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The chain burned his hand. She could feel the heat but not the effect. She was beginning to panic. If he was there to rob her, why did he not just take the cash in the register or break the glass case? Why ask for something she did not know about?

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A large hand grabbed a fistful of her hair. The clip bit into her scalp. He yanked her head back hard and gave a frustrated growl. Take off the necklace. Fat tears were starting to roll down her cheeks. She could not think of a single defensive spell to help save her. Her magic was sketchy, at best. In serious distress, it was nonexistent. She could not overpower him.

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He was twice her size. All she could come up with was to do like any human woman would. She took in a deep, shuddering breath and let a scream rip from her throat. His weight shifted off of her body suddenly. Freed from his clutches, she crawled toward the backdoor. The sounds of a scuffle drew her attention.

Over her shoulder she could see Clay rolling on the floor under the attacker. In the double-fisted grip of the man was a serrated hunting knife. They were at a stalemate for the moment. Only the weapon reacted. She was nervous and excited. Her body screamed for more. Until a few minutes ago on the balcony, she had never been kissed, and now she was allowing this man to undress her. His thumbs rubbed across her peaked nipples. More heat ran through her.

Could love happen so fast? Was it possible to know in an instant that the right person had been found? He pulled her bra to one side and sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. She found her answer in the heartbeat it took him do it. Yes, it could be that instantaneous. She thought her heart would explode with this newfound knowledge. His fangs pressed painfully into her skin but did not penetrate. His tongue swirled over and around her nipple. Hands slipped underneath her body.

She arched her back to allow him to unclasp her bra and remove it. She gave a soft moan and ran her hands through his hair. He released her long enough to pull his own shirt over his head. She ran her hands over his smooth, sculpted chest. There were a few light scars he must have acquired prior to becoming a vampire. Where they came from was not important in this moment. Broad shoulders loomed above her. He laid his body along the length of hers. His skin was cool to the touch, a stark contrast to the fire that seemed to ride hers.

He kissed her again. Having her hot nipples against his cold chest made the rosy pebbles tighten even harder. Instinctively, she moved one leg to the side, allowing him to slip between them. Her jeans were restraining. She moved her hands down his back. The muscles rippled under her fingers. She worked her way down to his hips and slipped her hands into his jeans. His ass was as well-muscled as the rest of his body.

She wanted rid of the jeans, to have that last bit of freedom. As if he read her thoughts, he unbuttoned both pairs. He got up to slide his off. Standing above her was a beautiful man who desired her. His dick was stiff and ready. He leaned over her and pulled her jeans down slowly, taking her panties with them.

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It was as if he were unwrapping a precious gift. She gasped. Nervousness and a little fear were beginning to mingle with the passion and need. Never in her life had she been so exposed and vulnerable. There was an urge to cover herself. Sabrina glanced up from her nakedness to his eyes.

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The dark brown had become near-black pools. In a moment, she forgot about her reservations and allowed her boiling need to surface from very deep within. Sticky nectar welled in her pussy. She could feel her clit plump. Her breathing increased to a near pant. He crawled back onto the bed, running his hands up her legs. He gently spread them apart.

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Leaning in close, he nuzzled against her bush and inhaled deep. Before she had time to process his words, he flicked his tongue along her slit. A hard shudder rocked her body and her breathing nearly stopped. There was an instant when she thought she would levitate. She clutched a fistful of his silk sheets, anchoring herself to the bed.

He lapped and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth until all the sticky fluids were licked clean.

Then he moved his attention up to her plump pearl. He pressed his tongue flat against it and began working back and forth. The slippery, smooth motion made her writhe beneath him. A wonderful tingling emanated from her clit, spreading down to her cunt. A quivering began rippling deep inside her. It was strange and unfamiliar, but she liked it.

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Without warning, he slipped two fingers inside her. It pinched and hurt. Something was in the way. She cried out a little and bit down hard on her lip. He stopped, pulled his fingers out, and sat up. A confused look crossed his face as he looked down at his blood-tinged fingers. He looked back up at her and then to his fingers. Understanding replaced confusion. He raised the bloody fingers to his face, inhaled the coppery scent, and plunged them into his mouth. A pained expression played around his eyes.

Sabrina felt embarrassed. Was she not good? Did it matter she was a virgin? She began filling with doubt. The heat along her skin started cooling. She covered her mouth and looked toward the window. Her breath hitched. Fear of being rejected niggled its way into the back of her mind. Had he changed his mind? Brandon lay down beside her and spooned her. It only hurts the first time. Fire rushed across her skin under his cool palm. I just wish I had known. I might not have been so forward. Crave You by survivingindie.

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