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Watt, Rise of the Novel , , p. The preface to The Secret History of Queen Zarah began to attract research three decades later — as a piece of literary theory supposedly written by Mrs. Prefixed to a novel, it gave the reader a chance to apply the theory to the following novel. The novel was, so the conclusion Lennard Davis drew in his book Factual Fictions in , at the beginning simply an unverified, popular and entertaining piece of news. It spread in ballads and with the early newspaper before it took the step into the modern book-length format at the beginning of the 18th century. The Secret History of Queen Zarah was, so it seemed, the ideal example to prove the argument: it played as a massive piece of Tory libel defaming the ruling gang of Whigs, their wives and their mistresses with newspaper history and it still left room for the journalist Daniel Defoe to perfect the genre a couple of years later.

The story Davis told, did, however, not withstand the facts: The early 18th century newspaper provided its audience with uncommented foreign politics, it was a highly complex European medium — in short: it did not contain the novel even if it was ready to relate a curious history every now and then. The Secret History of Queen Zarah was, so the common perception of those who dealt with it in , or , a story of political insinuations thinly disguised as fiction.

Une histoire de pardon incroyable - Témoignage de Claudine (French)

Its readers hardly cared about the question whether it was romance or novel — it was neither. The preface to pt. The text pretended to be fiction, yet this was the usual pretence under which authors and publishers could publish whatever they wanted, sure that those whom they attacked would neither acknowledge that the allegations applied to them, nor try to prove their innocence in a public debate.

In order to be sold as fiction, the text had needed a preface on fictions, and the author had stolen it.

Nouvelles histoires extraordinaires by Edgar Allan Poe

John L. Sutton, Jr. In Jean Baptiste Morvan De Bellegarde had shown no scruples to turn these lines into a work of his own. The first English translations appeared in Done into English. With a preface, by the translator London: Geo. The preface was valuable in both directions. A French translation of The Secret History of Queen Zarah was first published in , when the text suddenly offered the most important details: the intriguing story of the connections between Marlborough, the leading General of the allied forces in the War of the Spanish Succession, his wife Sarah Jennings, up to then confidante of Queen Anne, and the Whig ministry which was about to fall — events which led to the end of the war.

The French editions sold better than the English original had done. The first copies still offered the original preface. The following editions dropped the pages which had offered after all nothing but a French text first translated into English and then translated back into French.

Histoires extraordinaires | Modern Languages

German intellectuals read The Secret History of Queen Zarah in French editions, the market was not ripe for a German edition until — when the peace of Utrecht was soon to be signed. In his own preface the German editor made it clear that the original preface on the rise of the novel was nothing but a pretence behind which one bought a volume of political slander one could not publish otherwise.

Columns four and five give the translations back into French and out of the French into German.


It is useful to show all these versions on one page, as this allows discussions of the slight changes to be noted and of the European terminology which was available to cover the developments. The novel was, everyone knew, much older and not entirely European: Boccacio and Chaucer had placed short and realistic stories against the tradition of romances; the Arabs had done it, as one was to realise when the Stories of One Thousand and One Nights reached Europe in French novels swept the European market in the s.

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The Dutch publishers did everything to satisfy the demand. German and French authors did not go that far, yet they developed their own vocabulary to stress the differences between the modes of writing.

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Arguments and discussions develop a formidable life of their own — they are attractive as long as they allow their participants to prove both knowledge and judgment; and they do not die of such trifles as a changing context. The argument ran through the versions of the text presented in the following before it finally attracted Ian Watt, Lennard Davis and Michael McKeon. Contexts can change at times. Scarron London: S.

Sprint et al. Blageart, [published in the following].

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First edition of the French translation by Charles Baudelaire, of which there were no large paper copies. Contemporary navy blue half sheep, spine with four Romantic tools and a series of fillets areas of light fading to pigment on spine. Corners rubbed. Rare, faint spotting to first leaves, a very fresh and nicely bound copy, uncommon for this edition, which was mostly modestly bound. Where are we?

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