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The Thomas Organ Company, in re-designing Vox amplifiers made popular by The Beatles, came across a knob that added mid-range boost to guitar sound. The electronics were married to an organ volume pedal, and the wah-wah pedal was born. The transistor and developments that would occur later changed how songs were composed, played, recorded and re-assembled to create the music genres that are well-known today. The developments in electronics and digitization that occurred in the recording of music soon altered how music was distributed.

The media stood up to wear and tear far better than vinyl discs. They took up less space on store shelves, too. By the first MP3 players were coming on the market. The rest — hard disk storage, Napster, iTunes, streaming audio, the dislocations experienced by the recording industry — we know well.

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When I look at what is happening with social media and cloud computing I find myself thinking back to what has transpired in the music industry over the past 45 years. It was difficult in to predict what would happen with the music industry no matter if you were an artist, a producer, an engineer or a recording company that distributed the IP. Agility, courage to depart from what has become comfortable, and willingness to accept and try new things are essential to build competencies, careers and businesses.

Michael Douglas has held senior positions in sales, marketing and general management since , and spent 20 years at Sun Microsystems, most recently as VP, Global Marketing.

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His experience includes start-ups, mid-market and enterprises. Online marketing tips for small businesses June Sign up to get in-depth marketing strategies, tactics, and case studies delivered right to your inbox. Login Register. FANS OF JAPANESE food have long faced problems pairing wines with their favourite eats, with many of the whites on the market being either too dry or too sweet to complement the delicate tastes of sushi, sashami and several other fish-based dishes. - The Greatest Effects on Earth - Insured Shipping in all EU only Euro

The pale straw coloured wine with a greenish hue is a tri-varietal blend of chardonnay, pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc and exhibits lifted fruit aromas and subtly melded flavours of pear, peach and citrus. The palate is crisp, with softened corners that yield a lovely refreshing yet smooth mouth-feel.

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A very cold and relatively dry winter was observed across all grape growing regions of Southeast Australia prior to the growing season. Mild weather with low rainfall was encountered during the spring, which necessitated early season supplementary irrigation to aid the promotion of ideal vine canopy development. The summer months were generally warm to hot across all regions of the wine-growing area and these conditions produced an excellent rain-free vintage, allowing the chardonnay, pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc fruit to ripen to its optimum.

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Fruit was harvested during the cool of the night at temperatures less than 15 degrees to minimise phenolic pick up. Sugiyama-san taught us that the sushi dining experience is as much about taste — in terms of the balance of sweet, sour and salty - as it is all about the texture of the food.

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Wah has the necessary texture and palate weight required to match the oily richness of tuna and salmon. Most diners used to cringe at the thought of having wasabi-laden sushi or soy sauce-soaked bites with wine, and thus opted for beer, sake, or other Japanese-made spirits.

A glass of chilled Wah goes down wonderfully with white fish sashimi, boiled crustaceans, minced Japanese dango fish balls and several Japanese dishes flavoured with dashi or soy sauce. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Profile Join.

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