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At gender-integrated training stations, the platoons each choose one male and one female.

A Brief Overview Of Army Basic Training

Recruits are also instructed in map reading, land navigation and compass use. These skills are put to the test at the compass course, where recruits are divided into groups and must navigate their way to a series of points throughout a wooded area. Victory Tower is an exercise where recruits must navigate through several obstacles at extreme heights, including climbing and traversing rope ladders and bridges. They must then rappel down a foot wall back-first, with rope harness. In the Teamwork Development Course, squads must navigate a series of obstacles, with emphasis on working as a team rather than as individuals.

Recruits are trained in evaluating and properly treating casualties, ranging from dressing a wound to application of a tourniquet and dehydration treatment. Recruits begin training with pugil sticks , methods for carrying an unconscious or immobile person and physical problem solving, such as finding a way to carry equipment from point A to point B given specific obstacles and constraints. Recruits are also commonly sent to a gas chamber during this week, which is a large, sealed chamber where soldiers are subjected to CS gas while wearing their protective masks.

The gas chamber is the culmination of a series of classroom instructions on gas mask use. Recruits are forced to unmask just before exiting the chamber so that they can briefly experience the effects of the gas. Week 3 is also when the recruits are introduced to their standard-issue weapon, the M16A2 assault rifle or the M4 carbine. This does not yet involve the actual firing of the rifle. It does include basic rifle marksmanship BRM fundamentals training instruction in marksmanship techniques without firing the rifle.

For instance, trigger control is practiced by placing a wooden dowel down the barrel of the rifle with a coin placed on the exposed end. If the recruit can pull the trigger without the coin falling from the dowel, their trigger control is satisfactory , as well as maintenance tasks, including "field stripping" quickly disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling the rifle. Many of these tasks are now done during Week 1 as a part of the initial round of classroom instruction. Phase II, or the "White Phase", is where soldiers begin actually firing weapons.

With the service rifle M16A2 , they will fire at various targets, which are progressively further downrange, making each successive target more difficult to hit, with additional pop-up targets at long range.

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Other weapons the soldier becomes familiar with include various hand grenades such as the M67 , grenade launchers such as the M and machine guns such as the M , M and M2. There is also an obstacle course which the soldiers are expected to negotiate within a certain time limit, known as the "confidence course", since the main objective is to build self-confidence. There is also the expectation of working as a team with the assigned battle buddy.

Additionally, there is continual, intense physical training as well as drill and ceremony training. Phase III, or the "Blue Phase," is the culmination and possibly the most challenging of all the training phases. During this phase, an Army Physical Fitness Test is administered to determine whether the recruit has successfully met the requirements for graduation.

Although not previously mentioned, an APFT is given at a minimum at every phase of training. This is conducted to ensure that all recruits are meeting the standard along the way. Recruits failing to meet the standard of the APFT will be locally retrained by their drill sergeants and a specialized fitness program is developed to focus on the recruits weaknesses while continuing to maintain and improve upon those events the recruit has successfully passed.

When a recruit has successfully passed the APFT, the recruit will have one of the critical benchmark requirements for graduation. At some locations, soldiers who fail are not allowed to go into the field with the rest of the platoon. A minimum of points is required to pass U. Army Basic Training. There is no access to the dining facility during these exercises, so meals are given in the form of either MREs Meal Ready to Eat or field chow. Drill sergeants will make much of this in adversarial process, working against the recruits in many of the night operations by trying to foil plans, et cetera.

Other BCT companies also in their FTX weeks may join in simulated combat scenarios, generally at night, with intense competition to prove their particular company the better trained. Week 2 of Phase III the 8th week of Basic Training culminates in a special tactical FTX during which the drill sergeants will advise, but allow recruit platoon leaders and squad leaders to exercise primary decision-making. They attempt to make virtually every one of these exercises different.

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Because being a soldier is potentially an extremely hazardous job, recruits must demonstrate extreme aggression and fearlessness, tempered by intelligence and common sense. This week also includes a final fitting of the recruit's dress uniform as well as practice for the graduation ceremony, which takes place at the end of the cycle. After a varying length of time and satisfactory performance, trainees are awarded Phase V. Phase V often includes the privilege of applying for off-post passes or use of electronic devices.

These privileges vary. A recruit can be discharged from the Army before the conclusion of Basic Training. Discharges that occur before the completion of days approximately 6 months of training are considered uncharacterized, which are neither honorable nor less than honorable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The weapon systems are imposing but after weeks of continuous training on them you will become not only comfortable with them, but proficient. Finally comes the Blue Phase, which is where all your training is culminated into a series of field training exercises that simulate deployment conditions and tasks.

Operating out of forward operating bases you will training clearing rooms in prop towns, conducting land navigation lanes, moving as a platoon and squad across terrain, moving while under live fire, convoy operations, and much more. This is where most recruits have the most fun as you are finally doing what they do in the commercials. Upon completion of Blue Phase you will officially be a soldier in the US Army after the initiation ceremony conducted by your training company.

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The 3 Phases Of Army Basic Training

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