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Restoration work continues to be slow because the damage is so widespread and still occurring," the CEMC alert said.

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Falling and sagging ice-coated trees caused power outages from Stewart County to Sumner County across northern Middle Tennessee on Sunday morning, disrupting church services and leaving customers without heat amid freezing temperatures. The outages affected several churches. Power went out during the a. Both churches canceled the rest of the services for the morning and afternoon.

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If you keep a standby generator for emergencies, you must use an appropriate double throw transfer switch to prevent electricity from flowing from your generator back out onto utility power lines during an outage and electrocuting line workers trying to restore power. When regular electric service has been restored, a double throw switch can also prevent power from flowing back in and destroying the generator.

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Use of these types of transfer switches is a requirement of the National Electrical Code. If you use a standby generator and have questions about using a double throw switch, please call your co-op for assistance. Search form Search. To view Contact Us. These should be kept in a cool, dry place and all members of the family should know where to find them. Check the basement periodically for flooding. You can use a portable, gasoline-powered pump to pump out a basement or crawl space when the power is interrupted to an electric sump pump.

Never wade into a flooded basement unless electricity supplying sump pumps, freezers, etc. The power may be restored while you are in the flooded basement and the motors on these appliances may be submerged.

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  • Over 1, still facing extended power outages in Iron County | Deseret News?
  • International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology: 299.
  • Never go near downed power lines; let qualified people from the power supplier handle these situations. Summer Power Outages Keep freezers and refrigerators closed, to keep food fresh. Frozen food is generally safe to eat if there are still ice crystals on it. Wrap blankets around the appliances to provide extra insulation.

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    Bottled water, canned soda and juices eliminate dependence on the refrigerator if stored in a cool place. Air conditioners should be turned off during power outages. Do not turn them back on for several minutes after the power has been restored. If the health of family members is a concern, find consider staying with friends, or in a community center where electricity is available.

    Your electricity supplier should be notified if you use life support equipment in your home. Your home will be given priority. Winter Power Outages Dress warmly. Several layers of clothing provide better insulation than a single layer of heavier clothing.

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    Move to a single room, preferably one with few windows. Ideally, this room should be on the south side of the home for maximum heat gain in the daytime.

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    The room should be shut off from the rest of the house and could be one with a fireplace, wood stove or other alternate heat source. If you use an alternate heat source, be sure and follow operating instructions. For example if you use a kerosene heater, adequate ventilation is a must. All fuels should be stored outside of the home for safety reasons. Wood stoves and fireplaces should be maintained properly throughout the year to prevent problems when they are needed in an emergency. A primary concern in winter is keeping water pipes from freezing. A small stream of water can be left on to prevent this.

    This is not a practical solution when water is supplied from a well. Insulating the water pipes is a more permanent method.