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The frame is made from recycled railroad steel and can support the weight of up to 2, lbs. Big Fig strongly recommends using a mattress protector to keep the cover and mattress clean and fresh. If the cover stains, use a soft cloth and mild detergent to spot clean it.

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If you detect a smell, it should dissipate within a few nights. Many customers claim their nights are the most comfortable they have ever been. They can sleep soundly without feeling like they are in a swamp. The edge support also boosts comfort and support, especially for couples. The Big Fig is technically a medium-firm mattress. They only offer one comfort level at this time. The Big Fig mattress has minimal sinkage thanks to the high-density support foam and pocketed coil layers.

It sinks in just deep enough to create a soft pressure-relieving hug around the body but not too deep that it says. At the edges where most mattresses tend to collapse, the Big Fig holds up well. This is because of the reinforced edge support system. Motion transfer is minimal likely due to the layer of pocketed coils. Since they are individually wrapped, they do not transfer disturbance from one side of the mattress to the other. This is a big plus for couples. Below the cover, there is a layer of gel-infused foam that further helps dissipate heat away from the mattress.

Finally, there is the layer of pocketed coils that allows free airflow, thus ensuring there is no trapped heat or moisture in the mattress. Big Fig provides a year warranty covering material and manufacturing defects such as broken coils, a bent foundation and body impressions deeper than 1 inch. Big Fig will replace or repair the mattress at no cost to you. Shipping takes 7 to 14 days. It takes this long because each mattress is made to order. You are on the larger side and have trouble finding comfortable, supportive mattresses.

This is also one of the great mattresses for heavy people for several reasons. This substantial mattress will have ample support and plenty of comfort. In our Big Fig mattress review, we could definitely feel the support and durability this mattress provided. The comfort layers are very dense and the quilted top and latex were the only layers that allowed some give. This mattress type may be for a larger sleeper but should still be comfortable for anyone who likes a medium firm, dense and durable bed.

The coil system individually wraps each coil in fabric which alone will greatly reduce any motion transfer. The Big Fig mattress has a few features that make sleeping without getting too warm possible. This mattress like any hybrid mattress will be better at dissipating heat , especially compared to all foam beds. Having an outlet for any heat retained is a huge benefit to having a coil system. Under this cover is a layer of gel infused perforated latex that will also keep the surface a little cooler too. This allows you to stay more on the surface and more of your body able to have air flow around it.

This is great for warmer sleepers by not letting them sink in too much. The added support around the coils creates a solid and smooth space for the dense comfort layers to sit on and have the necessary support even up to the edge. Big Fig is even going to provide above average support for sitting compared to many other online mattresses. If you sit on your edge more frequently or like a more solid feeling around the perimeter, this mattress will do a great job. It also comes with a durable foundation too. The materials, comfort and all the qualities of this mattress make it a good value.

Big Fig Mattress Review: A Bed For Bigger Figures & Best COUPON Code

For the most recent coupon follow this link to BigFigMattress. This mattress gives you a night sleep trial period to test out the mattress. Big Fig is there to help and will easily accommodate any returns and refunds. Just make sure to give your mattress several weeks before making up your mind. Since it does take time for you to adjust to any new mattress. The Big Fig mattress comes with a year warranty as well. This warranty is about twice as long as the industry standard warranty of 10 years. If you are looking for more specifics for the Big Fig trial period and warranty find out more at BigFigMattress.

I was afraid I would get hot with this mattress… not at all. I love it! Not surprisingly, sleepers who weigh over pounds often find that this bed is an excellent fit for their support and comfort needs. Sleeping position is another consideration in evaluating whether this mattress is likely to work for you. Side sleepers: with its medium-firm feel, this mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers over pounds. Side sleepers under pounds may find that the design of this bed offers a sleeping surface that is a bit too firm to properly cushion their pressure points.

Back sleepers: the Big Fig is a good choice for back sleepers of any weight because of its resistance to over-compression. This allows it to keep the spine supported without excessive sinking around the shoulders or abdomen. Stomach sleepers: stomach sleepers of any weight can find the Big Fig to be comfortable and adequately supportive; however, for many it may be too soft as stomach sleepers typically do best with a firmer mattress. While the number of online mattress options has taken off over the past few years, few, if any, of those new mattresses were designed to align specifically with the needs of people of a higher body weight.

The Big Fig mattress corrects this issue and offers an important option for these sleepers. At the same time, these design elements resist heat buildup and motion transfer. Another big plus for the Big Fig is its reinforced edges and its included foundation. These added benefits help resolve common issues that heavier sleepers have with many other beds.

Built for comfort and durability, the Big Fig is backed by a year full replacement warranty that lets you sleep easy knowing that the company has your back, literally and fig-uratively. Big Fig has received high levels of customer satisfaction from people who have purchased this mattress including those who have ultimately decided to return it.

Though still only a few years old, Big Fig has built a strong reputation thanks to its focus on building a mattress specifically for people of higher body weight. Big Fig Mattress Review. Get the best deal on the Big Fig.

In-depth Big Fig Mattress Review. Big Fig Mattress Prices and Sizes Prices for the Big Fig mattress include a foundation that is designed to provide additional support and stability to the mattress. Prices in the table below are for the mattress with the foundation. Firmness The Big Fig mattress has only one firmness level. Availability This mattress is only available directly from Big Fig on their website.

Construction The Big Fig mattress is composed of 5 layers. Shipping Unlike many other online mattresses, the Big Fig mattress is not compressed for shipping as a bed-in-a-box. Additional Services White glove delivery includes setting up the mattress in a room of your choosing. Sleep Trial Big Fig offers a night sleep trial.

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Warranty The Big Fig mattress and foundation are backed by a year full replacement warranty. Get the sleep you deserve with the Big Fig. Big Fig Mattress Performance. Motion Isolation Motion isolation is very good on the Big Fig mattress.

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Edge Support Thanks to the high-ILD foam used to provide reinforcements for the outside of the bed, the Big Fig provides considerably more edge support than the vast majority of mattresses. Heat Retention By using a top layer of gel-infused and ventilated latex, the Big Fig avoids heat retention issues that can arise for many foam beds.

Off-Gassing Very little off-gassing or smell occurs with the Big Fig because it is not compressed for delivery. Support The Big Fig provides above average support, especially for sleepers who weigh over pounds. Conforming The Big Fig provides moderate contouring, especially around the heavier parts of the body that need extra support. Durability Customers should expect a significant useful life of at least years from the Big Fig mattress.

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Sex The use of latex and innerspring coils both contribute to enough bounce in the mattress to hedge against interruptions to your sex life. Website Reviews BigFigMattress. Ready to buy?