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This was my rock bottom moment. In retrospect, this wrath of emotion had little to do with Zander, per se. It was more of a delayed reaction to the loss of my marriage, and many past breakups that also ended in similar histrionics. Somehow in the throws of hysteria, I had a moment of clarity: This was a pattern that must stop. Having him come over on a first date and not leave for six days is not a healthy way to start a relationship and may end up reinforcing your experience of abandonment.

This category of addiction actually comes in many varieties. Love addition tends to be more internal, more emotional and therefore harder to spot. I was a classic love addict. The love addict lives in fantasy and does not pay attention to reality and the cues. While there can be many causes, the most common is abandonment and intimacy issues. So then the child grows up learning how to self-sooth in other ways, such as with love and sex. An argument against love addiction is often the confusion over how two siblings who were parented the same way can turn out as one addict and one non-addict.

There is this concept called epigenetics in which the ribosomes on the DNA, combined with life experiences, can activate a gene to express those addictive characteristics. Why was I wasting hours on the phone listening to a crackhead with a tenth-grade education? Was I nuts? And, I was nuts, as it turned out. Or, at least, I had a huge blind spot in the area of sexual and romantic relationships. He was really torn up and broke into tears. Even though three weeks later he was sexting another woman, I was still trying to date him and going nuts with envy, as I scoured his Facebook page daily, trying to figure out if he was dating other women.

Some rock-bottom moments are subtler. My focus depleted, my professional demeanor became insecure and anxious. I found myself fantasizing and obsessing over her. My heart was racing as I first sat down in the meeting. Everyone in the room introduced themselves with their first name and their specific addiction. My therapist made me come. As I sat there sobbing, hiding under my hat and nervously picking the black polish off my nails, I felt sick to my stomach. Not so much to the sex part, as I was more of a serial monogamist than a promiscuous person. This is classic love-addict behavior.

Do you find yourself unable to stop seeing a specific person even though you know that seeing this person is destructive to you? Like me, Kristen was both terrified and compelled when she attended her first step meeting. The solution, for me, was a combination of cognitive therapy with a psychologist who specializes in sex and love addiction, as well as attending SLAA meetings, and a willingness to accept my patterns and vow to rewire my brain into a healthier way to live and love. This includes vowing to choose wisely, vetting your potential partner, making a list of your deal-breakers and past patterns to avoid, and spotting those glaring red flags.

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Visiting SF and have a Kinky story? Pitch your story to Dixie BawdyStorytelling. First time storyteller Michael Noel takes the stage in Boston with a true story of suicide threats, a mandatory psychiatric hold, and a geographical solution. When he finds himself experiencing his first kiss on a beach on the other side of the country, he wonders: Will the most important person in his life love and accept him, no matter what? LoveIsLove Pride. Pitch your story to dixie BawdyStorytelling. Reverse Cuckold, anyone? Tired of hiding her kinky desires, Heather Jordan leaves her stale marriage to find someone who understands her need for spankings, objectification and public humiliation.

Their dungeon antics catch the eye of a conference couple who want to take it up a notch - Primae Noctis scene, check! Ladygusher, check! This episode of the Bawdy Storytelling podcast is brought to you by Kama Sutra. Redemption LoveWins. Enjoy the Ride! Are you an aspiring sex educator? Anonymous tryst scheduled? Construction site assignation? Maybe…But learning that PigBoy is a crappy tile setter might just kill the vibe.

Goldstar adj A person who has never had sex with the opposite gender. Example: a lesbian who has never slept with a man, a gay man who has never slept with a woman. This episode of the Bawdy Storytelling podcast is brought to you by OpenFit. Get ready to feel Treasured and Revered!

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After a few jazz bar dates, a TinderFail or 5 and the encouragement of a few other female adventurers, she receives an invitation to a women-call-the-shots sex party. Will she choose her volunteer wisely? And why is there no art on the walls at this soiree, anyway? Artgasm SexualExpression. This episode of the Bawdy Storytelling podcast is brought to you by Calm. Nothing shakes the feeling of failure like a buttplug dance party, right? Sarah floats over to Kevin Bacon camp the next morning to demand a rematch. Will the second time be the charm with this dreamy Zach Galifianakis lookalike - or perhaps it was the drugs after all?

Forbidden Ecstasy part 1 | A Short Story Collab with Asia Monique

Check out their newly released Season 2! Are you ready for a different kind of Pony Play? When ASL interpreter A. Lobo Writer becomes addicted to Crystal Meth, sex is like a brand new 4K color TV: the real world of growing up a fat queer kid in a latino family, rife with body issues falls away and he feels confident, powerful and desirable. But after losing his job, friends and family to his drug addiction, A.

Can he stay off drugs and be a dirty, smelly sex pig, too? The committee of critics in his head make that feel impossible. HorseFair GayRap. Then,your birth control ships to your door on a recurring schedule - no interruptions. On the outside Maddox, Loren and Stephanie go against the grain when it comes to sex.

But as relationships shift and physical needs change, can they keep up with the facade? Follow them on their journey as they navigate their professional and personal lives. Get ready to get Scaroused… Queer Polyamorous Ethical Slut Tanya Gilstrap has set a daunting goal for the month of April: recover from a messy divorce by reclaiming her sexuality - and what better way than with 5 foursomes, 4 threesomes, a group gangbang, and an extra credit orgy? Her Seattle sex-positive community of paramours, metamours and friendly kinksters end up being happy to help with her Golden Birthday celebration.

Congrats on your Big in more ways than one , Tanya! Tight Pajamas a. Oh, and Dixie won Foxy Mary ! Tickets and more info available at BawdyStorytelling. So he joins OKCupid and promptly meets F. Scott SuperFan Nickie, whose fetish for archery and flesh hooks feels like going from 0 to after his 7 year relationship.

How can he possibly keep up with this wild child? Utilizing a trail of literary tributes and some rather dodgy GPS instructions, he shows this ButtSex Champion that while the Vanilla may be lacking in needle play skills, they more than make up for it by paying careful attention. Zelda would be so proud! AnalHook BrokenBones. Get yours now at KamaSutra. She savors long talks over tea with suave dresser Donald at the only espresso-serving cafe in town - conversations about Poetry, Opera, Jazz, Travel, and Mozart - and soon, she crafts her plan.

When she's not traveling and teaching, she's creating provocative and haunting art and performances. Here Kitty Kitty! But the urge remains, so Marley comes up with a plan: beta test those feminine dreams by becoming Krashkittn for Halloween. And what does Glinda the Good Witch have to do with love conquering all? This episode of the Bawdy Storytelling podcast is brought to you by OpenFit!

Like us at www. But if Macrophilia is about power, why does Janice feel powerless? A Christmas blizzard and a rather revealing gift help her to finally become the woman of incredible strength that Manuel has been seeking all along. Stay Three Dimensional, Listeners! The link is here:. Watch out for Accidental Anal! Best of Bawdy winner Fay Romero clearly has a type — or so he thinks when he meets up with therapist number 3 on OKCupid.

But when aroused, Jessica rockets Fay back to a scary place that features snake-handling, backmasking, and speaking in tongues. Should he bolt before her head spins a la The Exorcist, or take a lesson from some of his favorite near-death experiences and just strap in, welcome the demons and enjoy the ride? SubliminalMessage ImSorryAdam. Weekender Kits! And other Erotic Accessories of KamaSutra producsts at www.

Ever wondered what happens behind the privacy curtain in a Coed dorm? They end up canoodling over a globe and a few beers on a hostel-organized pub crawl, nerding out on World Travel. Scott ends her multi-year dry spell with a life lesson on sex and pleasure — and leaves her with new self-knowledge that will stay with her forever. When married gay man Brian Abascal leaves the almost-nonexistent kink scene in Boston for the vibrant leather scene in San Francisco, he finds himself presented with a sumptuous buffet of new experiences.

Exploring the Bear dance parties of SOMA and the Dungeons of the Castro, Brian discovers that his new leather community comes with BDSM mentorship opportunities that will allow him to learn more about himself and what turns him on.

Wanna feel beautiful? Check out Dark Garden corsetry! But should she let an emotionless Vulcan top her? HotelCon Cosplay. Sponsor: This episode brought to you by Clone-A-Willy. Consent without words? But when a mysteriously beautiful female escort offers to fly him in for a private weekend in Chicago, he shucks them all to the side for that plane ticket waiting for him at SFO. The surprise waiting at the Incall apartment on the other end of his flight has him grateful for his testosterone therapy travel kit…I mean, no amount of BFE preparation could have prepared him for THIS date.

Writer and promiscuous polyamorous princess Tuesday June has been on many fist — I mean first — dates, and this pro can tell In 2 minutes whether the chemistry is there. Did Tuesday leave you wanting more? Go to CloneAWilly. Are you ready to make a scene? Her valuable lesson about play party etiquette, consent and negotiation will benefit both total newbies and seasoned kinksters… Hey Ferris Bueller, does your Daddy ride a Harley?

Gah, they never knock! Since a weekend away is a rare thing for a single parent, she makes the most of it — and ends up falling in love with her non-binary Tinder date.

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How do you balance a queer long distance relationship with the proper parenting of your son? Plan for adventurous family travel, be a good listener, give sound medical advice, throw a blanket over your sexual act when your teenager walks in on you, and remember not to yank. Go to TakeCareOf. Long live the SuperLike!

On this episode, Deirdre Bowen tries Tinder at the behest of her daughter, and soon finds herself engaged in a little pre-Cheesecake Factory sexting with a really Young Republican in another state. Hi Mom! Oh, the Bounty! Kristin Pedemonti was filled with dread at the arrival of the big Were her forties, a decade of newly realized desire and sexual adventure, really coming to an end? A last-minute invite allows her to celebrate her big number birthday at a Tantra festival. These workshops are for female survivors of trauma with programs for Survivors or Entrepreneurs. Put on that cheetah thong and your favorite character heels and show the world your inner beauty this season.

Happy Holidays, Perverts! Shout-out: Thank you to our prize sponsors for Bang-O! Bawdy Storytelling went to Brooklyn recently to collaborate with the Risk! Dixie and Kevin talk about why we each do what we do, our love for sex and storytelling, and the joy of putting people onstage — and on our podcasts — to tell their stories. Be sure to go over to Risk-show. Watch Risk! Also, be sure to go over to Risk-show. Karin Jones knows that turning Fifty and hitting Menopause are not the end of her sexual story.

So when this single, sexually-awakened woman moves to London and joins the billions on Tinder and OKCupid, online success quickly leads her to George, a new lover who recognizes that special glimmer in her eye. Together they attend her first sex party in an upscale hotel. But when this VanLife traveler is adopted by a kink-centric theme camp at Burning Man, a trio of sexual adventurers invite him to join them, and they introduce this newbie to puppy play, sadism, consensual electrical play — and the importance of excessive hydration.

You can win sexy prizes from Good Vibrations San Francisco and Babeland Seattle at our live shows — or you can get your own at. Nonstop college parties are not enough when you have Attention Deficit Disorder.

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One night, a pile of stolen male clothing and a repurposed five-and-dime pervertible inspire Claire to experiment with gender transformation. Together, this threesome discovers what this hot new man is packing in his pants! Claire's dedication to her odd little Id taints every aspect of her comedy and leaves an audience whimpering for more.

Her website is ihateclairewebber. Website: www. Are you up to the challenge? Burned out and overworked, corporate employee Gretchen Shanks takes a long overdue vacation to Tulum Mexico to escape. But during a hookup yes!