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Development of an oral Live Biotherapeutic Product for IBD: exploiting microbiome expertise to accelerate clinical development. The place to be for metabolic engineering: the ER. Poster session - Odd numbers. Session 2: Synthetic biology.

Nature Reviews Microbiology

Re-engineering of the yeast secretory system for biopharmaceutical protein production. Development of synthetic biology tools to investigate cellular burden in bacteria and engineer more robust gene expression. Selected Talk: Engineering bugs for the discovery of new drugs against diseases caused by protein misfolding and aggregation. An orthogonal synthetic biology toolbox for the optimisation of microbial cell factories.

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Genetically-encoded biosensors for bioprocess development. Guided tour to the De Hoorn for conference participants. Conference dinner De Hoorn.

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Day 2 - 4 June Tuesday, 4 June, Quantitative, population-level microbiome monitoring - the Flemish Gut Flora project. Exploring microbial communities using single-cell isotope probing.

Microbial Engineering II

Insect Microbiomes: Biomedical model and target for insect pest control. Angela E. Douglas Cornell University, US.

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Using a four-species synthetic bacterial community to degrade industrial oils. Selected Talk: Asthma prevention and increased gut microbiota resilience: a new probiotic application for Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1?

Applications of Microbial Engineering

Poster session - Even numbers. Session 4: Novel approaches. Using microbes to map drivers of phenotypic change: within and between species. Solar panels on yeast: Inorganic biohybrids for enhanced photochemical production.

Engineering bacteria for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

How telomeres control cell proliferation: lessons from budding yeast. Elucidating and controlling heterogeneity in fermentations. The Dark Matter Project. Closing remarks.

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Scientists and engineers are motivated for sustainable green technology as a part of an upcoming industrial revolution turning more and more to processes involving microorganisms. Applications of Microbial Engineering provides a better understanding of industrially important genetically manipulated and engineered prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell systems.

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The content of this book are based on most recent developments in microbial engineering. The contributions by specialists on the respective topics provide a profound scientific basis for further research.

Emerging Applications of Microbes

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