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By John Robinson. You are currently viewing this article as a guest. If you are a subscriber, please sign in. Sign in here. Subscribe here. Wraparound — From the April issue. A sad division. By Christopher Ketcham. I love that you stood up against dog lab when I was afraid to. I killed a white German shepherd that day in dog lab. I remember in physiology lab in my undergrad program at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the professor pithed a red-eared slider turtle and cut a hole into its shell over its chest.


I wept the entire period. But I stuck with it because damn it, if that sweet little turtle was going to die — and it was — I was going to make sure I honored its life by learning everything it could teach me. My classmates, a team of somethings, thought that I was a complete freak, anyway.

I was already old enough to be their mother, and obviously, something was wrong with me. I hate myself for not stopping that stupid experiment. For not going to the dean and demanding that the school immediately stop live animal experimentation.

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I still — oh. After reading your story… it in my opinion is just the setting to break humans. I admire that you had the guts to stand up for what you believe in — even when it was not a popular view. Speak up — zero tolerance… etc. I have worked with many animals. I never hurt them, We were helpers. Thru good times and bad… especially in their deaths… When you look into yourself — there is no need to be afraid of emotion in caring. I think it would make for better patient care.

We need to work together — and do the right things.

The bambi syndrome.

I attended Medical School in The Netherlands. No way, I dissected cadavers since they were dead already but did not want to kill anything alive. I am a physician and I care a lot about my patients. I cannot believe that this is common practice in USA. I studied medicine in Austria and am practicing in the UK. I am amazed that you stood up to the murderers. If this is still ongoing than it must be stopped! I am vegetarian and find it bad enough that we kill animals to eat but this is just to torture and murder! Am really upset. Animal experimentation is hugely regulated in the UK under Home Office regulation and you can only hurt and kill an animal if it a very specific experiment which will lead to the discovery of important drug or treatment.

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But what you and our colleague from Netherlands describe does not serve humanity; but is a symptom and sign of dehumanisation. Are we just beasts then? The dog labs have finally stopped in USA, but we have not stopped torturing other animals to dehumanize and indoctrinate our young doctors into reductionist medicine. The results are a loss of connection and compassion for the weakest and most vulnerable among us.

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I took a much needed summer job between my 1st and 2nd years of med school in the neuroanatomy research lab. I walked in the lab meet the neurosurgeon who was running the project and saw cages full of dogs that would be killed as a result of our research. At any rate, I asked to see the neurosurgeon when I showed up the next day and apologetically told him of my emotional concerns regarding killing innocent animals and that I was quitting the job.

To his credit and to my great relief, he understood completely and actually gave me a recommendation for a different research project. He said I was not the first student to have such reservations that he had encountered and I appreciate to this day his empathy, a quality he obviously had not lost for his students. That lesson in compassion far outweighed anything else I learned that summer.

Your implication is very clear, and your lack of sensitivity in this regard is disappointing. Sixty-four year old physicians are not immune from suicide, the issue that you profess to be so dear to you. Although some outsiders perhaps deem me as a successful paragon to be emulated, I have been disappointed with so many aspects of the medical profession, and of my career for thirty years.

Yet you make it sound like your sixty-four year old dean is the enemy, as if only younger physicians have the capacity for empathy, understanding, sensitivity and good judgement. You seem to have found your little niche presenting yourself as the sensitive and caring one, and writing articles that perhaps build your own self-esteem in this regard, but just may be you owe an apology to the generation of physicians who precede you, who have also suffered as a result of their medical career decisions, and all of the stress and internal conflicts that come with being a physician in the United States in the twenty-first century.

Thanks Robert for writing. I think the Bambi Syndrome article is a bit of a distraction from the physician suicide topic in the Nevada Medical Board Bulletin. I am fully aware of the high risk of suicide among male docs especially older. I absolutely believe we all enter medicine with the best of intentions. Please know I am here as an advocate for all physicians and medical students. Thank you for writing this. Our society so needs people like you who refuse to deny the truth, who speak truth to power, and refuse to abandon ther compassion.

You are a true warrior, the non-violent kind that is. Launch Your Clinic.

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More keynotes from Dr. Pamela Wible MD America's leading voice for ideal medical care. This gene was present in the common ancestor of chordates. Residual Variation Intolerance Score : Gene Damage Index Score : 1. Quality Products:. Animal Models. Cell Lines.

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