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Wright was commissioned by the Julalikari Council of Tennant Creek to write Grog War to document the enormous struggle it took to introduce some simple restrictions on alcohol in the town. Wright's account of what happened over 10 years ago in the remote town of Tennant Creek is now repeating itself throughout north west Australia.

It is a controversial conversation.

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Whose decision is it to make? With towns such as Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing putting alcohol restrictions in place with the backing and support of key community members, Wright's story is more relevant than ever. Aboriginal elders and community advisors fought for years to put alcohol restrictions in place and they are still fighting. The lime helped prevent scurvy, which is caused by a lack of vitamin C.

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  • So much for the hard life. The servings served from the scuttlebutt a cask were known as a tot.

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    Basically, most of Western history was shaped by sailors loaded with tots. Time moved on, but the grog remained constant. Finally, the British Parliament declared enough was enough. Today, grog can mean just about anything a person wants it to.

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    Old-timey Brits really loved their commas and random capitalizations. Photo via Wikimedia Commons Time moved on, but the grog remained constant. Published: October 6,