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The crumb is buttery and dense, but not overwhelmingly so, and the crust on top, oh the crust! I could truly have made myself sick eating this, but thankfully I had the willpower to give some of it away to friends. Who knew that such simple ingredients could result in the most wonderful cake?

You can find out where they are being held here. This is especially important in areas with representatives who are not doing their jobs and questioning the constant insanity that President Trump and his team continue to push forward. Demand that your representatives listen to you. Katie Couric was a guest this week, and it was both incredibly informative and also just plain refreshing to hear a well-respected journalist talk honestly and bluntly about the current state of our government.

People are still being held up at borders, the government is rolling out a ridiculous program to deport good, hardworking members of our society , and people are in danger of losing their healthcare. If you want to feel really awful this morning, check out this article with photos! Continue to have tough conversations with friends and family. Keep it up, guys! Wading through St. You can use pretty much anything here—maybe use mozzarella cheese and add some olives, or sprinkle chives over everything to make it extra gourmet. You could add sausage or peppers or even just keep it simple with onions and cheese.

The world of puff pastry is your ready-to-bake oyster. I made these earlier in the day on NYE, then popped them in the oven quickly to warm up before people came over. They were all gone by the end of the night, thankfully, or else I would have had to eat them all myself. Now you do. We went once last year and really loved it. New York winters, man. Feeling fancy having my picture taken by Chelsea Pineda. I added a little honey for sweetness near the end of the cooking time, just to caramelize the tops and give the ribs a bit of crispiness, but otherwise, this simple four-ingredient marinade is all you need to make wonderfully delicious ribs.

Now, more than ever, it seems easiest to just retreat back into ourselves and be quiet. Could you imagine detaining a woman and her young children, without food, at an airport for 20 or 30 hours? What kind of a monster lets that happen? My privilege is more glaring now, more than ever, but I hope that you will join me in using that privilege to do something good.

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Continue to donate your time and money. If nothing else, if you are fortunate enough to be able to give, the best way to make a difference is still with cold, hard cash so that people can keep working day and night to stop these horrible things from happening. I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but honestly, this is what matters right now, and we should all be thinking about it constantly.

Give it a listen on your way into work this morning.

It definitely reenergized me. So, in the spirit of working towards the common good, a group of food bloggers decided to get together and share some stories about immigration from our own friends and families. Obviously, American food has been hugely influenced by immigrants. They came here and started a rope-making business, eventually turning it into a robe yep business, if you can believe that.

The top has a sort of biscuit quality to it, which I personally find to be irresistible and so did the people I shared it with. We never fully embraced the Polish side of our family as we did the Italian side, but I always loved hearing stories from my grandfather about growing up with a Polish father in America.

My favorite story was about his class pet. Remember having a class pet in elementary school? Everyone would have to take turns watching it over the weekends or on long breaks. We had a hamster and I remember my mother absolutely hated it when I brought that thing home for the weekend. Either way, my grandfather excitedly brought the class rabbit home for summer break. He put it out back and then left to play with his friends. When he returned, he discovered that his father had taken a liking to the rabbit…so much so that he decided it would make a delicious dinner.

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He cooked the rabbit before my grandfather could explain that it was a pet, a concept my great-grandfather was not familiar with. Dogs are pets, cats are pets, rabbits are dinner. For the rest of the summer, kids from school would see him on the street and bring him discarded vegetables from their gardens to feed to the rabbit. This was during the Depression, after all, so he felt extremely guilty for taking even these discarded bits of lettuce and carrots.

He said that, eventually, after a month or so, the kids forgot about the rabbit, as kids are often wont to do, and he kept the secret to himself for years.

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My grandfather went on to fight in World War II, earn a purple heart, become a mason, and build his own typical American life for himself, but he always remembered that rabbit and I will, too. Where would I be, if at all? This past weekend was and still is a truly dark time in American history. It makes me feel numb.

When I look at pictures of people finally being reunited with their families at airports across the country, I want to cry, both tears of joy for them but also tears of anger and sadness because they had to go through SO. These are human beings.

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The United States should be a place of refuge, a place where people can feel safe, not a place of fear and hate-mongering. And of course the countries where Trump has business ties have been left off of his list. We are a nation of immigrants. We know that. Everyone knows that.

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And to turn people away, people that need our help, people that are already legally residing in the country, people that have put their lives on the line to help our military and government abroad, is sickening. I implore you to please donate to the ACLU on a monthly basis, if your budget allows.

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Go to protests you can easily find them in your area by searching on Facebook. Find your local chapter of CAIR and look for volunteer opportunities. Call your representatives. This is about people and they deserve every chance and opportunity that every American deserves. We have to keep having these tough conversations, especially with people who disagree with us or people that voted for the current president.

These recent actions are indefensible. Even Republicans think so.

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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Becca 's review Apr 29, The journey Nina Levine begins in this novel is gripping and raw, perfectly capturing the ferocious enigma that is the Sydney Storm MC president. A twisted story that is only just getting started, prepare yourself for a few surprises as this book takes readers back to the beginning with King. The perfect mix of dark deeds, unexpected feeling, and electrifying chemistry, this novel dives deeper than ever before and promises to leave readers utterly addicted and begging for more.

Nina Levine thoroughly surprised me as she unraveled King over the course of this story, demonstrating the breadth of his emotional turmoil and the depth of his personal pain. There was also a surprisingly compassionate and careful side to this mysterious biker that had only ever been hinted at before. It was this beautiful dichotomy that had me falling hard and fast for King. Readers will not be disappointed with glimpses of series favorites throughout the book. Nina Levine manages to make diving back into her MC world feel effortless and I was instantly right at home again with Storm.

Paced to be devoured, this book had me riveted. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read King's Wrath. Reading Progress. February 22, — Shelved as: to-read.