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Hanoi: Capital of war memories, city of peace

Sexy Beast: Review. In Social. Stay connected with Food Stay connected with Food. This week on Inside Appalachia, we hear the personal stories of five veterans who talk about the traumatic events of this war and how it affected their lives.

Vietnam - Dalat - The mostbeautiful memories!

Listen Listening Today, he travels to war-torn countries treating the innocent bystanders of war. More than 2.

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But when they returned, many said they were often rejected, called losers, even labeled murderers. Most felt alienated. West Virginia Public Broadcasting also produced a companion film and radio broadcast, profiling five Vietnam veterans, who carry with them traumatic memories of battle.

10. Green Green Grass of Home by Porter Wagoner

When they returned to America after service, they were not celebrated as heroes. Inside Appalachia host Jessica Lilly sat down with Suzanne Higgins, the producer of Vietnam: West Virginians Remember , to talk about why she wanted to document these stories. They're sitting in a wheelchair with very little hope. So I guess it's my way of paying back the world for what happened in Vietnam, and what we did there. You can listen to the full hour-long radio program of this documentary on Friday, November 10 at 2 p.

An encore of the TV documentary airs at p. The series may be too intense for some Vietnam vets, according to Henry Peterson, a chaplain with the Veterans Affairs hospital in San Diego. He counsels veterans with post traumatic stress disorder ,PTSD, and he surveyed some of them to find out who will be watching. He said many of his clients will not.

Almost anything can trigger the vivid and aggressive thoughts associated with PTSD.

Vietnam vets are particularly vulnerable. Most of them were not treated early. The PTSD treatment evolved after this group of vets had returned from the war. In the s, the VA was often unwelcoming. Society in general appeared, at best, uninterested in the plight of returning vets. Older Vietnam vets, in particular, have among the highest rate of suicide. This group of vets can end up living for decades with the symptoms of untreated PTSD, including feelings of aggression that seem to emerge from nowhere, said Larry Taylor, a combat veteran of Vietnam.

Before Taylor was treated, he coped by avoiding his triggers.