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As bishop of Limassol, he can be traced in Perugia in August , and in October , when Boniface IX authorizes him to excommunicate people who had illegally appropriated possessions pertaining to the Benedictine San Pietro monastery at Perugia. Bartolomeo apparently left behind a large number of sermons for Advent, Lent and the feasts of Saints, as well as philosophical and theological works, the whereabouts of which have not yet been traced.

Sbaralea, Supplementum I ed. Pietro in Perugia, Catalogo Perugia, , no.

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Madrid, X, nos. Bartholomaeus Guisculus fl. CF 11, p. Bartholomaeus Luxemburgensis fl. Friar from Giano Yano in the Spoleto diocese. Went over to the Observants, following the example of Bernardin of Siena. Preached social peace in Foligno ca. Also preached in Greece and the Near East, where he became a propagandist for church unification under the aegis of Rome.

Active as the papal ambassador in Constantinople together with Albert of Sarteano, John of Capistran and some other friars to establish a union with the Greek church. Present at the eucumenical meetings held to this purpose at Constantinople-Venice, and Ferrara-Florence, Between active in Constantinople, where he constructed a Franciscan convent and became general vicar for the Eastern province of the Observant order. Probably spent his last years in Perugia S. Francesco del Monte.

Michele di Murano De Gubernatis Quaracchi, , Littera , surviving in French on the sufferings of Christians under Ottoman rule, directed at the prior of the S. Might be as Teetaert assumes the work of Bartholomew of Milan. Bernardino dell'Aquila, Chronica fratrum minorum observantiae , ed. Francesco , traduz. Hofmann, in: Orient. Christiana Period. Friar from Pisa, where he entered the order. Provincial of Tuscany. Bishop of Ampurias between and No works extant.

Eubel, Hierarchia catholica I, 86; L. Bartholomaeus de Middelburg Bartholomaeus Adriaensz, - Friar from Midelburg Zeeland, the Low Countries. Worked as a trader until the age of thirty. Then entered the arts faculty at the university of Louvain. Became master of arts. Took the Franciscan habit at Amsterdam in , and returned to Louvain to study theology. Was ordained priest in In , he is found preaching in Brussels.

In , he was in Utrecht, and in he was preaching in Amsterdam, He was sent back to that town in by his provincial Matthias Weynssen, to preach against the Anabaptists. In , he still preached during Lent at Utrecht, yet he died on 11 April of that year. All his sermons Sermones de Adventu , Sermones Quadragesimales , Sermones de Tempore et de Sanctis were gathered after his death into seven foliants.

Their fate is unknown. Schmitz, Het aandeel der minderbroeders, ; J. Arte del canto llano. Leonardo da Porto Maurizio, del b. Bartolomeo Dal Monte e di s. Bartholomaeus della Pergola Bartolomeo Golfi, fl. Entered the order at a young age and received a thorough theological education. Active as preacher, order administrator elected provincial of the Marca province in and inquisitor , also in the March of Ancona. Around , he was in Southern Italy, where he became acquainted with Valdensian factions, where he preached during Lent , and entered in discussions with Valdensian spokesmen, such as Andrea Ghetti da Volterra.

Preached during Lent and at Modena at the request of Cardinal Morone and there he came to the attention of the inquisition. Bertolomeo retired to the Pergola friary. In time, Bartolomeo tried to convince the ecclesiastical authorities that he was again fully orthodox. But a request to be re-instated as a preacher led to a renewed arrest and he found himself in the inquisitorial prison in Ripetta and later in Pergola between and He was finally released in January and allowed to participate in the Council of Trent in Compilata col sussidio dell'Archivio segreto pontificio di molti altri archivi , trans.

Pio Cenci, 16 Vols. Nuova edizione critica , 2 Vols. Bartholomaeus Mastrius de Meldola Mastrio, - See also Marco Forlivesi's research on the various editions of his works. Brown, The numerical distinction of sins according to the franciscan school of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Studies in sacred theology, Second series, 10 , The Catholic University of America Press, Washington D.

Caruso, Pedro Hurtado de Mendoza e la rinascita del nominalismo nella Scolastica del Seicento, Pubblicazioni del "Centro di studi del pensiero filosofico del cinquecento e del seicento in relazione ai problemi della scienza" del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche, Serie I, 15 , La nuova Italia editrice, Firenze ; L.

Coombs, The possibility of created entities in seventeenth-century scotism, in "The philosophical quarterly", 43 , pp. Costa, Bonaventura Belluto e le scienze fisico-astronomiche nel "De coelo et metheoris", in Storia e cultura… cit. Costa, Il p. Costa, Motivi filosofici nel dissenso tra lo scotista B. Belluto e Scoto in merito alla "somma" grazia di Cristo, in Regnum… cit. Acta congressus scotistici internationalis Oxonii et Edimburgi septembris celebrati, a cura della Commissione scotistica, IV Scotismus decursu saeculorum, Studia scholastico-scotistica, 4 , Commissione scotistica, Romae ; P.

Di Vona, Studi sulla scolastica della controriforma. Francesco di Bologna; in attesa di pubblicazione ; M. Knuuttila, Duns Scotus and the foundations of logical modalities, in John… cit. Kobusch, Das Seiende als transzendentaler oder supertranzendentaler Begriff. Schmitt, Q. Skinner, E. Kessler, J. Kraie, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge , pp. Natali, La metafisica e i limiti della teologia naturale in Bartolomeo Mastri , in Regnum… cit. Bonaventura", Roma ; G.

Poppi, La tradizione biblica al Santo, in Storia e cultura… cit. Poppi, Il contributo dei formalisti padovani al problema delle distinzioni, in Problemi… cit. Poppi, La natura della logica negli scotisti padovani del Seicento, in Storia e cultura… cit. Acta quarti congressus scotistici internationalis. Patavii, septembris , a cura di C. La tradizione scotista veneto-padovana, Studia scholastico-scotistica, 7 , Societas internationalis scotistica, Romae ; V. Santoro, Saggio sulla filosofia di Bartolomeo Mastrio , Diss.

Squarise, Il concetto di coscienza nella teologia morale di Bartolomeo Mastri, in Storia e cultura… cit. Bartolomeo Mastri e il suo tempo , Fonti e studi francescani, 11, Studi 1 Padua, [cf. Saggi sul pensiero filosofico di Bartolomeo Mastri Atti del Convegno di studi sul pensiero filosofico di Bartolomeo Mastri da Mendola , ed. Mit Dokumentation der Metaphysik in der scotistischen Tradition ca. Magister of theology in Bologna in According to Sbaralea the author of a Summa de Casibus.

See: Sbaralea Supplementum I. Cesare Cenci Assisi I. AFH 27 14; C. Piana, Chartularium Studii Bononiensis S. Francisci saec. French friar from the Parisian province. Theologian, exegete and preacher. Prolific author. Died at Paris at the age of Opus Perfectum Concionatorum, in quo plurima ad conciones et pro concionatoribus proficua recensentur Paris, Milleloquium SS.

Wadding, Scriptores ed. Francisci Capucc. Venice, , ; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Rome, I, ; A. Rivista di araldica, genealogia, Ordini cavallereschi 10 , Active as preacher and guardian in Pisa between Wrote a biography of the beatified Gerard of Valencia d. Died in Pisa on 10 December ? Legenda S. See Etzkorn, Gerardo Cagnoli O. Rotolo, Misc. Tractatus de Miraculis S. Gerardi de Valencia Cagnoli , edited as: Il tratato dei miracoli del B. Gerardo Cagnoli, O. Made bishop of Cuba in , as the successor of Antonio Diaz who was transferred to Nicaragua.

Not sure whether Bartolomeo was able to take up his position. Determinatio Bartholomaei de Reps aupud Norvicum de Ord. Minorum, ex Reportatione : Vat. Chigi B. Lay brother in the province of Aragon, porter of the San Francisco friary in Zaragosa. Not known as to whether his works actually did survive. Bartholomaeus Ruys ca. Mexican friar. Born at Cabra Mexico. Joined the Franciscans in the Holy Gospel province.

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Joined the Franciscan missionaries to the Philippines in , and from there also embarked on missionary activities in Asia and Japan. Died at Manilla. Well-known for his linguistic prowess well-versed in Bicol, Tagale, Mandarin, Japanese, and Cambodian languages. Gomez Plato, Catalogo biografico de los religiosos franciscanos Manilla, , ; L.

Born at Rinonico near the Arno river, and in the region of Pisa. Entered the order before in Pisa. Padua and Florence. At the general chapter of Toulouse , he was designated to go to Cambridge, to go up for his master degree. Yet the military campaigns of the years war made this impossible. Studied for some time at the Bologna studium and received by papal bull of 27 April the master title.

Does not seemed to have been regent master at a theology faculty itself thereafter. Active as lector at Pisa and Florence. Present at the general chapter of Assissi, , where he presented on 2 August for official approval his magnum opus, De Conformitate Vitae Beati Francisci ad Vitam Domini Iesu composed between ca and This work had an astounding succes in the order during the fifteenth and early sixteenth century, not in the least because it contained many materials from important sources of Franciscan hagiography, history and spirituality including full blown catalogues of Franciscan saints, masters of theology and minister generals.

Work was one of the major sources of inspiration for the Franceschina of Jac. Oddi of Perugia. De Conformitate became the object of humanist and reformation ridicule. Famous in this regard is the Alcoranus Franciscanorum of Erasmus Alberus , which was translated in several languages German, French, Dutch.

Not all of these works seem to have survived, others are just parts of his De Conformitate. De Conformitate Vitae B. Francisci ad Vitam Domini Ihesu : a. Chigi C.

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Extravagantes 68 ff. It is divided in three large books and makes use of almost all major biographical and hagiographical sources on Francis and his early companions, as well as of most larger medieval Franciscan order chronicles and legislative texts. Bartolomeo does not hesitate using spiritual sources a. Olivi, Angelo Clareno, Ubertino da Casale. The work not only tries to deliver an exhaustive biography of Francis proving the conformitas between the life of Francis an the life of Christ , but also includes a full-blown rule commentary, exhaustive listings of Franciscan philosophers, theologians, exegetes, and saints, Franciscan provinces, custodies and convents.

In fact, it amounts to an encyclopaedia of and for late medieval Franciscanism. Reblin, Freund und Feind. Bartolomaeo defends the immaculate conception, and Mary is depicted as a tree bearing the fruits of many virtues. Kirchenlexikon 26 , see: www. Bartoli, W. Essays in Honor of J. Wayne Hellmann, O. Michael F. Cusato, Timothy J.

Bartholomaeus de Tauris fl. Custos of the Taurus custody. In this charge he finished on May 29 an account of the martyrdom at Tana Salsetta of four Franciscan missionaries who were on their way to China. Relatio , edited in: G. Bartholomaeus de Tuderco Bartolomeo da Todi, d. Eubel, Hierarchia Catholica I, ; A. Entered the order in the Bologna province.

Convent preacher, lector of theology and definitor. For many years, he worked as a novice master, and in this capacity he wrote a number of works on the rule of Francis and on the way to live a Franciscan life. Rome, 39; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Franciscan friar from Bologna. Was sent out by his Bolognese convent to study theology at the studium in Florence. The reworking of Bartholomew itself formed the basis for the manuscripts of the Cronica Rampona versions now present in the university libraries of Bologna, the Estense library of Modena and the Riccardiana of Florence.

The Estense manuscript was used by Muratori together with an Estense manuscript of another, related chronicle now known as the Varignana for a conflated edition of a Chronicon Breve Bononiense.

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Omnia nunc primum in lucem prodeunt e codicibus MStis Bibliothecae Estensis. Sorbelli re-edited this Chronicon Breve Bononiense , splitting up the texts oif the Rampona and Varignana versions in this edition respectively version A and B of the Corpus Chronic. Chronicon Breve Bononiense , ed. Corpus Chronic. Bononiensium , ed. Sbaralea, Supplementum. I, ; A. Magna , s.

Testi mariani del Secondo Millennio , Vol. Vianney et al. Spanish Scotist. Later Bishop of Vich between Cursus theologiae scholasticae in via Joannis Duns Scoti : de cursus per quatuor ejusdem sententiarum libros Valladolid, Appointed bishop of Castellaneta on November 16, Governed his diocese until his deat in The Sermones Festivi attributed to a friar with the same name are probably the work of the younger lector and provincial minister Bartolomeo da Siena d. Eubel, Hierarchia catholica I, ; A. Lector of theology in Bologna in Professor of theology in the gen.

Inquisitor in Siena and provincial minister of Romania in Visitator and comm. Disciple of Peter John Olivi. Definitor of the province of Provence in Wrote several biblical commentaries. A commentary on Daniel is still extant MS Vat. Lat XIV , ff. For info on this manuscript, I would like to thank Sylvain Piron. Christo grates infinitas Virgini et Francisco. Wadding, Annales ad. Friar from Stalam in Norfolk. Eighteenth Franciscan master at Cambridge.

Pelster, Oxford Theology and Theologians c. Bartholomaeus Ursinis de Ursinis, 15th century. Catalogo degli incunaboli della Biblioteca comunale di Assisi , ed. Tertiary and priest. Spent the last 20 years of his life in the leprosy of San Geminiano. His cult confirmed in and Belgian friar. In , he published anonymously the Histoire de la vie, mort et miracles de sainte Aldegonde. MS Brussels, Royal Library t. Trinitatis hollando-belgicae FF.

Born at Aire-sur-la-Lys. Took his profession at Douai on 21 September After his formation period, he became acquainted with Hyacinth of Casale, becoming one of his undercover collaborators. In , both clerics are found in Rome. Soon thereafter, Basile is involved with the Italian translation of Flemish Capuchin Constitutions, in order to have them approved by the leadership of the order and the papacy.

Bohemian friar. After a theological training, Basilius laboured as order theologian, preacher and anti-Protestant controversialist. He became a member of the consistorial council of the Cardinal of Harrach, and functioned for a while as apostolic visitator of the Order of St. Bullarium Capucinorum , ed. Member of the Capuchin province of Naples. Composed several treatises on issues pertaining to canon law, all of which have survived in an autograph manuscript now kept in the Biblioteca Nazionale of Naples.

Lux Veritatis, continens dubia quaedam preambula ad quodnam forum se extendat juridictio praelati regularis factionarii per factiones electi, et modos quibus a religione in partes divisa factiones eradicari possint : MS Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale VII C , ff. De quodam regulari clerico, dispensatione subreptitia, apud saeculum commorante, an sit apostata? Apollinaris de Valencia, Bibliotheca fratrum minorum capuccinorum provinciae Neapolitanae Rome, , , Born at Gemona Venice , on 25 March Entered the Franciscan order at the Bassano convent St.

Anthony province, 10 June After his entrance into the order, he received a sacerdotal and theological training and taught for some time at Treviso and Padua. After further training as a missionary, he was sent to China , via Siam.

Arrived at Siam in and worked there for some tie until he departed for Kanton in Worked as a missionary for more than twelve years before he received the apointment by pope Innocent XII to the position of apostolic vicar of Xen-si and Xan-si Shaanxi, Was involved in several disputes with the Jesuites over the rites used in Chinese churches. Basilio was an accomplished linguist and wrote several linguistic and catechetical works for Chinese Christians.

He died at Singanfou on July 16, Methodus Confessionis Instituendae, non solum Confessariis ad Linguam Erudiendam utilis, sed et Necessaria , edited in: Arte de la lengua mandarina de Varo Kanton, Guignes Paris, Guignes published the work under his own name. This was soon discovered and caused some turmoil among Sinologists. Van den Wyngaert.

A variety of his letters from China, addressed to his order superiors, his family and fellos sinologists can be found in the Giardino Serafico Venice, I, Memorie del Rmo P. Basilio da Gemona di S. Baldissera, Padre B. Basilio Brollo da Gemona dei frati minori vic. Spimpolo, Storia dei frati minori della provincia di S. Francesco Venice, I, ; A. Daniele del Friuli, ; E. Active in the Lyon region as a preacher during the late sixteent and early seventeenth centuries. Published a number of meditative, catechistic and ascetical works, which condense his homiletic programme.

Basile died at Grenoble at the age of This work went through more than ten editions, many of which without acknowledging the name of the author. Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , 37; Wadding, Scriptores 3rd. Entered the order in the Naples province at an early age, making his profession at the age of seventeen September 4, After studies in philosophy, canon and civil law, theology and medicine, Basilio became guardian, custos general and definitor for his province.

He also taught for many years in the schools of his order. In between, he embarked on several large preaching tours throughout the Italian peninsula. Many of his sermons still survive, as do a number of his philosophical and theological works. Basilio died at the age of 63, on 28 March, Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , ; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Rome, I, ; Apollinaris de Valencia, Bibliotheca fratrum minorum capuccinorum provinciae Neapolitanae Rome, , , ; A. Basilius de Portella Basilio da Portella, d. Friar from the Toulouse province.

Famous preacher in the Marseille region, where he toured around, preaching in towns and villages, exhorting his audience to make public repentance for their sins.

Agharti, Shamballah, Eldorado - Cosa sono e chi ospitano e regni della terra interna? (Terra cava)

In the early s, he was elected guardian of Pont-Saint-Esprit. The chapter of Aix appointed him guardian of Cavaillon. He died during a trip administrative or homiletic? Unknown whether his sermons do survive. Member of the Salerno province. Professor of theology and preacher.

Produced two series of Conciones de Tempore and a Breviarium Theologicum. Neither of these works saw the printing press. Died at Bologna, in , during a stint as the provincial minister for the Bologna province. Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , 38; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Worked as a missionary in England and later, back in France, he devoted much of his time to the writing of anti-Protestant treatises, defending elements of Catholic doctrine and tradition. In addition, he published a few works of asceticism and moral theology.

This work saw eight editions until A revised and enlarged version of the previous work. It also saw a range of editions. This work is included in some editions of La vraye religion , replete with its own preface and independent page numbering. Paris, It saw its 13th edition in Some bibliographers, such as Bernardo di Bologna treat the four volumes of the work as independent treatises on the Credo first volume , the sacraments second volume , the commandments third volume and prayer fourth volume respectively.

As yet not much information concernin its printed editions is available. Explication du saint sacrifice de la messe. Hurter, Nomenclator literarius , 3rd. Innsbruck, IV, ; A. Probably born in or around A descendant of the neapolitan Donnerso family, he entered the Capuchin order at Naples at the age of 18, taking his vows of profession on April 23, Subsequently, he also took on the charges of guardian, definitor and provincial of the Naples province He died at the Cava convent, at the age of The whereabouts of these manuscripts, mentioned in the works of Bernardo di Bologna and Apollinaris de Valencia, are as yet unknown.

Francisci capuccinorum Venice, , 37; Apollinaris de Valencia, Bibliotheca fratrum minorum capuccinorum provinciae neapolitanae Rome, , 48; A. Friar from the Valencian province, where he acted as a definitor and as provincial minister. Sumario de las indulgencias concedidas al orden del Padre S.

Francisco , printed with the Madrid edition of the rule of Francis used by the Spanish Capuchins. Discurso historial, en que se prueba que el Padre S. Francisco no fue religioso, ni professo la regla del sagrado doctor S. Suma o Compendio sobre la regla de los frayles menores, recopilada de la exposicion, que sobre ella hizo el R. Pedro Navarro Valencia, Francisci Capuccinorum Venice, , 38; A.

Castilian friar. Took up several educational and administrative positions: lector, guardian, custos, definitor and provincial, as well as visitator of other Capuchin provinces in Spain. King Philip IV made him a court preacher, and had him appointed counsellor and judge of the inquisition tribunal. Basilius also obtained a position the University of Salamanca, and acted as the confessor of the Duke of Medina Celi. Basilius died at Naples during a trip with the latter to Italy. He wrote a variety of works, all of which seem to be connected with his work at Salamanca, and all of them have escaped the printing press.

Paracer del R. Censura y paracer. Manual de advertencias y devotas aspiraciones mui provechosas para el articulo de la morte, recopilados de muchas auctores que de esta materia an escrito : MS Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale VII. Learned theologian and versatile preacher in different languages Italian, Spanish, French, Latin. Preached regularly at the urban court of the Duke of Milan, as well as at general and provincial chapter meetings.

Several times guardian of the Milan friary, and visitator of the Genoa province. In his old age, he was nearly bed-ridden by gout. Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , Polish friar, member of the Cracow friary. Studied in Italy Rimini, Ferrara, Venice. He became regent lector of the Cracow studium and subsequently provincial minister of the Polish province , and therafter lector of moral philosophy, again in Cracow.

Very active preacher, also at Cracow cathedral. Panoplia seu Armatura septemgemina sacramentalis perfecta. Craco: Nic. Schedel, Crisis apologetica historica et moralis, de morte et fama posthuma Ioannis Dunsii Scoti Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xv. Pages Front Matter Pages Slovenian Terraced Landscapes.

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Un Approccio Molecolare. Con E Text. Con Contenuto Digitale fornito Elettronicamente : 3. Un Approccio Algoritmico. Storia Di Una Solitudine. Racconti Di Mare Mediterraneo. I Segreti Degli Scrittori. Da Jarry A Brecht. Corpo, Stile, Storia. Poesia E Teatro. Per Le Scuole Superiori: 1. Studio Sull'opera Di Giorgio Vigolo. Analisi Di Testi Esemplari. Storia Di Una Vita Con Espansione Online: 6. Spettacolo E Forme Della Tragedia. Per Il. Con Le Origini Della Letteratura.