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Zhu et al. Yan et al. However, the neural protective and repairing effect of these nerve conduits could not match the performance of autologous nerve transplant. The intended effect was to preserve the moderate electric conductivity of graphene and to significantly improve the biocompatibility of nanoscaffolds both in vitro and in vivo. Cells were attached firmly to different scaffolds via SEM observation. In addition, the porous structure of graphene allowed uniform distribution of nutrients like water, proteins, and growth factors to be absorbed freely by RSCs.

The adhesive and proliferative ability of graphene was further evaluated by different protein expression. According to the results above, we were very positive about the fact that graphene could promote cell neural expression and single-layered graphene had more outstanding performance in bioelectrical signal transduction with its unique dimensional properties and stiff surface characteristics This is also the first study to evaluate long-term in vivo performance of graphene-based nerve conduit in peripheral nerve restoration.

Although ideal biocompatibility was previously reported in graphene-related nerve scaffold in vivo by Jakus et al. Its effect was further enhanced by Schwann cell loading. Graphene could enhance cell migration and prolong SC viability seeded on the conduit for extended effects on nerve repair. In the meantime, graphene improved axon regrowth by increasing its quantity, thickness, and area with its porous construction.

The incorporation of graphene and PCL was also beneficial to decreasing PCL electrical resistance and enhancing neurite outgrowth. As for the biodegradation of graphene-based PCL conduit in vivo, we did not observe complete degradation at 18 weeks post operatively but only noticed the conduit was much softer than it was at implantation.

It was previously reported that graphene in blood circulation could effectively be cleared from the body through renal excretion 59 , In addition, the substrate material PCL generally degraded fully within 6—12 months in vivo The graphene-based nanomaterials will be beneficial to curing long-range nerve defects in the future.

Via an integrated 3D printing fabrication and LBLC method, the nanoscaffolds exhibited excellent SC adhesion and proliferation performance. At the same time, they improved SC neural expression significantly in vitro. These results indicate that graphene-based nanotechnology will have great potential in peripheral nerve regeneration in preclinical and clinical application. The single-layered graphene and multi-layered graphene were purchased from Suzhou Tanfeng Graphene Technology Co. Detailed characteristics of single-layered graphene and multi-layered graphene are presented in Supplementary Figs.

A 3D tabletop printer was used in the fabrication of graphene-based nanocomposite nerve conduit. Graphene nanoparticles and PCL were separately dissolved in dichloromethane in a tubular mold. Finally, after the conduit was solidified, the microneedles and the rolling tube mode were removed. Samples were separated and prepared without conductive material coating. Random views were selected for final assessment. The elastic recovery curves were recorded. At least six indents were recorded for final statistical evaluation.

We connected the probes to the two ends of the nerve conduits. Evaluation of both materials was repeated for five times in each experiment. We seeded RSCs on the different scaffolds and fixed these nanoscaffolds with a metal ring in the appropriate size. The metal ring and scaffolds were sterilized by exposure to ultraviolet light overnight. The experiment was repeated for five times.

Calcein AM and Ethidium homodimer-1 were respectively used to measure intracellular esterase activity and plasma membrane integrity. Before fluorescence microscope observation, we removed working solutions and washed the samples by DPBS for three times. CCK8 was also used to evaluate cell proliferation. We performed immunofluorescence and WB to further evaluate cell proliferation and attachment on the different scaffolds. Brdu and Ki67 were used to evaluate proliferative state. N-cadherin and vinculin were used to evaluate cell attachment. Then we used 0. The samples were observed by a confocal immunofluorescence microscope Leica, Germany.

After that the samples were washed with PBS for three times. The samples were observed using a confocal immunofluorescence microscope Leica, Germany. We observed slides using a confocal immunofluorescence microscope Leica, Germany. All immunofluorescent images were taken using confocal immunofluorescence microscope Leica, USA. Original blot image is shown in Supplementary Fig. Tuj1 and GFAP were involved. Some nerve growth factors were included in qPCR. Each group was evaluated at 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and 18 weeks post operatively.

Then, muscles and skins were successively sutured with 4—0 nylon sutures. All animals received penicillin injection intraperitoneally immediately after surgery for 10 5 units. Observations and procedures were performed at 6, 12, and 18 weeks respectively. The biological replicates were spread equally among the groups compared and normal distribution was observed among the replicates. We performed walking track analysis to measure functional recovery. The following variables were included, the distance between the first toe and the fifth toe TS , the third toe to the heal PL , and the second toe to the fourth toe IT.

These indexes were measured and calculated based on experimental legs E and normal legs N. We calculated SFI by the following formula. Zero means good function of the sciatic nerves. The higher the number is, the better the function is. In addition, extensor postural thrust is an important indicator to evaluate the overall locomotor improvement. It is characteristic of postural reflex reaction and therefore it is associated with SFI.

The body of the rat was protected by a surgical towel and the hind limbs was exposed. At 6, 12, and 18 weeks after surgery, the animals were sacrificed by over dosage anesthesia intraperitoneally. The gastrocnemius muscle of the experimental sides was removed for mass weighing using a digital scale Sartorius, Germany.

Apart from locomotor function recovery, we also evaluated sensory functional recovery from all the groups according to a previous research A paw withdrawal apparatus Hargreaves Model , USA was used to measure withdrawal latency induced by a specific radiant heat source. Twenty five percent of the maximal heat for 0. We only recorded data when a rat was stationary and standing on all four paws. At 6, 12, and 18 weeks post operatively, SD rats were subjected to electrophysiological analysis.

The right sciatic nerves were exposed again under anesthesia. Bipolar electrodes were fixed at the two ends of regenerated nerves to deliver single electrical signals. We implanted an electrode at the belly of gastrocnemius muscle to record electromyography. Regenerated nerves were dissected immediately after electrophysiological evaluation. We performed HE and TB staining after samples were embedded. We counted and calculated the number and average diameter of myelinated fibers in the middle portion of the regenerated sciatic nerves under a light microscope Leica, USA.

Immunohistochemistry was performed on 4—5 sections from each sample and at least three samples from each group. Each experiment was performed five times on separate days. Axon area and myelin thickness were evaluated using TEM. At 6, 12, and 18 weeks post operatively, the regenerated nerves were harvested after SD rats were sacrificed. They were washed by PBS for three times. The slides were observed under an immunofluorescence microscope Leica, USA. A p value of 0. The authors declare that all data supporting the findings of this study are available within the paper and its Supplementary Information files or are available from the authors upon request.

Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Schmidt, C. Neural tissue engineering: strategies for repair and regeneration. Mu, Y. Progress of electrospun fibers as nerve conduits for neural tissue repair. Nanomedicine 9 , — Reid, A. Long term peripheral nerve regeneration using a novel PCL nerve conduit. Lee, B. Biomaterials 33 , — Sun, M. A 93 , — Niu, Y. Scaffolds from block polyurethanes based on poly varepsilon-caprolactone PCL and poly ethylene glycol PEG for peripheral nerve regeneration.

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Lukowiak, A.

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Antimicrobial graphene family materials: progress, advances, hopes and fears. Colloid Interface Sci. Kang, S. A robust highly aligned DNA nanowire array-enabled lithography for graphene nanoribbon transistors. Nano Lett. Han, T. Lee, W. Small 11 , — Won, S. Signal enhancement of a micro-arrayed polydiacetylene PDA biosensor using gold nanoparticles. Analyst , — Li, D. Novel phenolic biosensor based on a magnetic polydopamine-laccase-nickel nanoparticle loaded carbon nanofiber composite.

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Acta Biomater. Huang, S. Polydopamine-assisted surface modification for bone biosubstitutes. Bell, J. Next generation nerve guides: materials, fabrication, growth factors, and cell delivery. Tissue Eng. B Rev. Benjamini, D. Pore size distribution of bioresorbable films using a 3-D diffusion NMR method.

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The use of graphene in the self-organized differentiation of human neural stem cells into neurons under pulsed laser stimulation. B 2 , — Nanoscale 5 , — Near infrared laser stimulation of human neural stem cells into neurons on graphene nanomesh semiconductors. Colloids Surf. B Biointerfaces , — Tang, M. Enhancement of electrical signaling in neural networks on graphene films. Biomaterials 34 , — Wang, Y. Fluorinated graphene for promoting neuro-induction of stem cells.

Egeland, B. In vivo electrical conductivity across critical nerve gaps using poly 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene -coated neural interfaces. Park, S. Enhanced differentiation of human neural stem cells into neurons on graphene. B 4 , — Zhu, D. Han, J. Photosensitizer-conjugated hyaluronic acid-shielded polydopamine nanoparticles for targeted photo-mediated tumor therapy. Valencia-Serna, J. Fibronectin-modified surfaces for evaluating the influence of cell adhesion on sensitivity of leukemic cells to siRNA nanoparticles. Nanomedicine 11 , — Kim, S. Francisco, A. Injectable laminin-functionalized hydrogel for nucleus pulposus regeneration.

Mattis, V. Neonatal immune-tolerance in mice does not prevent xenograft rejection. Liu, Z. Modification of titanium substrates with chimeric peptides comprising antimicrobial and titanium-binding motifs connected by linkers to inhibit biofilm formation. Chen, W. Human embryonic stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem cell seeding on calcium phosphate cement-chitosan-RGD scaffold for bone repair.

Part A 19 , — Rodrigueznogales, A. Intestinal anti-inflammatory effects of RGD-functionalized silk fibroin nanoparticles in trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid-induced experimental colitis in rats. Ryu, J. Effects of anodized titanium with Arg-Gly-Asp RGD peptide immobilized via chemical grafting or physical adsorption on bone cell adhesion and differentiation.

Oral Maxillofac. Implants 28 , — Zhu, L. Yan, Q. Online 11 , 36 Shang, N. Catalyst-free efficient growth, orientation and biosensing properties of multilayer graphene nanoflake films with sharp edge planes. Lutolf, M. Synthetic biomaterials as instructive extracellular microenvironments for morphogenesis in tissue engineering. Jakus, A. Three-dimensional printing of high-content graphene scaffolds for electronic and biomedical applications. ACS Nano 9 , — Yang, K. Graphene in mice: ultrahigh in vivo tumor uptake and efficient photothermal therapy.

Fazaeli, Y. C 45 , — I asked, who is it? Somebody said, it is Bilal ra.

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Then I saw a palace and a lady sitting in its courtyard. I asked, for whom is this palace? Somebody replied it is for Umar ra. I intended to enter it and see but I thought of your Umar Ghira jealousy and gave up the attempt". Umar ra said, "Let my parents be sacrificed for you. Allah's Apostle!

By Him in whose hands my life is! Never does Satan find you going on a way, but he a takes another way other than yours. The acquisition of knowledge is a religious duty. Hence anyone who takes his shahadah but doesn't know what it means cannot be considered a Muslim. Among such evidences are: ". And say my Lord increase me in knowledge. A continuous charity e. He built a mosque or an Islamic school etc. Islamic knowledge which he left behind. A scholar of Islam, 3. Or a student of that scholar ".

No 67 60 Sahih Muslim Vol. The Muslim scholars today are presently undergoing these persecutions, especially in Arab countries. Hadith 19 The sneezing of a person while another person is speaking is a proof that what the person is saying is the truth. Related by Tabaraani classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.

Hadith 21 When Allah created the Aql human intellect He commanded it by saying come and it went to Allah. He then said to it retreat and it retreated. Related by Bayhaqi and classified fabricated by Adh- Dhahaabee. The rationalists pride themselves on the above-mentioned Hadith. A rationalist is a person who forms his opinions by reasoning rather than relying on Qur'an and Sunnah.

Rationalism is a fitnah in the Muslim world at the moment. The rationalists are mainly people who study dunya subjects in the kafir institutions of Europe and America, and consequently they start looking down on the Qur'an and Sunnah. The rationalist often uses his intellect to veto the Qur'an and Sunnah. We do not discourage Muslims from thinking or using their intellect. What is frowned upon is the attitude of the rationalists who rely entirely on their intellect to understand the deen rather than relying on divine revelation, i.

Qur'an and Sunnah. This attitude of theirs has led some of them to denying Allah's ninety-nine names and attributes. Surely, Allah will collect the hypocrites and disbelievers all together in Hell ft66 When the Mutazilites rationalists deny all of Allah's ninety-nine names and attributes; they have nullified Tawheed Asmaa Was Sifaat, which is one of the four branches of Tawheed. Tawheed has four branches and anyone who denies one is guilty of denying all, hence he has apostated from the Deen.

The four branches of Tawheed are as follows: 1. Tawheed Rububiya i. Tawheed Uluhiya, i. Hence He said: "You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help. Tawheed Asmaa Was Sifaat, i. Tawheed Haakimiya, i. However there is a vicious conspiracy championed by the wicked scholars and their apostate pay-masters to erase this Tawheed from the hearts and minds of the Muslims. The apostate leaders and the wicked scholars are a part and parcel of the New World Order Islam is the greatest threat to this Dajjal system called the New World Order.

Hence the wicked scholars are vehemently trying to deny Allah His right to be the only Law-giver. In their desperate attempt to hide Tawheed Haakimiya from the believers, they slide it underneath Tawheed Ruboobiya and claim that they all mean the same thing. This is the aqeedah of Shaikh Uthaymeen of Saudi Arabia.

If we should follow this aqeedah of Uthaymeen, then we will all have to believe that the Shaitaan is a Muslim. He acknowledges Tawheed Ruboobiya. Yet the Shaitaan doesn't acknowledge Tawheed Haakimiya, this is why he bluntly refuses to bow down to Adam as. If he were of those who believe that Allah has the right to be the sole commander, he would have obeyed Allah and bowed down to Adam.

Thus the deniers of 53 Tawheed Haakimiya belong to the Madhab of Iblees, hence, they too are Kaafiroon. Allah said: "What prevented you O Iblees that you did not prostrate, when I commanded you? He claimed to be better than Adam because he was made from fire and Adam from clay. Hence anyone who claims to be better than someone else by virtue of race, tribe, clan or nationality has fallen into the web of the Shaitaan. Verily the most honourable of you in the sight of Allah is that believer who is most righteous. Things like the descriptions of Paradise and Hell-Fire have to be deducted from the text and not the intellect.

According to their reasoning and logic there can't be any wine in Paradise. They are also taken aback to hear that 72 Surah Al-A'faaf 7; In warning us about relying solely on logic to comprehend the deen Ali ra said: "This Deen is not by logic. If this religion were based on logic, it would be more reasonable to wipe under the socks when we make mas'hu, rather than the upper.

In the creation of the Heavens and Earth, and in the alteration of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding. You have not created all this without a purpose, Glory to You! Exalted be You above all that they associate with You as partners. Give us salvation from the torment of the Hell-Fire. And if one heavily laden with burden ie. It is the natural right of every child to be born legitimate. As for the hadith that says the illegitimate child should not lead the salah, this hadith is classified weak.

The Imam which the Muslims are not supposed to pray behind is the one who is an open sinner, or the one with a deviant Aqeedah which contains shirk e. Hence when we are commanded by Allah -3fe to do something it also includes women, e. Shahadah, Salah, Zakah, Saum and Hajj.

Because women are included in the commandments, which are inside the Qur'an and Hadith, there is no sin on them if they recite the Athaan and Iqaamah for prayer. This permission is only granted to them when they are in a building where there are no men around. It's unislamic for women to call the Athaan when there are men around because a woman's voice becomes her Aura when it is beautified. It is compulsory on men to perform Jumu'ah but optional for women. I would recommend for women who are living in non-Muslim countries like Europe, America and the Caribbean to perform Jumu'ah as often as possible because it causes them to grow in Iman faith.

Hence they should attend a mosque where the khutba is delivered in a language that they understand. It is not compulsory for the khutba to be in Arabic. This is an erroneous concept. Classified fabrieated by Ibn Jawzee. He was taken up to heaven at the age of thirty-three. Hence his mission lasted for three years three months and three days, HADITH2S Allah will not Punish His servants over an issue in which there was a difference of opinion concerning it. Classified fabricated by Sakhaawi. The music which is condemned in this ayah is wind and string instruments. Related by Abu Na'eem and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee.

Even though this hadith is fabricated one should not entertain the idea that he or she can bury the deceased Muslims wherever they like. The deceased Muslims should only be buried in the graveyard of the Muslims As for the practice of transporting the dead bodies of the Muslims from Europe to Africa or even from the USA to Asia to be buried, this is unnecessary hassle and should be avoided.

If the dead person requested that his body should be transported to far places to be buried, such as from England to Pakistan, his relatives do not have to fulfil that request because he is being awkward and difficult. Hadith 27 I begged my Lord Glorified be He not to send any member of my household to the Hellfire and He granted me my request. Related by Ibn Bushraan and classified fabricated by Nisaaee. Sunan Abu Dawud English trans. There is no doubt that to give someone his or her shahadah is a great blessing and reward for the Daa'ee.

However not every Daa'ee is on the right aqeedah, hence some people embrace Islam from movements like the Nation of Islam, Qadiyaanis, Berailwis, extremist Sufis, grave worshippers, Shias etc. The above-mentioned deviants are not inside the fold of Islam so how can they be accepted into the Paradise. If you join others in worship with Allah then surely all your deeds will be in vain and you will certainly be among the losers.

Classified fabricated by Imam Nawawi. Sakhaawi is of the opinion that there is no authentic hadith condemning the game of chess. The majority of scholars are of the opinion that backgammon is haraam. If he had meant chess he would have used the word Shatranj The scholars who have allowed the game of chess have laid down three guidelines by which the players adhere to: 1. The Salah should not be delayed from its prescribed time.

Gambling should not be involved. Players should not lose their temper nor use obscene language. Vol, 3, p. Hadith 30 Were I to swear by Allah and tell a lie, is more preferred by me than to swear by someone other than Allah and speak the truth. Related by Abu Na'eem and classified fabricated by Daar Qutnee. What are the major sins? He said: I test them then I pardon them for their sins. The Angels said: If only we were in their place we wouldn't have disobeyed you. He said: Then choose two Angels from among you to be in their place. So they chose Harut and Marut; and they both descended towards the Earth.

Allah then gave them sexual desires. They then finally descended to the Earth. Upon reaching Earth there came to them a woman called Zuhra and they both fell in love with her.

Nena ‎- 99 Luftballons

So they both began to conceal from each other the feelings of lust, which they had in their hearts for Zuhra. One of them returned to her; then the other came and said: Do you feel what I feel for her, he said yes. Then they both asked her for her body. She replied I will never submit my body to you both until you teach me the secret word that you use to ascend the Heavens and return to Earth. Then both Harut and Marut refused; then again they asked her for her body but she refused also. They both then gave in and taught her the secret word to ascend to the Heavens. Harut and Marut then begged Allah to forgive them; so Allah gave them a choice, He said; If you like I can return you to your Angelic state and punish you on Judgement Day.

Or if you like I can punish you now in the Duniya and return you to your Angelic state on Judgement Day. One of them said to the other the punishment of the Duniya is temporary, so they chose to be punished in the duniya rather then to be 66 punished in the hereafter. Allah then told them to go to Babylon, so they both went there and stayed; they are presently hanging between the Heavens and the Earth being punished until Judgement Day.

Hadith 32 The carrying of a rod is a sign of a true Muslim and a tradition of all Prophets. Related by Daylamee and classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabi. Hadith 33 He who practices I'tikaaf seclusion for ten days of Ramadhan will get the reward of two Hajj and two umrah. Related by Al-Bayhaqee and classified fabricated by Adh- Dhahabi. Hadith 34 It is better for you to speak in Arabic and avoid speaking in Persian for verily it breeds hypocrisy. Related by Al-Haakim and classified fabricated by Adh- Dhahabi. Also in regards to the desert Arabs who speak only Arabic Allah 3fe said: "The Bedouins are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy.

However they have two noble characteristics, which are generosity to their guests and perseverance at times of hardship. This fabricated hadith as well as hadith 34 is detrimental to the Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood because they create a feeling of nationalism and racism; which are both unbelief Ibn-ul-Qayyim al Jawzia said all ahaadith cursing black people are fabricated.

If the people who fabricate this hadith say those were Prophets so it was expected for them to be good; we say to them Luqman the wise and Bilal were black with good character and they were not prophets. Narrated Jabir Ibn Abdullah ra : "Umar used to say Abu Bakr is our chief and he manumitted our chief meaning Bilal rt89 In the Arab world people do not call their sons Bilal ra even though he was a prominent Sahaabah; all this is due to racism on their part. Classified fabricated by Al-Haafiz Zaylaee.

This fabricated khabar was used by some Muslims to allow Muslim men to sit on silk. It is haraam for Muslim men to sit on silk because the authentic ahaadith have forbidden it. However, they differ on the issue of Muslim women sitting on silk. Some are of the opinion that it is haraam for them; hence they are allowed to wear silk but are not allowed to sit on it. These scholars use Qiyaas and argue that Muslim women are allowed to wear gold but disallowed to drink from gold cups or use gold spoons, forks etc. Likewise they are allowed to wear silk but disallowed to sit on it. The other scholars take a more literal approach to the text and say since the hadith only forbids Muslim men from sitting on silk then it's halaal for Muslim women.

It would be more appropriate to donate such wealth to starving Muslims or to the Mujahideen. Hadith 37 Marry and do not divorce for verily Allah's throne shakes whenever a divorce occurs. In this world people don't always turn out to be what they seem to be. Also you do not know a person properly until you live with him or her.


The above-fabricated khabar is promoting Catholicism in Islam, because in the Catholic faith divorce is extremely difficult or totally forbidden. There are two types of divorce, Sunnee i. Divorce Bid'ee is to divorce a woman while she is menstruating or to say to a woman I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you three times in one go in the same sitting. If a man divorces his wife while she is menstruating he has to take her back and wait for her to finish her menstruation and after she takes a bath and becomes clean he is now allowed to divorce her without cohabiting with her.

If he cohabits with her, then divorces her he is being sinful. So he has two chances left to divorce his wife. Those who hold the opinion that it should be counted as three divorces also hold the opinion that the wife becomes haraam for her husband until she marries another man who will cohabit with her, and if she gets a divorce from the second husband, only then can the first husband remarry her with a new dowry and two witnesses.

This is the opinion of the four great Imams, some Sahaabahs and scholars like Umar ra and Aisha ra. The other opinion states that if a man should pronounce three divorces on his wife in the same sitting; it is counted as one only. There is no doubt that the most accurate opinion on this matter is that of Ali ra and his cousin Ibn Abaas ra. This is so because their evidence is stronger than those who hold the opposite view.

It is for this reason Ibn Abbaas ra and Ali ra championed the opinion that it's counted as only one divorce. Also we are living in the last days where people are lacking in imaan; consequently they have very little control over their tongue. So if we should go by the first view that three divorces in one sitting is counted as three instead of one, this will lead to the disintegration of the Muslim family structure. The divorced woman has to wait three menstruations before she can remarry.

If she is pregnant then her Iddah waiting period is until she delivers. If her husband divorces her before cohabiting with her then she has no Iddah. If she divorces her husband with Khula i. Her Khula has to be performed by an Imam or a scholar. The Iddah of a widow is four months and ten days. As I have mentioned previously it is not right for two Muslims to divorce from each other if there is love and compatibility in the marriage.

A woman divorcing her husband for a valid reason includes: 1. She is divorcing him because she was forced by her parents to marry him even though she expressed that she has no feelings for him. She is divorcing him because he beats her harshly continuously. He is lazy and refuses to provide. She is divorcing him because he is evil in character e. Hadith 39 Beware of zina unlawful sexual intercourse for verily it results in six evil consequences, three of which occur on earth while the others occur in the hereafter.

As for those that occur on earth they are: 1. It takes away radiance from your face. It breeds poverty. It causes your sustenance to decrease. And as for those that will occur in the hereafter they are: 1. It brings down the wrath of the Lord. It makes one's reckoning become difficult. It causes one to abide in the hell-fire forever. The message of this hadith is accurate except for one fault; the sentence that states that zina causes someone to be in the hell-fire forever.

This is the aqeedah of the Khawaarij. There is no Sahaabah or classical scholar past or present that holds the view that fornication or adultery causes a person to be in the hell-fire forever. He becomes a Kafir only if he claims that zina is halaal. However, there are certain crimes that are so grave; the moment the person commits one of these crimes he or she becomes a Kafir, even if they didn't intend to become a Kafir.

We refute them by saying a person is either a Muslim or a disbeliever, hence there is no such thing as a disbeliever of a lesser degree. This is bid'ah in regards to aqeedah, the worst form of bid'ah. The people who are promoting the aqeedah that to dismantle the Shari'ah is kufr doona kufr i. The reason why I said earlier that most of the message in this fabricated hadith is true is because Ibn ul-Qayyim has made mention of these evil consequences of sins in his book Al Jawaab Al-Kaafee page We can see for ourselves that in any society in which zina becomes widespread there are always a lot of street children living in poverty without parents e.

Related by Ibn Bakeer and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee. This fabricated hadith promotes irjaa liberalism and gives Muslims the false hope that it is possible to enter Jannah without practising Islam. In order for a Muslim to enter Jannah he or she has to practise the seven conditions of Shahadah which are: 1. Knowledge of what the Shahadah means 2. Certainty 3. To believe in it inwardly and to declare it outwardly 4. Complete submission to Qur'an and Sunnah 5. To condemn all shades of falsehood 6. To be devoted to Allah alone in worship 7.

To love and hate for Allah's sake. Related by Tabaraani and classified fabricated by Adh- Dhahaabee. Hadith 42 He who builds a house bigger than what is necessary will be made to carry it on his shoulders on the day of judgement. Hadith 43 To love your country is a part of Iman. Classified fabricated by Saghaani.

This fabricated khabar promotes nationalism. At present nationalism is a cancer in the body of the ummah, which stunts the spiritual and economical growth of the ummah. So they see themselves as Indian first and Muslim last. These expressions enhance prejudices and deviations among the believers.

The only time a country is worth loving is when Shari'ah is being implemented in that country to its fullest. Hence we love and hate only for Allah's sake. Related by Daylamee and classified fabricated by Imam Suyooti. In order for a righteous deed to be accepted two conditions must be found.

The doer has to purify his or her intention i. Hadith 45 Beware of the Dunya life of this world for verily its magical powers are greater than that of Harut and Marut. There is no harm in a Muslim working hard for his living and becoming rich. In fact it is better to be rich than to be poor if you have taqwa Then you will be able to spend for the spread of this deen. Thus the rich man who is grateful is better than the poor man who is patient, because the poor man all he has is patience.

Also Umar ra the second Caliph used to say: "Poverty leads to Kufr. This is exactly what the evangelists are presently doing in Muslim lands like Africa, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. Related by Saghaani in his book of fabricated Hadith p. Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee and Ash-Shoukaani. Hadith 47 He who makes Hajj and then visits my grave when I die, will be like the one who visited me when I was alive.

Related by At-Tabaraani and classified fabricated by Ibn Ma'een. If not his or her Hajj is incomplete. This is not the case because Hajj is only Makkah, hence to visit Madinah is a righteous and noble act but it is not a condition for your Hajj to be accepted. Any additional acts like to make du'aa to him and ask him for things are kufr and shirk. See commentary for hadith 5 for further details on this matter Hadith 48 Chicken takes the place of lamb for the poor of my Ummah and Jumu'ah is their Hajj.

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Related by al-Azdee and classified fabricated by adh-Dhahaabee and Ibn Hibbaan. This fabricated khabar seeks to outline some Islamic Adaab in regards to cohabitation except that the meaning of the Hadith doesn't make sense Moreover Adh-Dhahaabee said a liar was found in the chain of transmitters called Muhammad Ibn Abdur- Rahman At Istaree. Ibn Hibbaan reported that A'taa ra was asked about the permissibility of a man looking at his wives naked body, and he asked Aisha ra so she quoted this hadith.

Since there is no difference in looking at one's wife when she is having a bath or while cohabiting it becomes obvious that the fabricated khabar doesn't make sense. Hence to abuse this rukhsa permission may result in a loss of shyness. Which is a good virtue. There is no doubt that it is better for a man to practice foreplay before cohabiting with his wife. However we cannot say foreplay is fard. The above-mentioned fabricated khabar is insinuating that foreplay is fard, while it is sunnah recommended especially if the woman is a virgin.

Whenever something is sunnah we cannot make it fard. Also if something is makruh we are not allowed to make it haraam. This is extremism in regards to verdicts and judgements. As for oral sex this is makruh for Muslims. As for using aids like Viagra this is permissible for the man who is impotent and is in need of it.

However if the man is normal and he uses Viagra unnecessarily it becomes makruh. He who cohabits with his wife once and wishes to do so again should wash his private parts i. It is permissible to cohabit in a naked state but it is advisable to do so under a blanket so as to avoid the accident of someone seeing you in that state. It is incumbent on a husband to cohabit with his wife once every four days, unless she wants to let him off. This Fatwa was issued during the caliphate of Umar Ibn al Khattab ra by the caliph himself A man may cohabit with his wife in whatever position he likes as long as he avoids entering the anus.

And they women have rights over their husbands as regards to obedience and respect similar to what their husbands have over them to what is reasonable. Hadith 51 Allah shall call people by their mothers' names on the Day of Judgement in order to cover for them. Related by Ibn Adee and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee. It's a common notion that people will be called by their mothers' names on the Day of Judgement, but this is not the case. This argument sounds logical and it's very popular, however we have a Hadith in Abu Dawud to prove otherwise.

The answer can be found in the above hadith related by Abu Dawud i. There will always be different opinions about this issue because some hadith scholars graded the hadith of Abu Dawud Sunan Abu Dawud English trans. Hadith 52 The aubergine eggplant is a cure for all ailments. Classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar Al Asqalaani. This fabricated hadith contradicts the authentic saying of the Holy Prophet : "'The black seed is a cure for all diseases except As-Saam..

He, the Holy Prophet said: "Death" Hadith 53 Let the most handsome among you lead the prayer salah because it is more likely that he will be the best in character and use your wealth to safeguard your honour and safeguard your deen by guarding your tongue. Related by Ibn Adee, classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee, Hadith 54 He who travels on Jumu'ah day shall have two angels invoking Allah against him, that he should have no one accompanying him on his journey and that he should not accomplish whatever aim and objective he set out to accomplish.

There is no authentic tradition that forbids a Muslim from travelling on Jumu'ah day. Thus, if a Muslim has needs to take care of, there is no sin on him if he travels on Jumu'ah day. This fabricated khabar contradicts an authentic athar in which Umar Ibn al Khattaab ra saw a man dressed for a journey.

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The man then said in the presence of Umar ra , if today weren't Friday I would have travelled. Umar ra heard him and said: "You may travel because Friday doesn't prevent anyone from travelling. The traveller also has the choice of fasting or breaking his fast, and to shorten and join his prayers. He may wipe over his socks for three days and nights. Hadith 55 Verily for everything there is a heart, and the heart of the Qur' an is Surah Yaa-Sin, he who reads it once will have the reward of reading the Qur'an ten times. Standing by the grave of the deceased while praying over him or her is also permissible, but this can lead to shirk.

Hadith 56 He who charges a fee for teaching the Qur'an to others, then that will be his only reward in regards to the Qur'an. Related by Abu Na'eem and classified fabricated by adh- Dhahaabee The above mentioned fabricated hadith gives the impression that it's not allowed for a person who teaches others the recitation of the Holy Qur'an to charge a fee for his service. This view is unacceptable because the Islamic worker has needs like everyone else. The Islamic worker is not an angel and thus he or she needs food, clothing, shelter, medicine etc.

Moreover we have an authentic hadith in Sahih Bukhari, which contradicts this fabricated khabar. She again stood up and said, O Allah 's Apostle! I have given myself in marriage to you so please give your opinion of me. She again stood for the third time and said: I have given myself in marriage to you so please give your opinion of me. So a man stood up and said: O Allah 5 Apostle! Marry her to me. He said: No. The man went and searched and then returned saying: I could not find anything not even an iron ring. He replied: I know such Surah and such Surah.

I have married you to her for what you know of the Qur 'an by heart i,e. This hadith also proves the permissibility of a woman proposing to a man. Hadith 57 Wudhu on top of wudhu is light on top of light. Hadith 58 Backbiting nullifies one's wudhu and salah. English Vol. Hadith 59 Verily it is the non-Arabic speaking nations that do this i.

I am but a man from among you. The above-mentioned fabricated khabar gives the false impression that the practice of kissing the hands of respected people like Shaikhs, parents, teachers etc, is not allowed in Islam. He replied: "I don 7 shake hands with women. The explanation of the above hadith is famous in Jewish and Christian circles. The scholars of Islam agree unanimously among themselves that this story is from the Israeeliyaat i. It is not befitting of a Prophet to lust much less to cause the death of someone in order to satisfy his own lust.

We as Muslims believe that the Prophets of Allah were all infallible. Meaning they did not commit a sin deliberately. Classified fabricated by Al Haafidh Al Iraqi. Related by al Khataab and classified fabricated by Ibn Hibaan. Related by Abu Na'eem and classified fabricated by adh- Dhahaabee. This is purer for them Verily, Allah is All Aware of what they do.

And tell the believing women to lower their gaze from looking at forbidden things and protect their private parts from illegal sexual acts and not to show off their adornment except only that which is apparent Le. To understand this verdict properly I would suggest that you read Tafseer Qurtubi for the explanation of Surah Noor verse He then came out to his companions and said to them: A woman advances in the form of a devil, so when one of you gets excited by her, he should go to his wife and have intercourse with her for that will repel what is fee ling.

Strange men may have evil notions by looking at her. Hence she causes them to fall into sin. There is thus a similarity between Satan and a woman who comes out of her house alluringly. The above-fabricated hadith gives the impression that Islam needs Arabs and thus it depends on them solely for it to spread. However this is not the case. Islam doesn't need people, it's the people who need Islam. And there is no superiority for whites over blacks or blacks over whites, except with piety.

All of you are from Adam and Adam is from clay. Whoever from amongst you apostates from his religion Islam Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him; humble towards the believers, stern towards the disbeliever's, fighting in the way of Allah, and never fear the blame of any blamer. That is the grace of Allah which He bestows on whom He wills. Verily the Most honourable of you in the sight of Allah is that Believer who is most Righteous. In view of these mentioned facts Imam Malik held that the only adequateness between husband and wife in regards to marriage is deen i.

The other three imams hold that adequateness covers deen, the Arabic language, lineage and wealth. Related by Ibn Adee and classified fabricated by Adh- Dhahaabee. He was able to see behind him in salah, so the people who prayed behind him were visible to him, hence if they didn't pray properly he would admonish them. By Allah, neither your submissiveness nor your bowing is hiddenjrom me; surely I see you from my back. Tayammum takes the place of wudhu and ghusl when there is no water or the worshipper is sick; or the water is ice cold hence it may cause fever to the worshipper if he or she should bathe in it.

Thus it is permissible to perform as many salah as possible with the same tayammum as long as the tayammum is not broken by one of the following nine things: 1. Passing wind 2. Urination 3. Stools 4. Heavy sleep 5. Touching a woman with lust 6. Unconsciousness by fainting or drugs 7. Eating camel meat 8. Apostasy 9. The availability of water. Our wudhu is broken by the first eight things that nullify our tayammum. Related by Ibn Asaakir and classified fabricated by ad-Daar Qutnee who said a liar was found in the chain of transmitters by the name of Muhammad Ibn Zakaria Al Ghulaabi.

Hadith 68 Whenever the Imam ascends the Millibar on Jumu'ah day, there should be no salah and talking. Related by At-Tabaraani and classified fabricated by ash- Dhaahabee. The above-mentioned fabricated hadith gives the impression that it is impermissible to pray two rak'ah of sunnah while the Imam is delivering his khutba. However it is permissible for a person to perform two rak'ah of sunnah while the Imam is delivering the khutba because there are authentic traditions allowing it.

It is sunnah i. This opinion is strongly upheld by Hanafi scholars. Since this two rak'ah prayer is a sunnah and not fard it is better to avoid praying it in front of the Imam at a mosque, which doesn't allow it because this will create disunity and the unity of the Muslims is fard. However if the Mosque is comprised of different rooms you may offer this Salah in a room different to the one where the Imam is delivering the sermon.

As for the second part of the hadith that states that there should be no speaking when the Imam ascends the mimbar; this needs an explanation. Hence the explanation for this prohibition is: when the Imam stands up and starts speaking then everyone should keep silent.

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If anyone speaks while the Imam is speaking such a person has no Jumu'ah. Hadith 69 He who shortens the Iqaamah by reciting Allahu Akbar twice is not one of us. Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahaabee. Iqaamah can be called two ways, first by reciting Allahu Akbar four times exactly like the Athaan, or shortening it by reciting Allahu Akbar twice only.

Hence no one has the right to criticise a person for acting upon either of them. Hadith 70 He who raises his hands in Salah has no Salah. Adh-Dhahaabee said about him that he used to be in the habit of fabricating ahaadith and attributing them to reliable sources, Abu Na'eem said this man Ma'moon Ibn Ahmad was a scum who used to fabricate ahaadith and attribute them to reliable sources in order to deceive the Muslims.

It's apparent that the fabricator is of the Hanifi school of thought. Thus the Hanafis believe that it's makruh to practice raf ul yadain raising the hands in Salah. The truth is with the Shafis on this issue. This unfortunate incident proves how detrimental it is when a person is fanatical about his school of thought.

I am more incline to this view if the lie was intentional. Az-Zubair said. The above- fabricated khabar contradicts the Holy Qur'an. Allah wants for you ease and He doesn't want for you hardship. It is advisable for us to take the easiest path in deen. Those who choose the hardest path in deen get fed up and apostate because they can only endure so much and no more. Striving in Allah's path doesn't mean to make the deen a burden on ourselves. The person who likes to make the deen a burden on himself is showing off with piety and this is insincerity.

Hadith 73 The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr. He also said it was a fabricated hadith. The above-mentioned fabricated hadith gives preference to the method of dawa over jihad for spreading Islam. However the best method for spreading Islam is jihad and not dawa.

But when he entered Makkah with military might and Shawka power two thousand took their shahadah in one day. The mujaahideen conquer lands and save the entire populace from the Hell-fire by delivering Islam to them. This accomplishment is much greater than what books can do.

Allah has preferred in grades those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and their lives above those who sit at home. In this regards Surah Nisaa Allah knows but you do not know. Classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar. This fabricated Hadith has no chain of transmitters likewise it contradicts the Holy Qur'an.

So they Nuh and Lut avail them their respective wives not against Allah it was said: Enter the fire along with those who enter. Since Kafirs, Apostates and Hypocrites eat with the Muslims time and time again, such a hadith could never be authentic. Hadith 76 The spider is a shaitaan transformed by Allah so kill it. Related by Ibn Adee who said it was inauthentic. Monkeys and swine had been in existence even before the metamorphosis of the human beings, i.

Vol 4, p. They justified their crime by saying they didn't do anything but instead the fish net caught the fish on their behalf Allah's wrath kindled upon them so He turned those who actually broke the Sabbath into swine and those who saw them violating the Sabbath and didn't stop them He turned them into apes. See tafseer Ibn Kathir for verse 65 of Surah Baqarah. Related by Ibn Maajah and classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee. Hadith 78 A scholar of Islam will never become senile. Classified fabricated by Suyooti.