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Other areas on which to focus future research and public health intervention include maternal. Full Text Available Abstract Background Children living in Roma settlements in Central and Eastern Europe face extreme levels of social exclusion and poverty, but their health status has not been well studied. Methods Anthropometric and sociodemographic measures were obtained for Roma children under five living in Roma settlements from the Serbia Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey.

Results The prevalence of stunting, wasting, and underweight was Conclusions There exists a gradient relationship between household wealth and stunting even within impoverished settlements, indicating that among poor and marginalized populations socioeconomic inequities in child health should be addressed. Other areas on which to focus. These were organized in May-October The method used for the collection and reference reservoir of disease is rodentia survey methods. Result of the reference collection reservoir of disease is the house rat Rattus tanezumi Nongkojajar found either in the of Pasuruan, East Java 3 rats and the District of Ciwidey 4 rats. Ebooks and Manuals

Polynesian rat R. In addition another types of mice were also found 1 Insectivora mice Suncus murinus in the District Ciwidey. Kegiatan tersebut dilaksanakan pada bulan Mei-Oktober Metode yang digunakan untuk koleksi dan referensi reservoir penyakit adalah metode survei rodensia. Hasil koleksi referensi reservoir penyakit adalah tikus rumah Rattus tanezumi ditemukan baik di Kecamatan Nongkojajar, Kabupaten Pasuruan, Jawa Timur 3 ekor maupun. Favelleran di te sempre le stelle Galileo, i primi Lincei e l'astronomia : Biblioteca dell'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana, Roma 6 aprile - 30 giugno Catalogo dell'esposizione del prezioso patrimonio custodito nella Biblioteca dell'Accademia dei Lincei, costituito da documenti manoscritti riguardanti gli esordi e da libri stampati di Galileo e su Galileo.

Does the population living in Roma settlements differ in physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption from the majority population in Slovakia? Several studies have revealed a high prevalence of risk factors associated with unhealthy lifestyle among individuals with lower socioeconomic status.

In Slovakia, one of the most socially and health-disadvantaged groups is the Roma minority. The aim of this study is to explore differences in physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption between the population living in Roma settlements and the majority population in Slovakia. Data from the cross-sectional epidemiological HepaMeta study conducted in Slovakia in were used. The differences in health-related behaviour between the population living in Roma settlements and the majority population were analysed using logistic models separately for males and females.

These data show a clear difference between the population living in Roma settlements and the majority population with regard to leisure-time physical activity only in women and smoking, although not alcohol consumption. The prevalence of leisure-time physical activities such as walking or some other type of sport was significantly lower among Roma women than among non- Roma women. Men and women living in Roma settlements are more likely to smoke on a daily basis and they are heavier smokers in comparison with the majority population. HepaMeta study did not find differences in alcohol consumption between the Roma and non- Roma men.

However, Roma women reported less frequent recent drinking and binge-drinking of 6 or more doses of alcohol on a single occasion. The higher prevalence of unhealthy lifestyle activities among Roma seem to contribute to these inequalities in cardiovascular diseases morbidity and mortality in comparison with the majority population. Loucura imperial na Roma antiga. Dalla disciplina del progetto, le ragioni di un percorso magistrale di studi in interaction design.

This specific branch of learning builds its fundamentals in the synergetic teaching of theoretical and studio courses focusing on human factors, theories of interaction and design criticism. This paper investigates the motivations, the methods and the choices made by a group of professors of the University of the Republic of San Marino to create a new graduate programme in interaction design.

Work-integrated learning and health literacy as catalysts for Roma empowerment and social inclusion. Roma people all over the world have often been subject to prejudice, stigma, discrimination and oppression. Many Roma have little or no education, which in combination with other factors often leads to unemployment and marginalization.

Based on a case study in Sweden, this paper proposes an appro Based on a case study in Sweden, this paper proposes The findings indicate that work-integrated learning may be a worthwhile approach for increasing the individual empowerment and self-led social inclusion of vulnerable people. However, the obstacles of structural discriminatory nature hindered the project to reach its full potential in its Full Text Available The article presents the results of a correlation study , aimed at quantifying the food intake of the Roma population in the South Bohemian Region.

To achieve the goal, we applied the method of one-day dietary recall and frequency food analysis non-standardized. The quantification was carried out by analysis in the Nutridan program. The study involved Roma persons and persons in the control group. Both groups had the same representation of males and females The age categories of both sets differed; the average age of the Roma was lower The statistical analysis shows differences in nutritional estimate between the Roma population and the control sample.

The Roma differ in their energy intake. The respondents from both groups consume little fruits and vegetables, which may be connected with their low dietary fiber intake. In addition to the differences in the nutritional estimates, we recorded statistically significant differences in body mass index BMI; p Roma are younger, it can be assumed that the obesity of the Roma may be caused by unbalanced alimentation and lack of physical activities.

Enrico Fermi a Firenze le "Lezioni di meccanica razionale" al biennio propedeutico agli studi di ingegneria : La permanenza di Fermi a Firenze fu breve, solo due anni accademici e ; in questi anni tenne i corsi di fisica matematica e di meccanica razionale. Vengono anche riprodotte nel testo le "Lezioni di meccanica razionale" tenute da Enrico Fermi nel periodo predetto agli studenti di scienze e del biennio propedeutico agli studi di ingegneria. Infine le lezioni contengono le equazioni di "Lagrangia" e alcuni elementi di Do eating habits of the population living in Roma settlements differ from those of the majority population in Slovakia?

Living in Roma settlements is associated with worse health in comparison with the majority population; this might be partially explained by socioeconomic disadvantages as well as cultural differences, including lifestyle. Eating habits represent an important part of lifestyle closely related to primary causes of morbidity and mortality, such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases or cancers.

The eating habits of the population living in Roma settlements in comparison with those of the majority population were explored using the cross-sectional epidemiological HepaMeta study conducted in A logistic regression model was used separately for male and female participants. The population living in Roma settlements reported the recent consumption of fruit, vegetables and dairy products significantly less frequently in comparison with the majority population. Moreover, Roma females, in comparison with non- Roma females, reported significantly more frequently the consumption of meat and soft drinks.

No differences were found between Roma and non- Roma in the consumption of meat products and farinaceous dishes. The population living in Roma settlements reported more frequently unhealthy eating habits in comparison with the majority population; this might contribute to worse health status of this population.

The differences might be attributed to cultural differences between ethnic as well as socioeconomic groups, reduced availability of certain food items due to segregation or poverty and lower health literacy. Stigma Consciousness in the case of Romanian Roma Activists. Full Text Available Roma people are often stigmatized by the members of the out-groups, the process of stigmatization being enforced through a selection of stereotypically assigned characteristics of the group. In the last two decades, the stigmatization of Roma was contributed by scientists, policy makers and mass media.

Stigma is a basis for social exclusion of Roma people and it is transferred from the whole group to the individual level. The negative labelling of the entire Roma group affects identity and stigma consciousness for each individual Roma. This paper addresses ethnic stigma consciousness in a sample of 96 Roma activists, women and men. The results show that stigma consciousness is highly present among Roma participants from the sample, although there are not significant differences between Roma women and Roma men regarding ethnic stigma consciousness.

Ethnic and social distance towards Roma population. Full Text Available The Roma people are one of social marginalised ethnic groups which can easily be classified as underclass or ethno-class. In this work are presented the results of survey data analysis of ethnic and social distance towards the Roma population It concludes that the Roma people are one of ethnic groups with the highest social and ethnic distances in all observed social relations. The conclusion is that their generations poverty and still of life which the poverty produces are main causes of the high distance.

The society has very important task to overcome situation which keep their social situation. In this paper are showed some of possible solutions of solving global Romas social situation and their integration in the rest of society. Health Roma children. Biological conditions [Zdrowie romskich dzieci. Uwarunkowania biologiczne. The paper presents the results of studies on the incidence of biologically genetically determined illnesses such as congenital eye disease glaucoma , phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyrodism, congenital skull deformity and some cases of mental retardation among Roma children living in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The problem that causes the biggest disputes is the considerable percentage of disabilities, particularly mental ones, registered in this population, which exceeds manyfold t Full Text Available The paper presents the results of studies on the incidence of biologically genetically determined illnesses such as congenital eye disease glaucoma, phenylketonuria, congenital hypothyrodism, congenital skull deformity and some cases of mental retardation among Roma children living in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The problem that causes the biggest disputes is the considerable percentage of disabilities, particularly mental ones, registered in this population, which exceeds manyfold their occurrence in the entire populations of the two countries.

The relevance of the link between ethnic segregation and integration is known. On the one hand, people create Questions of spatial segregation and over-representation of ethnic minority groups with weak connections to the labour market are central to the political and policy agenda across Europe and academic studies in the fields of housing and urban regeneration.

In some countries, the spatial PhD Dissertations Tesi di dottorato. Spatiosa ad habitandum loca. Full Text Available Having shortly delineated and theoretically defined the concept of stereotypes as collective social constructs and stereotyping as such, the author turns to much more complex issue as to how to identify and change stereotypes about Roma , which are deeply rooted in mainstream European societies where they live and also those stereotypes that are nurtured and strictly followed by the Roma and which relate to non- Roma.

The author arrives at a conclusion that today one can note several factors and conditions in European countries which still nurture and further reinforce especially anti- Roma stereotypes. According to him, the specific and carefully elaborated stereotypes-oriented policies and strategies which favour mutual education, knowledge and understanding as well as ongoing contact and dialogue between the two different ethnic, social and cultural identities at both EU and member states levels are conditio sine qua non for the enhanced and overall Roma inclusion and integration.

Infine si ricerca la motivazione degli editori di ripubblicare il materiale mettendolo in un nuovo contesto secentesco: il viaggiatore. Full Text Available In this paper we make one major point: that Roma children in Europe need to be tested in their mother tongue before school placement. Roma children are in a particularly perilous position with respect to their education.

We describe the problematic linguistic situation of Roma children, who are bilingual and often bidialectal, but are frequently evaluated in the language of the state for educational placement, a process that has been shown to significantly compromise their chance of success. We then review the considerable empirical evidence that bilingual children must be evaluated in both languages to give a fair assessment of their knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, strength in the mother tongue has demonstrable transfer to skills in the second language. We provide a brief summary of a new assessment for Romani that has been used successfully to evaluate children aged 3 to 6 years, and present the results of a new study using it in Slovakia on 29 children aged 3 to 6 years. Molecular studies on di -sodium tartrate molecule. Structural characterization is important for the development of new material. The acoustical parameters such as Free Length, Internal Pressure have been measured from ultrasonic velocity, density for di sodium tartrate an optically active molecule at different temperatures using ultrasonic interferometer of frequency 2MHZ.

The ultrasonic velocity increases with increase in concentration there is an increase in solute-solvent interaction. The stability constant had been calculated. Risk factors associated with the practice of child marriage among Roma girls in Serbia. Relatively little research on the issue of child marriage has been conducted in European countries where the overall prevalence of child marriage is relatively low, but relatively high among marginalized ethnic sub-groups.

The purpose of this study is to assess the risk factors associated with the practice of child marriage among females living in Roma settlements in Serbia and among the general population and to explore the inter-relationship between child marriage and school enrollment decisions. The study is based on data from a nationally representative household survey in Serbia conducted in - and a separate survey of households living in Roma settlements in the same year.

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The practice of child marriage among the Roma was found to be most common among girls who lived in poorer households, who had less education, and who lived in rural locations. The results of the bivariate probit analysis suggest that, among girls in the general population, decisions about child marriage school attendance are inter-dependent in that common unobserved factors were found to influence both decisions.

However, among girls living in Roma settlements, there is only weak evidence of simultaneous decision making. The study finds evidence of the interdependence between marriage and school enrollment decisions among the general population and, to a lesser extent, among the Roma.

Further research is needed on child marriage among the Roma and other marginalized sub-groups in Europe, and should be based on panel data, combined with qualitative data, to assess the role of community-level factors and the characteristics of households where girls grow up on child marriage and education decisions.

Rivista di etica e scienze sociali / Journal of Ethics & Social Sciences

This is a descriptive study in which in-depth interviews and discussion groups were held with all programme professionals, including a documentary review of the programme. The information was analyzed based on the Roma Health Integration Policy Index, a tool that evaluates the entitlement, accessibility, sensitivity and capacity for change of health programmes for the Roma population. The professionals encountered multiple challenges to implement the family planning programme with Roma women due to the characteristics of the users and the low sensitivity of the programme towards them.

The absence of specific actions for Roma women within the family planning programme, agreed to by the healthcare district, obliges professionals to develop adaptations and strategies to ensure quality sexual and reproductive health services for their users. It is necessary to adapt sexual and reproductive health programmes targeted at Roma women by a detecting, evaluating, systematizing and disseminating good practices, b developing actions that address the multiple vulnerabilities of Roma women, c acknowledging professionals who advocate for the health of these women within their organizations, and d promoting reproductive justice as the goal of these programmes.

The health of the Roma people: a review of the published literature. The Roma people originated in northern India and have been known in Europe for nearly a thousand years. For much of that time they have been the subjects of discrimination and oppression, culminating in the extermination of half a million Roma in the Nazi death camps. While it is widely believed that the health of Roma people is often poorer than the majority population, these inequalities remain largely unresearched. Published literature on the health of the Roma people was identified using Medline.

Opinion pieces were excluded, as were papers relating to anthropometry and to genetic markers. The resultant papers were analysed by country of study and by disease type or care group. Much literature concentrates upon communicable disease or reproductive health. The limited evidence suggests increased morbidity from non-communicable disease, but there is little published on this topic. Evidence on health care, though fragmentary, suggests poorer access to health services and uptake of preventative care.

Published research on the health needs of the Roma population is sparse. The topics that have received attention suggest a focus on concepts of contagion or social Darwinism, indicating a greater concern with the health needs of the majority populations with which they live. There is a need for both further research into the health of Roma people; with particular emphasis on non-communicable disease; and also for interventions that improve Roma health. Such research must, however, be handled with sensitivity, recognising the social and political context of the society concerned.

Chemical and biological contamination of fish products; Contaminazione chimica e biologica dei prodotti della pesca. The first contribution deals with chemical contaminants, particularly heavy metals and their acceptable daily intake ADI. The following contributions deals with sanitary measures concerning biological contamination associated with the consumption of seafood, especially shellfish, taking into consideration the epidemiological relevance of some biological contaminants in Italy and Europe. Particular sanitary aspects concerning the presence of enteric viruses in mussels are presented; new molecular biology methodologies and the different techniques for enteroviruses concentration are discussed.

The current chromatographic methods for PSP and DSP biotoxin determination and the most recent developments in chemical methods based on liquid chromatography and mass spectrometric techniques are presented. The last section is devoted to the parasitic contamination of seafood. The article provides information about barriers of Roma women in the labour market. Most often interpret the entry limits of Roma women in the labour market.

Labor et Educatio. Drawing on the scholarship about inclusion and its practical achievements,…. Forse zero. Entrambi di colore, entrambi di umili origini, arrivati in Europa come tanti, centinaia di migliaia, nel loro caso non da clandestini. Full Text Available Ormai in auge dagli anni? Tale tecnica di rilevamento prevede l? Hepatitis E infection is one of the most frequent causes of acute hepatitis in the world. Currently five human genotypes with different geographical distributions and distinct epidemiologic patterns are identified.

In Slovakia, only rare cases of hepatitis E have been reported in past years. Of respondents included in the study , 47 The population living in Roma settlements lives in poorer conditions and are at higher risk of HEV in comparison to the general population. However, differences in living conditions within the settlements do not contributed to lower risk of HEV antibody prevalence between Roma living in settlements. The discrimination of Roma groups across Europe has been highlighted by several international organisations. For many, poverty, racism and their children's systematic exclusion from education are 'push' factors when deciding to migrate.

This study explores Roma mothers' views of their children's education post migration and their attitudes to…. Dimitrova, Radosveta; van de Vijver, Fons J. Results indicated that Roma showed lower endorsement of national identity. Tecniche di rilievo integrate applicate ad architetture complesse e degradate. In particular, the research is aimed to integrating laser scanning, digital photogrammetry and thopographic survey of Ninfeo, a monumental and scenographic artifact located at one end of the Giardino della Girandola, characterized by an articulated architecture and detailed decorations.

Emilio Pasquini, ed.

Il documento Etica e Finanza - Oikonomia - Rivista di etica e scienze sociali

Per i anni della Commissione per i testi di lingua. ISBN: Occasione per un riequilibrio modale. Full Text Available Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah mendeskripsikan memetakan kondisi financial literacy pengrajin logam di Propinsi Jawa Timur. Adapun pendekatan penelitian menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif dengan menerapkan studi fenomenologi. Teknik pengumpulan data menggunakan wawancara mendalam dengan 8 pengrajin logam. Hasil dari penelitian ini adalah peneliti memperoleh 4 dimensi kondisi financial literacy pengrajin logam di Propinsi Jawa Timur, yaitu dimensi pengetahuan tentang istilah keuangan, dimensi manajemen uang, dimensi pencatatan keuanga dan sistem kerjan, serta penjelasan kondisi financial literacy pengrajin logam dari sisi pengetahuan tentang pajak.

To determine variation of CYP2B6 gene within the genetically specific Croatian Roma Gypsy population originating from India and to examine it in the worldwide perspective. The Croatian Roma took an outlying position in CYP2B6 variation from the worldwide perspective mainly due to their exceptionally high minor allele frequency MAF for rs This study provides the first data of several CYP2B6 polymorphisms in Roma population and indicates the need for systematic investigation of the most important pharmacogenes' variants in this large, transnationally isolated population worldwide. Gli studi provenzali nel percorso critico di Cesare De Lollis.

In seguito, la letteratura dei trovatori fu studiata da De Lollis nel suo rapporto con quella italiana. In he published the critical edition of Sordello, entering into debate with Francesco Torraca: this debate has to be set in the context of the querelle between critica estetica e critica erudita, that was very strong in Italy at the end of XIX century.

He focused also on the dialectic between a. Roma Identity as an Expert-Political Construction. Full Text Available The creation of an EU Framework for national Roma integration strategies marks a significant step in the politicisation of Roma identity by ensuring a further increase in the number of initiatives, projects and programmes explicitly targeting Roma. The Framework itself is part of a process that began with postcommunist transition and which has produced historically unprecedented levels of Roma political activism along with a proliferation of national and transnational policy initiatives focussed on Roma identity.

In seeking to explain this contemporary political phenomenon, the article argues that Roma is an identity constructed at the intersection of political and expert knowledge by various actors, such as policymakers, Romani activists, international organizations and scholars. This political-expert identity is applied to groups that are not bounded by a common language, religion, cultural practice, geographic location, occupation, physical appearance or lifestyle. The article explores how this collation of disparate populations into a notional political community builds upon a centuries-old Gypsy legacy.

The article argues that the contemporary economic and political conditions amidst which the politicisation of Roma identity is occurring explain how the ideological and institutional construction of the ethnic frame tends toward the reinforcement of the exclusion of those categorised as Roma , thus increasing the perceived need for Roma policy initiatives.

A self-sustaining cycle has been created where Roma knowledge identifies Roma problems requiring a policy response, which produces more Roma knowledge, more needs and more. Intergenerational transmission of ethnic identity and life satisfaction of Roma minority adolescents and their parents. This study investigates intergeneration transmission of ethnic identity as a resource for life satisfaction of Roma adolescents and their parents.

Historically, Roma represent the largest ethnic minority in Europe. They have been exposed to severe discrimination, social exclusion, and poverty. Therefore, identifying resources for their life satisfaction is theoretically and practically important. Results indicated that Roma youth were lower on endorsement of ethnic identity and average on life satisfaction compared to their mainstream peers.

A structural equation model showed that ethnic identity was a positive predictor of life satisfaction for both adolescents and their Roma parents. Furthermore, parents' ethnic identity was a predictor of adolescent life satisfaction. We concluded that for Roma youth and their parents, ethnic identity represents a salient source for life satisfaction and an intergenerational continuity of identity and life satisfaction exists.

Full Text Available AbstractThis research aims to examine the effect of corporate governance on the corporate social disclosure in the South East Asia companies as well as to test the difference of the level of corporate social disclosure CSD between three countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thayland. Variables in the research are: the number of commissioners, board competence, the proportion of independent commissioners, audit committee size, the proportion of independent audit committees, and ownership of managerial.

There are a significant predictors namely the competency of the board of director, numbers of audit committee and proportion independent audit committees on corporate social disclosure. The number of commissioners, the proportion of independent commissioners, and ownership of managerial are not as determinant significant that only firms size and industry type. There are different corporate social disclosure practice in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thayland.

This is caused by differences in corporate governance practices in those countries. Keywords: corporate social disclosure, corporate governance, comparative study. AbstraksiPenelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji pengaruh corporate governance terhadap pengungkapan sosial perusahaan pada perusahaan-perusahaan di Asia Tenggara serta untuk menguji perbedaan tingkat pengungkapan sosial perusahaan CSD antara tiga negara: Indonesia, Malaysia, dan Thailand.

Variabel dalam penelitian ini adalah: jumlah komisaris, dewan kompetensi, proporsi komisaris independen, ukuran komite audit, proporsi komite audit independen, dan kepemilikan manajerial. Global Reporting Initiative digunakan untuk. Full Text Available Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui faktor-faktor yang melatarbelakangi penyalahgunaan dextromethorphan oleh remaja di Kabupaten Jepara dan untuk mengetahui upaya yang dilakukan oleh pihak kepolisisan Polres Jepara serta hambatan dalam menanggulangi penyalahgunaan dextromethorphan oleh remaja di Kabupaten Jepara.

Metode penelitian menggunakan metode yuridis empiris yang bersifat deskriptif. Sumber data primer yaitu wawancara dan data sekunder yaitu sumber hukum primer, sekunder dan tersier. Metode pengumpulan data dengan wawancara dan studi kepustakaan kemudian data dianalisis secara kualitatif. Upaya yang dilakukan oleh pihak Kepolisian Polres Jepara dalam menanggulanginya melalui dua tahap yakni upaya pencegahan yang terdiri dari tindakan pre-emtif dan tindakan preventif, kemudian tahap kedua melalui upaya penindakan represif.

Hambatan yang dialami pihak Kepolisian terdiri dari hambatan internal yakni jumlah personel Sat Narkoba yang tidak memenuhi, bocornya informasi dan minimnya dana. Sedangkan hambatan eksternalnya yakni aturan hukum yang kurang jelas terhadap penyalahgunaan dextromethorphan, kurangnya kesadaran dari pihak-pihak terkait apotek dan Dinas Kesehatan, dan masyarakat yang kurang kooperatif dengan pihak kepolisian. Roma Minority in Romania and its Media Representation. Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to put into light main aspects of the relationship between the image of Roma as perceived by the majority of population and its representation in the Romanian press from until The representation of Roma is considered a cause and, in the same time, a consequence of the identity problem of this population as an ethnic group, on one side, and of its social status, on the other side.

The situation of Roma in the Romanian society, the modalities of Roma portrayal in press and the factors that influence its representation are addressed in the paper. Full Text Available Pengertian Contempt Of Court adalah segala tindakan berbuat aktif atau tidak melakukan fasif dilakuan oleh mereka yang berperkara atau pihak lain yang tidak terlibat yang cenderung mengganggu, mencampuri proses penyelenggaraan peradilan sehingga merendahkan martabat peradilan. Fenomena dalam peradilan kita menunjukan Contempt Of Court terjadi hampir di setiap lembaga pengadilan.

Kewibaan peradilan mengalami penurunan akibat perilaku tidak baik yang dilakukan oleh para pihak yang berperkara maupun juga dilakukan oleh aparat penegak hukum. Dalam penelitian ini akan mmengkaji pengaturan bentuk-bentuk Contempt Of Court di Indonesia, selanjutnya akan di teliti sebab-sebab terjadi Contempt Of Court di depan pengadilan dan bagaimana seharusnya penanggulan tindak pidana Contempt Of Court.

Perilaku hukum dan budaya hukum yang dipengaruhi oleh sistem hukum yang diterapkan di Indonesia. Hukum modern di Indonesia diterima dan dijalankan sebagai suatu instansi baru yang yang didatangkan atau dipaksakan dari luar, yakni melalui kebijakan colonial Hindia Belanda. Budaya hukum masyarakat dalam euphoria reformasi menunjukan kurangnya penghargaan terhadap kewibawaan hukum.

Hal ini diperparah dengan kekecewaan praktek pengadilan dan mafia peradilan. The Identity of Czech Deaf Roma. With the definition of Deaf people as a cultural and linguistic minority the research of Deaf identity became possible. Following this, questions of identity of minority deaf persons emerged.

Do these persons affiliate to the Deaf community or to their ethnic minority? This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of Czech deaf Roma identity. The underlying assumption of the paper is that identity is a continuing process dependent on the interaction of an individual and society and that it consti Power constellations between Roma pupils and their teachers. Full Text Available The goal of this empirical study is to describe power constellations that are generated in interactions between Roma pupils and their teachers, and also to summarize the basic findings of this research and to point out some real situations that can occur during the teaching lessons.

The first part of the thesis describes the differences in the social interaction of Roma pupils. The second part is focused on the authority of the teachers and also on using this authority during the lessons. The basic findings of the research are selected in the methodological section. The research survey revealed five power constellations, which are the subject of this empirical study. The empirical study suggests how teachers and pupils define and shape relationships.

From the present paper, a lot of influences are involved in the formation of power constellation, ranging from the personality of the teachers, socializing in school, through family upbringing to cultural differences. Los edificios deportivos de la Roma Antigua. Diversity vs. This article takes up the question of why recent efforts to reform Roma education have been largely unsuccessful.

Using case studies , the authors identify and discuss situations that have produced poor results: good intentions and bad realisations, good intentions and good realisations, and misguided intentions and bad realisations. They suggest…. Berdasarkan data yang diperoleh dari Badan Pusat Statistik BPS Kabupaten Tegal pada tahun , komposisi sampah organik adalah yang terbesar kedua setelah sampah plastik dan sangat berpotensi mengalami penambahan setiap tahunnya. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk membuat perancangan pembangkit listrik tenaga sampah organik zero waste di Kabupaten Tegal, dengan studi kasus di Tempat Pembuangan Akhir TPA sampah Penujah.

Objek dalam penelitian ini adalah sistem pengolahan sampah organik yang ada di Kabupaten Tegal dengan menggunakan sistem pengolahan sampah zero waste. Sistem pengolahan sampah organik zero waste adalah sistem pengolahan sampah yang tidak menghasilkan sampah kembali. The various stages of his life are recounted in an engaging style, from his early childhood in Perinaldo and his time at the famous Jesuit College in Genoa, to his later experiences in Bologna and Paris.

The emphasis, however, is on the scientific side of his life. The counterfeit nephew of the Pope. A plot against the Bishop of Puebla during the expulsion of the Jesuits.

A wall of numbers

This article uses a variety of legal documents and secret investigations to reconstruct this history of lies, intrigue and the desire for critical expression, providing an opportunity to reflect on the dissent of the American clergy during a time in which royalty and censorship were being redefined. The nation's Catholic colleges and universities are recommitting themselves to making their founding visions come alive in increasingly effective and innovative ways.

This article describes the Jesuit tradition of higher education, discussing its origins and how it is reflected in the reality and practice of Jesuit higher education today. This is…. Giovanni : The Bridge between Data and Science. This web-based tool facilitates data discovery, exploration and analysis of large amount of global and regional data sets, covering atmospheric dynamics, atmospheric chemistry, hydrology, oceanographic, and land surface.

Data analysis functions include Lat-Lon map, time series, scatter plot, correlation map, difference, cross-section, vertical profile, and animation etc. Visualization options enable comparisons of multiple variables and easier refinement. Recently, new features have been developed, such as interactive scatter plots and maps. The performance is also being improved, in some cases by an order of magnitude for certain analysis functions with optimized software.

We are working toward merging current Giovanni portals into a single omnibus portal with all variables in one virtual location to help users find a variable easily and enhance the intercomparison capability. Jesuit higher educational institutions. As the number of Jesuits decreases, a significant question is how the…. Jesuit Promotion of Social Justice. A substantive and differentiating element of the Jesuits ' university paradigm is the promotion of social justice. The results of a telephone poll conducted amongst professors and researchers convey the initiatives to further social justice that Jesuit universities in Spain have been carrying out primarily since the s.

Although still a limited…. It has long been maintained that the etymology of zani, zanni — the servant or buffoon of the commedia dell'arte — is a northern Italian variant of the proper noun Giovanni , or its shortened form, Gianni. In Tommaseo and Bellini's Dizionario della lingua italiana, published in Turin between and , it is stated that the Accuracy of lunar eclipse observations made by Jesuit astronomers in China. The Jesuit astronomers observed numerous lunar eclipses at Beijing and summaries of their observations - made between and - are preserved.

The various lunar eclipse measurements that the Jesuits made are compared with the results of present-day computation. Since there has been a notable increase in the number of American Jesuit colleges and universities selecting non- Jesuit leaders to serve in the position of president. These "lay" presidents i.

This article addresses the congruence of a student affairs professional preparation program within Jesuit higher education. It connects the mission of Jesuit education and Jesuit religious and educational principles to the philosophy of student affairs work in colleges and universities. A program in student development administration at Seattle…. This study explored perceptions of possible future scenarios for Jesuit higher education in the United States by the year This study focused on two questions, a How do leaders perceive the future of Jesuit higher education?

There has been a significant decline in the amount of priests and brothers who live and work at Jesuit secondary schools in the United States. The presence of Jesuits in the schools shaped the Ignatian identity of the schools' cultures. In the 16th and 17th centuries the Jesuits refused the planetary system of Copernicus and Kepler. Their role in the trial against Galileo Galilei is also well known. Religious objections made it impossible for them to agree with the idea of a planetary system, in which not the Earth is in the center, but the Sun.

So the Jesuits tried to find out how to modify and to save the traditional model of a geocentric system. At the beginning of the 17th century the astronomical data have been improved rapidly by new observations, especially by those of Tycho Brahe, so that they became incompatible with the traditional geocentric planetary theory. It was especially Tycho Brahe, who developed a new modified geocentric planetary system on the basis of his observational data.

The Jesuits adopted his theory and they integrated it in their scientific curriculum during the whole 17th century.

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The Jesuit missions located in the Chaco are less known than the ones in Paraguay. They are the last step of the Jesuits ' missionary device in the Rio de la Plata region. They were dedicated to 'evangelize' and 'civilize' the aboriginal groups considered more hostile: nomadic hunter-gatherers who adopted the use of horses and were not controlled by the colonial government. These groups were seen by Europeans as a radical otherness. That is why the Jesuits ' descriptions of Chaco Indian skies are a very interesting example about European attitudes toward other worldviews. This paper explores the use of different paradigms for interpreting these alternative skies: demonic influence, the deception of sorcerers and an Evemeristic reading of the indigenous worldview.

This article also addresses some of the interactions between the aboriginal and Christian skies in the mission context. Il disegno gotico di San Giovanni Valdarno. Ai fini di interpretare. Giovanni Papini's Judas Iscariot: A study in tendentious fictional Anna Meda, Gerhard van der Linde, Ancient literature in the teaching of the Ljubljana jesuits.

In contrast to certain other orders, they fostered the classics, as is evidenced by their teaching, scholarly research, and literary composition. The scholarly work of the Jesuits active in present-day Slovenia was mostly concentrated on ancient philosophy, as is shown in the second section of this paper. Their teaching, on the other hand, included both classroom lessons and more creative activities, such as the writing and staging of school plays. The Jesuit school system with its six gymnasium classes is described in the first section of the paper, and the school curriculum based almost exclusively on the teaching of Latin literature and methods in the third.

The fourth section presents the documents relating to the final gymnasium examinations in ancient literature which took place in Ljubljana, with a survey of the contents of the questions. The fifth section outlines the characteristics of Jesuit school drama. The plays performed in Ljubljana are lost, but, judging by the preserved titles and synopses, ancient themes appear to have been relatively rare. Nevertheless, the paper succeeds in isolating seventeen works discussed in the sixth section which must have either utilised plots from ancient literature or drawn inspiration from ancient stock characters and rhetoric.

Benedictus Pererius published in his most successful book "De principiis," after he had taught philosophy at the Roman College of the Jesuits. It will be shown that parts of this book are actually based on his lectures. But the printed version was intended as a contribution to the debate within his Order on how science should be…. Jesuit scientific activity in the overseas missions, Within the context of national traditions in colonial science, the scientific activities of Jesuit missionaries present us with a unique combination of challenges.

The multinational membership of the Society of Jesus gave its missionaries access to virtually every Portuguese, Spanish, and French colony. The Society was thus compelled to engage an astonishingly diverse array of cultural and natural environments, and that diversity of contexts is reflected in the range and the complexity of Jesuit scientific practices.

Underlying that complexity, however, was what I see as a unique combination of institutional structures; namely, European colleges, overseas mission stations, and the regular circulation of personnel and information. With this institutional framework as a backdrop, I briefly trace what I see as the most salient themes emerging from recent studies of Jesuit overseas science: 1 the Societys ability to use scientific expertise to its advantage amid the complex web of dependencies upon which it missionary activities rested; 2 the ability of its missionaries to become intimate with a wide range of cultures and to appropriate natural knowledge held by indigenous peoples, especially in the fields of material medica and geography; and 3 the different ways Jesuits used published accounts of "remote nature" i.

This paper examines how the academic study of hate can be understood through Catholic social justice teachings with an emphasis on the Jesuit commitment to faith and justice to allow for a critical reflection on the relationship between theory and practice. To make the connections between social justice and the study of hate, the paper begins with…. A growing interest in the communication to students of the mission and identity of a higher education institution prompted this study about the presence of Catholic, Jesuit values in the introductory religious studies course at a faith-based university.

To conduct this study a survey instrument was developed, piloted, further refined, and then…. More than three-quarters of administrators, faculty and staff at Jesuit colleges agree or strongly agree that "admitting, enrolling, and supporting undocumented students fits with the mission of the institution.

There is…. This paper attempts to draw attention to non-conventional but popular modes of transmitting scientific knowledge in Jesuit institutions in the 17th century. The particular case study focuses on a fictive dialogue between Galileo, Mersenne and Paulus Guldin on the power needed for moving the huge globe of the earth by mechanical means.

The dialogue…. Jesuit Schools and French Society, Of all the Roman Catholic religious orders, none has proved more controversial than the Society of Jesus, founded in This article investigates how social changes in 19th century France affected enrollment figures and curricular choices during the critical period in the history of French Jesuit colleges.

The life of Giovanni Cingolani Montecassiano, — Santa Fe, takes place between Italy and Argentina at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Cingolani redeems his humble origins with a successful career as a painter and restorer in Rome between and Thanks to the relations with prelates and painters of Perugia, close to Pope Leo XIII, the artist fits himself in the papal circles, devoting himself to painting religious and to the portrait.

Came into contact with Ludovico Seitz, director of the Vatican Museums, participates in the major restorations in the Borgia apartment, in the chapel Niccolina, in the Vatican Stanze and in the Sistine Chapel. In he emigrated to Santa Fe, where he worked as a church decorator and portrait painter, devoting himself intensely to teaching: thanks to unpublished documents, especially the correspondence between Cingolani, his daughter Leonilde and the director of the library of Macerata, Giovanni Spadoni, you can learn many details about his life and the Italian and Argentines artistic milieus he frequented.

Jesuit education provided the first rigorous educational "system" in the Western world from the s onwards. By more than Jesuit colleges and universities educating some , students worldwide constituted the largest educational network in existence up to that time. At the present day, in 68 countries worldwide, the…. Poetry or pathology? Jesuit hypochondria in early modern Naples. In their didactic poems on fishing and chocolate, both published in , two Neapolitan Jesuits digressed to record and lament a devastating 'plague' of 'hypochondria'. Hypochondria was considered to be a serious and epidemic illness in the seventeenth century, with symptoms ranging from depression to delusions.

Not only did our Jesuit poets claim to have suffered from it, but so did prominent members of the 'Accademia degl'Investiganti', a scientific society in Naples that was at odds with both the religious and medical establishments. Contact, Confrontation, Accommodation: Jesuits and Islam, Full Text Available The encounter between Jesuits and Muslims in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries had as a point of connection the shared engagement with the spoken and written word. Giovanni Battista Morgagni : father of pathologic anatomy and pioneer of modern medicine. Giovanni Battista Morgagni was an Italian anatomist who introduced the anatomo-clinical concept in medicine and established anatomy as the instrument to identify the seat and etiology of any disease.

His first documented text in anatomy, Adversaria Anatomica was published in three volumes between and His accurate anatomical descriptions of human organs enhanced his reputation as the most famous anatomist of Europe during that period. Morgagni published the most important work of his life, the masterpiece in pathologic anatomy, De Sedibus, in The text is based on his pathologic observations from about autopsy dissections of patients whom he had treated during their lifetime.

De Sedibus provides the reader with a precise correlation between the anatomo-pathologic findings at post-mortem and the clinical symptoms of a disease observed during a lifetime. Morgagni's ability to integrate and synthesize information set him apart from his contemporaries, and his anatomo-clinical method was a major breakthrough in the history of medicine as it helped physicians to diagnose a disease, analyse the prognosis of that disease and prepare a management protocol for the same.

His achievements led to the emergence of pathologic anatomy as an exact science and with him began modern medicine. Mars through Giovanni Schiaparelli's eyes: between science and fiction. From the second half of the 19th century up to the first part of the 20th century the drawings of Mars by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli became the centre of an international controversy concerning the existence of canals and the hypothetical habitability of the red planet. These images also generated a full impact on the popular culture of the time.

This essays follows the scientific representations of Mars by Schiaparelli drawings of discs and maps from their birth in the hands of the astronomy community up to their growing old in the hands of scientific popularizers such as Camille Flammarion and science fiction writers such as Herbert George Wells.

With its seas and canyons Mars turned into the ideal background for scientific and exotic romanticism, offering a suitable setting for novels and tales. The core question crossed paths with the contemporary early 20th century debate raging on about the evolutionary theory. The study of Mars moved from astronomy to extraterrestrial physiology, biology, meteorology and geography: astronomical images then became imaginary portraits of Martians and artificial Martian landscapes.

Recent Italian laws emphasise Clinical Governance model as a priority for hospitals and Health Technology Assessment as one of the major tools in order to support local and hospital decisions as far as new health technologies are concerned. Our reported experience suggests managing solutions and appraises clinical issues in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and security of new and emerging technologies in order to plan and to create a system according to up to date Health Technology Assessment principles in San Giovanni Battista University Hospital-Turin.

Mini-HTA reports have been realised on "Technology Intelligence" in prostate cancer treatment, percutaneous implantation of aortic valve prosthesis in high-risk patients with aortic valve disease and experimental Home Radiology project. In addition, health technologies have been evaluated through a database created ad hoc.

The future perspectives predict the realization of further Mini-HTA reports even through a revision of the managing model used. Through Giovanni , users are able to apply statistical analysis on many individual gridded global data products across multiple instruments and even inter-compare parameters from more than one instrument.

Giovanni currently allows users to select a time window and a region of interest to generate many graphical output types including area plots time-averaged , time-series area-averaged , Hovmoller latitude vs. A number of graphical output types are also available for parameter inter-comparisons.

ASCII output is also available for those who want to apply their own analysis software. Using the knowledge gained from Giovanni , a user can minimize the amount of data they need to download while maximizing the amount of relevant content in those data. The design challenges of Giovanni are 1 to successfully balance a simple, intuitive Web interface with the complexity and heterogeneity of our data, 2 to have a simple and flexible configuration so that new data sets and parameters can be added and organized for particular user communities, 3 to be agnostic with respect to the analysis software and graphing software and, 4 scalability.

In a short time, the original Giovanni Giovanni 1 has grown from two instances to eight Giovanni 2 , each tailored for a specific user community. The demand, however, for Giovanni and its capabilities continues to increase and in order to meet those demands, a redesign effort of Giovanni , which we call Giovanni 3, is being undertaken. It has been around in one form or another for more than 15 years. Giovanni calculates simple statistics and produces 22 different visualizations for more than geophysical parameters from more than 90 satellite and model products. Unfortunately, these standards were insufficient to make Giovanni 's internal data representation truly simple to use.

Finding and working with dimensions can be convoluted with the CF Conventions. Furthermore, the CF Conventions are silent on machine-friendly descriptive metadata such as the parameter's source product and product version. In order to simplify analyzing disparate earth science data parameters in a unified way, we developed Giovanni 's internal standard.

First, the format standardizes parameter dimensions and variables so they can be easily found. Second, the format adds all the machine-friendly metadata Giovanni needs to present our parameters to users in a consistent and clear manner. At a glance, users can grasp all the pertinent information about parameters both during parameter selection and after visualization.

This poster gives examples of how our metadata and data standards, both external and internal, have both simplified our code base and improved our users' experiences. NEXUS is an emerging data-intensive analysis framework developed with a new approach for handling science data that enables large-scale data analysis. It is available through open source. We compute global time-averaged map, correlation map, and area-averaged time series.

The first two algorithms average over time to produce a value for each pixel in a 2-D map. The third algorithm averages spatially to produce a single value for each time step. These and other benchmark results will be presented along with key lessons learned in applying the NEXUS tiling approach to big data analytics in the cloud.

The study was an exploration of how participants in lay formation mission and identity programs on three Jesuit higher education campuses understand their experiences of the programs; what competencies were developed as a result of participation; and how the programs helped participants understand the cultural context of Jesuit higher education.

This article will consider the significant role which the Society of Jesus had played in the Iraqi secondary and higher education systems in the period The Jesuits ' Baghdad-based school and university formed a part of the substantial Jesuit educational network established across the Middle East from the nineteenth century and this…. The purpose of this interpretative phenomenological study was to understand how male undergraduate students who identify as openly gay experience marginality and mattering at a Jesuit Catholic university.

There were 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States as of this writing, each with its own varying approach towards the treatment…. The purpose of this study was to promote an ethic of care and justice through the examination of the manifestations of whiteness within student affairs on a Jesuit Catholic university campus.

To achieve this purpose a qualitative, exploratory case study was used to examine a student affairs division at Western Jesuit University pseudonym , an…. The Jesuit project of education in India that began with St Francis Xavier and flourished due to the support of colonial masters at its establishment was distinctive in its aims and objectives. The Jesuits taught the lowly and the mighty with the sole aim of "evangelisation", a term that has changed its meaning depending on contexts and….

What common values do diverse Jesuit institutions share? In what ways are Jesuit colleges and universities working to maintain mission, identity, and traditions within the context of 21st-century higher education? To ground their response to these questions, the researchers first review the historical and ecclesial developments that have…. The Jesuit encounter with the Amerindians of the St. Lawrence Valley in Th-century New France provides us with incalculable insights into the inner workings of the "colonial imagination" that believes the objects of instruction have everything to learn and nothing of value to teach.

This article explicates how the Jesuits got to know their…. Jesuit universities and science after Society of Jesus restoration Full Text Available After the restoration in , the Jesuits , following an educational tradition present since their inception, established a worldwide network of around universities. Many of these universities have science departments where Jesuits and their lay collaborators carry out important scientific research. A significant number of the universities and some schools set up observatories devoted to astronomy, meteorology, geophysics and seismology, where scientific work flourished, especially between and In this way, the Jesuits have constantly been present in different fields of the natural sciences since their foundation.

This unusual scientific tradition can be explained by their Ignatian spirituality, which seeks to find God in all things, in the union of work and prayer and their preference for working at the frontiers. This spirituality continues today in the scientific work of Jesuit universities by Jesuits and their lay collaborators. Owing to its popularity, Giovanni has experienced a consistent growth in overall demand, with periodic usage spikes attributed to trainings by education organizations, extensive data analysis in response to natural disasters, preparations for science meetings, etc.

Furthermore, the new generation of spaceborne sensors and high resolution models have resulted in an exponential growth in data volume with data distributed across the traditional boundaries of datacenters. These factors have required new strategies for delivering acceptable performance. The cloud-based Giovanni , built on Amazon Web Services AWS , evaluates 1 AWS native solutions to provide a scalable, serverless architecture; 2 open standards for data storage in the Cloud; 3 a cost model for operations; and 4 end-user performance.

Our preliminary findings indicate that the use of serverless architecture has a potential to significantly reduce development and operational cost of Giovanni. The combination of using AWS managed services, storage of data in open standards, and schema-on-read data access strategy simplifies data access and analytics, in addition to making data more accessible to the end users of Giovanni through popular programming languages. Full Text Available Anti- Jesuitism constitutes a phenomenon and a religious, cultural, socio-political movement at the international level.

After their fall, the surviving Jesuits , scattered throughout the various kingdoms, rehearsed a process of resistance to European anti- Jesuitism with writings. The purpose of this article is to examine one of these writings, "Relation of some causes that will succeed to the Religious of the Society of Jesus in the kingdom of Portugal, in their prisons, exiles and carceres, Kaulen inaugurates a new type of writing, the "apologetic-historical," model and paradigm for other filojenutic accounts and apologies. The rhetoric-apologetic style, with a strongly emotive-dramatic connotation, far from marginalizing critical intelligence and the sovereign discernment of the reader, will seek to recompose the dynamics of the mental scheme of feeling with the Exercises, leading it to the discernment of the just-unjust, loyal dishonest, coherent-incoherent.

Discernment that will adhere to the emotional and will constitute the path par excellence of praxis and ethical action, that is, the need to repair the injustices done to the Jesuits. Through this dynamic, the author will stimulate the reader's discernible intelligence, encouraging him to stop being a mere passive and inoperative "listener", to be an agent of overcoming injustices and restoring justice, restoring the Company's honor and.

In Portugal the Jesuits used tiles azulejos for parietal decoration of various areas of their colleges, especially in the second quarter of the 18th century. The iconographies address a variety of philosophical, historical and mathematical topics and scenes evoking the gentry's life; but they are to some extent illustrative of the subject matters taught by the different chairs. In this paper we will analyze the iconographical program for these parietal decorations in the context of the Jesuits ' activities of teaching and practical astronomy.

In particular, we will identify various printed sources from which the compositions on these panels derive. Full Text Available Teaching opera in prison presents challenges, such as limits imposed on printed and recorded material to study it, or the audio-visual technology in the classroom space, yet, no other experience can be so inspiring and rewarding for everybody involved. It addresses pedagogical challenges on how to teach opera in prison and advocates for the need to leave the ivory tower of academia and engage in social action.

If opera is still perceived as an elitist art form, it is because it is artificially kept that way by being practiced, taught, studied, and promoted only among an exclusive sector of our population. Reflections on a book by Giovanni Jervis]. Giovanni Jervis' book Individualismo e cooperazione. Psicologia della politica [Individualism and Cooperation: Psychology of Politics] is the outcome of a critical reflection begun by the author at the end of the s in order to explore the manifestations and the problems of cooperation between individuals, and to identify some "universal" psychological factors that could define the role of psychology within politics and constitute an "objective foundation" of any human culture.

Although Jervis was, so to speak,favoring Darwin against Marx, it is argued that,from his overall reasoning, several of his arguments actually are in favor of the inevitable "historicity" of individuals, due to the social conditioning they are subjected since birth: too often certain "universalistic" approaches transmit, together with scientific advances or even without them , well identifiable ideological motives linked to precise and well defined historical and economic interests?

The role of environment and climate in propagating infectious disease has long been recognized since the 5th century. The effect is particularly evident in vector-borne diseases such as malaria where temperature, precipitation and humidity influence the lifecycle of the pathogens and mosquitoes.

Likewise, the transmission of respiratory diseases is also often associated with climatic factors. For example, a recent study showed that low humidity and temperature provides efficient condition for seasonal influenza transmission. Understanding of how environment and climate affect infectious diseases would essentially provide guides to prevent and control the spread of disease.

Toward this end, our group has developed models for infectious disease risk such as for malaria, dengue and influenza that are driven by climatic and environmental inputs. Allar Tankler. Riccioli Revisited. Graney, Setting Aside All Authority. Giovanni -Battista Morgagni : creator of pathological anatomy. The great anatomist Giovanni -Battista Morgagni by his major textbook De Sedibus is the creator of pathological anatomy and the one who rendered this new discipline an indispensable specialization of modern medicine.

It provides a wide variety of algorithms and visualizations to explore large remote sensing datasets without having to download the data and without having to write readers and visualizers for it. This Federated Giovanni will allow four other data centers to add and maintain their data within Giovanni on behalf of their user community.

Tier 2 packages Giovanni up as a virtual machine for distribution to and deployment by the other data centers. Data variables are shared among data centers by sharing documents from the Solr database that underpins Giovanni 's data management capabilities. However, each data center maintains their own instance of Giovanni , exposing the variables of most interest to their user community. Tier 3 is a Shared Source model, in which the data centers cooperate to extend the infrastructure by contributing source code. The St. This chapter focuses on the role of religiously based spirituality in cultivating environmental awareness and citizenship by examining an adult environmental education program offered at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre, a religious retreat center in Guelph, Canada.

Il modo in cui il Papa viveva i suoi ultimi giorni, segnati dalla sofferenza, la sua pasqua dalla morte alla vita in Dio, ha confermato definitivamente la sua grandezza. Questa difficile sintesi testimonia il suo genio morale. La fonte della forza e della luce costituiva per lui soprattutto una fervida e costante preghiera, frequente partecipazione ai sacramenti e sistematica meditazione sulla Parola di Dio. These preliminary research notes present theoretical and methodological questions regarding a recently inaugurated investigation in historical archeology that intends to analyze daily life under slavery, demographic regimes, cultural practices, and so on.

With the cooperation of historians, archeologists, and anthropologists, records of the material culture of slave populations, which originally comprised indigenes and later Africans, are being located at excavations underway on the fazenda that is part of the Jesuit school in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, first run by the clergy and later by members of the laity in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries.

During the stocktaking of the property and its sale, a detailed inventory of pharmacy equipment was recorded, including cabinets, laboratory tools, ingredients or drugs. The inventory is divided into parts of ingredients and prepared medications, the last lists recording the tools and containers for its preparation, production and preservation. The ingredients contain various parts of plants, minerals, precious stones or even parts of animals. The list is written mainly in the alphabetical order, in some cases with specified types of groups.

Every item is provided with information about its price and quantity. Many ingredients originated from overseas countries, the areas of Jesuit missionary activities. Of the former rich equipment, only three pharmacy cabinets and a few containers, mainly veneer boxes and ceramic drug jars, have survived.

The Jesuit convent seems to be an important centre for town inhabitants not only in the 18th century; its legacy has remained in the local pharmacy till today. Key words: pharmacy Societas Jesus 18th century medications medical containers. The Teaching of Astronomy in Jesuit Colleges in the 18th century. On the occasion of the th anniversary of the foundation of the astronomical observatory at the college and seminary of Nagyszombat in , it may be of interest to say something about the colleges of the Society of Jesus.

The presence of the Jesuits there was brief, only two decades, as under the pressure of various external forces, the Jesuit Order was suppressed by Pope Clement XIV with the bull Dominus ac Redemptor on 23 July All the colleges that the Society had been running successfully all over the world either were closed, taken over by the governments, or given to the local bishops. Shortly after the Jesuits left the college of Nagyszombat, the king transferred it to Buda, where it gave rise to modern institutions of higher education derived. Old Jesuits , survivors of so many disgraces, joined younger Jesuits from Russia and Poland where in fact the order had never been suppressed.

The most important of the Jesuit colleges, the Collegium Romanum in Rome, was given back to the Society of Jesus in Many other colleges were lost forever, but new ones were founded to continue the Society's previous successful activity. Jesuits established a large number of astronomical, geophysical and meteorological observatories during the 17th and 18th centuries and again during the 19th and 20th centuries throughout the world.

The history of these observatories has never been published in a complete form. Many early European astronomical observatories were established in Jesuit colleges. During the 17th and 18th centuries Jesuits were the first western scientists to enter into contact with China and India. It was through them that western astronomy was first introduced in these countries. They made early astronomical observations in India and China and they directed for years the Imperial Observatory of Beijing. In the 19th and 20th centuries a new set of observatories were established.

He is also known for a commentary on the Comedia of Dante , but only fragments of that work seem to have survived. Wadding, Annales VII, 86, , ad an. I testi, l'esegesi , ed. Provincial minister of the Provence province and involved with the Observant reform of the Poor Clares of Marseille in Aliquid et pene nihil, hoc est, minima relationis entitas ad mentem doctoris subtilis J.

Scoti clare explicata Augsbourg, Franciscan friar from Salt Preston, Haddingtonshire. All biographical information concerning him comes from his universal chronicle, entitled The Roit or Quheill of Tyme. Based on the remarks in that text, it would seem that he received his childhood education in the , Augustinian abbey of Holyrood near Edinburgh, where a family member of his, namely Robert Bellentyne, was abbot, or at the Canongate grammar school serviced by the same abbey.

Around the age of 20, Abell was a professed Augustinian regular canon regular at Inchaffray Abbey Perthshire. Sometime during his years there, or even before, he obtained a proper grounding in canon law. After a number of years, Abell found the religious discipline in Inchaffray Abbey insufficient, and he began to apply for a transfer to a more strict religious community.

A request to this purpose is still preserved in a penitentiary act in Rome 16 June This did not immediately bear fruit, for in June he was still at Inchaffray. Eventually, Abell left Inchaffray for the Observant Franciscan friary of Jedburgh, founded between and After his transfer to Jedburgh, Abell wrote his only surviving work, The Roit or Quheill of Tyme , a universal chronicle, which survived in a single manuscript now kept in the National Library of Scotland MS The bulk of the chronicle was finished by , but continuations were inserted until , when the text ends abruptly possibly when the author died.

The Roit or Quheill of Tyme starts with creation, and discusses biblical, classical, medieval, papal, and Scottish history, interspersing real facts with legendary elements. The work builds to a large extent on Eusebius, Peter Comestor's Historia scholastica , the Scotichronicon of Walter Bower, and Hector Boece's Scotorum historiae , but does not copy without selection, and the author is not afraid to put his own interpretation on events.

Especially for Scottish history the work is important. It might be the last pre-reformation universal chronicle written in Scotland and it provides important information on the reigns of Scottish kings until , as well as on issues of church history. He also is not afraid to condemn in an Observant fashion abuses concerning commenda situations and the accumulation of benefices.

Thorson Ph. Paul Edinburgh: H. General Register House, , 58; A. Essays in Honour of Alasdair A. Macdonald , ed. Luuk A. Bawcutt, Mediaevalia Groningana. Adam Berwickensis Adam of Berwick, fl. English or Scotish friar from the Newcastle custody. Guardian of the Berwick convent.

Adam was instrumental in obtaining a two-year truce between the fighting parties in Adam Blunt late thirteenth century. English friar and specialised in medicine. Known to have treated his fellow friars, students of Oxford, as well as Walter of Merton the later bishop of Rochester and Robert Grosseteste bishop of Lincoln. He appears in the letters of Adam Marsh, for whom Adam brought a request to the Franciscan minister general then in France. Adae de Marisco Epistolae , ed. Jahrhunderts Freiburg im Breisgau, , Lissabon, Bibl. De Longitudine et Brevitate Vitae : Vat.

De Memoria et Reminiscentia :Vat. De Sensu et Sensato : Vat. De Vegetabilibus : Vat. Metaphysica Nova : a. Florence, Naz. Notulae super Physicam Arist. Oxford, Bodl. De longitudine et Brevitate Vitae : Michael Dunne ed. Thomae Aquinatis Opera Omnia , ed. Busa Stuttgart, , VII, Maurer in J. Adam of Bockenfield, Glossae super de vegetabilibus et plantis: A critical ed.

Wadding, Scriptores ed. Rome, , 1; M. Further Manuscripts', Medievalia et humanistica 13 , ; H. La recezione del Liber de Causis come opera aristotelica nei commenti di Ruggero Bacone, dello ps. Enrico di Gand e dello ps. Adamo di Bocfeld', Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale 2 , ; Timothy B. Henri de Gand et du ps. Stephen F. Annales seu Chronicon Almae Prov. Coloniae Fratrum Minorum Strict. Adam de Dompmartin fl. Parisian friar and the brother of Guillaume de Prato who later was appointed archbishop of Cambalic in China on March 11 th , Adam entered the order in the French province.

Reached the magisterium theologiae. Was then interrogated 30 September by other masters of the university regarding a translation of works by Marsilius of Padua. Between and , he was provincial minister of the French province. Nevertheless, Adam kept the title of bishop of Gubbio and received from pope Clement VII several privileges to make up for this failed assignment? Hence he received on 31 July papal permission to choose his own confessor and to hear confession from anybody who came to him for that purpose. He also received the power to bestow the doctorate in theology at the upcoming provincial chapter on any Friar Minor, as long as the candidate in question had spent the required time in a theology faculty, had taught the Sentences and was deemed worthy of the title after an examination by him and other Parisian masters of theology an indirect way of creating additional magistri bullati.

On August 4 of that same year, the pope gave him permission to stay in the private room built with alms money by his brother, the archbishop Guillaume, in the Parisian friary. Chigi B. De Fluxu et Refluxu Maris , ed. Southern, Robert Grosseteste. Assisi, ottobre , Convegni S. John L. Flood, James R.

Adam de Fermo Adam da Fermo, fl. Italian friar from the March of Ancona. Famous preacher, renowned for his eloquence and his homiletic miracles in the late s. Jahrhunderts Freiburg im Breisgau, , ff. Mentioned in and as a friar of the Oxford friary. By then, or shortly thereafter, he must already have started with his degree studies, for between and he is the regent lector in the Franciscan studium generale at Oxford no. He is one of the 22 friars presented on 26 July to the bishop by the provincial minister Hugh of Hertepole as candidates for hearing confessions in and around Oxford and one of the eight candidates thereafter selected by the bishop.

Between and , he is regent lector at Cambridge no. Not without problems, however:. Adam was temporarily excluded from the university, to be integrated again after a compromise settlement negociated by Cardinal Jorz. Sermones : Oxford, New College, 92 late 13th cent. Analecta Franciscana Quaracchi, I, , ; A.

Henquinet, AFH 24 , ; P. Taught at Oxford 24 th regent lector around and is known to have preached there in and before the university. Provincial minister of the English province between and In , the provincial Synod of York asks him to examine accusations of heresy brought against the Templars.

Adam died at Lincoln. Several of his sermons survive. Analecta Franciscana Quaracchi, I, , , ; A. English friar. Guardian of the Friars Minor at Oxford. In this quality, he took part in a university discussion about the reception of money by intermediaries. The Dominicans had accused the Friars Minor to use this device to overcome the prohibitions of handling money in the Franciscan rule.

Sent to Lyon ca. See Sharpe, Handlist , English theologian and philosopher, and student of Ockham. Born in the neighbourhood of Southampton. Obtained his first education in logic, philosophy and theology in the London friary possibly all the way up to the lectorate between and Subsequently, between and , he taught and studied philosophy and theology at the Franciscan studium in Oxford. Wodeham completed his Sentences lectures pro gradu at Oxford in of , after which, as a baccalaureus sententiarum and baccalaureus formatus, he finished the necessary disputations to become master of theology.

Due to his academic trajectory, Wodeham's Sentences commentary exists in three redactions. In the course of these, he formulated his own position towards Scotus and Ockham. Wodeham's commentary circulated widely during the late medieval period it was also abbreviated, for instance by Henry Totting of Oyta, in in Prague or Paris? In his Tractatus de Indivisibilibus he argued against the Atomists.

In June , just after he had reached the magisterium theologiae , he seems to have visited Basel, possibly on the way back from the Franciscan general chapter in Italy, to sort out some issues regarding the Franciscan mystic Giacomo da Porta. In I-IV Sent. VII ; Paris, Bibl. Jagiellonska ff. Quaestiones Variae Phil. Et Theol. Tractatus de Indivisibilibus : Florence, Naz.

Bonaventure, New York, [Vol. II: Distinctiones ; Vol. III: Distinctiones ]. Robert Pasnau, 3 Vols. Lectura Tertia : O. Johannes Major. De Divisione et Compositione Continui contra Chatton , ed. Rome, , , , ; A. Courtenay, A. Bottin, La scienza degli occamisti Rimini, ; O.

Grassi, Intuizione e significato. Questions on Future Contingents by Robert Holcot , ed. Tachau et. I, 18; F. Dizionario dei Teologi , Bakker, La raison et le miracle. Les doctrines eucharistiques c. Geburtstag , ed. Current Research , ed. Jorge J. Annexe, Fribourg, Cordelier Cod. His Life, Times and Thought , ed. Michael W. Alessandro Musco et al. Gyula Klima New York, , [Cf. Review by Oleg Bychkov in Franciscan Studies 76 , ]. Oleg V. English theologian.

Born in the diocese of Bath, before Cousin of the bishop of Durham, Richard Marsh d. Adam studied liberal arts at Oxford and was ordained priest. Subsequently obtained from his uncle a prebend in the parish of Wearmouth eventually, the bishop also left Adam his library. Took the habit at Worcester. Embarked on a study of theology under the guidance of Robert Grosseteste ca. In , Adam accompanied his provincial minister Albert of Pisa to the general chapter of Assisi.

There, and also at Perugia, Adam and several other friars attacked the politics of Elias of Cortona in the presence of pope Gregory IX. Between and , Adam was a member of the committee of friars that came up with a commentary on the rule commentary of the Four Masters. Lawrence, vol. I, pp. During this sejourn in France, there seems to have been a possibility for Adam to become a regent master at Paris after the death of Alexander of Hales and John of La Rochele. At the instigation of Grosseteste, Adam Marsh did not embark on this path but returned to England.

From onwards, Marsh bevame very active in English Church politics and engaged with matters of order administration, many elements of which shine through in his surviving correspondence. Clm 14th cent. VIII second half 13th cent. Pastorale Excerptum : Oesterreich. Sermo : Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 13th cent. Apparently, there existed a copy at Christ Church before Epistola ad Sewallum ca. In the course of this letter, in which Adam lists the good qualities and obligations of a pastor, Adam also lists the qualities that the bishop should inquire about in his flock.

In the course of this, Adam also deals with the importance of prayer, elaborating in six short chapters on efficacious prayer and its effects cf. Cantini , Epistolae , ed. Oxford: Oxford UP, AFH 99 , f. In all letters. Many of these letter have a spiritual import, elaborating spiritualis amicitia , christian perfection, and comparable issues.

Some letters address specific issues of spiritual instruction. Hence, letter 8 p. Letter to the Countess of Leicester p. Letter to the Franciscan provincial minister William of Nottingham deals with natural perfection, the perfect life for friars , described as a spiritual itinery, and the means to pursue it, namely the cultivation of charity and the cultivation of virtues. Most famous of all is letter to Sewald of York, mentioned above. Alonso Lissabon, [On the basis of Bayerisch. See also the article: F.

Rome, , 2; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Jahrhunderts Freiburg im Breisgau, , passim; A. Marsh', LThK , 1 Freiburg etc. Bonaventure', in: Aspectus et Affectus. Dales , ed. Gunar Freibergs New York, , ; J. Florian Ulm et al. A Biographical Dictionary , ed. Jana K. Schulman Westport, Conn. OFM, Dutch friar. Born in Delft in a Patrician family as the second of nine children. Adrianus in Naaldwijk, and at the St. Continued his liberal arts studies in Louvain, where he became a student at the pedagogium Het Kasteel the Castle in He received the licence of the Arts on March 22, , and soon afterwards became Master of Arts.

He also studied theology under Ruward Tapper and Joannes van der Eycken , was ordained priest in , and became bachelor in theology. Around this time, while still very much enamoured by the classics and humanist letters, he began to suffer from consumption, and he returned for a while to his parental home in Delft his mother had already died in After he had recovered sufficiently, he returned to Louvain, he became interested in a more religious lifestyle.

After refusing prebends and a canon position in the St. Martin's church of Utrecht, he entered the Franciscan Louvain convent on 17 April He was allowed to profess, notwithstanding his precarious health, and taught Holy Scripture as Franciscan lector of theology at the Franciscan Studium Theologicum at Louvain and at the university between and his death in one of the successors of Frans Titelmans d. Prolific author of biblical commentaries and sermons.

Died rather early at the age of 36 on March 21, A biography was written by his nephew Sasbout Vosmeer son of Adam's sister Margarita and later in life Apostolic Vicar. Only a relatively small part of Adam's works were published before his death. After his demise, several admirors functioned as editors and translators of his works.

In the introduction to this work, Sasbout fulminates against the allegorical interpretations cherished by late medieval commentators: Ille abusus Scripturae est maximus, tam libere pro cujusque ingenio et phantasia confingere allegorias. Hoc namque modo Scriptura sacra esset quasi lesbia regula, et eam quo quisque vellet, detorqueret. An autem tota Scriptura et singula et ejus verba exponenda sint secundum allegoriam, dubium est, vel potius dubium non est, quia hoc minime solidum est. Praeterea totam Scripturam tractare secundum triplicem aut quadruplicem sensum, nec hoc solidum est, non solum quia difficile est semper coherentia dicere, sed etiam quia necesse est saepe multa confingere; quod utique periculosum est in tanto thesauro, cui illam debemus reverentiam, ne quid facile comminiscamur.

Elucidatio in omnes fere Pauli et aliorum Apostolorum Epistolas , ed. Withagius for Jan Steels, Cornelius Verburch, 2 Vols. A Dutch translation appeared in Leyden, and in Louvain, Four of Adam's sermons on the Virgin eventually found their way into the Bibliotheca Virginalis , ed.

VIII C. Dit is een stuck van een sermoen dat broeder Ad. Sasbout scrijft van't Chananeesche vroucken, S. Bernardus Sermoenen. Sermoenen in't Latijn gemaect, van broeder A. De Troeyer, Bio-Bibliographica I, Birckmann, Other literary works apparently were destroyed by Adam himself. Vita , written by his nephew Sasbout Vosmeer, apostolic vicar of the Franciscan mission in The Netherlands, and edited by D. Schmitz, Het aandeel der minderbroeders , ; A. XIV, Friar from the Venetian province. Taught philosophy and theology for several years in study houses of his order.

Thereafter a teacher of Greek and Hebrew at the archepiscopal Seminar at Corfu. He died at Venice on 21 January It would seem that none of his works teaching manuals and course books reached the printing press. Adrianus de Maringues Adrien de Maringues, fl. Spiritual author. Heavy emphasis on devotion for the holy heart. Friar from Lorraine. Born at Nancy. Fulfilled several functions in his order a. Bamberg, Venetian friar. Missionary and lector. After working as a missionary and a lector on Cyprus and Cairo, he continued teaching philosophy and theology in his home province.

Due to his sound doctrinal reputation, he was asked to become a consultant for the Vatican and a visitator of the church province of Trent. He died at Vicenza on 26 March Most of his works have never been published. Aloysio Grotto Venice, s. Adrianus Bratkovvicz Adriano Bratkovvicz da Isilz, d.

After studies in his home province, he was sent to ROme, where he studied at the Collegium S. Bonaventurae from onwards. Known for his sanctity as well as for his learning, he was elected provincial minister in Poland in Commentaria in Franciscus Madalenski Cracow, He also left behind a number of works in the Polish vernacular, among which polemical works against Lutheranism defending the invocation of saints and lay communion of the host , and sermons about the seven words of the redeemer spoken from the cross, held at the church of Saint Francis in Cracow in front of members of the local passion confraternity.

These sermons apparently were printed in Cracow. Several of his works might be kept in the convent archive of the Cracow Friars Minor Conventual. Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , Probably from Mechelen Malines. In and after active in Brussels as member of the Observant Franciscan friary provincia Germania Inferioris. Known for two vernacular texts, respectively on confession and on communion. Als die Minderbroeders, Predicaers, Augustijnen, Carmelijten, Johanniten, ende die oordene des heyligen gheets gheprofessijt.

Van desen mach hij gerechtighe absolutie ontfanghen, als van sinen gherechten pastoor. In that year he received ecclesiastical permission from the Pleban Martinus Cools, on behalf of the diocese. Onderwijsinghe ende instructie hoe hem een yeghelijck sal bereyden ter taferelen Gods te gane ende te ontfanghen dat weerde heylighe Sacrament, ghecolligeert uuter heyliger Scriftueren, ende ander gheapprobeerde doctoren Louvain: Hugo Cornwels for Peeter Verhasselt, One of Adriaan of Mechelen's motivations was that it was necessary to counter the many vernacular texts by reformatory writers.

XVI Nieuwkoop, I, Probably born in Louvain around Adrianus was also active as a preacher in Amsterdam before From that year onwards, he taught at the Franciscan Studium Theologicum of Louvain, where he taught fellow friars and lay people. From onwards, he also fulfiled the position of guardian, in which capacity he had to take care of the Franciscan friary during the siege of Louvain by Guillaume of Orange.

In , he is probably guardian in St. Shortly thereafter, between and , Adrianus was in exile in Cologne, where he lived in the delapidated Olive monastery and preached in the local female Augustinian monastery. These sermons on the Sacraments and the Eucharist were held in particular for fellow Dutch exiled Catholics, but also drew the interest of local lay people. In , Adrianus returned to the Low Countries. From he is found at times as a preacher in Antwerp and he is again guardian in Louvain in After a short stay in Brussels, he moved to Maastricht, with the aim to organize his written works.

But he died there quite suddenly on November 22, , and was buried in the church of the Friars Minor. After his death, his Cologne Sermones Euchatistici were edited and pubished by Henricus Sedulius, with financial support of Adrianus's old friend from Louvain Hendrik van Elten. Possible additional editions. De Troeyer I, The edition is available as an electronic document via the University Library of Ghent and via Google Books. The other works of Adrianus, including his Decalogi et catechismi explicatio , In symbolum apostolicum explicatio, libri XII , and his In epistolam sancti Pauli ad Romanos, liber unus , were apparently never printed and are probably lost.

Adrianus Kozlovicz Adriano Kozlovicz Polaccho, fl. Polish friar. Author of a work in the Polish vernacular, known in Latin as the Cimelia animarum Christianarum Warshaw: typis Scolarum Piarum, , dedicated to the abbess Iustina Oraczouka. Polish friar, known for a published funerary eulogy, held at the funeral of Catterina of Zakliczyn, entitled Laetitia mortuorum Cracow: Typis Petricovianis, Minori Oss. Farmer, became after an unknown man from Assisi, Bernard of Quintavalle and a further unknown convert who died rather quickly the fourth disciple of Francis, on 23 April Throughout his life, he displayed a special love for manual work and poverty.

Before and after Francis's death he lead an itinerary life as preacher and mystic, and travelled through Italy, Northern Africa and the Near East. Eventually, he settled down in the hermitage of Monteripido, near Perugia. He is mentioned by many Franciscan hagiographers and spiritual authors and received several vitae of his own, of which that ascribed to friar Leo, is the best-known. In the order the feastday for his commemoration is 23 April. Dialogus cum fr. Gratiano : Naples Naz. Dicta Aurea : Brussels, Bibl. Royale, IV ff. For a full stemma, see the study of Brufani mentioned below.

By Nello Vian in: I Mistici. Scritti dei mistici francescani secolo XIII , ed. Iriarte et. Assisi, , I, The Dicta have also been edited in: Aegidius von Assisi. Die Weisheit des Einfachen , ed. Dialogo sulle gesta dei santi frati Minori. For a more in-depth discussion of the various subsequent redactions of the Dicta made between the year of Egidio's death and the mid fourteenth century, see the study of Brufani mentioned below.

Vita Beati Aegidii Ad excitandam , ed. Seton Manchester, , ; H. Jean compagnon de fr. Cavanna, L. Briganti, Il b. The writings of Leo, Rufino and Angelo companions of St. Francis Oxford, , ; E. Zeugnisse aus acht Jahrhunderten , ed. Paul Zahner St. Luigi Borriello, Maria R. Studi per l'ottantesimo compleanno di Giuseppe Avarucci , ed. Bartoli, W. Mastromatteo Bologna: Edizione Dehoniane, , Aegidius Caillou Gilles Caillou, fl.

Also author of a translation of the Recognitiones Papae Clementis. Aegidius de Baisu late thirteenth century. Aegidius Baerdemakere Gilles Barbiers, d. Was sent to Paris to finish his degree studies for the order. Obtained the theology licence and the magisterium theologiae in After his return to his home province, he became custos of Flanders and subsequently sufragan bishop of Tournai assisting bishop Ferry de Clugny. On April 3, , he was selected for the episcopal see of Sarepta, and he was consecrated at Bruges on June 30 of that same year. He died at Lille on March 28, and was buried at the Franciscan church of Bruges.

In Paris, in , probably magister in Some of his sermons de tempore et de sanctis did survive. Sermo de S 80 in commemoratione omnium fidelium defunctorum titulus: In die omnium fidelium animarum a quodam fr. Minore dicto Egidio bono clerico.