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A complete sponge who won't work and does a lousy job raising the kids.

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A pos that plays video games all day and won't even bother to brush his teeth. This is a person who will cause you to gag during a awkward conversation at a family function because of rotten teeth and periodontal disease.

The story of a little nephew and brother-in-law~【Aunt Lee's Movie Talk】

Also a person who's lazy eye can confuse you to who he talking to. After heading to my brother- inlaws trailer park to see my sister, her knuckle dragging sperm donor husband starts to talking about how smart he is and his latest dumb fixer up purchase. He hasn't had a job in 5 years.

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A pejorative term for just about anybody who happens to be a douche. Doesn't have to be related. Mike: "Jerry was at the gym today doin' what he do. Ol' brother-in-law talked my ear off for like 20 minutes and I couldn't think of a good enough excuse to get out of there.

Dealing with a brother-in-law who’s a bully

July 8 Hook up with Tendoroni Titty Tuesday Overunder Tolongges Carrot Top Butter Churner The Butter Churn NTA We both know how lucky you are for getting the amazing women that I call my big Sis. You are the one who will take care of her from now on and love her unconditionally. There are so many things I want to thank you for because you are truly one of the biggest role models in my life. Thank you for loving my sister.

She is my sister so of course we fight and sometimes we do not get along, but she is the most important person in my life and I would do anything for her.

Dear Carolyn

With that being said, it was hard for me to give her away to some guy. I am so lucky that it is you though, you take care of her and calm her down when no one else can. We both know my sister, so we know sometimes she might not be so lovable but you make sure she feels loved and has everything that her heart desires. Thank you for becoming the big brother that I have always wanted.

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You treat me like a little sister and that is one of my favorite things about you. You fit into our little family so well and I could never see you as anything but my big brother. You have become another man that my future husband will have to go through and I love that!

Brothers in Law

Thank you for caring about me. You make sure that I am doing okay with everything in my life and you always let me know that you are there if I ever need help. You care for me like a little sister and whenever you are joking around with me, I know you are doing it because you care and love me. Thank you for treating my best friend like a princess.

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She is like any other girl and she knows what she wants and what she likes. You are so good with her though, you set boundaries and make sure that she is doing what is right.