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Sort order. May 05, Sukhum Jiamton rated it really liked it. Short summary and comprehensive content Starting with the right path to excellence and avoid perfection. Then, applications on these principles are needed.

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Books by John Hawkins. Trivia About 12 Steps to Great Linguists of the world: Please weigh in]. Why did Abraham need to be tested?

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G-d must have known that Abraham had unique qualities and that he would withstand the trials; why was it necessary to actually put Abraham through the difficulties he endured? Does every man of faith need to be challenged? A miracle reveals the extraordinary within the ordinary; the Divine within the natural. However, these powers remain dormant when unactualized.

Like a banner the challenge spiritually elevates us and allows us to fly high. When we pass a difficult test in life, two things happen at once: A deeper part of our soul is revealed, to the point that it can actually bring on true transformation of the human being. And, as a result, a deeper, transformative dimension of Divine light manifests in existence. Each of us in our own lives will be tested, or rather, challenged. Each challenge is actually an opportunity to grow — to draw out great strengths from within. Each triumph over a challenge lifts us to unprecedented heights. Everything that happened to the patriarchs is an indication for their children Midrash Tanchuma Lech Lecho 9.

Bereishis Rabba All the events that happened with the Patriarchs [Abraham, Isaac and Jacob] come to teach us about the future…they were shown what would happen to their descendants Ramban Lech Lecho Just as Abraham endured ten challenges, one more difficult than the previous, we, his children, too undergo in our lifetimes ten similar challenges. With one important qualification: Once Abraham proved himself, his children do not need to be challenged with quite the same intensity. Sadly, some of us are still faced with awful challenges.

But collectively, we are blessed to live in freedom, without the persecution of old, unlike Abraham who faced the threat of death for his beliefs. And individually as well, after all that we have suffered, at this point we can expect and hope, and pray to G-d that enough is enough: Our challenges today should only be positive ones, focused on eliciting our inner potential.

Abraham being thrust into a fiery furnace for his refusal to acknowledge the arch-idol of his native Ur Kasdim, the emperor Nimrod, and his continued commitment to teaching the world the truth of a one, non-corporeal and omnipotent G-d. Lech Lecho — the upheaval and change of leaving his home and building a new life. The Covenant, when Abraham hears about the future subjugation and suffering of his children at the hands of different nations. Banishing Ishmael for his home. The Akeidah binding of Isaac.

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To achieve greatness, every one of us needs to experience, in one form or another, these ten challenges. The challenge of childhood. The early formative years of a child are the most precious. They define the strengths the child will accumulate and the challenges the child will face throughout his or her entire life.

It is therefore absolutely vital to create a spiritually nurturing environment for your child and protect your child, in these impressionable years, from narcissistic and corrupting influences. The challenge of commitment. The challenge of change.

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This can be a formidable challenge. More specifically, the journey consists of freeing yourself from the subjective forces that shape our lives: Our natural, biased, tendencies; parental influences; and social programming. The challenge of deprivation. Then there will be those times when you may experience deep hunger and wonder whether your choices was all worth it.

3. Stop waiting for miracles and start creating miracles.

Will you give up or see it through? The challenge of sexuality. And then your most intimate needs may be compromised or abducted.

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Your heart challenged and your love denied. Will this break you? The challenge of confrontation. No matter who you are and what your life space is like, you will be faced with confrontations. Even when you are not looking for adversary, enemy forces will assault you. They may take on the shape of people — so-called friends, co-workers, neighbors, surrounding nations, or they may be inner fears, psychological phobias, haunting ghosts of the past. But whatever form it takes you can rest assured that you will have to fight a battle or two in your life.

These battles will either demoralize you or strengthen you. The challenge of suffering.

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No one is immune to loss and some form of pain in our lifetimes. Even when G-d is merciful, we will, in our current condition, experience the loss of a loved one, the break of a promise or the dissolution of a dream. We are mortals and fragile creatures.