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The Canadian Bee Journal , however, offered a fresh approach.

American Bee Journal

The more subscriptions a reader purchased, the better the incentive. Two subscriptions gave the option of show cards or a winter feeder.

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  • The American Bee Journal - A publication about bees and beekeeping.

Three subscriptions offered a choice of a queen bee, a Canadian feeder, or a copy of Success in Bee Culture. Five subscriptions and the apiarist would receive a honey knife but for six it would come with a polished-ebony handle. The Canadian Bee Journal was not only motivated to sell subscriptions. These incentives had the additional purpose of expanding the practice of apiculture more generally in the region. The motivation for expanding beekeeping and honey production was possibly tied to a potential export market in the United Kingdom.

The November 3, issue noted that at an exhibition in South-Kensington, London, Canadian honey outdid their American neighbours. Middlemen — not the producers — adulterated the product which stung the judges and left the American representatives in a sticky situation. As Canadian honey was especially well received, this generated buzz for their beekeeping techniques, honey harvesting, and preserving methods.

A clipped text from the British Bee Journal noted, "Leading British bee-keepers speak of the quality of our honey in glowing terms; English ladies, especially, seem to think it superior to the ordinary production to which they are accustomed.

Ontario Bee Journal | Ontario Beekeepers’ Association

To meet the demands of an English market, however, Canada needed a great many new apiarists to swarm into the trade and produce honey at a standard fit for a queen, as outlined by the Canadian Bee Journal. What is clear from reviewing this trade periodical is that at the time, Ontario honey production was very much in its early development stages. However, production leaders like Jones were eager to expand into markets across the Atlantic.

Trade periodicals offer a unique perspective for understanding different viewpoints of the people involved in a given industry and the difficulties they faced in terms of markets, technology, and labour. Offering everything from legal insights to reviews of the latest tools and techniques, trade periodicals can help reveal the challenges and ambitions of a particular association and people within a given trade or industry. You can follow him on Twitter digitalpigeons. Apr 25, By: Stephan Pigeon.

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Guest writer, McGill University. Photo Credit.

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As for me, I should buzz off and get back to the research and writing. Busy bees make honey. Author s. Stephan Pigeon. More Stories by. Related Stories. Beyond the beans: the advantages of coffee by-products.

The Urban Beekeeper and Bee Journal: review

Virtual reality brings the farm life experience to students worldwide. Nancy, I just love what you did with the kids. We may have to use this idea. Beekeeping Free Newsletter Contribute Advertise. Welcome to Keeping Backyard Bees!

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