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John: And Rodney Bullard has joined us to talk a little bit more about this. He is a very accomplished individual and currently the vice president of community affairs for Chick-fil-A and executive director of the Chick-fil-A Foundation. Jim: I want to brag a little bit because you graduated from the Air Force Academy. We could look out the windows here at Focus on the Family right across the road Jim: You gotta be the guy that steps up and makes the sack or whatever it might be.

Rodney: You do. And you also have to be the guy who gets up after being knocked down.

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Rodney: And you also have to have grit and resilience. And so football teaches a number of lessons. Sports, in general, teach a number of lessons. Jim: Rodney, I have team boys. And I know you have a boy at home, year-old And all that. Superhero kind of stories seem to be grabbing young people today. Rodney: Yes. You know, I think that our culture has always sought a hero. And I think that we need heroes.

But what is real is that the masses can save the masses. You start with those that are closest to you. So, for you, your parents were heroes to you.

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Jim: But, you know, it is the place that God created for us to learn about ourselves and about love and about - you know, about boundaries and all those good things. Jim: Talk about your relationship with your - your mom and dad. What caught your attention that they were heroes to you?

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Rodney: Yes - so not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But my father, a Baptist minister, uh, previously had played for the Denver Broncos right up the street from here Rodney: My mother, an educator - and they poured into me as much as they could. I never knew the limits of their love. And you read a scripture earlier in Ephesians, and it talked about bearing with others in love. And so my parents really bore whatever difficulties I might have presented to them in love, and I appreciate that.

And one of the difficulties I had was, when I was in first grade, I had a difficult time reading. Rodney: And my mother and my first-grade teacher in particular bore with me. And they stayed with me. But I did know I was having a difficult time reading when I was there.

And I was uncomfortable. Uh, and we would like to place him in a developmentally slower class. Rodney: And she moved me to another school.

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And there, I met a lady by the name of Mrs. Janie Adams. And on that first day, I cried and I cried because I thought she would realize that I had a difficult time reading. And throughout the rest of the school year, because I moved in the middle of the school year, she did find that I had a difficult time. But at the end of the school year, she called my mother, too.

But I would like to tutor him through the summer. Rodney: And so, really, that sense of heroism of going out of her way, my mother doing something that was out of herself to move me to another school - all of those things are heroic. Jim: Yeah. What was the summer like? Rodney: And so the punchline - the outcome is that, at the end of the summer, I was reading three grade levels ahead of my peers.

Jim: I wanna get back to the Air Force Academy because your dad showed up. Which is a training before the school year starts. And they bring you back at night pretty much exhausted, right? Rodney: So my mother was worried. And my mother, uh, put my father on a plane from Atlanta, Georgia, to Colorado Springs. And so I recall I looked out. And I - my father played for the Denver Broncos. And I looked up. And the guy starts to get closer and closer And closer. And then I realize that it is my father. And he had a camcorder at the time.

Rodney: One of those big camcorders - uh, and he was recording. And he recorded me. And he said he just wanted to make sure that I was okay, that my mother had sent him.

And that he had Relatively quick incident. But - uh, but it was an amazing story. But it really was a testament to the love that they had for me. We care about you. We were worried about you. Rodney: You know, I - my mother said that I looked so bad on the tape and that she just Jim: Hey. Uh, you list some of these words that start with a C, which helps us to easily remember them. What are those traits that every hero has? And how can we express or demonstrate those heroic habits? And I think these are really road maps to being a hero.

Jim: And I work full time. I gotta do my yard work. I think people are getting the point. How do I make time to do that? There are so many problems, so many ills. What tears at your heart? Rodney: And that tears at our heart. Jim: Rodney, can I - let me ask you before we move on. Rodney: And Jim, you said it. It takes a village, truly. And so, uh, it takes a village to be that intercessor. It takes that coach to be that intercessor.

It takes that teacher to be the intercessor. It takes that pastor to be the intercessor. And so we get images, and we learn from so many different people. Rodney: Yeah. So I think every child - black, white, whatever - needs love and needs encouragement and needs - have a sense of fulfillment. So for instance, we support an organization called Junior Achievement - actually And the Discovery Center is so important for kids, and every child in Atlanta public schools goes through this facility.

Uh, and they learn about business, and they learn about financial literacy. And I recall one day - I saw a young man, and it was a young man by the name of Hector. Hector, come here. But they told Hector that he was gonna be in charge doing the module of the UPS store.

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And when they told Hector he was in charge, you could see the confidence swell. And when they told him what he had to do and the obligations he had by being in charge, that was important for him. And I recall he gave a speech that our children suffer from the soft bigotry of low expectations. Rodney: And I talk about that in the book - that oftentimes, we have this lower expectation because a child may not have the family that we want them to have.

They may not have the home life or they may not come from the economic background. But when we expect from our children - and I know this in our own lives - when we expect high things from our children, they try and meet that bar. And so I think all of our children are looking for great expectation so they can be their best selves. Rodney: So listening, openness, vulnerability and empathy, I - I think, is this sense of love that we are talking about. And oftentimes, we think about love in just an amorous sense.

Rodney: Really paying attention. Being open to someone else. And oftentimes, we can close ourselves off, and we can be tribal in the manner in which we express our love. I have a need for love, as well. And I want to be connected to someone else, as well. Rodney: And that need is vulnerability. Jim: Would you say these are attributes of the hero? Vulnerability, empathy. These are - frankly, these are good attributes for a Christian. Jim: This is part of His spirit.

Rodney: H is for heroes. And when we think about heroes, there are heroes out there who literally are bursting into burning buildings and saving people, uh, from some calamity. There are folks who are doing things, putting themselves on the front line of danger.

And so I talked about Mrs. Adams earlier and how she helped me.

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Rodney: First grade teacher - and how she helped me when I had a difficult time reading in first grade. But oftentimes, we think of ourselves as inadequate. If only I could do this. If only I were bigger, taller, stronger. I could do something for the world. The - only I and only Mrs. Only I can give the time that I have to some young man. Only X corporation can give their resources and their competencies to some community. I - I think that is so good. Uh, you say in the book Jesus was the ultimate hero.

Jim: Uh, what lessons of heroism can we take from His last few hours with His disciples? I mean You - you draw this conclusion in the book as to how Jesus expressed His heroism toward the disciples. I mean, obviously, uh, He invested in His disciples His time. And so the act of sacrifice, the act of - of giving is replete in the life of Jesus. Jim: But humility is at the core of - I would think - being that hero, being that leader I think this is an area that the church could certainly strengthen. Jim: Uh, when we look at the book of James and talking about doing these good deeds You have a concept in the book that you learned from a source that you can remind me.

But a 3-foot Rodney: So a dear friend of mine, Dr. Greg Ellison - he is a, uh, professor of divinity at Emory School of Theology. And she had a Ph. And so he would quiz aunt Dot and ask her questions. But I do know you can impact the three feet around you.