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Ce n'est cependant pas possible, parce qu'on ne peut pas avoir un signal qui permettrait de le localiser. Les axes prioritaires que nous avons retenus dans nos travaux sont les suivants. En ce qui concerne les aspects organisationnels de demain, je vous indique ce qui serait souhaitable.

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La loi est indispensable pour organiser cela, je ne vois pas comment nous pourrions le faire actuellement sans une loi. En conclusion, je crois qu'il y a quatre points. Un autre chapitre important est celui de l'information du patient. Ce patient est d'abord un citoyen, il a une carte bancaire, il entre dans une technologie nouvelle.

Il n'y a pas encore beaucoup de judiciarisation, tout au moins chez nous. Cela permet de simplifier les choses. Nous pouvons attendre d'une loi et d'une intervention de la puissance publique deux sortes de choses. C'est le premier point. Dans d'autres pays, la distinction n'est pas faite et c'est la relation contractuelle qui va intervenir. A quel niveau de formation? Nous nous disons en effet qu'il vaut mieux cela que rien du tout. Ils donnent des informations par ce biais. C'est un point important.

Il y a une impasse aussi dans certaines administrations. Je sens donc une urgence. Cela ne suffira donc pas. C'est cependant un autre dossier. C'est un des fondamentaux de la profession et le contact clinique est vital. Excusez-moi Messieurs les Parlementaires. Il faut une loi, merci.

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Il y avait des juristes, la Cour de Cassation, des juges et le juge a traduit les choses en disant qu'au fond, je ne devais pas m'en faire, il y aurait le juge de fond pour trancher. Il faut voir comment est faite la prestation, elle est mal faite et il faut la faire mieux. C'est ce que je voulais dire. Il y a deux exemples. Nous pourrons y revenir plus longuement pour ceux qui le souhaitent. Ce sont deux exemples. Les outils en soi ne sont pas des solutions, les technologies ne sont jamais des solutions et ce, dans aucune application. Oui clairement. Maintenant en disant cela, nous avons tout et rien dit.

Ils sont partis avec le PC. Une loi, oui, pour quoi faire, est-ce pour combler le retard? Est-ce pour anticiper l'avenir? Je vous rejoins, nous avons, nous, industriels puisque je viens du monde industriel, commis des erreurs. Il faut nous en excuser. The concluding weeks are devoted to thinking about how technologies generate, on one hand, new forms of connection, freedom, and agency, and on the other, surveillance, conscription, and homogenization.

Assignments include short essays, group presentations, and a final paper. Does it also reinforce or construct new divides? Or, write an expanded essay based on the in-class assignment for Week 10 the memoir fragment.

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Due one week after the last class. How has engineering ingenuity shaped the emergence of new types of citizens, consumers, and entrepreneurs? In-class assignment: Small group work on questions that center on the relation of technology and modernity What are some responses to technological modernity, as represented in the novel?

In what ways are these responses ambivalent cultural and emotional? How does technology evoke both anxiety and desire? Identify examples to support your responses. Produce a visual aid based on your discussion to share with the class. In-class assignment: Small group work on questions that include: How do mass media technologies help to generate local, regional and global imaginaries? What are some of the similarities and differences between specific kinds of technology and the communities that they create and facilitate?

Consider for example, print capitalism in relation to digital or cable television, online newspaper sites, Facebook, Twitter etc. In-class assignment: Read article below on covert digital scanning of bust of Queen Nefertiti at Neues Museum in Berlin by artists Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nikolai Nelles, who also released the scan for free access and use. MIT Press, Argues that the pervasiveness of mobile devices has displaced focused conversation and diminished human capacity for empathy.

Numerus clausus, déserts médicaux... Ce que contient le plan santé de Macron

In-class assignment: In small groups, consider the following questions and find examples — in both the assigned texts and beyond - to support your responses: How do innovations in voice technology produce change on the level of the individual, the everyday, and the broader culture? Do new technologies render old ones obsolete?

What constitutes humanity and has electronic communication replaced these things? Consider the significance of the Go match in relation to questions that include: Is it important to define humanity through our difference from machines? Why or why not? Is industrial modernity still defined through the intellectual separation of humans and machines? Why are people drawn to the replaying of the intersection between humans and machines?

How does technology facilitate the production of new forms of connectedness, belonging, and agency? How has technology provided a critical framework for reassessing global history and world systems e. In-class assignment: Read the Oculus Rift review below. Discuss how technological innovations also involve the production of social difference, but also of standards and norms. The New York Times, March 28, Explores notions of community and inclusiveness in internet comment culture. In-class assignment: In small groups, research and discuss a contemporary protest movement frequently associated with social media, such as the Arab Spring, the May 15 Anti-Austerity Movement in Spain, or Occupy Wall Street.

Considers impact of digital communications on news reporting and entertainment conventions. In-class assignment: Consider the intersections of technology, financial markets and world trade. Some discussion questions: Is the I. Revolution synonymous with globalization? How do arguments on globalization from the early s relate to those in the past five years? Working in small groups, take divergent or overlapping positions on the issues below and hold a debate. Issues: Do social media enable new freedoms or generate new forms of conscription?

What are the expectations? Who is accountable for ensuring a climate of trust? Tracking vs research and information. Analyzes experience as mediated rather than natural. Autobiographical essays that explore emotional and intellectual connections with objects.

Numerus clausus en PACES

In-class assignment: Select a specific object and consider its role in your life. Foresight in business enables decision makers to spot emerging opportunities and threats early and develop innovative responses to serve changing needs. To do so, the course will first detail the history of foresight and future studies, where it comes from, how it is embedded into organizations, etc. A large range of supports will be used starting from concrete cases of foresight studies till the use of fictions to anticipate and plan. Foresight in organizations? Where is it placed in the organizational chart?

What can be the diverse positions? Presentation 1 : Foresight in cities or regions. Based on concrete examples, explain the different positions and foresight outcomes in territorial policy making. Presentation 2 : Foresight in parliament. Based on concrete examples, explain how parliament use or have used foresight US, France, etc. Presentation 3 : Foresight in large companies. Lead user method, Roadmapping, Ideo Deep dive, Wheel of the future, Episteme, Trend analysis, weak signal detection, etc. Presentation 6 : Compare books on weak signal detection The Black Swan , The signals are talking , or others.

Presentation 7 : Identify weak signals on health and present them. Innovation catalog, Delphi, Back-casting, Under constraints foresight, participatory foresight, etc. Presentation 8: Use the innovation catalog method on smart city. Presentation 9 : Compare different uses of Delphi to conduct foresight e. Global risks report, etc. Presentation Compare different participatory foresight cases St Nazaire , etc.

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Presentation Future of war, compare different types of foresight approaches to address the question of future of war. Presentation 12 : Identify variables, cluster them, and write 3 Variable descriptions for a scenario exercise on the future of data protection. Presentation 14 : Read past foresight scenario reports and identify what they had anticipated, what remained blind spots.

Building the scenarios based on hypotheses, identifying implications, leveraging the scenario in action. How do they leverage the scenarios? Presentation 19 : Analysis of the project Politique fiction? What are the limits and advantages? Presentation 20 : Augmented humans. Based on the analysis of different books and movies, what can we learn about augmented humans that could be of interest for business and society today?

Presentation 21 : Past and future of future studies.

Pharmaciens, dentistes, kinés : «La santé n'est pas à vendre» - Libération

What is the place of imagination in anticipating the future? Presentation 22 : How foresight can be learnt, shared and brought to business? Compare singularity university, SOIF, etc. Presentation 23 : What do you think will be the future of foresight in the big data era? The role of betting and voting? Presentation 24 : Singularity, a critical analysis of the concept. Presentation 25 : Afrofuturism, Foresight in India or China?

Based on my work at AXA, I will show students how foresight can be organized, what it delivers, etc. Du risque informationnel au cyber-conflit. Disciplines majeures : sciences politiques, informatique, sociologie, psychologie. Soutiens possibles. Disciplines majeures : sociologie, psychologie. Migration sur internet. Quelle est la part de la dynamique du mouvement et des informations de formes dans ce processus? Deep Neural Networks DNNs have recently broken ground on state-of-the-art in several areas image recognition, speech recognition, etc. However, these algorithms depend on large human annotated data sets.

Yet, infants spontaneously achieve similar performance without direct supervision; the internship explores various ideas to 'de-supervise' deep learning using side information, loss functions or architectures inspired by research in human infants. Recurrent networks can be used to learn regularities in video or audio sequences. This internship will use a game engine to learn the underlying physical regularities of interactions between macroscopic objects and compare it to results of infant's perception of possible versus impossible events.

It will be conducted in collaboration with Facebook AI Research. Speech perception is invariant with respect to large variations in speech rate. How is this achieved? The internship will explore time normalization using various computational architectures for speech recognition convolutional coding, networks of oscillators, etc.

Speech prosody is the 'melody' and 'rhythm' of language, and infants are very sensitive to it. We think that it provides bootstrapping into linguistic structures at many levels lexical, grammatical. The human language faculty is unique in its ability to combine a finite number of categories to express infinitely varied meanings. The internship addresses how the basic constituents of langage categories and rules could be learned during infancy focusing on two ideas: extracting proto categories and rules from the sensory inputs using clustering or sparse coding techniques , and using mutual constraints linking the different levels of linguistic structures.

At four months of age, infants recognize a few very common words their names, mommy, daddy, etc , even though they are unable to produce them. This internship tests whether multimodal DNNs can simultaneously learn words and their approximate meaning on a parallel data set of audio and video tracks This internship will be conducted in collaboration with Microsoft Research at Redmond, USA. Big baby data is essential to uncover the mysteries of early language acquisition.

How does the brain encode speech sounds? Progress in neuroimaging ECoG, intracerebral electrical recording, etc have resulted in a flow of data , both in human and animals. The internship will apply neural decoding methods and apply to neural data and data generated from deep neural architectures to explore hypotheses about the neural code for speech.

Modern data analysis relies on the use of high-level languages such as Python or R for data handling and processing. Note that the programming paradigms seen in this course are almost exclusively sequential, concurrent programming being addressed only marginally during the last session and being the subject of other courses. The project can be either academic or industrial and a tutor will supervise the student s. The students could work on the projet in groups of up to 3 people.

The project can be either choose among the ones proposed and presented below, or proposed by the student s. In the latter case, it needs to be validated. This is the page of the 3A project of the filiere "Sciences des Donnees". The project can be either choosen among the ones proposed and presented below, or proposed by the student s.

The visual representation of data takes full advantage of the human visual system in terms of perception and cognition. Elaborate patterns, interesting data points and outliers can easily be identified, individual data points and sets can efficiently be compared and contrasted, provided that the data is properly represented.

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Visualization enables users to explore their data in an interactive manner, to get overviews and drill down to detailed views, following processes that yield insights that would be difficult to obtain using fully automated data analysis techniques from the fields such as, e. The two serve different purposes, but can complement one another very effectively. Visualization can for instance help formulate hypotheses, that can then be tested using statistical tests or other elaborate data analysis techniques.

Beyond these exploratory aspects, data visualization can also support decision making, and plays a central role in the communication of findings to a wide range of audiences.

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This course first gives an overview of the field of data visualization. It then discusses fundamental principles of human visual perception, focusing on how they help inform the design of visualisations. The following sessions focus on visualization techniques for specific data structures and discuss them in depth from both design and implementation perspectives, including: multi-variate data , hierarchical structures, networks, time-series, and geographical data.

All exercises are based on the D3 software library Data -Driven Documents , that enables developers to create a wide range of interactive, Web-based visualizations that run on a wide variety of platforms, ranging from desktop workstations to mobile devices. Visualization enables users to explore their data in an interactive manner, to get overviews and drill down to detailed views, following processes that yield insights that would be difficult to obtain using fully automated data analysis techniques from fields such as, e.

They serve different purposes, but can complement one another very effectively. It then discusses fundamental principles of human visual perception, focusing on how they help inform the design of visualizations. The following sessions focus on visualization techniques for specific data structures, and discuss them in depth from both design and implementation perspectives, including: multi-variate data , hierarchical structures, networks, time-series, statistical data and geographical data.

While positioned at different levels of abstraction, both enable developers to create a wide range of interactive, Web-based visualizations that run on a variety of platforms, ranging from desktop workstations to mobile devices. Requirements: some prior experience with Web-based development Javascript is a plus, but not a hard requirement. Lectures can be taught either in French or in English, at the students' convenience. Credits ECTS : 4.

Saltar a contenido principal. Panel lateral. Data Science Starter Program 6 Orange. BIO - Cell Biology BIO - Molecular Genetics Molecular Genetics BIO provides an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms by which living organisms store, express and transmit genetic information and the basis of human genetic diseases.

Lectures will cover a range of topics, including the molecular aspects of DNA replication and transcription, translation of RNA into protein and gene regulations. This course will also cover the latest methodologies used in genomics analysis, like DNA sequencing. The intention is to allow students to develop their knowledge in the subject area, to acquire sound scientific reasoning, and to combine the modern techniques in molecular genetics with computer-assisted data analysis.

Cell Biology and Development. Les microbes de notre tube digestifs dictent ils nos conduites? On top of the experimental techniques of biology and biochemistry, applied mathematics, computer science or physics are increasingly mandatory for the quantitative study of a biological question. In particular, imaging through fluorescence microscopy and the automated analysis of the resulting acquired images play a crucial role in the study of dynamical phenomenon in vivo. Following that spirit, we will look at cell growth and size homoeostasis in the fission yeast S.

Note: this module contains a practical experimental biology part as well as a computational part in Python. Data sciences of biological imaging: Image-based quantitative phenotyping Biology is increasingly quantitative. CHI - Chimie inorganique Content and Topics Crystal field theory Ligand field theory Hard and soft Lewis acids and bases concept Metal oxidation states, redox chemistry and electron transfer Topics of current interest in inorganic chemistry Bibliography Miessler, G.

Inorganic Chemistry; 5th ed. Shriver, D. F et al. Inorganic Chemistry; 6 th ed. Freeman, Librairie Hachette, Le dernier est date du 22 octobre The bureaucracy and the machinery to deal with the Jewish question were set for them, and a deadly Final Solution had already started elsewhere. This is a third example of evidence that points to a wider application of the Final Solution.

Dies soll jedoch erst geschehen, wenn er mit Laval darueber gesprochen hat. But this shall happen only after talks with Laval about it. We have commented on this remarkable note that these exaggerated numbers have already appeared in the protocole of the Wannsee conference on January 20, , and that these numbers must include the Jews of the French northern African colonies Marocco, Algeria and Tunesia in all probability, as in France only The printed sources and this information can be found in: Peter Witte u.

Paxton, coauthor of Vichy France and the Jews, in an e-mail correspondence, October 8, In reality, there were fewer than , How could the exacting, meticulous Nazi planners — who concerned themselves with the most minute logistical problems of transporting millions to their death, disposing of their remains, and hiding this hideous crime from the world — make such a huge error? Could the Germans have simply made a mistake? CDJC in Sabille, p. The Vichy authorities also arrested and deported Jews from their zone.

Altogether, 42, Jews were sent to Poland during , of which nearly one third came from unoccupied France. Arrests, internments, and deportations to Auschwitz in Poland occurred with increasing frequency, often with the direct complicity of the French government and administration. It ended on May 13, with liberation of Tunis. The long-term goal was to clear Germany and Italy from French North Africa, enhance naval control of the Mediterranean, and prepare an invasion of Italy in The Vichy forces resisted briefly, then under the leadership of Vichy Admiral Darlan who happened to be on the scene , cooperated with the Allies.

Algiers became the new capital of France. He ordered Vichy forces to cease resisting and cooperate with the Allies, and they did so. Tunisia in November 9 some 85, Jews came under German control. First, they arrested the leaders of the Jewish community. Eradication was to be total. In principle, no Jew was to escape. University Press of New England, Hanover, , p. New York: Enigma Books, Weinberg, Central European History. Crimes ennemis en France in French.

Other European States. IN Tunisia, this has led up to Italian protest against the French tendency toward Aryanization; …as much as in Tunisia and in Algeria, the French were appearing in the part of Jew-baiters and the Italians in the part of protectors of the Jews. Planning had evidently been extended in the meantime to include German allies and satellites in Estern Europe and the Jews in the French colonies.

In this study we have mad an attempt to interpret the decision-making process leading to the systematic murder of the Jews of Europe within the wider context of German Judenpolitik. This should take place, however, only once he has spoken with Laval about it. It is a matter of The Murder of the European Jews, p. The text itself does not give any evidence how they arrived at this figure. Leni Yahil. This order applied to the French colonies … North Africa.

Yahil ; European Jewry Prior to Deportation to the East , p. Foreign Ministry diplomats were present in all the satellite states Her writing is balanced, objective, and compelling Along the way, she destroys persistent myths about the Holocaust: that Hitler had no plan for exterminating the Jews, The Holocaust is a monumental work of history, unsurpassed in scope and insightful detail. Objective yet compassionate, Leni Yahil brings together the countless diverse strands of this epic event in a single gripping account.

Poliakov, L The Fate of the French Jews". Algemeyne Entsiklopedye in Yiddish. New York: Shulsinger Pubs. Poliakov, one of the most eminent of Holocaust historians, wrote an article for a Yiddish-language encyclopedia, in a section of the Algemeyne Entsiklopedye devoted to the Holocaust in various countries. Algeria, and Fr.