might find such I would be very pleased to hear from them. From: Peter R Dreyer e-mail: prdreyer embarqmail.

We have a photograph of him as one of the men lining the route at the victory parade in Tripoli in January as Churchill, Montgomery, and Alexander drive past in an open car. At some point--it may have been in Sicily--he suffered minor wounds. I know little of his military service and would very much like to know more. From: Joan Bailie e-mail: stevebailie webmail. I met some members of the Senekal family many years ago in Senekal.

I would like to obtain information on his family-tree and also of his descendants. If possible I would like to make contact with any living descendants of his. Any information would be most appreciated. I am working on the subject about Mayotte during the second world war. I had informations from the R. From: Kathy Gatenby e-mail: kathy. Information required in respect to a book being written on a soldier who fought, and survived, this battle.

From: Dr Mauro Almaviva e-mail: mauro realnet. Date posted: 12th November While hiking on Sondeza Range in Northern Swaziland close to South Africa border, we came across a block of melted lead with bullets and cartridges incorporated within. It was in the middle of a bush forest without signs of human presence. We believed that, during preparation of bullets, an unwanted fire somehow melted the lead and cartridges and bullets. The bullets are about 1. Although not experts, we think that these are old rifle's bullets and cartridges it was gold mining area at the end of 19th Century.

We would like to know if there are weapon history experts who, sending pictures of bullets and of remaining of cartridges with size markers next to them can tell us which type of rifle was and possibly the period? I am a retired U. I hold a Ph. In addition to over published articles and book reviews, I have written or edited six books. I am now compiling a comprehensive bibliography of the Anglo-Zulu War, and have completed over pages so far. Many members of the South African Military History Society are experts and very knowledgeable in this field. My goal is to compile the most comprehensive and useful Zulu War bibliography as possible, and I want to highlight the contributions of the British Army and "colonial" soldiers involved, and include books and journal articles written in South Africa and by South African historians.

I would be grateful, and will acknowledge by name in writing in this book, the excellent assistance and any information one can provide. Thank you. Raugh, Jr. Lieutenant Colonel, U. Army Ret. From: Dick de Scally e-mail: descally quicknet. He died in Benoni in In he ended up in Europe where he married a girl from Holland, my grandmother. One of them is my grandfather Thomas de Scally from Klerksdorp and the other one is a certain Willie Klesse of Lydenburg.

In Thomas de Scally went back to South Africa. His wife had passed away in the meantime and his son, my father was left with his maternal grandparents. Any information will be gratefully acknowledged. From: William Gould e-mail: williamgould hotmail. He came from Rondebosch, lived in Sandown Road. From: John Hart e-mail: Hartj ukzn. Does anyone know of any references concerning this topic? From: Marilyn Honikman e-mail: marilyn. Alexander Pebble Stone No. Alexander Stone from No. His nickname was Pebble. The last letter we have from him was written in December I think he was shot down shortly after this letter was written.

My grandparents were told he was missing presumed dead. I was born after his death but have a box of his letters. I would like to write a story about him for my grandchildren and great nephews and nieces and would like to hear from anyone who knew him or knew of him. From: Felicity Phelan e-mail: felicity. From: Angus Trumble e-mail: angus. William Porter Finlay's uncle his mother's brother was The Hon. William Porter, attorney-general at the Cape from to William Porter Finlay led an extraordinarily interesting life, and eventually ended up as a sergeant-major in the U.

Army fighting the Mormons in Utah. He eventually published a short series of cheerful despatches in the Saint Louis Leader in December , in one of which he recalled that on Christmas Eve, "I was on the banks of the Kel [River], far in the interior of southern Africa, in the British army, engaged in the Caffre war.

Talbot was the main vehicle supplier to the RNAS. I am looking for information on the activities of this squadron. Is this written about anywhere? Are there any photos I have a photo of them leaving Kensington? Any help will be much appreciated. From: Janet Szabo e-mail: szaboj sabc. Please e-mail me at: bedstone hotmail. Wheatley, J. I'd be interested in speaking to people with a similar interest as well as descendents of the early gunmakers J. Hayton and others who may have some family history and knowledge on the origin and development of the Cape Gun, which was centred around Grahamstown in the mid s.

I can be reached on or mark awsolutions. The nominal role for the camp of January has the South Africans below present. I am trying to find personal notes, diaries, letters and photographs from the march. I am also interested in learning where they were captured. Finally any photographs of them, which will help me identify people in the photographs I already have of the POWs.

Died in freak accident, at Rundu, drowned. Stepson of Mr. Killed in action, in Sector 10, landmine. Son of Mr. Special Memorial. Killed in action, Ops Askari, claymore mine detonated. Hanekom Hanekom, BP. Civilian, Died 16 Mar Rand Rebellion Hanekom, Johannes Petrus. Rand Rebellion. Pieter Albertus.

Are you sure?

Burgerlike, Civilian Died 16 Mar He also mentioned a fourth brother while all the other sources I could find only mention three. I would like to try and find out everything I can about the men mentioned above. From: ianmackersey e-mail: imp ihug. Ian would welcome hearing from anyone who knows the whereabouts of any private diaries and papers that these men may have left.

It should be recorded as part of our heritage. He became the Lt. He was in command of the army in the frontier region from to In early he resigned his post and died on St. Helena on 6 March on his way home to England. He was a Delville Wood survivor, joining in till his discharge due to illness in My request may seem a little unusual, but it is important that I have the correct context for the events of this man's life. The hospital was the "Con. I have learnt that Australian and British soldiers used to be sent home if they contracted a Venereal Disease, primarily to shame them and set an example to other soldiers.

But it appears it may have been a different situation for South African soldiers serving abroad, given this man's records which indicates he did get treatment and was then dispatched to fight in Europe. I am also interested in the impact of the Flu Pandemic on South African troops during the war as this man also succumbed to Flu a few times, and it ultimately brought about his discharge due to ill health. The man I am researching did in fact contract Influenza while serving abroad in and was hospitalised for it in Etaples.

I am looking for my grand father Keith Alexander American. He apparently resided in Los Angeles - we estimate that he is between the ages of 85 and 90years. I am hoping to get in touch with any of his family should he be deceased. He married my grand mother who is an Oldrieve. I do not know her name If anyone has any information about the RAF pilots in Pietersburg - or how I can get further info regarding my grand father - please email me on howard hambatravel. The book will cover the history of women's service and include their own stories. If you know of any who served, please pass on my request.

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I'm ex-SAAF myself s. Thank you From: Brian Austin e-mail: abkaustin aol. This affiliation lasted until South Africa declared itself a republic in I am looking for the descendants of Brig. If anyone has any information please e-mail me. From: Hein Geldenhuys e-mail: manyoka lantic. I am also an avid racing pigeon enthusiast. So obviously, if the two interests meet, I am all ears! Van den Bergh The Secret Service during the Anglo-Boer War Despite watchfulness in Johannesburg and Pretoria which led to discoveries of caches of arms and explosives and carrier pigeons for communication with the advancing British forces, all efforts in this field were foredoomed to failure.

In particular I would like to ascertain exactly how he met his death. If you can help with any further details in regard to Lieutenant Morrison please contact me. The Boma has been demolished and the location of the contents are at present unknown. A history can be seen on the web-site at mjackson.

My thesis is looking at the differences in experiences between the South African troops in France to the South African troops in East Africa from to As part of my thesis I need to look at firsthand accounts of South African soldiers. I would be grateful if anyone that has firsthand papers like diaries or letters to allow me access to them. This would be a great help in the writing of my thesis.

From: Allan Sadler e-mail: morrisc global. I am visiting South Africa at present and would very much like to contact old friends with whom I served in I am staying with friends in Honeydew, Johannesburg and can be contacted on the following telephone numbers up to the end of October or or on this email address. I am visiting the Cape from the 31st October until the 28th November and would very much like to renew friendships.

According to my records he was awarded one of two Kimberley Star medals in gold; the mayor of Kimberley was awarded the other. From: morne. Does anybody know about this?

I have memoribilia. We beat Wales 17 - Any info welcome! Morne Strydom From: Clara Thomson e-mail: cethomson hotmail. I am researching my family tree and am proud to find out that she travelled from Lancashire in England to be a nurse in South Africa. From: Phillip Scheepers e-mail: phillip.

It is my understanding that this form of tombstone placement is used by the CWGC when soldiers died together in a single incident and where it was not possible to identify individual bodies. The soldiers in question all died on 14 October Losing ten soldiers in a single incident would probably have sent shock waves through the South African contingent in the Western Desert and I am sure that an account of how they were killed must be available somewhere, I just haven't been able to lay my hands on one as yet.

The information is needed for an upcoming book and any help will be gratefully received and properly acknowledged. Phillip Scheepers From: David Goshen e-mail: ddgoshen zahav. She had a son by the name of Julius. Unfortunately I do not have the family name. Contact was also maintained with Julius after he returned to USA but all that generation has passed away. I was a small boy at the time and do not recall exactly what year it may have been. He joined the Royal Merchant Navy and sailed off to Britain in From: Leona Geeves e-mail: gleona optusnet.

In one of the letters home he writes "A charming South African officer from Johannesburg took me under his wing and entertained me lavishly. He provided me with a truck and driver, took me to the exclusive Sporting Club where we sat beneath the palms and drank American tinned beer.

He and his troop were just fresh from victories in Abyssinia: finally I went out to his camp and gave a talk to his lads. Altogether I had a marvelous time combining pleasure with work. From: Warren Loader e-mail: sewalorest absamail. The Officers Mess and the two stable blocks and the hospital quarters are now the boys dining hall. Artifacts are virtually found on a daily basis and are housed in the schools unique museum. The school boys have collected literally hundreds of horse shoes over the years and we think that it would be a good idea to weld them together into an obelisk and dedicate it to all the horses that met their fate here.

This whole idea came about when I read some literature written by the Commanding Officer and chief veterinary officer, James Carless. He estimated that it was possible that up to 30 horses were buried at Weston Commonage between He states that horses offloaded at Durban were shipped to Mooi River where they were destroyed due to glanders and mange.

After the war, captured horses were delivered to Mooi River and thousands were destroyed due to their pathetic condition. In the 's 8 lorry loads of bones were exhumed and taken away to make bone meal. There are still vast mounds near the river where horses are buried.

Horse shoes and bones are found scattered all over the veld. We would like to plan the unveiling of the memorial sometime next year, but would like to co-ordinate it so that as many interested parties as possible would be able to attend. Any interested parties who may like to attend can contact me at the above e-mail address. Any other information on No.

Please at any time come and visit this unique school and its Museum. Tour groups would also be most welcome. Maybe someone could solve the mystery of the stolen British gold which is said to be buried here at Weston! From: Leena McCombe e-mail: leena sentiero. He was born in Alexandria, Scotland on 26th February , moved to South Africa in and died in I know he was married to Doris and she was last known to have lived in Harare, Zimbabwe.

From: Maxine e-mail: jmbrough cable-lynx. For years I have been trying to locate a great uncle, and his son. The uncle would be deceased of course now , but the family completely lost track of him and his descendants. He usually went by the name "Leslie". He was born in April in Buckinghamshire England. I believe he continued in the Civil Service after that.

He married Nora Mary Ludwig. Nora died in This is all the information I have and I have been completely unsuccessful in finding out any more.

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Any leads would be greatly appreciated. From: Clint e-mail: clint. I would like one or some old remains of one I could use to start my restoration project with - condition does not matter. I have the Roll of Honour details but nothing of the skirmishes, strengths of the forces involved, nor the results of the battles. From: Francois Greeff e-mail: Goodgreeff hiddencode. I am researching the entire family Greeff, and would be glad to hear of any other medals awarded to Greeff people.

All replies welcome. If not from yourself, then an incident from a friend or family member. Naval stories will be gratefully appreciated. I have had a lot of success in his post war career as registrar at Rhodes University but have drawn a blank on his military service, could any member please point me in the right direction I have tried the national archives in Kew, England with no success.

From: Marius van Zyl e-mail: ctgbuff yahoo. Cartwright ICI. A History. Have no clue as to the author. Where and when? Who, what, where and when, please. My information stops at the. My list ends at I need more info on Begbies Foundries. Can anybody help? Vercuiel conocophillips. You can forward or contact Patricia on vercuiel canada.

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Date posted: 25th March Looking for information on Thomas Brennan who was photographed in the Cape in about Captain Conner is on the right and Thomas is on the left. The writing at the back is too faint to decipher. Any information, please! From: "Midge" e-mail: midge23 iinet. Forbes, an indecisive man and "By the book" soldier, refused to move till daylight but sent 21 men under Capt Borrow as reinforcements. Most of these men came from the new settlement at Salisbury. All were to die because of Forbes' ineptitude. Contrary to popular belief 3 men did escape death before the remaining men were finally killed and these were sent in a last bid to get help and if that failed to tell of the stand being made by Wilson and his men.

These 3 against all odds broke out and got back across the flooding Shangani River. I have information on the 2 Americans and am looking for information on the Australian, Gooding. From: Uwe Wild e-mail: uwe. From: Jan Britton e-mail: jan. It almost certainly relates to his military service in the 1 Bn. From: June Kurtz e-mail: jkurtz uclan. From: Colyn Brookes e-mail: cedwardb mweb. If anyone has information on the location of the following places, please let me know.

I am looking for help in obtaining plans, drawings or information regarding the vehicle itself and more precisely the interior : Ford V8 engine under the bonnet, WS 19 and WS radio, driver's place, turret, etc I would be most grateful for any information, contact point other than the official one, which never replies , pics of the two vehicles mentioned above, ISCOR plans of the hull, Dorman Long assembly lines, etc I would gladly reimburse anyone for this type of material and would be most grateful for any sources of information readers might be able to refer me to.

From: Ian Meadows e-mail: i. Haskins on the rim. No-one in the family knows this man or how we have his medals, but I am trying to find out about him because if he has any family, maybe they would like his Medals back. I have tracked down that the 10th Infantry in S. From: Gideon van Eeden e-mail: drstrangelove ananzi. Are you currently serving or a veteran of operations in Iraq or Afghanistan? Would you like to share your experiences with the people back home? We want to know your story! I am a writer and an avid supporter of South African soldiers, where ever they may be.

I would like to tell your story to other South Africans as I believe you are often misunderstood and act as emissaries on our behalf in a plight that affects the entire world, perhaps in a manner and degree that is yet to unfold. Will you give us an opportunity to hear your side of the story and gain a better understanding?

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We can communicate via email or snail mail. Please understand that it is my intention to represent you in a truthful and compassionate manner and that your anonymity is assured if you prefer it so. I am also more than willing to discuss the work with you in detail. I am researching the following man and I am trying to establish his connection with Aberdeen.

Corporal Robert A. I cannot find the location on any atlas, possibly Henriou-Bassouts is the French version or spelling of the place-name? I am keen to identify his birthplace, also any comments on the role of a French soldier in that theatre of operations would be appreciated.

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The University of Aberdeen launched a web-site yesterday to coincide with Remembrance Sunday, dedicated to students, graduates and staff who died during the First World War. There was quite a detailed obituary for Robert Dieterlen, including a photograph. In he was a Divinity student at Aberdeen and in he was serving as a missionary in Barotseland when he returned to fight for France. It is not often research ends with such a result.

I am trying to do research for a book on operation Savannah and need help with parabats who were north of Luanda as well as connecting with fellow Recces who knew me. Old photographs of the first factory, dates, headstamps, history of when factory started when first supplied or manufactured civilian and military ammunition. Frederick was a Lieutenant in the "4th Victoria Imperial Bushmen".

He survived the war and returned to his native South Africa and I believe became a director of a company 'Rand Mines Properties'. This regiment, formed in , comprised mainly British, South African and the then Rhodesian volunteer troops. As their name suggests they raided and supported raiders mainly in Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania and Italy. As most of the official regimental records were destroyed when the regiment disbanded in , establishing the ops they took part in is proving to be very difficult. As the years pass their story is being lost and these chaps in my view have not had there deserts as other, special forces e.

Telephone 44 0 The Bn landed at Tanga in November then quickly withdrew with the rest of Indian Expeditionary Force B to British East Africa, where it served on operations until sent to South Africa for three months recuperation in the Spring of Having recently had my first book published related to the Military Burials in the Western Cape, I am currently busy with the Northern Cape.

After two trips to Kimberley including several places within a kilometer radius of the city I am planning to visit Namaqualand etc in April I have a large number of photographs on file and any information relating to these constructions would be most welcome. He is interested in corresponding with people who can provide any information or assistance to his project and can be contacted on email or at PO Box , Batman VIC , Australia.

I also seek information on the movement of any military animals, imported or country grown, from South Africa to India after the Boer Wars. Experiments were apparently stopped because the cross breed did not create a strong enough back. There is evidence that research into cross breeding with zebras was started in South Africa for farming reasons. The tse-tse fly made it difficult to keep horses alive while the wild Zebra is not infected.

On about October 3rd having with two other officers jumped from a cattle truck taking POWs from Sulmona to Germany, we were walking south-east in the Abbruzzi mountains east of Rome. That afternoon we saw a man taking a bath in a small pool further up the valley and after some thought decided to investigate. He turned out to be one of a small group of South Africans from a POW camp further North who were occupying a small hut near the pool. They very kindly kept us near their fire over night, fed us bread and potatoes, and supplied liberal amounts of red wine.

They told us where we were and, vitally, explained that the Italian civilians would generally be helpful - we had not then made serious contact. If anyone remembers the event or knows who the South Africans were I would be very happy to contact and thank them again. I was a Lt in the British Army at the time.

Denys Simmons. I have completed my work on Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry but would always welcome any correspondence regarding this unit. Please note that my email address regarding the TMI has changed to this address. He may have been Rhodes physician at some point, although this is only a family rumour at the moment. He is said to have fought in the Boer war but whether this was a combative role or served as a doctor I do not know. He was born in Belfast, N.

Ireland, I am sorry I do not have his date of birth. He later emigrated to Canada where I understand he married and had at least one son - Jacky. I'm looking on info on the following two people: First person: His last name was Henery and he was involved in the Boer War. Second person: Georg Knoetze.

He was part of the South African forces during the second world war. I have no idea which unit he was in or what rank he had. Adelaide in June as assisted immigrants. Vic has found no trace of Daniel. Ek is tans besig met navorsing oor die Folkus Familie wat in die jare rondom in Lichtenburg NW gewoon het. Die ander vanne wat aangetroud was, was van Wyngaard en du Plooy. As iemand kan help met inligting, sal ek baie bly wees. Accounts of small unit or individual experience in particular seem difficult to come by.

Do you have any information published or otherwise that you could share with me? Ways and means via a loan, the internet, a visit to your address, etc could be discussed if you contact me on or or at. I would also appreciate information on sources that I may have missed. I am trying to solve a family mystery which seems to be linked to a tragic accident in March , being an explosion in a ammunition factory known as the "Explosion at the Loading Field plant of the Pretoria Mint".

All information welcome. As part of this, we are looking to establish a narrative on the Stormberg region that focuses inter alia on the Anglo Boer war. Broadly described, the route that we are looking at runs from Rhodes up the Sterkspruit through Bottlenekspruit and up the Rytjiesvlakte, down the Vaalhoek valley to Clifford, through Rossouw to Dordrecht, along the escarpment towards Penhoek Pass which would take in Smuts Pass up towards Jamestown, across to Brosterlea, through to Molteno and then on to Hofmeyr.

We would welcome assistance in identifying in the Stormberg region sites of conflicts, graves, memorials and places of interest and receiving anecdotal information linked to specific locations. I am researching the track record of Arthur Owen Vaughan sergeant to captain for a book [near complete].

Have tracked all his medals and honours - Queen's usual 8 bars and King's, and a DCM citation lost and his misdeamours. But as an operative for various units as a scout attached to various units - French, Driscoll, Ian and Bruce Hamilton, and particularly Hutton circa May he is quite elusive. I would appreciate help from someone who has researched the scouting units of Rimington, Damant and Canadians. Specific interest - Wittebergen and further north July to October , and if ever attached to Driscoll's Scouts.

I'm trying to learn more about my grandfather, Sgt. He drove north with a convoy of trucks to Somalia and Ethiopia in , arriving in Mogadishu in late March, and Addis Ababa at the start of June. I'm keen to learn several things: As much as possible about the journey he might have taken I have diaries which start just before Mogadishu and end when he enters Addis, but I have no idea how and where he may have travelled before then, or after, though my mother thinks he went to Egypt eventually.

Who would have been in that convoy with him? He was a signalman, and he clearly had mechanics with him, too. What would be the make-up of a convoy like that? My knowledge is very sketchy so any information would be a real help. I also wonder whether there's a chance anyone out there might remember him? He mentions the following names in his diary: Major Roxburgh, Capt. Harper, Capt. Thompson, Capt. Budd, Lt. Roberts, Sgt Maj Henriod, Sgt. Joubert a mechanic , Staff Sgt. Strange, Cpl. My Mom says he used to mention a buddy called 'Bill'.

Many thanks! I have recently been involved in the restoration of the Clock and would like to assist the Club with some information relating to Lesley Davey. I am particularly interested in the Lichtenburg commando during the Boer war and am currently looking for additional information on commandant HCW Vermaas.

The Pilots and crew killed in the crash included the following: Major. Bosman Capt. Welgemoed - Pilot of the Ventura Capt. Liebenberg Capt. Taylor Lt. Hirst Lt. Kritzinger Lt. Nicolay Lt. Gericke Lt. Landran Lt. Prinsloo Lt. Nelson Lt. Burger 60 Squadron was allotted the task of supplying the aircraft and crew to ferry the Spitfire pilots of 7 Wing to Fayid, in order to collect Spitfires Aircraft from the RAF.

I require any information pertaining to the mentioned crash, written by Newspapers, any other articles, or photographs of those killed on this tragic day. Following up on my previous postings on these pages re The Siege of Mafeking 18 May , readers may like to know that I have now launched a website which lists all the available resources on the Siege and gives contacts for access to my Mafeking Siege Register etc. UYS "Bloustroom was a 'bitter-einder', having fought until the end of the war. My age is I am an Australian Vietnam Veteran. When 16 yrs. On the Wood Work-stock there was an inscription.

Van Shalk Wyk. My ancester would have possibly taken this rifle as a keepsake. I am most interested in knowing whether there is family still alive or a veterans organization who could help me in my search to find who owned the Rifle. It is in good condition still. Rifle no. Bolt no. Made in Berlin. Deutsche-Waffen-und Munitions-Fabriken. I am a serious collector of metal shoulder flashes of the South African Defence Force Commando's etc and would like your support in collecting them all.

I would like to hear from anyone who has a metal shoulder flash to contact me and I will gladly help them. I am willing to pay for the ones I do not have in my collection. I am writing a book on now called Thaba Tshwane and am looking for any kind of information reports, testimonies, photos, maps, Unit files, happenings, parades, etc.

It is with alarming to see that old buildings are neglected and units been closed in the town, I would like to records its history before it is too late. He mentions in letters that 'He only made 1 jump'. He has passed away but did mention a Captain Wilson in letters to me. He served with: Lieut Kourney. Sergeant Herbert Henry Fowler after serving 7 years in the 2nd Middlesex Regiment during which promoted very rapidly to drill sergeant, became a reservist.

Entrained to Pietermaritzburg and on to Escourt, at this point his trail stops and six months later he returns to England invalided. The clock was one of thirteen presented to sergeants of the Middlesex regiment by Lady White and Lady Balfour. The clock face depicts a lake with a sailing ship, a castle in the background and a naked figure surveying the scene in the foreground. The hour numerals are black and set in ivory and the whole face is framed by a horseshoe enclosed in a brass stirrup, held together with a leather strap and buckle.

Any information about the reason and circumstances of the clock's donation most welcome. His pilot on the majority of raids was a Lt. Unfortunately he was wounded on 27th September whilst on a raid at Mersa Luceh and was out of the war for 18 months. My grandfather was English and was originally on 30 squadron RAF. I am hoping to contact anyone who may have known him for the short time he was on 12 sqn or knows of any members of his crew.