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It is like the most extreme car-crash TV multiplied ten-fold with an extra dollop of highly-emotive angsty drama on top. These characters have few redeeming qualities, and they can in no way be described as positive role models, but they are strangely endearing all the same. I spent the first half of this book feeling sorry for Sheldon, the middle part screaming at Bryce, and the last part scratching my head in utter confusion over the apparent connection between Sheldon and Corrigan.

I adore love triangles and this one is frustratingly good.

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I like that Tijan explores the theme of actually being properly in love with two guys at the same time. Gosh, it cranked the awkwardness level to new heights but I lapped it up. I started to have some sympathy for Bryce toward the end even though he still acted like an ass with that bloody supermodel. There was no clue to this connection in the first one so I find it weird that she might love him more than Bryce. If subtle clues had been evident in the first book, it would be more believable. We are told bits and pieces but otherwise it was glossed over.

It would have made more sense if book two focused on that time and this was book three etc. I sighed, watching as Bryce smiled at a girl who stood close to him, with such promise in her eyes. Then I looked to the left and sighed again. Corrigan stood at the bar, his arms around two girls, giving them shots.

As they bent backwards, he poured the liquid down their throats and then laughed. His eyes were empty, though. To me—it was the downfall of it. The only special quality it held was that it was private. Every reporter in the country had come to town and immediately Corrigan had become a superstar. Bryce was old news and Corrigan was the newly loved. Carolina flashed a smile, flicking her blonde hair behind her shoulder.

Still Jaded

I eyed her form. It was flowing, casual, but it showed off her thin, but tall figure. As the head of her sorority, which was now the number one sorority House on campus, I knew Carolina looked and was the part of the newest up and coming socialite.

She was going places and she had the intelligence to make sure she steered the direction where she chose. And her place at my side helped seal that fate. The media had latched onto both of us. She smiled, softer. A part of me had grown to not care how I looked anymore. They had grown to constantly criticize how I looked or they glorified my fashion sense.

It just depended on what I wore that day. And that night, I had chosen a shimmery gold dress. It cut beneath my thighs and above my breasts. I wore a pink pearl necklace looped twice over and pink sandals that wrapped all the way to my thighs. The shoulder-length brunette mane that I often cursed was wrapped in a few braids around my head.

I almost hated giving the media what they wanted.

Still Jaded (Jaded Series) (Volume 2)

Carolina studied me with a knowing look when I never responded to her. A part of him wanted that girl to push her boobs against his chest.

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  • He wanted her to do it to make me jealous and then I glanced to the other side. I knew that he felt empty inside and that he had outgrown the fraternity type of lifestyle, though he never wanted to stop partying. Everyone loves him. They worship him. You have a lot of power right now, over them, and therefore over the nation.

    See a Problem?

    You have a golden opportunity—not to mention how the media has sensationalized you. That went national—she was pretty. She was Christian. She had been a sorority girl. Carolina had almost become the female version of what Bryce and Corrigan had been—family to me. I think—I hope.

    I was beyond caring.

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    I had enough struggle keeping the two that had been a constant in my life. They never seemed to stay throughout any struggle and I had no wish to waste time on the meaningless ones. And someone you knew? Everything hit rock bottom. I needed something else, something that…I had no idea. I just knew that I was not ready to deal with Mena.

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    I grimaced at the memory and then stood. I was grateful for this and then she tapped my shoulder and leaned close since the music had gotten louder. I should be home since Leah was supposed to be the sober driver tonight. I know some of our other sisters will be calling from other parties at home.

    A few called out greetings. Some shouted lewd suggestions. One asked for my autograph. I shoved past them all and was grateful when we got to the front entrance. Renald saw our approach and headed inside to meet us. Quickly, the large security guard wrapped both arms around each of us and herded us through the last group waiting in the foyer and then past the line outside.