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Here are five tales with heroes who suddenly find themselves in Crisis Mode. Published: July 12, by Grey Cat Press. When someone tosses an annoying animated puppet beneath Jack's car to frame him for a hit-and-run homicide one dark and stormy night, the giant killer's mood sours. Someone has forgotten a very important rule: never mess with the baddest bad boy in town.

In an overpopulated world, people retire to dream centers. When the system fails, the only way to wake them is to kill them within that dream.

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For Dream Taker Randall Faust, a key mission goes horribly wrong when he develops amnesia, but a few missing memories won't keep him from his target Words: 10, Published: July 6, by Grey Cat Press. When people return to space after forty years, they discover they're not alone. The artificial intelligence programs running the old moon base have grown and prospered in their absence Cat Patrol Delta, Episode 7: Rescue! Published: July 4, by Grey Cat Press. With the Reaper rounding up the rebels, Cat Patrol Delta has its back to the wall.

Four space cats are hard pressed to match the combined might of the evil Canine Cartel. But help arrives in the form of four swashbuckling Alpha cats. Will eight space cats be enough to save the day, or will the dogs have the final say? Words: 14, Published: June 19, by Grey Cat Press. After the evil space dogs steal its crashed spaceship, Cat Patrol Delta goes on the prowl to track it down. Without a ship, they can't get home, but the Reaper has plans for the ship that don't involve simply handing it back Published: June 15, by Grey Cat Press.

When a stunning blonde hops into his car and shouts, "Drive," John Keagan does as he's told. When she tells him of aliens and conspiracies, he nudges the car toward the off-ramp in spite of her great looks. But when the guys with the guns show up, her stories start to ring true Words: 12, Published: June 4, by Grey Cat Press. At first, wearing a wedding band that read his wife's moods was a godsend, but when Hank McCoy found that he couldn't take it off, the deal began to sour Published: May 31, by Grey Cat Press.

When his friend tries to steal a kiss from a nymph, a young wizard feels the full wrath of the Queen of the Water Sprites. With the frozen waters of her enchanted pool spreading downstream, he must halt the next Ice Age by completing her quest to find a unicorn. The catch? Most wizards believe unicorns to be extinct. Words: 59, Published: May 26, by Grey Cat Press. Words: 11, Published: May 25, by Grey Cat Press.

When a young wizard tries to steal a kiss from a dryad and the moon begins to fall from the sky, he realizes that the plan has gone slightly awry. If he can't fix things fast, his dad's gonna kill him Fortunately, a fiery friend has a plan, even if her plan might just be the most dangerous plan of them all. Published: May 22, by Grey Cat Press. After sighting a supposedly-dead terrorist that the young security agents are busy ignoring, undercover officer Roger Turner crashes through the Oakland security gate in hot pursuit. The man will not escape justice again, even when the boneheaded youngsters begin to chase Roger, instead.

Published: May 12, by Grey Cat Press. With pirates raiding the Asteroid Belt, frontier marshal Griffin Douglas goes undercover to expose the operation and tear it all down. When he finds ties back to Mars, however, he must dive even deeper into both his role and the dark seduction of his newly-tasted power.

Out on the frontier, when the line that no lawman should ever cross begins to blur Atlantis, B. For Cyd Euripides, parking cars for Venusian goddesses on Atlantis might not be the most challenging work, but the former serf enjoys the career change. Fresh air, sunshine, an occasional flight through the air after being swatted by a displeased goddess But when the other serfs drag Cyd into a crazy escape plan, the doomed island may never be the same again.

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Words: 22, Published: May 5, by Grey Cat Press. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, from the superhero to the teenager screwing up his courage to ask a girl out on that dreaded first date. Wise guys come in all shapes and sizes too, but most don't drive cars or carry guns. Some fly. Others toss water balloons.

Hags, however, are hags. There's only one kind. This collection includes five short stories of Heroes, Hags and Wise Guys. Words: 34, Published: May 3, by Grey Cat Press. Five science fiction tales of pure entertainment, in a strap-on-your-ray-gun-and-hang-on-tight kind of way Published: May 2, by Grey Cat Press.

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When aliens invaded the Earth, Colonel Alan Lane expected death and destruction to sweep the planet. He didn't expect them to simply disappear into the ocean. After three weeks, however, all remains quiet except for a few missing boats in pirate-infested waters. Are the pirates up to their old tricks, or is something sinister finally going on?

Words: 8, Published: April 22, by Grey Cat Press. When an elite star trooper freezes on the battlefield, Doctor Bill Morris races to find the seed to the hallucination that stopped him flat. Elite troops are tough, fearless, and immune to such attacks. If the enemy has found a new virus, the Empire's iron-fisted dominance may come to an abrupt end.

Published: April 20, by Grey Cat Press. Spoonflower works best with JavaScript enabled. Learn how to enable it. Petal Signature Cotton is here! Sheep and Shooting Stars. View Original. Preview Info. X This preview is accurate in terms of repeat and scale. What you see here is what will print. Learn more about the preview. Center Basic Half Brick Mirror. Smaller Bigger at dpi minimum.

He reflects on how emotional even this dying of fake life makes him. Sloat, of this and Sloat answers that if this is the case, then Buster Friendly is winning the fight and that he is surely immortal.

Isidore takes the defective cat from its cage and Mr. Sloat, the owner of the animal repair shop who is too old to emigrate to Mars.

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Sloat realizes that the cat is not mechanical but is, in fact, real. Isidore is horrified that he let a real animal die. She decides that she will have a mechanical cat built to replace the dead cat so that her husband will never find out that the cat died. Bryant tells him that the first andy he is to go after is the one that shot Dave Holden - Polokov.

Rick assumes that Polokov left soon after shooting Dave Holden. A phone call from Rachael Rosen comes in from Seattle and Rachael offers to help Rick retire the Nexus-6 androids, logically arguing that a Nexus-6 would be more likely to talk to another android then to a human.

Rick is joined by the Russian cop, Kadalyi, who works for the W. Rick notices that Kadalyi has a rather strange looking laser gun and Kadalyi tells him he got it on Mars. Rick calls Bryant to tell him that Polokov has been retired. He then turns his attention to the next andy that he will retire, Luba Luft. Miss Luft is an opera singer with the San Francisco Opera. Rick knows quite a bit about opera and believes this will be his in with the android. Rick begins to think about Luft and other female androids and realizes he has a secret physical attraction to some of them. He takes off in his hovercraft towards the San Francisco Opera House.

Rick loves this particular opera, and sits to listen for a while. Luft has quite a beautiful voice and Rick knows that he will be a part of destroying that particular form.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

She appears nervous, but submits to the test anyway. Luft, however, avoids answering most of the questions because she is German and cannot quite understand all of the English terms that Deckard is using.

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She uses several rhetorical twists and turns to confuse Rick and frustrate his test. Luft accidentally tears off the wire attached to her face, and when Deckard goes to retrieve it, she pulls a laser tube on him. She takes away his questionnaire and after reading over the rest of the questions accuses him of being a sexual deviant.