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Will you have enough money in retirement?

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You need a clear vision of what you want your retirement to look like. It should be clearly articulated and budgeted for, and it must be realistic with the amount of income and assets you'll have at your disposal.

Smart Money Moves To Become A Millionaire - Money Advice

Whether it's through optimizing Social Security and pension, or generating income through investments and annuities, your income needs to be adequate to meet your needs and sustainable throughout your lifetime. Not having a plan for tax-efficiency could have a huge impact on your retirement outcome. Things like knowing which retirement accounts to draw from first and taking advantage of a potentially lower tax-bracket could easily save you tens of thousands of dollars.

You should use a variety of investment types, each accomplishing a specific purpose within your plan. They should be efficient in terms of taxation and expenses, and all your investments should work together to provide you with liquidity, safety and growth.

Smart Xchange

Have you identified how things like market risk, inflation risk, longevity and sequence of returns risk might affect you over time? You have to find the people who need what you have and convince them that yours is better than everyone else's or that you can personally make it a better deal. How about that big grant or next round of financing that will help you take your research project or startup business to the next level?

You must know how and have the tools to reach out to enough of the right people with the right message for your big idea to find a home! Conversation is the seed of opportunity and the core component of the art and science of influence!

The Problem with the Smart Money Flow Index

Imagine being at a networking event attended by all of the people you would most like to have on your side, and everyone in the room is waiting in line to talk to you! In a nutshell, that's exactly what we do for you! But we do it digitally. No wasted time driving across town for lunch or networking events, unless you just want to.

No door-knocking, cold-calling, or phone tag.

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People raise their hand and and effectively shout "I want what you are selling! We lay all the groundwork. You engage with those who qualify, and they book appointments directly on your calendar.

Smart Money Definition

Our proprietary process was created to position you as an expert at what you do, find and start conversations with those you want to influence, communicate your value, and get them to schedule appointments,. We help you dominate your local market or expand your foot-print far beyond your local community to find a world of new opportunities in national and global markets.

Leverage our experience, expertise, and ground-breaking technologies to find and engage your target audience, expand your sphere of influence, grow sales exponentially, or run your business or political campaign in overdrive! I am a serial entrepreneur with over thirty-five years experience helping others get what they want from their life and business. I look forward to helping you!

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Michael K. Smart Money Network provides a Business Acceleration Platform to help our clients leverage technology to create influence, fill calendars, close more business, create awesome client experiences,. Who do we serve?

Do you need to make a call but you've got insufficient balance? Get a SmartLoan!