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THE PETARDS - Rainbows And Butterflies, 1968 (DE)

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Next page. Recent searches:. Rainbow butterfly. Rainbow Butterflies rainbow hedgehog house butterflies care fairytale Bright background with graceful rainbow butterflies Rainbow Butterflies Abstract spring Background with rainbow, butterflies and fantasy flowers - illustration Seamless pattern with rainbow butterflies Illustration abstract colorful background with rainbow butterflies Rainbow with flowers and butterflies background with graceful rainbow butterflies Illustration abstract colorful background with rainbow butterflies Rainbow with flowers and butterflies butterfly and bees with sun and flowers background Design for brochure of realistic rainbow and white butterflies on light iridescent background, spattered with colored drops of paint.

Grunge butterflies on a rainbow Background with bright paint, colors and flying realistic, rainbow and white butterflies. Tattoo style. Fantasy dreaming sky with low poly butterflies in pastel color background. Hologram heaven rainbow and magic colorful cloudscape wallpaper. Set of vector illustrations.

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White rectangular black banner with glowing colorful butterflies Colourful Origami paper butterflies Butterflies. Isolated illustration on white background.

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Set of contours of an insect Butterfly unicorn with hairstyle playing wih ball in the landscape A Rainbow Bee-eater with a butterfly in its beak. March 7, Here's something from Pizza Party! Originally, the spell Moon used was a bit longer.

Mineral Balancing for Energy

It also involved a thread she tied to her finger! Ultimately it had to be cut down due to length but it was so cool doing a magical transformation sequence! Retrieved on May Whispering Spell 7 messages. I don't think it's written there. As to who wrote it Categories :. Shoots a blast of three-eyed kittens, bacon, and pineapples. The Other Exchange Student. Shoots a powerful blast of energy and bunnies. Used by Star to leap for a far distance. Other names: Rabbit Rocket Blast.

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Unknown; Marco interrupts Star before she can cast this spell on a mosquito. Presumably generates a large, extinction-level blast of energy. The Magic Book of Spells. Breaks apart any crystals, including those made by Rhombulus. Summons pink cupcakes. Other names: Poison Crystal Cupcake Kiss. Shoots heart-shaped daggers that are used as projectiles.

Other names: Dagger Heart Blast.

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Bon Bon the Birthday Clown. Shoots a stream of narwhals to fly everywhere and land on enemies. Creates a blast of liquid rainbow that can strike in multiple spots.

Life Is Not Just Rainbows and Butterflies

Appears as a mere trickle when Star's magic wand is low on power. Creates a rainbow with a fist at the end. Used for punching enemies. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. Escape from the Pie Folk. Summons Spider With a Top Hat , who can transform his hat into a minigun. Summons a tidal wave of maple syrup to wash enemies away. The tsunami produced has a large area of effect. Showers surrounding targets with a volley of crowns and tiaras. Originally attempted but interrupted in " The Banagic Incident ". The Bogbeast of Boggabah. Crescenta Butterfly [5]. Creates a bounce house or turns the interior of a closed space into a bounce house.

Creates a group of eye spiders.

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Star mistakenly casts this while trying to summon the All-Seeing Eye. Creates a litter of eight laser puppies or one single puppy. Creates green snakes or turns an object or objects into green snakes. Variations : Shiny Emerald Snake Strike.

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Transforms a broken bridge into a dragon made out of energy to lift the bridge and get the user to the other side. Returns a magically transformed person or animal to its original state. Variations : Nuclear Heart Healing Hurricane. The tentacle does not act as part of the original body, but has a will of its own. Creates or transforms anything into a normal, functioning arm. The arm itself seems to have a mind of its own. Also removes the effects of Releaseo Demonius Infestica.