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If possible, I always try to include my keyword in at least 1 of my H2 tags, usually the 1st one on the page. You can do this by putting your keyword into the Title and Alt Text fields. Not making use of interlinks throughout your blog posts can also be a reason for low blog engagement. See what I did there? I love long blog posts. Remember — readers are the priority! I like to make sure my posts are at least words long. Again, it gives Google more chance to decipher what the post is about and index it accordingly. Backlinks are SEO gold.

If another blog or website with a high domain authority publishes content that includes a link to your blog, Google will trust your content and know that you are providing value to your readers. This is where networking and guest posting comes in! Within a month my article was published, and my organic traffic shot through the roof. If I had to suggest only one thing to focus on as a new blogger, it would be to find guest posting opportunities on high domain authority websites.

There are a few easy, quick adjustments that you can make in a matter of minutes that will really help with your SEO, your search ranking, and your organic traffic. Ceri Jones is a freelance writer, blogger, and future best-selling author once she can actually manage to finish a novel. See author's posts. Hi Ceri, such an amazing ideas to start a blog on different niches.

Really an useful post with clean and clear details. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing. This was really helpful, Ceri! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! VERY helpful stuff. Hi Sedale! Hi Ceri, Thank you so much this is an amazingly helpful post! I find that to be quite opposite with your site. Just found your site today and I am loving it so much! Thank you so much for your comments, Ali. Hi Ceri, your blog is amazing!

So i like to come a read about methods to self improve my seo. I appreciate your information. Your website rocks! Keep being awesome brother, look forward to more and new things coming from you. Launch this year forward! Hi Brian, this content is really really great, as usual. But could u tell me how the method you do the brainstorm before making a writing frame, and start writing? Hi Brian, Please let us be fair, how long does it take for a great post like this one to complete. I had a post that took me 20 hours because of the images and editing sorting sections to the best of my knowledge and I am completely very reluctant to do it again.

I know to rank good you have to write an epic post but it is very hard for one man show how is raising up 2 little boys. Amazing content as always. Brian I noticed this post was just easier and smoother to read. Or maybe it was my passion to go through all. That would be a great post. Great and impressive article! Sounds good, but looks good for blogs where you are giving usefull information to readers, like strategies, advices etc.

But unfortunately I can now hardly imagine how I will apply it in the gambling industry, where people are just looking for bonuses, but not for useful content. But I will try, will try to improve firstly user intent. Brian Dean I honestly admire the effort you put into all your blog post and how educative they are because am usually stuck at max words blog article when writing, but seeing the effort you put in its encouraging.

Hi Brian — what a great article. I especially like how every one of your posts gives me other posts that will also help my sites do better. This guide is going to be super helpful for my existing sites, especially on my YMYL sites that took a bit of a dip in late and need anything to help recover from the drop. Hey Brian, Great info indeed.

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Umm, could you please tell me which tool you use to snip out screenshots?. They are high quality ones.

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A very easy tool to snip out screenshots is the Snipping Tool, and every Windows computer has it. I too personally believe that creating something different or new type of content increases the chance of getting natural links. My question is: How the anchor text of Internal links play role in ranking an article to the top position in Google?

I like to use keyword-rich anchor text for internal links. Hi Brian, I agree updating the post helps it move up on Google. However, the tip I struggle with is making my post better. For example, I posted a list of free blogging tools last year. I am confused. I go to the lengths of making something 10X better not to see results.

Can you please explain so I can make sure my efforts produce better results next time? User Intent might be the missing piece. Really informative post Brian. I am a great fan of your skyscraper technique. That simple strategy could really produce amazing results. I am quite surprised by the social share counts that each of your article receives. Are you practicing any specific technique for a wider social media recognition? Thanks Joe. Hi Brian. Another great post. Passing this on to the team, always love how you break it down to practical steps man!

Thanks so much. Looking forward to what you have to say this year, especially now that SEO is moving into a super interesting phase. I used to have a flat architecture, domain. What do you prefer, flat or silo? I know you have a flat architecture on backlinko, but if you started today, would you do it the same way?

Also, some people argue only as much as possible at least to internal link between pages within the same folder structure. If you need to link to a page in another folder, link to the parent of that folder instead. Thanks for the great info Brian. Once again — awesome read. Thanks so much for sharing Brian. Many thanks for this detailed post. This is a very well thought out article, thank you Brian! Great post! Love all of your content. One question, with what kind of tool do you make the screenshots?

If we make Them, the quality realy is so awefull. A friend recommended your blog.

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Its great, wow, i learnt a lot in just a single day from reading all the posts. I am going to launch a travel blog and I am interested to know if you think its a significant detriment to launch it on a WordPress site built with a visual builder? The main advantage is obviously its much easier for me to construct but i would rather pay for a developer if its going to start me off on the wrong foot!

Iaian, thank you. That said, I agree that paying a developer is worthwhile for the new site. You make it sound so simple, well of course apart from the hard work that goes on in the background. Always use to read your blog. Yes, your strategies are right if I have a blog. Very in-depth information, Brian. I usually skip those results, and wonder how that content is still ranking, but it would be great if everyone updated that content. This entire post is full of useful tips, as usual. I am bookmarking now, and sharing-. I used to get a level structure, domain. What should you prefer, apartment or silo?

I understand you get a level structure on backlinko, however should you started now, do you do it the exact same way? Additionally, some folks claim only as far as you can to inner connection between pages inside precisely the exact same folder structure. Should you have to link to some page in a different folder, then link into the parent of the folder instead. Love your stuff! Brian, thanks for the great detail in your posts like always. What would be your advice on branded anchor text for backlinks?

Should this be the 1 anchor text target? Or is the naked URL the 1 concern? I currently have a few browser tabs open with your posts to help me put together content that needs a lot of work. Awesome post Brian. I appreciate how in-depth you go with your topics.

Keep it up! Geez Brian, as comprehensive as ever. I really like the Google image idea BTW. Thanks for posting. This knowledge is really useful, and to be honest, these techniques do not require too much experience or skill. The beginners can absolutely do that. Definitely going to give broken link building a try! I have had reasonable success with guest posting, now its time to kick my link building into high gear! Great stuff as always Brian. I always follows your videos on youtube especially link-building and seo strategies because you are the best.

Thanks Brian for sharing such awesome SEO strategies. Where my sites are today is only because of your youtube videos and killer content. Love your work. Best Regards, Andrew. Thank you for always dropping so much value in your blogs! You are an inspiration. I really love the steps you provide and the info is very practical and easy to follow. Now, I have work to do! Brian, whenever I read your content I remember why you are the king of the skyscraper content.

When you write an in-depth article, that you know has more quality than most of your competitors, but still, your competitors are still outranking you, what will you do. Optimising for user intent is so important yet so many people overlook it! Thanks Brian. I really like the part about the opportunity keywords, with so many search results getting clogged up with Google items, it is a great mentality to have when looking for good keywords. Thanks a lot for an effective tips. I got dozen of quality links from big sites like forbes, entrpreneur.

Thanks Bilal. Great article Brian, Love it! I do agree with you that search intent is one of the most important things for SEO these days. Without serving what users really want, you are never going to do well in SEO. Thanks Jackie. Glad you enjoyed it. Your email address will not be published.

Leave this field empty. Opportunity Keywords are keywords with a high organic click-through-rate CTR. How about an example? Not bad. To do that, just type your keyword into Google. Scan the top 10 results:. Let me know how it goes. Thanks Rachel! Let me know how the strategy works out for you. The fact is: ranking today takes a ton of work. Thanks John. Thank you, Andras. Thank you so much for letting us know. Awesome idea. Gonna test this out to see how I can tweak it for my clients. Sandy, fortunately not. Again, Brian, wonderful article.

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Definitely going to apply this practise. Sounds good, Roberto. Let me know how it works out. Hey Brian! This is totally like a twin to the Skyscraper Technique! Be awesome!

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  • Definitely, Sarah. Is this the same SEO strategy for magento website? I mean e commerce magento website? Yes, Pierre, the same principles apply to all ecommerce sites. Awesome work. Thanks Fraklin. I hope so. This strategy is working really well right now. Hey Brian, great post! Thanks Liam! Oh cool. The Skyscraper Technique is great. This works really well too. Oh nice! Hi Brian, This post is a real eye opener. Sounds good, April. This approach will probably work a lot better. Thanks Brandy. As far as I know this is the only one out there.

    Ohh man…Just starting an SEO agency. This will come very handy. Hi Brian Just want to thank you for this post, very great details and informative, I will apply this strategy for my blog. Thanks again. Hey Brian, This is a rocking stategy it seems. Great post mate. Hey Brian, Quick Question: What do you use to create your example images?

    Brian, as always your posts are just awesome. We will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing your ideas! The days of just crossing fingers hoping for a hit are over.

    5 Beginner SEO Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Website Traffic And What You Should Do Instead

    Hello Brian, Just wanted to say, thank you for this awesome Blog. No problem, Rayyan. I hope this helps your pages get on the right track. Hi, Brian. Your every content is fantastic. I always follow your instructions. Glad to hear that my strategies have helped you! Cheers from Turkey! Glad you enjoyed the post! Learnt new thing again. Thanks Brian for the great post. I hope it works for my health niche. I hope so too, Isreal.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, Marco. Hey Brian. Your Website is awesome but your Website Content is Amazing thanks. Anytime I visit your blog, I leave better than I came, thumbs up. Organic traffic is always my dream and hence I focus more on SEO. What is your viewpoint about Keyword Density? Do you focus on it? Sounds good Sammy. Always love your content dean. Sounds good, Ahmmed. A community can only help your site grow. Hi Brian, your trick with google image is awesome!

    Great post btw. Good one Jeff. Same here: user intent optimization is going to be huge in Thanks Brian for sharing SEO strategy.

    10 free SEO ebooks worth downloading

    I learned a lot from your article. Just wanted to share my opinion! Good luck with the new travel blog! Does it matter which platform you use for comments? This is a very comprehensive article and I really love it. Keep up the good work here. Basically, blogging builds trust. If you blog the right way, you can demonstrate transparency. If you want to truly influence purchases conversions , you should be blogging.

    This positivity and goodwill influences conversions. I would also make the point that stopping blogging out of the blue can make you look a little flaky in the eyes of customers. No one wants to do business with a place that seems quiet and untended. For these reasons, you can see how a lack of blogging can slowly trickle down to hurt conversions and eventually result in a considerable decline in customers. Jeff Bullas provides an excellent explanation of how blogging builds credibility in this infographic:. These are concrete data-driven signals that your blog builds your credibility.

    Everyone has their own opinion on what the bare minimum is, but most bloggers would agree that you should strive for at least one per week. They can do that because they have a ton of semi-free and syndicated content being pushed out. Instead, you should focus on consistency. As this article shows, when you quit blogging, your traffic and conversions tank.

    Organic search remains a major source of traffic for blogs. Following the tips in this post will help set your blog up for success with organic search. In general, write in-depth articles that are seen as better than any other source of content by your target audience. Use WordPress and its free and premium plugins to optimize your blog, pages and posts. Finally, create the type of content that is most shared and linked to by your target audience and influencers in your industry. Links remain a major part of the organic search algorithms so getting those key links over time will benefit your blog.

    It plays a major role in SEO, and the frequency of your blogging can determine how much traffic you bring in, how many leads you generate, and ultimately how many conversions you make. Internet marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. As a ten-year veteran of this sprint, I can attest to the fact that it gets ugly and tiring, and there are times when you want to quit.

    Quick Sprout Make Better Content. Organic search remains an important way to generate traffic for your blog. SEO friendly blog design Did you know that building a beautifully-designed website can be just as important to search engine rankings as site architecture and knocking out high-quality content?

    Keep the number of links on a page under While Google recommends that you keep the number of links on a page under , this is not for search purposes, but design and user experience purposes. Create hub pages One of the best ways to get your content out of the archives and delivering SEO value to your site is by creating a hub page of your best content. You could also break it down by themes like Problogger does on its Archive page : Why is this important?

    This is what I came up with when I tested Quick Sprout: The report, which takes less than five seconds to generate maybe more on larger sites , showed me recommendations that ranged from experimental to high priority. Use breadcrumbs Like navigation, both search engines and users find breadcrumbs useful. Of course, Google gets it: The arrows show you the direction of the hierarchy from parent to child, and each set is a link, with the terminating page not being a link. Build beauty into your web design As the age of sentiment search grows , user experience will help determine how a search engine will rank a website.

    Crawl and validate your site As a sort of review when it comes to designing an awesome website for search engine optimization, you need to crawl and validate your site to determine where you are. Optimize Blog Posts People are looking for information online. Here are those steps. Once you do that you can create or recreate your title. A Great Title It could be argued that the title is the most important piece of your blog.

    Types of posts that demand clicks include: Questions Lists How-to Secrets Mistakes Also notice that the last title in the list is an example of the type of posts that are easy to market. Keep titles natural, relevant and clear for readers. One school of thought is to use full title as your URL. META Description The meta description is another important element for encouraging clicks from search engine results. But a secondary item on the SERPs is the description. This is the smaller text under the Title that describes in more detail what is on the page. The purpose is to convince the searcher to click through to your post.

    Books have chapters for a reason. Internal Linking Internal links help market you blog posts as readers read your blog posts. You can do just about everything with this plugin when it comes to optimizing your blog posts. W3 Total Cache Site speed is a huge factor in website and blog success. From your list of industry blogs, create a list of blogs that allow trackbacks. Leave it at that. Ten years! I simply want to make a point. Why am I so devoted to blogging? In turn, this gives you the opportunity to achieve better rankings. Some key stats First, here are just a few statistics from Kapost to put blogging in perspective: 1.

    The number only continues to grow. Blogs give websites percent more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links. Nearly 50 percent of B2B buyers read between three and five blog posts before they reach out to sales. B2B companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads per month than those that do not blog. These are some legit numbers. They show just how monumental of an impact blogging can have. But what would happen if you stopped blogging?

    You pull the plug. You quit. No more publishing. What would happen? Would it have any catastrophic consequences, or would it merely be a mild impediment? Here are some of his key findings : Overall traffic to the site saw a major decline as it fell by 32 percent. Organic traffic dropped by a massive 42 percent. Traffic to the contact page was down by 15 percent. Overall site conversions fell by 28 percent.

    What can we take away from these stats? Of course, we should keep in mind that his experiment lasted for over eight months. Organic traffic can take a massive hit A 42 percent drop in organic traffic is colossal. An organic traffic loss of that magnitude is similar to receiving an algorithmic penalty.

    Technical SEO tools

    Where does all this organic traffic come from? It comes from content. More specifically, it comes from blogging. This makes sense when you think about it. I can connect the dots to see how this could happen. Few people blog just for the heck of it. We blog because it makes a significant difference. We blog because it builds conversions. But how does this work?