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British shipping in the Mediterranean faces a new obstacle, as Nazi Germany begins to pepper the Suez Canal with aircraft -delivered acoustic magnetic mines. March Realizing that success in Greece is dependent on an ability to move troops through Yugoslavia, Adolf Hitler steps up pressure on the Yugoslav government to join the Axis.

Moon Phases March 1941

Glasgow, Scotland, is hit by its first significant air raid of the war. More than Luftwaffe planes hit the Scottish city with hundreds of tons of explosives and tens of thousands of incendiary devices. March U. Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles informs the Soviet ambassador of an intelligence report with the plan for the German attack on the Soviet Union.

March German U-boats are dominating the Battle of the Atlantic, sinking more than 59, tons of British shipping in the past week alone.

What the sky looked like on 15 March 1941

March In advance of any action in the Baltic States, some 60, ethnically German people from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania have been resettled on German territory. Facing German occupation, Yugoslavia formally joins the Axis and agrees to the provisions of the Tripartite Pact.

March Yugoslavia throws a wrench into Adolf Hitler's plans when military officers, demanding a neutral Yugoslavia, overthrow the government that capitulated to the Axis, and place a teenaged King Peter II on the throne. The heaviest fighting occurred after dark on March Aided by radar, which the Italian ships lacked, British warships sent three enemy heavy cruisers and two destroyers to the bottom with heavy loss of life. Britain lost only a single torpedo bomber.

After the battle, the Italians temporarily conceded the eastern Mediterranean to the British, who could now concentrate more on the fighting in North Africa. Clydebank, Scotland takes heavy hits from German bombers: Because Clydebank, Scotland, with its vast areas of dockland, lay so far north, its citizens dared to hope that they were safely beyond the range of German bombers.

Main Street on the March! () - IMDb

However, on the nights of March and , they were disabused of any such hopes when bombers dropped more than tons of high-explosive bombs and 2, incendiaries on Clydebank. In addition to devastating the docks, only eight of 12, houses escaped damage. It was estimated that the march would draw over , people to the capitol. Both the press and long-time political activists noted the mass popularity of the march from people who had previously not been involved in protest politics.

Throughout the summer of , the MOWM organized mass popular rallies. Nonetheless the MOWM continued until At its zenith in —, the MOWM signified the cohesiveness and power of a more militant, grassroots black politics, and the ability of a black-led mass movement to achieve change that formal lobbying could not and to facilitate a grassroots mobilization for civil rights.

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